Friday, May 29, 2009

Bits and pieces

It's the boob crack.

I've blogged about the infamous boob crack before, but it's been many moons. I refer, of course, to the crack between the breasts in the cleavage area. Ya know?
One of the girls coined the term. More than likely--Middle Chicken. *grins*
I like my cleavage, thankyouverymuch. I do NOT, however, enjoy dropping popcorn, chex mix, or WHATEVER down there. Yeah, I know. Hit my mouth, and there wouldn't be a problem. But really, that's not all there is to it. I swear to God. There is a magnet of some type down there that I am unaware of. Stuff just WANTS to go down there. Geez.
Highly annoying.

Moving on.

I cannot WAIT to bake myself tomorrow at the pool. CANNOT. WAIT. The girls can wear themselves out. I just checked out two more paperbacks and am lovin' it.
Also, it's that time again. Sno Cones!!! *dancing* The girls and I have been getting sno cones from the same place for over a decade. And we'll be snagging some sugary ice this weekend. I'm all for the Pink Lemonade. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Oh, and way off the subject, the person (s) from Saint Paul that keeps visiting my lovely blog--Drop me a line. I don't bite.
Well. *grins* Hardly, at any rate.

Going to be a busy weekend, my friends. I hope you and yours enjoy the hell out of it.
I know I will.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Unbeknownst to me, my favorite pajama pants (cute little penguins on pink fabric) developed a rip in them. Um...not a small one. So when I got off the couch to go get a drink, I mooned my children. lmao
Both cheeks.
Amusement abounds.

My girls have taken to watching me exercise because they are complete buttheads. There is main chickie (the evil blond bitch) then four back-up chickies. One, in particular, messes up more often than not. In fact, there is a spot where she completely loses all of it. The girls have now dubbed her "crash and burn girl."

I got a request for another partial from a REALLY good agent. *grins*

Yesterday was PURE hell. Not diluted, mind you. It was complete and utter horrificness packaged nicely into my work day. My eye has already begun to twitch. Thus begins summer.

I don't understand some people. I honestly don't. I think that if there were a way to circumvent a clusterfuck, one would take it. *shrug* Maybe that's just me.

Going to try and go to the water park again this weekend. Last Saturday was a washout. I did, however, lay out Monday. LOVE the sun on my skin. Several years down the We shall see. lmao

Move Oldest Chicken into the dorms for Upward Bound Sunday. Don't know what I'm going to do for entertainment Monday through Friday now. One of the other chickens (or both) must step up. Plans are in progress.

Life is good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Promised Pictures

My promoting baby, Middle Chicken AKA Chrystan

Middle Chicken, Oldest Chicken, and Baby Chicken
You see that look? That nice glare Middle Chicken
has going on? *grins* That's from me.
(Chrystan, Caitlin, and Cara)

Middle Chicken, Rannie, and Tamra

Oldest Chicken and Baby Chicken

Middle Chicken

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Middle Chicken moves on

I remember pushing her out, and the nurse laying her naked little body on my chest. What big eyes she had.

I remember pulling her little red hair up on top of her head like a mini-waterfall and calling her Pebbles. But she was cuter.

I remember her crooked grin and quiet demeanor. She was the only one of the girls who could play by herself.

I remember the local paper taking a picture of her while she walked down the stairs to the Kindergarten Christmas program in all her green velvet glory. She smiled shyly for the camera.

I remember working all night on a Science Fair Project about gum with her. She says the teacher picked the subject, but I really think she just wanted to see how many flavors of gum Mom would pick up.

I remember when she broke her arm playing in the yard with her sisters and Joe. I cried when they had to set the cast because she cried.

I remember driving in the car in complete silence. Then I would meet her stare in the mirror. She would laugh. I would laugh. About absolutely nothing.

