Thursday, May 12, 2005

Things I wonder about Nora Roberts

Does she do the dishes?
As I ponder my stack of pots and pans, I think perhaps the novelist doesn't type with dishpan hands. I could be wrong.
Does she bloghop?
Who Beta reads for her?
Does her editor weep with joy when Nora sends another manuscript in?
Does she watch her numbers or habitually check the NYT list?
Does she ever have writer's block?
Would she be interested in a slightly manic intern from Oklahoma?
Does her family know better than to disturb her while she works?
Does she write on more than one manuscript at once?
I doubt this, but I would still like to know.
Who are her favorite authors?
Does she have insomnia?
Does she dream of Roarke?
That is one delicious character. Dayum.
Do her sons read her books?
Does she like nuts in her chocolate?
What's her favorite gemstone?

To be a fly on the wall.


Suzanne said...

Have you ever listened to her conferences workshops? She is amazing!

chryscat said...

I WISH! OMG! I would literally absorb her presence into my skin. She's on my goal list. MUST MEET!!!

Michelle said...

I heard that when her kids were little she told them to only interrupt her writing if there was blood or fire involved.

When they were teenagers, they were not to interrupt her, period. After all, they were old enough to use a fire extinguisher and they could create a makeshift field dressing. :)

Silma said...

What's making you wonder so much about her? Are you planning to make your heroine someone like her? =)

Jill said...

I love to listen to her conference Q&A's, she's so funny.

username said...

As the mother of three sons, I can so relate to NR's comments.

Olga said...

I would love to listen to her at the conference! Feel too humble to meet her in person.

Olga said...

It's me again! Thank you so much for the linkie, and you're on my blog, too!

chryscat said...

I want to swim in her cranium, I swear.
Michelle: I would try that with mine, but they're constantly scraping something. Maybe I should keep the band-aids and anti-bacterial ointment on my desk. heh
I'm not interested in making a character like her. I think I would only use a "writer" as a character only in a special circumstance.
Olga! Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog immensely.