Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hi all! Thought I'd drop a line and type an update. I went to the doctor yesterday. I'm FINALLY having the gallbladder removed next Wednesday morning. YAY!!! And normally I'd hit return and start another paragraph. Apparently Blogger is in revolt. It won't let me. Sorry. This will all be strewn together. Two of the kids are in band. And let the music abound in the house. *laughing* I remember my band days well. Oh. My. I hope everyone is tapping away at those manuscripts and tearing it up. I'm working on and off on another Paranormal Romance. Um...this gallbladder thing has slown me down considerably. Pfffftttt. Oh. Forgot to mention that I have high blood pressure. Once again...I have to roll my eyes. This doesn't surprise me much. Me=wound tight. Not able to write. In pain. Go figure. And I can't multi-task right now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'll try to catch up with everyone later. Grins*

Monday, August 22, 2005

Such as it is

Hello all!

Um...not much new here. Same ol' sh*t. Therefore, this will probably be a brief post. I hate to use Blogger as a vent post. Because lately that's what the last few posts seem to be.
To wrap-up: Me-pained, pissed, disgruntled, irritable, and hateful.

Let's discuss some good news. *tapping foot and thinking*
The kids are healthy. The Packers won their last game. I have Diet Pepsi. I've bipped around to some of my regular blogs and commented. I have missed it SO badly. I'll need to see if I can do more tomorrow.

My writing oomph has been next to nil. Sitting too long hurt my side and my back. My entire right side is pretty much screwed. And the COMPAQ people sucketh. I need to call them tomorrow and inform them they need to send me a &%!*&%$#*& modem.Um...but I digress.
Sorry about that. *grinning*

I'll try and do better.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Postcards from purgatory

Not much has changed here. I won't be able to get in to see the Surgeon for a consultation for another 2 1/2 weeks. I'm highly displeased. I suppose I'll keep refilling my pain pill prescription (which really doesn't help-but I need SOMETHING) until then.
I think it's my computer modem that's utterly screwed. I had to dig out my old Windows 95-AOL 6.0 to get back online. This is the icing on my cake. Let me tell you. I have a short story and my second novel that I can't even touch until I get the other computer back online. This computer doesn't have the means, and it shuts down on a whim ALL THE TIME.
I haven't been writing much since sitting for long periods of time is unpleasant. All in all-Pffftttt.
I hope to have the computer fixed, or a new modem by this weekend.

And I'm out of Diet Pepsi. Shoot me now.

I hope everyone's writing is flowing and the personal lives are wonderful. I'll get around to catching up when my computer is fixed. And I bet I have LOTS to catch up on.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick note

Hi y'all!!!

It's me. It's Tuesday night. Here's how it is.

I was tortured, um...I mean tested, today. I have a nonfunctioning gallbladder and my bile (sorry to share so much) is not going to my small intestine. It's routed to my stomach. Isn't that great? Pffffttttt
This roughly translates into abdominal hell on earth. For those of you who don't know medical speak. heh

AND...my computer died Friday, and it's still screwed up. It won't dial up to AOL at all. I'm at an understanding friend's right now. I had 600 emails, and I'm in a hurry!!!
I haven't been able to check all my comments and such. I didn't even get to see my RTB column. *almost had to cry Saturday* I'm headed there next.

Thanks to everyone who left comments and has been mildly worried about me. Between the gallbladder and the computer, I'm not in the best shape. Pfffffffftttttttt again
I don't know when the computer will be fixed. *crossing fingers* Hopefully soon. Oh please. Soon.

I miss everyone!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005


I just received an email from RTB which says my guest blog will be up Saturday evening. And I'm smiling. Isn't that great?
So. Check out my guest blog. The link is http://www.romancingtheblog.com/blog/
Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.
Thanks to everyone at RTB who let us guest bloggers air our views on your blog. It's appreciated.
*still smiling*

Isn't it ironic?

Here I am. Don't have to work. Don't have to do anything but lay in bed and watch TV. And how does that make me feel? Pissed off.
I'm sure we've all heard the bonbon stories about women who stay at home and do nothing all day. It drives me up the wall.
When I sit, I hurt. When I lay down, I hurt. I have no appetite. And television SO does not interest me.
So. Here I am.
Restless, hurting, and annoyed. The joy of it all.
My doctor's appointment is this next Tuesday. I'm sort of hanging out until then. One more flippin' test before someone can decide to remove the *&#%#@^&#*@ gallbladder. I love managed care. Really. I do.

So instead of writing and being productive, I'm the proverbial potato. Happy? Not so much.

I'm going to lay off the computer so as not to vent to all you lovely people who grace my blog with your presence. I won't blog again until after my doctor's appointment. What is there to say? Not a whole lot.
I hug all the well wishes to my chest and thank everyone for their good thoughts. More later. After someone removes their head from their heiney and decides to remove my gallbladder. heh

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I'm feeling fairly crappy right now. Woke up and my side was hurting like a son of a gun. (I'm taking pain meds until my next text and final prognosis) Then when I was taking a bath, I started feeling nauseous. HAD to run to town, or I would have simply curled up in bed and moaned. Came back, and I am uncomfortable. Sweating. My side is hurting. And I'm still fairly nauseated. Not doing so hot.
Can't seem to sort my thoughts, so I doubt I type today. I'm going to keep my bed company.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tap, tap, tap

I'm hard at it again. Time to break open the files and get to it. I need to finish my romance erotica and immerse myself in my Sil. Desire story. I feel like I need a little more conflict for that one though. Premise is good. I just need a little more tension. I'm working that out in my head.
I'm aiming for the 3000 today. I'll drop a postnote in later to state whether that happened or not. *grinning* Let's hope I have good news.

addendum: Wrote 3000 words

Monday, August 01, 2005

Just the Mama

Today, I'm just the Mama.
This morning and early afternoon were filled with school activities and PTO stuff. We typed, xeroxed, and then stuffed envelopes. Had a meeting. Made plans. ALL the good stuff. So my wee, little brain is tired.
I won't be typing today because I just don't feel like it. But tomorrow...
Ah! That is another day. Already have plans to be tapping away. *grins*
Kids are watching TV under the air conditioner. It is HOT! I'm so ready for fall, it isn't even funny. This whole 95 degree everyday thing really isn't doing it for me. Even our shepard/coyote is in on the area rug in the front room. (She's a little spoiled)

And an update on our rescued kitty: Toby is great. Well, um, he's actually spoiled, too. And he's flippin' hilarious. That boy can do acrobatics like I've never seen. He's froggy ALL THE TIME! The kids love to let him play with their beanie babies and such. And he just tears it up. Plus we bought him this little wand thing with fur on it. (It actually looks like it could be something else. Ahem) And he loves to bat at it, too.

Look forward to reading everyone's accounts of RWA and how it went. Fill us in! And I LIKE pictures!