I remember her telling me that she wanted to give her bike to the neighbor girl because the girl didn't have one. *smile*

I remember her first day of school. Her first bike. Her favorite Spice Girl. Her friends. Her Halloween costumes. Her laughter. Her obstinate streak. When they took her tonsils out. Her Wizard of Oz shoes. Getting her ears pierced.

Pieces of Middle Chicken wrapped around me that make me smile. And now Chrystan is headed off to high school next year. A stubborn independent redhead with a big heart and big ideas.

I couldn't be more proud.

Pictures to come.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Education THEN Implementation

This is the world of half-assed. You realize that, right? It's a world of "NOW NOW NOW" with only minimal (if any) knowledge pertaining to whatever is NOW NOW NOW.
It's fucking crazy.
Lately I've been bombarded with people, training, and life situations where NOW NOW NOW is being shoved down my throat while I'm standing there looking at the group of crazies asking...and would you like to tell me how, why, where, which one, and what?
Well. Would you?
You expect me to enforce a new tool without any training whatsoever. You expect me to attend an awards banquet at my child's school with less than twenty-four hours notice. You expect me to have the answers while you give me the question in pieces.
It seriously boggles the mind.
Preparation! And I'm not talking "to death." Or to the nth degree. No. Because what fun would that be?
But I'm implying a certain knowledge shared before expecting a desirable result.
Is that to much to ask?
Methinks not.
But then again, lately, I couldn't tell.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The big yellow orb in the sky

I saw it this morning. I almost fainted. It was the SUN, I tell ya!!! Here. In Oklahoma!
Amazing what a little sunshine can do for ya. Even for a Monday, I'm fairly perky. *grins*
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

It's the girls' last week of school. MC has 8th grade promotion this Thursday. Then she's off to high school.
I'm still processing this. And I believe she is, too. It's hard for her. But hopefully when August rolls around, she'll start to adjust. Having the family down for pizza (per MC's request-I swear the child can inhale a whole pie-God love her) and ice cream. Can anyone say Pepcid AC? SURE you can! lmao
Then we'll be off to the water park this weekend. Going to get out and about and explore the state a bit this summer. And if we like this water park fairly well, we may visit more than a couple of times. The only problem? It's about an hour and a half away. BC does NOT travel well.
Took MC dress shopping Friday. She picked one out that so signifies who she is. *grins* With all sorts of accessories that don't match but she loves because they DON'T match. Eclectic, that child.
So that's how the week unfolds. Gotta get MC's hair done Wednesday morning before work. Promises to be a long ass day, my friends. But anything for the chickens.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Generation Gap

Ok. Sometimes it's more like a chasm.
Case in point: Batman

Saturday night I was delighted to hear the repetitive refrain of "we're bored" being issued from OC and MC. It's always a marvelous time. And gee, Mom. Didn't we have ANY movie in the house we haven't already watched???
I point to a dusty stack of VHS tapes in the corner. And tell the girls to look through those. And then I specifically say...I think we have Batman over there.
Now keep in mind, the girls only recently saw the Dark Knight. The one where Heath Ledger does Oscar calibre work. But I refer to the Batman that was the FIRST Batman. With a kick ass soundtrack my Prince (Yeah. It was THAT long ago. He actually HAD a name). With Kim Basinger who screams FAR too often. And Jack Nicholson as the Joker with some of the best freakin' lines I've ever heard uttered in a movie.
OC is clearly disgusted. She picks up the case and read the back. Lengthy pause. And then she looks up and tells MC it was made in 1989. *gasp*
And I say, yeah. That's about right. And that's the year I graduated. MC looks at me and're 38?
(Okay. Major side story off the subject here. Last year, when I was but a young 36, ALL my girls thought I was 37. Why? I don't know. Because they can be evil heifers? Possibly. But I honestly think they were just unaware. So when I actually turned 37 this year, it probably went by remarkably unnoticed for the most part. But for MC to pop off with 38? I figure by the time I turn 40, I'll just be so densensitized that it won't even matter.)
I glare at MC. She simply looks back. And then she explains to me that people usually graduate when they're 18 so surely that means I'm 38. Except, I reassure the little butthead, that I skipped second grade which makes me a year younger than all my classmates.
(She took her sadistic pleasure from the vein throbbing in my forehead, but let her be amused where she may.)
We finally pop in the ol' VHS, and the movie starts.
Both chickens want to know which one is Batman. And what does he look like? And it doesn't show him until like fifteen minutes in.
But when it does, MC cracks me up. She looks over at me and says, "He looks like that guy off Benchwarmers. Is that his dad?"
She refers, of course, to Rob Schneider. And calmly asks if Michal Keaton is his dad.
I can only shake my head. Because I am speechless. And what tickles me more is that I can see the resemblance.
Skip ahead to when Batman drops ol' Jack into the vat of boiling acid stuff. Then he pops back out as the Joker a few scenes later. And as soon as Jack starts wearing the clown make-up, MC looks at me and says, "This has only reinforced my fear of clowns."
I think they enjoyed the movie as it unfolded. But it didn't mean as much to them as it did to me back in the day. Okay, back in the year. And that's fine, too.
It was all about quality time with the chickens.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Heart and Soul

