Friday, May 20, 2005


I don't have a large desk to begin with. (I think it's about a yard long) That is fine with me. But I, being a woman in a rush lately, have scattered all sorts of unnecessary items upon my desktop.
Here's a sampling:
several books (From "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" to "Key of Valor")
an iguana beanie baby
frog heads off of my favorite pair of frog socks (no frogs were harmed in the making of said socks. they came off in the dryer, dammit!)
ear plugs ( I can't sleep with noise in the house)
a broken watch (not my own)
a pair of clean socks (these are actually mine. the only place I can keep socks. they are a hot commodity around here. I think they're left alone because I tend to snarl when anyone comes near my desk.)
a washcloth my baby chicken folded into a "rabbit" (she was so proud)
fingernail clippers (can't type with crooked nails)
nose spray (damn sinuses)
videotapes (I'm pleading the fifth on what kind)
loose change
various circulars from area stores
a Kermit the Frog bookmark

And then there's my "office" supplies: pens, pencils, sticky notes, stapler, unstapler, hole punch, scissors, highlighters, disks, erasers, printer paper, computer and all accessories, rubber bands, paper clips, push pins, notebooks, staples, thesaurus, dictionary, envelopes, sharpies, and permanent markers.

And so I borrow (loosely) the Capital One question: What's on YOUR desk? And what does it say about you?



Michelle said...

Oh dear. I think my desk says I'm a total slob who hates filing. :D

Bills? What bills??

Lyvvie said...

My desk actually does speak to me. It's very strange how while in he middle of writing somehting, I'll have notebooks, pens, highlighters and refrences on the desk and all of a sudden a voice will say "Don't leave that crap on the desk when you leave..."

Wha? Huh?

"Don't move my black biro. Use your own blue ones. The Black one is mine."

Who said that?

"Don't move my bills around. You right handed people keep moving things on my desk..."

Okay..this is getting really weird now. I mean there I am, slogging along, when this voice intrudes on my thoughts all the time. Not a nice voice either. It's even been known to say...

"You've been on the computer all day. I would like my own time please. You can use the laptop. I can't play Quake on the laptop and you know it"

Can you imagine!!

Suzanne said...

I have a small desk and it's pretty clear. Everything is on the floor!!!

Amy said...

I actually cleaned my desk off about a week ago, so it doesn't look too bad. But I think I'll revive this blog topic when the surface is once again covered. :)

Loved "seeing" your work area.

chryscat said...

It's utterly amazing what I can shove onto this little work area.
Michelle: Heh. That's what the top of my freezer is for.
Lyvvie: I SO do not want to hear my desk talking to me. I would probably be on the top of its sh** list. *grinning*
Suzanne: I would put stuff on the floor, but things have a BAD habit of disappearing around here.
Amy: It was quite the eye-opener. And since we're still in the middle of the big REDO...I don't see things clearing up anytime soon.