Friday, June 30, 2006


A chance to win some goodies!
Victoria Secret's Gift Certificates!!!

To be eligible to win, simply purchase a book(s) from our all-genre General Line at or our Torrid Romance Line at during July 2006. Winners will be chosen by random drawings from customers purchasing from WCP during July 2006. All decisions are final. The VICTORIA’S SECRET Gift Certificate is redeemable at the VICTORIA’S SECRET Website. Contest begins July 1, 2006 and closes July 31, 2006. Winners will be informed via email. Winners grant Whiskey Creek Press permission to list their name, city, and state at our websites as winners of this contest. WCP never discloses customer information to any third parties.
So reward yourself with a great read from Whiskey Creek Press, and you could also be a winner of our Publisher’s Anniversary Giveaway!

And yes. The Portrait will be available for purchase. *grins* Best of luck!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Being Little Miss Mary Sunshine sucks

Yeah. You read that right. I'm foul. And I'm sick and damn tired of holding it all in. Screw that. That's why I have a blog. Isn't it? *grinning*
Fair warning. Could be rampant cussing. Blaming everyone but myself. And being foul in general.

Begin post:
I'm sick and fucking tired of everyone thinking they are the center of this universe. Selfishness is an art in my world right now. For's all about THEM. And I, trying to be supportive, have been eating shit for at least a couple of months. Sick of it. Damn sick of it.
I can only take so much before I reach the point where I begin to think that Hey! Maybe something isn't wrong with me. It's them. Huh. Go figure. And I can do supportive. But I would appreciate mutually supportive.
Yeah. Right.
I'm steering the boat alone and paddling like crazy. My sanity has taken a couple of hits. And my patience are so thin...they're see-through. That last nerve? Yep. Being tap-danced on while you read this.
Where's a nice rubber room when you need one? I wouldn't mind music being piped in. And maybe this computer. A girl can dream, can't she?

It just seems as though it's been bad news on top of bad news. And I've reached the point where I simply want to throw up my hands and say FUCK IT. Yep. Caps. Sums it up nicely.
I'd rather be lost in someone else's story than living my own.
Speaking of...if you've hung with me this far...I've finished the Christmas Candy story. I'll edit it tomorrow.
I'm off to snap the heads off animal crackers.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Losing track of days

For some unknown reason...I've thought today was Thursday. All day long. Weird, huh? Don't you just hate that?
But I've received some fairly good news. *grinning* Apparently the rumor is that the kids will start school August 16th. WOO! Yep. Mid-August. The Mama is going to make it.
Also, I've reached 6500 words on my short story. *dancing*
My personal life rather sucks, but let's gloss over that, shall we? *laughing*

One of my old friends from high school read a couple of my books and emailed me. She loved them. THAT is what thrills me. Wonderful news when I need it the most.

The Torrid Authors will be chatting this evening at Fallen Angel Reviews. You can zip by at 9 pm EST. That's 8 pm CST for us in the middle of North America. *grins*

Have a good evening.

I don't play well with others

I know lots of people have Critique Partners. Writing groups. People they check-in with on a daily/weekly basis.
I don't have that.
Do I envy it? Yep. Sure do. But part of me is also relieved. I'm scared to get somebody or a group of somebodies who don't GET me. Not my writing. Not my warped sense of humor. None of that.
I don't collaborate with anyone for the same reason. I don't know if I'm able to mesh with someone in order to finish a book. Somehow, I doubt it.
I don't have beta readers who read my works before I submit them. I don't have people in my family that give a rat's ass about what I write. And they sure don't stand in line for a chance to read it.
I understand about my Mom and the erotica thing. *laughing* I'm cutting the woman some slack. Those two just don't go together. Nevah.
And people are busy. Why would I impose my literary works on someone who doesn't want to read them? I wouldn't. I don't.
Don't get me wrong. I don't feel sorry for myself. Hell. *grinning* Who has the time?
It's just a fact.
And speaking of time...I don't have much of that, either. And I don't want to get into a writer's relationship where I can't give as good as I get. Because right now, I can't. I do good to deal with myself and the fourteen million stories running through my head.
I don't play well with others. But I'm glad for those of you who do.

Update: Up to 4000 words on the Christmas Candy Anthology story. I should write at least another couple thousand today. Finish tomorrow. Edit Friday. I think I'm going to have a title change before it's all said and done.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hope it doesn't suck

How often do we think these words as we work on our books? Or something else that interests us?
I have a fairly healthy ego. I like what I write. Love it, for the most part. But the first thing that crosses my mind when I'm done is...Hope it doesn't suck. And if that one doesn't, this one does...I hope THEY don't think it sucks.
Yep. The mysterious THEY. Maker of careers and crushers of dreams.
Writing isn't objective. It's subjective.
But that doesn't help yet another voice in my head which whispers, "Hope it doesn't suck" at regular intervals.
Writers are almost apologetic when they finish a piece. We think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. UNTIL...the days stretch into weeks stretch into months...the confidence fades and the sucky voice invades.

