Friday, September 25, 2009


That sums it up, nicely.
No, my dearest Lyvvie, I haven't fallen in love. Or been blessed in that way in any way, shape, or form.
I have had to readjust my schedule for people who don't give a flying fuck, move out of my four bedroom house into a two bedroom house, and (I swear to God it feels like) carry the weight of the world on my two shoulders.
Also, my Grandma Bell passed away.
Um, not so much.
Thought I'd give the dating thing a go.
That would be nice if both of us were interested in that. I'm apparently an option. And until that changes, done there. Can't be the only one who gives a flip.
I've basically moved my entire house myself. It's all kinds of fun when a one-way trip is half an hour.
One would think I'm bitter. One would be wrong. I'm simply numb to it.
Will I break? Oh sure. Any minute now. When I have time. When I can honestly sit down, or stand up, or walk...and just say...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME???
Not there yet.
Feel as though the creative part of me is screaming to get out. I have no place to put it right now. And that saddens me a great deal.
And I keep putting misplaced faith in those around me. Color me naive, I suppose.
Oh damn well.
Doesn't seem to bother them much. Wonder why it does me?
Ah, that's right.
Because I believe I'm a decent person. Who deserves a chance.
Spread the word.