Monday, November 29, 2004

My profession...a RANT

Okay then. I write. It's what I do. What I live for. What I love. However, today I was told that my writing profession translated into...I DO NOTHING. Yes, in CAPS. At least that's what it sounded like coming out. I just play on the computer. Whiling away my day tapping on the keyboard and doing a big bunch of nothing.
Okay...I'm pissed. I'm not glossing this over. It hurt. And LORD, it made me mad. So. I offer this:
Writing is a noble profession. At times, thankless. Not readily understood. Abstract and not easily defined or seen. Not measured by traditional means and methods. But joyful. Necessary to my soul. I may not bring in six figures...right NOW...but don't count me out. My writing is my purpose. My calling. I don't put down what you do, and don't you EVER AGAIN put down what I do.
How easy it is to criticize what we don't understand and which means so little to us. Open up your mind. Not everything is measured in dollars and cents. My work is measured in feelings. Emotions. Purpose. This is my LIFE. Accept it. And if you can't do that...then shut up (GGG)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Post-traumatic Turkey Day

The ironic thing is...we had meatloaf LMAO. It is COLD here. Getting more wood delivered today. Catching up on e-mails and such. I sent my character sheets into Janie. Oh LORD! I am hoping they are good to go. I'm such an all or nothing individual. They looked good. I proofed them. Off they went. the Winter of my discontent...I'm hoping I wasn't a wee bit premature. Hindsight..Meet foresight. Okay. Enough of that.
I've got lists coming out my ears. I LOVE lists. Have papers and pens scattered throughout the house that way if something pops up...I can write it down THEN.
Christmas lists. Grocery lists. Present lists. Bill lists. Oh. Not to mention mental lists. I've got lots of those. That running litany in one's mind which tells them what needs to be done, what they have done, and what is to be done next. Comforting actually. Keeps the gears working overtime and not time for dust to settle. Going to enjoy my Sunday.

Friday, November 26, 2004

I am SO excited!!!

Yay! I have my character sheets done. Once again, I have tried to overcomplicate things. Sheesh. I don't know how I manage sometimes. Really (GGG)
So. I sent them to my writing buddy and will await the results. ALSO!!! I have finally found my models for my characters. I will post them sometime in the future. It has been a banner day, people. Believe me.
I feel GOOD. And I absolutely love that. So. I'm going to breathe easy for the rest of the evening. Think about my characters some more. Ponder their world and foibles.

The day after...

Ah. 'Tis officially Christmas season now, folks. What IS it about this time of year that turns most of us (oh, yes...ME)into raving loonies? I have book homework which I will work on today. But...I also have this insatiable desire to clean my house from top to bottom and make it all pretty. Utter insanity, I'm telling you. Kids are home. They will be my little cleaning minions for as long as I can keep the bluff on. And I have playstation for leverage LMAO.
So. Hmm. Putting up the tree Sunday. Before football, of course. Hehehe
Converting the house from Fall to Winter. Thanksgiving to Christmas. Small slice of madness to total lunacy. It's good to have goals.
I've decided to do a Christmas letter this year. I wrote one about two years ago and everyone loved it. Think I'll give it another try this year. Title? "Ramblings from a Madwoman" LMAO. Okay. Okay. Probably not, though that one REALLY calls to me :)~~

Monday, November 22, 2004

A slight miscalculation

Well. Then. Ahem. Didn't get as much done today as I hoped to. That would be loosely translated into, "Today was busier than nine kinds of hell, and I didn't do any writing." SIGH
Had to run to town. Mix-up with the basketball times. Started an hour earlier. Had to cut short cheerleading camp for two children so I could be there for the other two's basketball game. Which they BOTH won! WOOHOO!
Adopted Tiny Tim out to a new home. She was the runt of the litter. Now, I have one more. Batcat. Hereby named 'cause them ears are just a TAD bit too big for that cute, little head. He's going to a new home tomorrow. Thought about keeping him, but we don't need another cat. Need and want. Two utterly different entities.
I hope all my Goblin sisters have a lovely, safe Thanksgiving. Tonight was kind of quiet. Methinks many are on the road or otherwise occupied. We're going to take it easy and shout instructions at the television during the football games. Oh. AND... Packers are tied again for first in division. They just need to beat the Vikings. AGAIN! (crossing fingers) Oh PLEASE!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I'm baaaaaaaack

Well. Here I am. It's been ONE LONG weekend. But I'm finally back. And just in time for a two day week of school for the kids. Worked on my character sheets. Premise. Themes. I did what I was supposed to. WOOHOO! Tomorrow, when my ass isn't dragging quite so far down...I will put it all together. I still owe an essay. But I have some points already written down.
So. That is GOOD news. I'll work on it tomorrow. LOTS.
Short blog. TIRED!! Took us seven hours to get back. I'm still waiting for my arse to catch up. UGH.
More tomorrow. After some rest.