Some writers are afraid to even send their work out. Because the rejection hurts so damn bad. And those damn rejections are simply another reminder that someone else thinks it sucks.
Who are they to judge? Some may have liked it. Some may have not. They may have not liked your voice. Or the fact your heroine curses. Or that your hero has a dog.
But if they story is sound. And you've done your best. And your voice resonates throughout the won't suck. No matter what that damn voice says.
So silence it with ice cream or chocolate. Or the vice of its choice.
But keep writing. Even when you think every word from your head sucks. And keep sending them out.
Hope it doesn't suck. *snort* Don't we all?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Long day

I worked from nine to one today. Then we went to the big pool in town and swam until six.
I'm beat. And toasty. *grins*

My boss from work informed me that one of our coworkers would be leaving. And then she threw out the possibility that there might be a forty hour a week position open.
Threw me for a loop.

Do I WANT forty hours a week? That's a helluva lot more than ten. What will it do to my writing? The extra money would be nice. But will the writing suffer? Hmmmmmmm.
Things to think about.

Going to be working on the short story tomorrow. I wrote a little over 2000 words yesterday. All shaping up, my friends.
I haven't had any time to bloghop as I want to. *spazzing* I'll try to squeeze some in tomorrow. If you have a spot on myspace and would like to add me as a friend...I'm under Chrys7. Just so ya know.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Reminder and news

Just a reminder that this is the last week for my Honey Dust contest. Check out my June archives and find the June 11th post. All details are in there.

News from the working front:
My part-time job has a newsletter in which my July release (The Portrait) and I will be featured. It's quite a large circulation.
The local newspaper will be interviewing me soon.
What He Wants hit #1 at the Whiskey Creek Press Torrid bookstore and has remained there for over three weeks.
I sent a lovely agent a query for my first book in the Detective Series. She said...send me more. *grins*
I still have a partial out for a Fantasy Romance. *fingers crossed*

I'll be writing a 4000-8000 word short story in the next five days. Hitting it hot and heavy today.
Had an idea for another Time Travel romance. Jotted down title and ideas. But the short story takes precedence.
That's where I'll be.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I touched a shark today

Cool, huh?

The reason I skipped my blogging was because we decided to head up the turnpike to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We spent the night at a hotel last night and then drove to the aquarium.
Too much fun.

There were lots of fish exhibits. And this cool one with lots of little prego seahorses (male, in case you didn't know that little trivia fact) and a small tank behind them with itty, bitty babies. And we were able to touch starfish and all sorts of sea creatures.
There was also a hallway which we could walk through and have shark swims all around and on top of us. Home of some of the largest bullsharks. Steve Irwin (insane Aussie dude) actually went to Tulsa to swim with them.
The kids fed stingrays. And there was another little exhibit where we could touch stingrays (clipped stingers) and a bamboo shark. *grins* So yeah. I touched a shark. Toothless wonder that it was. Still cool. And the stingrays were awesome. Beautiful colors. Two different kinds. About eight of them in there. Two large. The rest medium.

So I had a great time. Couldn't sleep last night at the hotel. *sigh* Go figure. So what did I do? Well, I plot out a short story for the Christmas Candy from WCP Torrid. It's due June 30th.
Wondering if I'm going to make that. It's always good to try. Progress reports as they warrant.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Clothing optional

I don't particularly like clothes. LOATHE turtlenecks. Too constrictive.
It's apparently a trait I've passed onto baby chicken. I recall a day when she was about four, and I went to pick the kids up from daycare. I'd just gotten off work (wearing steel-toed shoes) and needed to change out of them. I dropped the kids off in the living room, changed shoes, and when I went back into the living room, baby chicken was already naked. Her clothes in a pile around her feet.
This hasn't changed much.
Or the time that I bought pale, pink jeans for my oldest chicken for preschool. They were SO pretty. And she only went a half day. But when I came to pick her up, the teacher looked at me and said, "Your daughter looks ready for a Tide commercial." Lo and behold, OC had sat in the wet sand to build things. It was the first and last time she wore those jeans. I never bought her any other jeans but dark ones. Because she's hands-on.
Middle chicken has a way with words. Who else could call meat? Or any pot roast that cooks in the crockpot...soft meat? Or a money. She's unique like that. Probably why she won the award for Most Creative writer out of the entire fifth grade this last year.
These things are inherent. It's who they are. And I've learned to embrace it, for the most part.
What about you? What traits do you have...have always had...that are as much a part of you as the air you breathe?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ode to Amy Knupp

I heart Amy Knupp. I don't lurve her. Because lurve reminds me of curve. And well, I don't curve anyone. So. *ahem* Back to my blog.

