Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pin cushions and playtime

Baby chicken and I did the half-day hospital thing. We arrived at seven-thirty and stayed for hours. They pricked BC (baby chicken) about 7:45 a.m. Made her drink that foul, sugary crap, and then we waited. We did that every hour until about 11:30 a.m. They took blood every hour.
The lovely phlebotomist (I REALLY wanted to type that word) used to live with my sister back in the day. She told me BC's labs were looking good, and if I talked to the pediatric nurse, we might be able to cancel the last poke.
Okay. The pokes. Geez, I'm such a Mommy wuss. The first poke, my eyes watered. BC was fine. The poked her in the crook of her arm. Second time was the other arm. Third time she did a little pokeage and couldn't get the blood to come.
OKAY...watching my child be the human pin cushion made me want to snarl and bite somebody/something. Then they poked her back in the same hole they did the first time. THE SAME HOLE. Is that humane? I don't think so.
Three down, two to go. The fourth poke she ended up doing it in the top of BC's hand. That's when the PC (phlebotomist chickie) said I should consult with pediatric nurse chickie so as we could cancel the last round.
BC is a trooper. Let me tell you, this kid can eat nails. We visited the gift shop, bought coloring books, and played card games. Not ONCE did she complain.
I asked her, "Which would you rather have? The pokes or school?"
She answered, "The pokes." Can you believe that? *grinning* She's such a studmuffin.
So, of course, we had to shop afterwards. I mean, really. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't follow up torture with the spending of money? We ate lunch (FINALLY) because she had to fast before the blood test. I didn't eat as a sign of solidarity. I had issues with eating in front of my starving child.
The good news: The labs are GREAT. NO diabetes or hypoglycemia. Thank God. And now BC has war wounds to show to her friends tomorrow.
I came home and went directly to bed. My ass drageth. Insomnia has struck again. Just call me the sleepless wonder. SIGH
Slept for three hours then got up. Writing? Not hardly. But I'll tackle it tomorrow when my head's clearer. Um...or whenever that phenomenon takes place.


Jill said...

Ah, your poor little chick!!! I'm sooooo glad she doesn't have diabetes though!!!

username said...

Congrats on the labs!

Tink said...

Glad the lab results were good ones at least - Congrats!

And you did the right thing - shopping is most definitely the best cure for pokies.

chryscat said...

Thanks for all the well wishes! Yes, I am a happy Mama right now.

Tink! I was wondering where you wandered off to. *grinning*
Good to see you back.