Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Over the top

I've had a lot going on as of late. Shuffling the girls to and fro. Shuffling myself to and fro. Baby Chicken had lumps in her armpits which freaked me the hell out. So that involved doc visit, referral, specialist doc visit, ultrasound, WAITING, doc visit.
Luckily, the right lump is a cyst. The left lumps are lymph nodes and are not big enough to worry about.
Thank God.
Summer is the busy time at work. Inundation would be a key term here.
But amidst all the loveliness known as life, I submitted another book. And I also received word from my publisher that What He Wants is a Top Ten Bestseller at WCP Torrid this month. *smile*
It makes me happy.
So I track down where exactly all these sales are coming from. Amazon Kindle. It amazes me, and I'm just floored.
People who bought the Percy Jackson series are buying it. People why buy Linda Lael Miller are buying it.
What a lovely afternoon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warrior and the Sparrow

I love this book.
And that's not my ego talking. It's my heart.
This is the latest book I've submitted. And here's what it's about:

Willow is a simple woman who keeps her father’s house. A loner by design, she exists unnoticed among the village beauties. That is, until the day a stranger tears through town hell-bent on fulfilling a prophecy no matter the price.

Tait needs Willow . It’s as simple and complicated as that. Dark days loom for their entire world. A sleeping sickness has spread all the way to the royal kingdom while a madman lets loose a disease on the masses that tears apart the very fabric of humanity.

Warrior and the Sparrow is one woman’s journey from negligible to remarkable. It shows how the human spirit can grow and flourish even under the most horrid of circumstances. And it is a woman’s rite of passage from bystander to savior.
This is my longest foray into the storytelling of romance--almost 90,000 words--with all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes with.
Here's hoping my story finds a loving home.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crystal Inman

Yeah. That's me. But there's also the Crystal Inman who's young, thin, blond and cavorts about without clothes. The first three---SO not me. The last one? *grins* If you know me, you already know the answer.
I get a weekly tally of visits to my website, both traditional (Crystal Inman) and erotic (C'ann Inman). I average about twenty visits to the traditional while the erotic is more sporadic because I haven't had anything published in the last couple of years.
So when I receive a weekly tally that is just below a hundred, I must go investigate.
I thought my young counterpart must have put out a new porn tape or something. :)
Here is what I found: Around eighty-five of the hundred or so were visits from Slovenia. I promptly googled the hell out of that to locate it on the map.
What boggles my mind is that some of the visits were two pages. So that means that after finding my website, the searcher promptly clicked on another page (probably hoping to be rewarded with the sight of "Crystal Inman" wearing chaps, holding a whip, and nothing else). Alas, they must have been sorely disappointed.
We have to be TIGHT for those photos to circulate. Ya feel me? *grins*
So either some wonderful individual is sharing my literary goodness across the Atlantic, or those Slovenians love them some young, thin, blond chickies.
Either way, thanks for the numbers.
Oh for criminey sake...before I wrap it up...I submitted to Samhain about a week ago and hope to hear something soon.
Just looked on Fictionwise and find that my earlier titles are still selling well. And One Enchanted Evening was the #8 bestseller for my publisher last month. This is just the kick in the ass I need. *smile*