Go check Amy out at Writeminded. She's one of five wonderful women who write down their thoughts on life and writing. Good blog. Go check it out.
But that's not why I heart her.
You see, Amy has her FIRST release out from Harlequin Super Romance. Go BUY this book. Pronto. Here's the link: Unexpected Complication. And she ran contests on her website and her blog to win a copy.
I, alas, entered every one of them. Promised one of my chickens. Offered to suck up as necessary.
No go.
Didn't win a damn contest one. *sigh*
And my stupid Wal-Mart didn't carry the dang book. *depression*
But then...lo and behold...I go and check my mail. And what do I find? UNEXPECTED COMPLICATION! (buy the book)
OMG! So yes. I heart Amy. Because she's good to me.
Now click on the link and go buy the book. Now.

Instinct and intuition

I believe writers, or anyone in the creative fields, has deep reserves of instinct and intuition.

INSTINCT: a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity
behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level
INTUITION: the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

Why do we do what we do? Why do we write what we write? How do we know WHAT to write?
Instinct and intuition. The undefinable SOMETHING that speaks to us. Whether it be the voices in our heads or just the feeling that what we're working on is right. For us. At this point in time.
We need to learn to tune into this. I honestly believe that anyone can access this wonderful part of our minds. Don't doubt your true self. So what that no one else has written what you're writing. So. Damn. What.
Write what speaks to you. And it'll speak to the reader.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ten elements

Shamelessly pilfered from Nancy's blog.
Ten elements or words that are always used in association with my stories.

1. Diet drink. (This is because I'm a Diet Pepsi addict. I feel that my heroines should be, also. I've tried to make them coffee drinkers and tea drinkers sometimes. *sigh* Just so hard. *grins*)

2. I always have a secondary character (usually a female) that is entertaining in her own right to read.

3. Clever dialogue. (It's that little nip and play that makes it for me. I wouldn't even care if people DID close the doors on the sex. But let the words fly.)

4. Flowers. (I didn't even realize I did this until now. My heroines love flowers. As do I. I think I don't get enough of them so I'm overcompensating with my heroines. *nodding*)

5. Books. My characters love books. And most have a library of some sort that they're around. Whether in their home or literally AT the library. (Perfect Timing.)

6. I like to give my female characters animal slippers. (I've used cows, cats, and pigs.)

7. Grins. (Good LORD my people like to grin. Their collective asses seem to be happy a lot.)

8. Give it a twist. (I'm awfully fond of taken the given path. Until I'm not. Each one of the stories has a twist to it that readers will not expect.)

9. Eyes blaze. Voices snarl. (Enough said.)

10. My heroines are fond of dressing comfortably. (You won't see them decked out in designer duds.)

This was rather hard. I thought it would be a bit easier. I had to strain for the last two. I suppose it's because of the schizophrenic tendencies. *laughing*

Monday, June 19, 2006

Site or blog?

This lovely post courtesy of Beth's brainpower.

Website or blog?
She was wondering if readers visited both. Or one more than the other.

Here's my nickel.
I LOVE blogs. Me=certified blog slut. There you go. And I'll tell you why.
While both sites and blogs are on the computer screen as opposed to in the same room with me...blogs are more personable to me. Websites fall flat. They have no heart for the most part. I don't know that the author has struggled and been through hell while writing their latest literary manuscript. I simply see the pretty book with the lovely (or not so lovely) cover.
No fun whatsoever.

Give me details. Gory, painful, exhilirating details.
I may visit the website. Once. But usually no more than that. Blogs nowadays have room for lots of info in them. Bookcovers. Progress made. It's great!
Blogs have so much of the author's personality. While websites can convey information, they don't have the same appeal for me.
And it's not all about the books. Tell me what you like on television. Tell me made you laugh. Or cry. Tell me where you're going on vacation. (Michelle, I will be envious until I can put my own tootsies on Irish soil.) Share pieces of your day. And I'll share mine.

Because, sure, I can visit your website. Get the basics. But I'd rather have that personality fix I get from the blog.

Character Physicality

Yeah. Sex. *snickering*

Birds do it. Bees do it. And my characters do it. Depending on which story I'm writing, it could be sweet, sultry, or OMG!

Much has been written about sex scenes. Some people skip over them. Some people become engrossed in them.
But one thing is certain. They are pivotal. I don't care if you close the doors or leave them wide open.
Sex matters.

And readers' and authors' predilections are varied. NO ONE will ever write the sex scene that satisfies all. So a reader must know the author and the author must know his/her reader. If I'm partial to writing the explicit scenes (naughty C'ann. You know how she is.) then my readers know what to expect.
If I'm writing a traditional Contemporary Romance, things are less certain. What I think of as fairly tame as been called "extremely sensual."

So for everyone who reads the sex scenes...would anything (other than the obvious no-no's...Sexual deviations which I will not mention.) make you throw the book against the wall? Does a good sex scene MAKE a good book? Or do you skim through?
Should the sex scene be used like any other device? Or should there always be an emotional thread attached?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Water, water everywhere

Sure, on the ground outside. In my house? Not so much.

