Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ass-deep in reviews

Quite the visual, eh? *laughing*

I'm such a bad parent. I'm letting TV babysit my children while I feverishly send out reviews for my first book. The sounds of the cartoon "Recess" are filtering back here.

I actually did write last night. Only about 1200 words or so. I fell short of the 2000 goal, but I DID write. Yay!
I have LISTS of review sites to sort through and apply to. And that means I have to *gasp* catalog what I have going on. I don't know where my organizational skills have wandered off to. Perhaps they're on my desk AKA the pit. Um...perhaps not.

I need to head into town tomorrow and mail some stuff. Then I need to look at business cards. Pick up some groceries for Memorial Day. Oh, and about a billion other things. Give or take.
It never fails to amaze me how I lose track of days when the chickens are out of school. And here I was, thinking it was Wednesday!

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Michelle said...

Way to go on the 1200 words!