Friday, November 19, 2004


I have plans this weekend so I will be MIA until Sunday evening or Monday morning. I'm working on my vision for "Matchmaker." Lots of stuff to do and write. That should keep me preoccupied. Okay, busier than hell LOL.
I need to dig a little deeper on a couple of things and really bring them out. Kids are excited about next week being a TWO DAY week. Thanksgiving and all. Joely, I need the gun (GGGG). Help a sister out :)~~
It's cold here. Might snow Monday or Tuesday. My ear infection has gotten worse. I'll be trotting off to the Doctors next week. UGH. So. To sum it up... I'm in pain. Kids will be home ALL next week. I have plans this weekend to do stuff I will TOLERATE. Janie is sick. Fredericka said she is leaving.
I need some more Diet Pepsi. Maybe an IV. SIGH
Trying to muster a grin and just can't

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Voices in my head

Okay. Where to start? Let's see. First of all, I got in bed around ten-thirty. But, lo and behold, I could NOT sleep. Hmm. What's a writer to do? Well. This one got up and opened her handy, dandy notebook and started listing static traits and oxymorons. Janie. If you don't get OUT OF MY HEAD...I'm going to charge rent LMAO.
Also. I am one DEEP WELL of static traits. And wear a lifejacket, kiddies. The water is deep and there be weird things swimming around in there.
So now, it's almost six in the morning. I've been awake since four, and I am raring to go. It's a sickness I tell you :)~~
Here's some of my favorite oxymorons. Keep in mind, I'm sleep-deprived.
Lobotomized genius...Brilliant idiot...Charitable miser...Capable klutz...Friendly enemy...Shy adventurer...Lovable loser. And static traits? Let's see. Robert off of "Everybody Loves Raymond" touches his silverware to his chin before he takes a bite. I had a friend in high school who would only use a straw to drink and never after anybody else. I have one more, but it escapes me.
Okay. I'm going to work on my character sheets. FOCUS! And I'll check back in later, when the Diet Pepsi has made more of an impact.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My horoscope for the day

Sometimes you can seem disconnected from reality, but others don't usually know how far out you really are. Now, as the Moon moves through your sign, you can surprise them, but not with how weird you are. You can be the hero by finding a solution to a problem that others couldn't solve. Don't hold yourself back. Think big and original ideas that work will come to you.

LMAO!!! This is my horoscope for today. It rather fits. Spooky, that. And for the record...the first sentence is WAY TOO ACCURATE. Hehehe.

Oh. And I have EVERY animal I have inside. I'm having an architect draw up plans for our Ark. It WON'T QUIT RAINING!

Plotting is such sweet sorrow...

Yesterday was blissful. I wrote all day. Didn't leave the house. Course, I was brain dead, but what a payoff! LMAO
Just have to say...I am SO proud of my Goblin Sisters! I was beginning to think we were never going to get it. Then...what should appear? But a bunch of e-mails about static traits!!! Christmas has come early, folks :)~~
Today will not be AS productive, but I'll fit the writing in. I must go to town again. I don't know WHY the dogs and cats have to have food. I told them to just graze like goats, but all I got for my trouble was stony stares. Therefore, I must run to Wally World and find them sustenance.
I am going to come back home and check out the back of my dvd's. Get some ideas about how to break down my plot. I have flashes of scenes, which I write down, but I need the vertebrae. So there. It's on my to-do list.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The living hell known as static trait world

Okay. I'm gonna make it. Really. I'm hanging onto my last two brain cells and rubbing them together later for one, last synapse.
It's amazing how quickly a story can pour out of you, and yet, you can't think of two, measley static traits. Boggles the mind. The one I had this morning LMAO.
I'm working on my MATCHMAKER series, Janie. Really. No more slapping WOMAN! Hehehe
So. I believe I need to cosy up to my lovely notebook and figure this bad boy out. Actually. I've got the ideas for the first two books. The third is giving me fits. We'll see.
Tired grins*