Because, you see, as much as we needed all that rain that filtered through here Friday evening, I didn't need the damn headache of it absolutely frying my well.
There was a lightning strike at four that morning which sizzled my retinas. I swear it must have hit the electric pole right outside the house. The result? Other than children freaking out and hauling around flashlights because our electric was off?
Yeah. Isn't that lovely?
So now I've got to call the dang well guys (at LEAST a $60 charge for a visit) and have them see what the hell happened. Nice guys. But I'd rather see them at a social event where I didn't have to pay for the pleasure of their company. *sigh*
We have a friend who will let us wash clothes, fill up jugs, etc. about ten minutes from the house. So, I'll be contacting her today and pleading for a shower and whatnot.
It was just another expense I really didn't need at this point in time. Then again, I'm not being snobbish to the well. I didn't need any expenses. *grins*

On the lighter side of the well debacle...I've already explained the fact that I'm very down-to-earth and all that. And you know, of course, I'm rather hick.
It rained yesterday also. During the day. Almost looked like a monsoon in my front yard at times. But we let the kids stay out and run amuck in it. Warm rain, mind you. They were shrieking and laughing. I sat on the warm, dry couch and snickered to my heart's content. Then I thought, what the hell, and took the shampoo out to them. They thought they'd died and gone to heaven. So yes. I had four little people in my front yard washing their hair yesterday. *laughing*

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Media meatloaf

It's that time again. Time for all primetime shows to take their summer hiatus so the stars can rest themselves to start entertaining again in the fall.
And I don't mind.

What I LOATHE, though, is when a director, producer, etc. feels the need to remix previous episodes and call it "new." Definitely one of my television pet peeves. If it says "new", then by God, it better be "new." With NO previously viewed pieces. And if you can't do that, at least be honest.

This is my lovely segue into epilogues and novellas. A rather thin one, but I'm on a roll. *grins*
I recently read where Julia Quinn is selling her epilogues. This, to me, is blatantly ridiculous. is selling a thin book for a thick price. If you're going to sell a novella, then the price should reflect that. And an epilogue belongs in the back of a book. Not with a spine of its own. *irritated*
And novellas that are being sold for way too much...CEASE AND DESIST! Let the price reflect what you're truly paying for. Don't try to take my last dime while peddling your piddly crap.
*telling it like it is* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Harsh? Perhaps. Okay. Probably. I understand there is a business side. People to pay. A business to run. But for Pete's sake! Don't run off your customers. That novella better be damn good.
And put that flippin' epilogue back in the book. Sheesh.

Friday, June 16, 2006

"Perfect Timing" Report

Well. *big sigh of relief*
My grade is in. Yours truly has received a B-. You can check it out here:
Knock yourself out.

My poor hero is too perfect. *grins* I can live with that.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


The act of having character.
What kind of characters do you enjoy?

Some of the strongest characters out there are almost over-the-top. The traits they carry are emphasized. Not only has he been hurt in a relationship...He's been emotionally scarred. Not only is the stepmother the most hideous creature in the world (borrowing a storyline from the "Undead" series), she's actually bore the devil's child. (Read it. It's freakin' hilarious.)

Do you find that authors exaggerate their characters and the traits? Is that the sign of a good author? Or should there be a little more subtlety? When you write a you make them larger-than-life? Bold and brassy? Or rather calmer? Do you flex with each book? And what do you like to read?



This is NO hoax... this is MY daughter. Many of you know me and the lists I've sent this to are the only one's I could think of. I am on my way to the sheriff's office so they can disect my computer and maybe crack her yahoo codes and see who she's been chatting with and such. MY DAUGHTER IS MISSING PLEASE FORWARD TO THIS TO ANYONE YOU CAN! OTHER LISTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY. SHE'S BEEN GONE FOR MORE THAN 12 HOURS AND SHE COULD BE IN DANGER! PLEASE PASS THIS ON! Marjorie Click on the url. Apparently Staci might be anywhere between Texas and Utah. Marjorie is on a couple of my writing loops. Please take the time to check out her picture and say a little prayer. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Belly button rings and tattoos

I'm considering having my belly button pierced. Not right this minute, of course. But a couple of more pounds down the road. I like the way they look. Now I just have to go and find jeans that don't rub up against it.
I have a couple of tattoos. *grins* For those of you who didn't expect that...surprise! Nothing large. Two small ones. One for each outer thigh. One is a butterfly. I'd like to get at least two more. Perhaps one for my back. We'll see what the future holds.
I'm no spring chicken. Hell, not much springs anymore. *laughing* But I like tattoos. Didn't get mine until I was around thirty. Don't regret them a bit. And done right (not overdone) I think they look very artistic. Body art.
And yes, I have a thing for men who have that armband tat that goes around their upper arm. No idea why that does it for me, but there you go.

I'm not going through my second childhood or teenage years. I'm simply finding new ways to express myself. And I'm having a good time doing it.

