Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Clandestine blogging

I'm blogging. Don't tell anyone. I'm pleading the fifth if anyone asks what I'm doing right now. hehehe
I'm doing research. Um...yeah. Research. Sure.

I'm supposed to be doing dishes/cleaning the living room/helping with the bathroom/coloring my hair/working on my erotic romance/getting ready to go to an awards program for the chickens/keeping track of my kitty who just came back from the vet. Oh...and transcribing and typing up a friend's notebook.
*shrinking farther down in my chair*
Mebbe if I squish down REALLY far, people will leave me alone for a couple of minutes.
I'm not holding my breath. *grinning*

Hope everyone's weekend was lovely. Chickens have three more days of school left. And they are wanting to go to SUMMER SCHOOL. Can you believe that? Their school is having some type of pre-med something or other. Bottom line: They get to dissect a cow's eye. And there's some type of program at the Vo-Tech for forensics.
We'll see how this works out.

I need to acquire the shovel and get after it in the living room. If there's a floor in there, I don't know it.


swamp4me said...

Cool deal on the summer school opportunities -- I wanna go!

And do you mean to tell me that you are supposed to be able to see the floors in your house? If so, I gotta lot of work to do around here!

Amy said...

Pass the shovel, please.

chryscat said...

Hello ladies! *laughing*
I have several shovels now that we're flipping excavating everything.
And the floor? I know there's one somewhere. The operative word being...SOMEWHERE.

username said...

Spent eight hours at the hospital. The oldest is home. I'm more tired than he is.

Nancy Henderson said...

Shh...I'm reading blogs. My dog is licking out a cottage cheese container on the living room rug. She had cheese all over her face. Chunks of white goop is flying onto the cat. But I'm still reading...I'm thinking of a happy place...thinking happy thoughts....