Saturday, May 14, 2005

My classified ad

Missing: One woman's mind. Answers to Crystal. Last seen Thursday, May 12th. If found, please contact this blog. It is appreciated.

Friday was a blur of shopping. I'm not kidding. I SO wish I were. We left the house at 10:00 a.m. We didn't arrive back home until 8:00 p.m. I took FOUR children shoe shopping. Can I please get a little sympathy? We were going for tennis shoes. My middle chicken, the foof, talked me into hot pink sandals with black leather print. The straps are shiny, hot pink. This is so her, I just didn't have the heart to refuse.

I didn't read blogs. I didn't post my own. In fact, I remember laughing about something so ridiculous, I don't even remember what it was. My mind=MIA.
I logged on this afternoon and found around 250 e-mails. I HATE sifting through e-mails. It's life POD-dy mouth finding a great POD book. You know the good ones are there, but you have to sort through all the crap first. I've only half finished that. UGH
I sent my Title Information papers in on both my books. They can't find either. I'll be redoing that today and tomorrow. Good news: Second cover art on book is done. YAY! I love Jinger Heaston. She is wonderful!

Tomorrow is more shopping. (insert LARGE groan)
We will be doing that Sunday AND Monday. We start building forms Monday for the new rooms.
I'll apologize beforehand to all the blogs I usually read EVERYDAY and comment on. I'll stop by, but I think it will be a drive-thru, if you know what I mean. School is out in one week. There are rooms to be built, a bathroom to be redone, and I will be in dire need of all my time and faculties. Which brings me back to the beginning...
Wanted: My mind.


username said...

Sounds like you've been just as busy as me, in a different way, of course. *g*

Jill said...

So we've both gone and lost our minds ...