What do you think about characters with the abovementioned? Belly button rings and tattoos? Instant horror? Does the stereotype slam in there? The girl must have issues *arching eyebrow*. The guy must be some type of hell's angel. Or do you take it as it comes? Accept them for creative beings while seeing how they act and react in the story.
I'm not talking about paranormal, per se. Because usually they have all sorts of body modifications. You know...wings, claws, teeth, etc. But perhaps Contemporary. Time Travel to modern day.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Commercials are advertisements. Plain and simple. Some are entertaining. Some are a waste of your precious time.
I have a friend who WILL NOT watch a commercial on television. She becomes quite pissy when one is on. So she surfs around until her program comes back on. I'm just about as bad with radio. People start talking...I start pushing buttons.

But what about books? Isn't that supposed to be a smooth mental ride. You know. Plug in, read to your heart's content, and have a good time. The problem I have with books right now is that I loathe those inserts in the books. LOATHE THEM. Harlequin is famous for them. But I read another book the other day (different publisher) that also had them. I liken this to a pushy salesperson when I walk into a shop and know what I want. Leave me alone. I know what I want.

There is a time and place for commercials. Advertisements here and there. And in the middle of a great sex scene or emotional roller coaster is NOT that place.
And an interesting post at
Go. Check it out. It's about product placement in books. I thought quite a bit about this the other day. But the girls sum it up nicely.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

I don't fit in

I've never quite understood this.
I don't fit in.

It doesn't really bother me so much now as it fascinates me. Some people fit in. I don't fit in anywhere, so I fit in everywhere.
If I were placed in a room with several different types of people, I could socialize with them all. But I wouldn't belong to any of their groups.
This is the little luggage I carry when I think of attending writer's groups or conferences. It's what keeps me from trucking it up to the city to go to OWFI. The feeling that I'll arrive up there and look like an absolute idiot.
I'm afraid I'll show up, and they'll look at me like "What in the blue hell is your hick ass doing here?" When I could just stay at home and have my hick ass working. And not feel so out of place.
I'm not polished. At all. I say what I mean. Never in a hurtful way. But very plainspoken. I think that shocks people. If I'm in a line at Wal-Mart, I get to the register, and the cashier asks, "How are you doing?" I'll tell him/her. "Ready to go home." "Tired." "Ready to give my children away." There's always a pause. And then laughter. Because they feel the same way.
No need to say "Fine" when I'm not.
Many reviewers ask me..."What part of you is in your characters?" THIS ONE. Always this one. Plainspoken. Honest. And that not-quite-fitting-in feel. Until the characters find that someone who doesn't fit in either. But complements them. Two halves of a whole. Complete.

This doesn't help my "fitting in" issue. But I'm not so concerned about that as I am people who sacrifice pieces of themselves to find acceptance. What cost acceptance if not all of you is accepted?

Off the chat box. Onto other things.
I see I was quote happy in my post. *grins* Insert Oklahoma twang when you read that.
I'll be working on my Contemporary Erotic Romance today. And possibly Book 1 in a Paranormal series.
Also, I'm part of a chat tonight at Coffee Time Romance. I thought it was last night and found myself in the chat room by myself. Long day, people. LONG DAY. So now I have my days straight and may actually show up when everyone else does.
There are four or five of us who will be chatting about the LOVE An Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press. I've got two stories in there. One about a man and his Muse. The other about a scarred woman and her attempt to heal herself and find love. The chat is at 9 pm EST at the site. Stop by if you like.

Monday, June 12, 2006


2 : a temporary pause or decline in activity: as a : a temporary calm before or during a storm b : a temporary drop in business activity
I'm having one of these. *grins*
I love the fact y'all keep me in line. Rene talked about me using blogging as an excuse because I have a deadline. *whistling* That IS sometimes my Modus Operandi. But not this time. Which is good because I really don't know what evil emails Rene might send.
I'm done with my final corrections on The Portrait. That one will be out the beginning of July. And I'm working on another Contemporary Erotic Romance. More than halfway done. But right now, I don't have that 3000-5000 word mentality that I usually have. I have a lull.

I'm pondering what I will work on next. Should I work on two at once? Which ones? As it is, I won't have anything published between October of this year and July of next. For someone who will have ten books published for this one year (one October to the next), I'm rather freaking out about it.
On the other hand...still have yet to hear back from an agent. I realize it will take months. And my release this next July will be the first in a four book set. And the other three will release every five months after that. Plenty of time to squeeze in more novels and short stories.
And this will sound odd, but I don't know if I want to submit to other publishers or not. Yes, the release dates will play a role in it. But I'm not sure. I guess I'll see where the writing takes me.

I'll be gone all day long today. Leave in about half an hour and will be gone twelve. So I'll try and bloghop when I get home. Barring unconsciousness and whiny children.