Brand new day

Well. Then. Let's begin again, shall we? I've started early today. Actually stayed up after kids went to school. Got writing plans. Have already warned the children HOW IT IS GOING TO BE this week LMAO. I really do believe "Mama" is the most overused word in the English language. But I'm much better now :)~~
Michelle and Janie...I have not laughed so hard in quite some time. I just finished reading Michelle's response to her blog and my blog. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Janie. You are WICKED. It's why we love you so.
Now. Here we go with plans for today. I'm writing a teaser for my time-travel contemporary. Writing on "The Portrait". Figuring out my dang static traits for THE NOVEL. I'm sure I can fit the two I posted to the group in there and make them work. But I'm still waiting for that moment of instant clarity. Them waters are still a tad bit murky here. The good news being, once I GET IT, I GOT IT LMAO.
I'm working on FOCUS today. I like to keep my e-mails up and switch back and forth between writing and feeding my e-mail addiction. Not today, folks. I will actually shut down the internet to write and take periodic breaks to check my e-mail. One small step for FOCUS, one big step for my writing.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Call me cranky

Because I am. And then some. For those with delicate sensibilities...just skip this entry. Cause it's about to be ON!!!!
I have a killer sinus infection. I won't go into details, but let me assure one and all I have had exactly three breaths out of my right nostril all week. Everything else is plugged up. That has led to one LONG, SEVERE, sinus headache. For approximately ten days. Then, just as I got back from town AGAIN (which I LOATHE), seems two of my chickens were at Cheerleading Camp. Shit. So. I rush out of the driveway, cause somehow I forgot to write it on my calendar....and I'm STILL late. I've had to go to the bathroom now for about thirty minutes by the time I pull BACK into the driveway.
Then there's dinner to be made. Biscuits and gravy. Scrambled eggs. My kitchen looks like every damn pot I own has decided to come out and play. I'm ate up. Just foul as a chicken. And I don't really care. There are days when I just want to say "WHAT ABOUT ME?" Is it too much? Apparently. Because then that damn "Mama" gene kicks in, and I simmer down.
However. And this is the one PERK to my day. I bought myself something. Hehehe. This is such a rarity, I had to note it. Brand new pen and pencil set. PRETTY! Deep ruby and silver filigree on the tops. Maybe I'll live after all :)~~

Just another manic Monday

It's Monday afternoon. And what's that I hear? NOTHING! BWAHAHAHAHAHA
Kids are at school. Course...that just means I'll have two hours of homework later.
I just realized something this morning as I was working on "The Portrait." I have no chapter markings. LMAO. Yep. Started out as a short story, and I just kept on rocking. Repeate. NO CHAPTER MARKINGS. Sheesh. I must go back and figure out where to break it up.
I am however, starving. As I slept late. Which comes after a night of not being able to sleep at all. So. I shall mosey (i.e. travel down to a drive-through in my Kermie slipper) to find some food. More later.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Packers WIN!!!--tied for lead in division

WOOHOO! My boys won! Oh yes , s'all good. I've worked on "The Portrait" a little. Kind of hard when the chickens come in and out of the room. Tap..Tap...Tap....Tap
Therefore, not much was accomplished. However, and thank the good Lord for this one, tomorrow is MONDAY. I have writing plans. Lots of them. I have um.....X amount of words on "The Portrait"
(furtively looking for Janie and laughing. I hate to be thwacked a good one.
It's falling into place rather well. I'm enjoying writing it. Sophie is good stuff. Smart. Witty. Capable of taking care of herself.
Dylan is steady. Private. Very deep. Interesting.
They wait for me. To guide them. To speak for them. To give them life.
And I love it.

Got wood?

I do!!!! Had a rick of pecan delivered this morning. Ooooooooooooo wood. It's the small things, huh?
Love the smell of wood burning and football playing. Packers at three. So I must get my head around what I'll be doing with my writing this morning. I need to work on "The Portrait." Think on my characters from THE NOVEL. Write a line or two on my thriller.
I'm thinking on my short story submission at Writer's Digest. That will percolate in the back of my mind at least three times a week until I know how it all shakes out.
Been quiet with my Goblin Sisters. WAY TOO QUIET!!! LMAO I'm used to several posts a day. We must all have busy weekends. I miss them when we're not posting. I'll finish this, read their blogs, and rock on with my writing.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

What herb am I?