I always tell people that the romance books come from my heart, but the poetry comes from my soul. I wrote three poems one right after the other last night. This one was my first and my favorite.

every breath slick with ice
the cold too much to bear
frigid tendrils fill my chest
iced vapors in the air

i yearn for heat
to flare inside
melt the pain
all else tried

but the cold holds tight
squeezed 'round my chest
spread throughout
a torturous guest

i shake and shiver
my soul splinters deep
broken in pieces
i weep
i weep

i long for the warmth
to ease this ache
soothe the tears
mend the break

loneliness a slow death
killing pieces of me
laid frozen and bare
though none can see

Friday, May 08, 2009

A Librarian's Prayer

Please God,

Grant me the patience to deal with customers who forget their cards
Help me to bite my tongue when I'm polite and the customer is anything but
Make me realize that getting a small person his/ her first card is far more important than having to handwrite sixty barcodes
And know that the sound of children laughing may sound like rabid hyenas after eight hours, but it's all perspective
Help me to remember to sanitize my hands approximately every thirty seconds because I don't want to know where some library cards or books have been
Give me the strength to remember I'm at work and not to take it personally
But most of all, God grant my director the wisdom to see that I need a raise to afford all the liquor I'll need this summer.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

What a couple of days!!!

I took yesterday off. Planned it about two weeks ago. Then it happened that I was asked out to lunch. It was a nice little get together. But I think I made my date nervous. *laughing*
Go figure.
I think sometimes I'm a little out there. But I don't see that changing. Ever. It is what it is. *grins*

The most excellent news?
I already received a response back from an agent about Warrior and the Sparrow! OMG!!! I opened the email, squealed (which we all know is a rarity), then couldn't calm myself to sit down at my desk. lmao
Of course, she wants a synopsis. *sigh*
So that's my pft news. But hey! I think it's a small price to pay. A really, really small price. So I'm all jacked up on endorphins and tickled shitless that a work that I absolutely love has sparked someone else's interest.
Beyond exciting.
Have a fantastic day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

90476 HELL to the YEAH!!!

I did it.
I finished Warrior and the Sparrow yesterday.
And I feel fucking fantastic.

It was a lazy day. The girls pretty much slept the entire time. MC didn't feel good. But me? I sat on my bed with my trusty laptop and finished writing a story that means so much to me.
And as soon as I finished and did a victory lap around the house, I made dinner.
Glamorous, huh?
I don't think they realize the magnitude, the little chickenlips. But I do.
So...without further ado...Warrior and the Sparrow:

A powerful warrior destined from birth for a dangerous quest.
A world ravaged by an evil presence that will stop at nothing short of complete domination.
A remarkable woman who risks everything she is or ever will be to save both.
Love it!