Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time in a bottle

There are moments locked in time, in recent memory, that are as rare and precious as each breath I take.
The combined laughter of my children and myself.
Dancing with the one I love.
Hugs from teenage daughters that don't hug all that often anymore.
The wind in my hair after a hard day that wore me down.
Another's hands preparing dinner.
Baby Chicken looking at me after we watched a scene on TV where the teenage son looks at his Mom and says, "You're a good Mom", then turning to me and saying the same thing.
Embarrassing the Oldest Chicken while mimicking her dance moves in the car on the way to the high school.
Laughing at something (God, ANYTHING) Middle Chicken says.
So on days when I just want to bang my head against the brick wall, kick the door, and scream until my lungs collapse, I'll pull these moments out and wrap myself in them as a cushion between the wondrous beauty of parts of my life and the stress that tries to cling to me and bring me down like quicksand.
*humming Jim Croce*

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

THIS is my reality

I don't much care for Reality TV shows. I know a lot of people do. (Hopefully forestalling the Hate Mail here)
I DO watch Survivor because the honey does. I watched Big Brother one season. *laughing* Apparently where the winner has now taken his earnings and tried to turn himself into a drug kingpin. How fantastic is that? I clearly remember him stating that some money would go to help others. I didn't know he meant nose candy.
I watched the Amazing Race one season. I can't remember who won.
Reality TV is just not for me. And I'll tell you why.
I like spontaneous as much as the next person. And there's a lot of spontaneity (unscripted) business going on with RTV. But what I really enjoy are getting to know the characters. The familiarity with quirks and opinions.
There are some TV characters I'd love to sit down and chit-chat with. Dr. Who, obviously. *grins* Hawkeye Pierce. Mr. Roarke. lmao
Don't judge me. :)~~
These characters mean something to me. They kept me company and shared their fictional little lives with me. They opened my eyes to different emotions and ideologies. They symbolize so much more than just a two-dimensional character reading lines and going through the motions.
RTV characters? Eh.
I don't need the drama. Seriously, I have enough of my own. I don't need the conflict or background of their muddled-up lives. Tales of plastic surgery and divorce. It squicks me out, quite frankly.
Rarely do you see the sunshiney side of RTV. The high ratings comes from conflict, and I just can't get on board with that.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Inimitable Dr. Who

Tardis, we have a problem.
Where is the Dr. Who I love? The genius Time Lord who saves multiple planets with humility, compassion, and wit in place?
I'm all about giving a guy a chance. Matt Smith, Dr. Who du jour, is okay. I say that without rancor. But I haven't had my Dr. Who moment with him. And the way the writers are writing...I'm not sure I will.
Dr. Who is the last of the Time Lords. He has seen and done things that the mere mortal cannot imagine. That's fine. He also has a companion which makes him, in my eyes, a bit more well-rounded.
But when you make HIM the hothead, and HER the voice of reason in all things...I rebel against the notion.
He has seen the birth and death of earth. He knows what humans are capable and not capable of. Yet in the past two episodes of this show that I absolutely LOVE...Amy Pond (latest companion) has saved everyone in a pinch.
Excuse me???
I like the fiery redheaded Scottish chick. She's no Rose, Martha, or Donna. She's her own person. And I love that about her.
But this is DR. WHO for God's sake!!!
This character is interplanetary Mr. Fixit. Amy Pond can hand him the tools, but by God, Dr. Who is THE MAN. Okay. Time Lord.
But the bottom line...give the Time Lord his due. Or I will lose all respect for this amazing show.