Hmm. Before I knew the choices, I would have said cayenne. That's an herb, right? Spicy. Red. Burn the living sh** out of you. Hehehe.
But alas...I am Rosemary. I thought perhaps Mandrake. Since that's the herb that in large doses will drive you insane. I'll put it on my to-do list. Aim high, I alway say LMAO.

Deja vu...

Well. Good grief. Went to town again today. I believe that's a new record. I go as little as possible. Too many people. And's that time again. CHRISTMAS. I double-checked just to make sure LMAO. About six weeks from now. Good Lord. Took all the kids. Just shows how masochistic I can be. You know that moment? The one, when if you get one more thing shoved in your face, you'll absolutely freak out and act like a loon? Yeah . Heads turned, let me tell you.
But it was a good day. Ran into a guy I've known since 7th grade. Um........(unspecified) years ago. He was such a good writer. I LOVED to read his stories. He wrote horror. Spooky. Scary. Boogeyman type stuff. I told him I was being published. He was happy for me. Hugged me. But I could see it bothered him.
You was his dream too. It's moments like that which make me realize how hard we have to work to pursue our dreams. Relentlessly. Passionately. Faithfully.
It was a look at a future I didn't want to have. The "I could have" look.
"I could have been a famous author."
"I could have written what I loved to write."
Screw "could have". I'm going to :)~~~

Friday, November 12, 2004

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Dang. What a LONG day. Took care of business in town. Mailed off my short, short story. And wondered where in the world this year has gone. Wasn't I just buying Valentines and Easter bunnies yesterday? I almost stroked out. Had to ask an old lady for a hit of oxygen. Fortunately for me, she was in the giving mood .
Christmas has arrived. Not for over a month on the calendar, but man, OH MAN, them retail stores are tearing it up. Halloween candy and assorted goodies are already half off. I'm thinking....forget that. Save them for six months and put them out again.
I know the world is spinning faster and faster....but someone hand me the dramamine and slow this ride down. I'm taking Sunday off this weekend. Working on my book(s). Watching a little football. And yes, dammit...maybe doing a little introspection. I know what Christmas is about. And it's not at Wal-Mart. It's in my living room arguing right now over the Playstation.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back again

Ooh, la la. I'm back again . I think it's overcompensation for not being to do my all tomorrow. I've worked on my short story-gone-long some more. Also going to turn in a short story to Writer's Digest Annual Short Short Story Competition. I've had it written for months. Just feels like the right time to submit it. I'm working on honing my stories. Nipping here. Tucking there. I waffled back and forth between "The Portrait", my mystery, and working on characters for THE NOVEL. I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit today. It's a good feeling. Got rid of another kitten, too. That's ALSO good news. Little furball heathens .
I can already feel the insomnia creep up. Didn't go to sleep last night until around two a.m. Can't do that tonight, or my heiney will be dragging behind me tomorrow. Got too much stuff to do.
Hm. Story of my life LMAO.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

There were tornadoes here yesterday! Around 11, I believe. Can you imagine? And today is so dang cold, Jack Frost won't even come out and play. Oklahoma weather. Go figure.
I've been working on my short story gone long, posting mail to my literary sisters, and working on THE MANUSCRIPT. I like that. All caps. It IS that important to me. FOCUS!!!!!
Also, as I jump randomly from one subject to the next, one kitten down, six to go. I WILL overnite them. Just leave a message LOL.
I won't get a whole lot done tomorrow. It's my running around day. Off to town to pick up necessities and make sure my clan will make it through the weekend. Have lunch with Mom. She's been on my mind lately. Makes me wonder what's been going on. Just a feeling.
I told myself I would write
But only if I get it right

Friday, November 05, 2004

Getting to work

Okay. It's Friday. I MUST focus on one of my short stories. I came to a fork in the road yesterday and took a wrong tine. Therefore, I will be backpedaling a page or two. I was aiming for a short story, but my mentor suggested a whole novel. We shall see :)~~
I also need to work on character sheets for my masterpiece--to date LOL. Shouldn't it be easier? A flick of the pen? I suppose all the struggle will make the results that much sweeter. And to be honest....the road traveled kind of rocks, too. LMAO