Horoscope for the day (in honor of Tori):
Your key planet Uranus normally ensures your originality of expression, but today wordy Mercury fills you with more practical ideas. You might struggle between your need to tell everyone what you're thinking (NO news here) and your desire to accomplish something that endures longer than the passing moment. Remember even the craziest idea can be valuable if you apply it with common sense. (I KNEW there was a catch.)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I need to give away some honey dust!!!

I'm extending my contest.
So here's what I have: Five questions. Answer these lovely questions, and I'll put your name in the drawing for the Kama Sutra Honey Dust. You choose the flavor. *wriggling eyebrows*
Here's the url:

1. Tori Lennox has doctored the Hollywood sign a bit at the top of her blog. What does it read now?
2. Name the FIVE Ladies of Writeminded.
3. Give me the name of the "New Secret Book" that Danica's not supposed to be working on.
4. Ceri's blog is called "The Forest Path." What are the words right below those on her blog?
5. What state is Tess from?

Contest ends June 30, 2006 at Midnight CST. I'll ship the goodies the next day. Send ALL answers to
If I have quite a few entrants, I'll also give away a pdf of What He Wants.
Best of luck to you!

WTMF Sunday

The WTMF stands for "What Tickles My Fancy." But I can see that I could have gone in a whole other direction with that. *grins* I'll try and behave. Really.

I tried the Christina Dodd book, but I simply couldn't get into it. When I was still in the early throes of the book...and the manacled man was considering beading...I was done. So there it is.
However, I decided to blog about Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter.
I read this a couple of week ago, and it's worth buying.
It was an alien romance. There weren't a lot of technical terms and words to stumble over. The characters were great. And I was going to rate this a B. But then I hit THE TWIST. And OMG! That pulled this book right up to an A-. Because it was utterly delicious. Utterly. So check this one out. Well worth the time and effort.

I picked up Angels and Demons by Dan Brown the other day at the Friends of the Library sale. I thought HEY! I really enjoyed The DaVinci Code; I should fall all over myself for this one. Let me just say that it's exactly the same. I'm twenty pages in and expect an albino to pop out and start whipping himself. And I'm not saying the book is bad. Quite the contrary. It's very well written and humorous. And I'm curious to see how it ends. But it's so similar to's disappointing.
I really must find something that captures my attention and makes me forget I should be writing. Or maybe that's a good thing in itself.

Friday, June 09, 2006


For some unknown reason, this word is stuck in my head. I was going to blog about my day. (In short...extremely busy.) But here I am. At literati.

First, I love the word. Say it aloud. Roll it off your tongue. It's absolutely marvelous. And definition? Literarti (plural) persons interested in literature or the arts.
Wow. That would be us, huh?

What other arts interest you? I love the written word. But I also cannot live without music. (By the way...picked up the Pussycat Dolls CD. OMG! Love it! It's attitudal music. No wonder I'm partial.) I love art. I want to attend an opera. I want to see a Broadway play. I love sculptures.
In short...I like imagination I can see. Or hear. Or touch.

So. Literati. Here's my definition: Tangible Imagination.
What could be better?

Make me forget

Make me forget

When you write a story, make me forget. Make me forget about the dishes in the sink and the laundry in the dryer. Make me forget about the gas prices and the fact I need new tires. Make me forget I'm trying to lose forty pounds, and there's chocolate in the cupboards.
Make me forget my everyday life and become a part of the tale that you've woven. Make me forget that I don't have a special someone in my life. Make me forget that my special someone doesn't have the slightest clue I need to be pampered.
Make me forget the whining children and pitiful pets. Make me forget myself for just a little while and enjoy someone else's story.
Make me forget. And I'll never forget.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Contemporary with a twist

That's what I write. And for those of you who are wondering what in the hell I'm babbling about, let me explain.
I have Contemporary, Time Travel, Paranormal, and Erotic Romance out. And that's all well and good. But I hate to list them all when people ask what I write. Because most authors stick with one subgenre. And I do to. To an extent.
I write Contemporary-as far as this time period. And then I give it a twist. Whether that be Vampires, shapeshifters, time travellers, or hot sex. I'm leaning more toward the paranormal now. But I have another time travel idea. It's those damn twisty contemporaries again. *grins*

I don't see myself sticking with only one subgenre. I like to expand my ideas and incorporate all kinds of things into my stories. I have book one in a detective series done. I wrote it for a friend who doesn't particularly care for romance. I've started a fantasy.
By the way...for me, there's a fine line between Paranormal and Fantasy. I'm sure it's more clearly defined for some. And here's my take on that. Paranormal has a lot of dark creatures in it. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, etc. While Fantasy brings to mind Fairies and Pixies and whatnot. Thoughts?
And how far out do you like your characters to be? Trolls? Dwarves? Merpeople? I'm curious.
And what do you write? One subgenre? Or do you share the literary love?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pimping Bryan

Wow. Looks interesting for a book title, huh? *snickering*
I've found a lovely new blog that I think is worth talking about. And I decided to pimp Bryan right now because he blogged about something that a lot of us have happen. That damn multi-tasking muse. His Muse's name is Gabby. Now Bryan writes romance. Which, in itself, I find remarkably cool. But then when you sprinkle his lovely humor throughout his post, it's just damn entertaining.
Now let's see a show of hands--How many of us are hard at work on one piece when ALL OF A SUDDEN...WHAM! There's this brilliant idea about another piece? And the voices won't stop. And the storyline comes in fits and starts. And dialogue is running through our heads at a rate that even a schizophrenic would envy. We're writers. That motley crew of creative souls that twitch and spasm at the thought of publication and sharing our stories.
We need to write. We crave the words. And heaven help anything that gets between us and the keyboard or paper.

