Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ad Nauseum

Are your chickens sponges? Do they feel the need to repeat certain phrases off of movies, television, and songs?
Mine do.
Their newest phrase comes from the movie "The Incredibles." You know the seamstress chickie? The little short dark-haired steamroller? "E" I think.
Remember that scene where she's on the phone talking and she says, "Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble"?
Well. Now my chickens are sounding like turkeys. For some reason, they have taken this one scene and run amuck with it.
It cracks me up. The first thousand times. Then, well, it becomes less funny. Believe me.
And to hear an adult song come out of their mouths? Try this one on: Gretchen Wilson-Here for the Party. Lyric: "Well I'm an eight-ball shooting, double-fisted drinking son-of-a-gun."
I almost fell out of the driver's chair when they burst out in song. This song.
It's fun. And it works on their memory skills, right?
Or something.
So they will continue to adopt cute phrases and songs. And I will continue to be entertained. Lucky for me, they tend to move on before it becomes TOO monotonous.

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username said...

It would be great were it useful things they repeated ad nauseum. LOL