Monday, November 23, 2009


My God! Has it been that long?
And since when did Christmas fall on December 25th???
Well, hell. LOL

I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking.
Red Dirt was a lot of fun though I didn't enjoy my co-panelists nearly as much as I had in comparison to the previous panel. Rather an odd sort of jumble up, in my opinion.
But I made it through and enjoyed the audience so that's all good.

Work is freakin' ridiculous right now. Scheduling mishaps. People coming and going. Shorthanded. I always think this will change, and it never does. Suppose I should resign myself to some of it. Other parts? I'll keep rebelling against. How can you employ someone so worthless and pay them a good wage to do absolutely nothing??? In fact, they work harder at NOT working than actually doing something.
Makes me ill.
Also...what's the issue with all this secret shit? Seriously? Have I transferred to the CIA and was just previously unaware of said fact?
You would think that this place houses either the KFC recipe or perhaps the COKE one. There is absolutely NO communication of importance between the three factions. Tensions run high. So instead of working together, it's an occupational clusterfuck. Just a waste of time and energy. It's a job for criminey sake!!!

Personally...*grins*...I couldn't be much happier. Finally found someone who is so extremely wonderful that I have to pinch myself. Crazy, huh? I realize in hindsight that I settled with the last person. But no more for me, thanks. This girl isn't stupid. I know when I have a good thing. And I!!!
Someone who is considerate of my girls and myself. Who will let me be me and likes me (smartass issues...other issues...and ALL!). Wonders never cease.
Sad thing being that parts of it make me uncomfortable because I am SO unused to such a precious person. But I'm also intelligent enough to realize that it just takes time for me to unlearn all the shit piled on me before and truly embrace myself and this person for who we are. And who we are together.
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!!!