Malevolent mouthpiece

I didn't catch the Today show this morning. But I caught Brian Williams talking about it on Nightly News this evening. I'm not going to get into what was said, but I will say this: Ann Coulter has taken her bit of popularity and minute in the spotlight to show what a pathetic, malevolent creature she is. I don't particularly care if someone is liberal, conservative, republican, or democrat. The fact that this individual took her hideous opinions and broadcast them across the nation makes me sick. She was supposed to be pimping her conservative crap to the masses. Instead she opened her mouth and showed what an inconsiderate piece of trash she is. I usually don't do political on here. But this quite pissed me off. She needs to loosen her ponytail and tighten her lips. That would be a nice start.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BBC does it again

I don't watch much television. Or I didn't used to. And damn that BBC. They have yet another show I MUST watch.
Check this out. Hex looks awesome. Ooooooooooooooo I can't wait!
I'm not going to even try to explain it. I will just! You know you want to. *click* *click*


Alright, already!

I did receive my galley in the mail the other day for The Portrait. Now I need to go through and see if there are errors and whatnot.
This is the stage in the game where I'm rather sick and tired of my own words. That's exactly why I don't jack with my stories until they're assigned an editor. I'll self-edit one more time and then send them THAT copy. We edit together. Then I send it off to Head Editor. She goes over it. Loads it. Then I get a paperback to check out and make sure everything is copacetic.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this story. The black moment is most excellent. My characters are interesting. But for crying out loud! I KNOW how it ends! *laughing*
I'm the type of person who doesn't read a lot of books twice. Same for movies. And if I perchance do...there will be LOADS of time between such occasions. So this final editing, while necessary, drives me nuts.

I picked up The Barefoot Princess by Christina Dodd. I'm only a couple of pages in. It's okay. Hopefully I'll finish it by Sunday and give everybody the lowdown. So far, not impressed. But the book is young. Anything can happen.


Monday, June 05, 2006

What He Wants featured at The Road to Romance!

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. *grins*

Okay. I'm proud. I received an email the other day that informed me that What He Wants is one of the featured Erotic Romance books they've picked for June. The Road to Romance only picked eight books, so my buttons are popping over here.
I just received The Portrait galley in the mail, so I'll be going through that and seeing if there are any errors and whatnot. One busy evening.
Another note from the absentminded. I've just been offered a contract for another short Paranormal Erotic story, "A Warmer than Usual Autumn." It'll be out in the Fall Fires Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. The release date is October 2006. Yay!

Change of plans

I was off work today, but the boss called and asked if I could come in. I, of course, would be delighted. But that doesn't leave much time to conduct a chat on a loop, write, and bloghop. Dang it!
So this will be rather like a drive-by posting.
In rapid-fire style:

I think my ARC of The Portrait is in the mail. I'll pick it up from the post office on the way home from work.
I'm starting a low-carb lifestyle. God help me. I LOVE pasta.
We're in the process of putting our pool up. The chickens are little lobsterettes.
I go back and forth between my Paranormal Erotic and my strictly Paranormal Romance. A couple of thousand words a piece on each per day.
Thanks for everyone who dropped by RTB and left a comment there or here for me! Too much fun.
Still waiting for uber prego kitty to birth my grandkitties. Youngest chicken dreamt she had ten.
Be back later. Perhaps to leave a post that makes a bit more sense. But no promises!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm at Romancing the Blog today!!!

I zip over to Romancing the Blog...and I'm there. *blinking*

For those of you who read my Seven Heavenly Virtues of over to RTB and look at my Seven Deadly Sins of Writing.


"What Tickles My Fancy" Sunday

Don't run away in horror. This isn't, ahem, quite what you're thinking. I'm sure. *grins*

Instead of piddling around in my email and pondering life in general, I need to be pursuing my writing. MAKING myself pursue my writing. So from now until I become sick of it, Sunday will be a post about what books I've enjoyed reading the past week or so.
Then I won't feel so damn guilty on Monday. It's a win-win situation. hehehe

"Undead" and entertaining.
Mary Janice Davidson is my new hero. I read two of her "Undead" books the day before yesterday. Yes, both in one day. (I'm a fast reader.) And I can honestly say they're going on my keeper shelf.
What makes these books so good? The characters.
Betsy, aka Queen of the Undead, is pure snark in vampire form. She doesn't really want the job she finds herself stuck in. You know, ruling the Undead and all. She would rather be shoe shopping. Let me tell you...the chick knows her shoes.
But the pesky vampires won't leave her alone. They're so NEEDY. *snickering* So *sigh* she must go forth and figure out what's wrong.
My only complaint in the first book I read from her would be that I knew who the villain was the second time MJ introduced him/her. It diminished the story but only slightly.
The second book dealt with the small fact that her half-sister was the devil's daughter. Oh, and she was going to take over the world.

What really made me enjoy these books was Betsy's interaction with everyone. She didn't mince words. She didn't feel the need to diminish who she was. This character was fallible with a capital "F". And those flaws had me laughing in commiseration and cheering her on.

My grade? B+ for "Undead and Unemployed." A for "Undead and Unappreciated."

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Can't say I didn't try

There are various and sundry methodologies of bookwriting. About a year and a half ago, I tried putting my story in block form. That's right. I PLOTTED out the entire book. Anybody need a medic? *laughing*

Then I pulled back away from that one and just wrote what came to me. But lately, I've been thinking about the forgotten manuscript. Here, I had an entire story to work with. And it's a SERIES! Wasn't that grand?
Um...not really.
Because I started writing. And even as I looked at the blocks and where the story was going, it took a turn. Okay, not a turn. More like a completely different direction. So many ideas have come to me since starting it that I'm only going to use my blocks for the broadest of outlines. I've got the same characters, but WHOO! They've seriously changed most of my story. See how they do me?
So I've decided to let things run their course. Because it's an entirely different story now.
I tried the other way. But I've learned to let the story come instead of forcing it.
My people are happy. I'm happy.
Now. If that dang shapeshifter would quit trying to take things over.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh baby! Speak to me.

I'll freely admit it. I LOVE an accent. Whether it be Aussie, Italian, Russian, or Irish. Or even in the U.S.--Northeastern, Southern, or Western.

What IS it about an accent? Having a man whisper sweet nothings in your a soft, Irish accent? *fanning self* Makes my blood heat, quite honestly.
Anyone having flashbacks of Jamie Lee Curtis in "A Fish Called Wanda"? *snickering*
Yeah. I'm easy like that.

Accents in a book are a little harder to pull off. Authors can make mention of the accent at the beginning. Soft Scottish burr. Or the lilt of the Irish highlands. A clipped British tone. And the reader automatically substitutes (in his/her head) what they believe the character's voice sounds like.
Or they can sprinkle bits of their native tongue throughout the dialogue. And this, done correctly, can really add something to the narrative. But too much can make a reader stumble over the foreign words and pronounciation. I can't STAND that. It takes me out of the story to have to struggle with a handful of words.
Frustration is not conducive to the good feelings I hope to inspire by reading romance. hehehe

What do you think? Accent? No accent? And if you adore the accent like I do...which one?

Internal dialogue: Friend or foe?

I recently read a good book that had quite a bit of internal dialogue in there. It was okay at first, but then I started to become annoyed by the whole thing. The heroine told me how she felt about everything. From the hero's physique to her family's troubled past. I like insight. But I felt overwhelmed by this heroine's thoughts.

I don't use internal dialogue very much. I don't know if that's good or bad. Hell, it's probably both.
I tend to write what fits with my story. My heroine's don't sit there and analyze themselves and their emotions. They act. If they DO use internal dialogue...something major has happened. And they're trying to sort out the issues in their heads. Same as I do. Um...mostly.

And then I became aware that it's also a way to add words to the story. But at what cost? I tend to be done at no more than 78,000 words. At most. I will never write a 100,000 word story. For those of you who can, I tip my hat. If I used internal dialogue...the word count would rise. But I'm not willing to wield this device as a cure-all for that.
Sure, I'll tell a little. A reader doesn't like to be left in the dark. But mostly, I'll show. Because living through a character's eyes is a great way to be invested in the story.

How much do you use? How much do you like? What are your parameters for this? And readers, does it annoy or attract you?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What He Wants

It's here!

It's available NOW from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. What He Wants...under my pen name, C'ann Inman. It's an Erotic Paranormal Romance.
Here's a snippet of a review from The Romance Studio which rated it 4 1/2 hearts!

This book is awesome and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Sheridan is the ultimate alpha male and in complete control. His sensual attitude will have reader's running for the ice and turning on the fans. The love scenes are very intense and passionate between this couple and the sparks are non-stop. The plot is full of twists and turns and keeps you guessing where it will all lead. C'ann Inman has penned a wonderful book full of romance and adventure. ANGEL--TRS

And now the contest, my lovelies...Email me at chryswriter at aol dot com with the name of Sheridan's parents (only found in the book)...and I'll enter you into a drawing for some honey dust from the Kama Sutra store. Here's the url for the description:
Winner gets his/her choice of flavors. The contest ends June 15th. The prize will be shipped the next day.

Best of luck! Any questions...feel free to email me!