Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another fine mess

I've done it again. How? I have no idea. Just gifted, I guess.
Tomorrow, I will be going to the chickens' school during band. I will then attempt to help all the lovely, little clarinet players out. I've also been asked to come in at least once next week.
Yep. You got it.
I'm a band nerd from way back. LOVE band. And now my oldest chicken is playing the same instrument that I did for years. The band director told me that their tone (all the clarinet players) needs improvement. Then she asked if I could come and give them pointers. *laughing* And I jumped at it.
Obviously, I have no better sense.
Part of me is excited. And part of me is scared I'm going to flub up. But this is their first year of band, and I had six years of it. I made honor bands. I sat fairly high up in the clarinet hierarchy. So why am I so stressed?
Performance anxiety.
It's different when you're sitting in a group of three or more. You blend. Sounds mesh together. But I'll have no one to blend with. It'll be the simple, stark sound of one clarinet.
I'll let everyone know how it shakes out.

And...a question for y'all. Where can I find a reliable listing of romance fiction contests? I'm thinking about subbing to a couple to get my work in front of a larger print editor. Any comments will be highly appreciated.

Monday, February 27, 2006

And the translation would be...

I'm reading an old Sil. Desire right now. I'd say late nineties. (On a sidenote: It's not very good. The heroine is too wishy-washy. The hero's not too bad.) And I've come across something that triggered one of my pet peeves.
I'm a fairly well-read individual. And I don't mind bipping along in the literary world and finding words that I don't know. That's what a dictionary and thesaurus are for. And I'm not afraid to use them.
But this author uses this word at least half a dozen times. And for those of us who didn't or don't know what it means...the thesaurus says "carefree."
All right. Carefree. I can get into that. But when an author repeatedly beats me over the head with a word that simply sticks out like a sore thumb because they raided the thesaurus and GOD FORBID they use the simpler term...I become ticked.
I like broadening my literary horizons. It helps me with the writing and whatnot. But having to look up words that really don't even BELONG in a work, well that's just a waste of time and energy. And it really works out to me not buying another book from that author. Period.
Because an author who does this breaks one of the golden rules: Thou shalt not interrupt the flow of the story.
Let the smiting begin.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

What do you think?

From AOL News this morning:
Envy Confessions from Moms.
What's the main thing you envy about another mom?
32% Her organized life
29% Her looks
20% Her house
11% The way her kids behave
8% Her husband

I know a lot of y'all are Moms. Most of the blogs I visit are from ladies who are Moms. I'm a Mom. And we often weave our writing, our everyday lives, and our children through our blogs. So here's my question: How accurate do you think this is?
I'll admit to having a twinge on envying a Mom's house and looks. That's it. NO ONE has that organized of a life. And if they do, then there are major problems underneath. That's my opinion. I don't envy another Mom's kids behavior, because quite honestly, I think my chickens are very well-behaved. I've had compliments before about the way they act outside the house. And good God, they're not perfect! But they're children. And at least they have personality. *grins*
I don't envy another woman her husband. Ever. The grass may LOOK greener. But then again, it may be over the septic tank, too. Ya know what I mean. And if a woman is truly happy with her husband, why would I envy that? I love it. For her. NOT for myself.
But a Mom's looks? Oh hell yes. I have always wanted to look like one of those women who can roll out of bed and look good just by running a brush through her hair and pulling on jeans. And I know a few of these women. I would say it has to be genetics, but I'd be lying. My Mom is in her fifties and looks great. I look completely like two different people. I can look raggedy as all hell (catch me in the middle of a writing frenzy) or half-assed decent (going out or having to attend a school function for the chickens). Amazing that.
I also have envied, at times, another Mom's house.
When I say that mine is in need of repair, I'd be glossing over a bunch of facts I don't care to share. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done here.
But all in all I wouldn't trade it. The surface may look better for other Moms. The side you gaze at may be polished. But there are things we can't see. Problems we aren't privy to. So I'll take my flawed life as it is and be happy.
But damn! I'd still like to look good with a little less effort. LMAO

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It never fails

Last night, after I got the van back, I needed to go to Wal-Mart and pick a few, basic things for this weekend. Milk, bread, cheese.
So I'm thinking that I'm just going to hurry up, bip in, and bip out. Uh huh.
All the girls want to go. And we're a raggedy looking group. It's late. They're called night clothes.
I had on blue sweats, black tank, and red flannel. This ensemble was set off beautifully by my blue shiny flip-flops and pink and white socks. My hair was brushed, for the most part. No make-up. None. No powder. Lipstick. Hell, no chapstick.
As soon as we pull into the parking lot, I swear, there were at least a dozen people from the kids' school.
I just shook my head. Because, you know, it never fails. Fortunately for me, I don't really care much, either. *laughing*
I handled my business, and we left.
I could have had my hair done, make-up on, and been dressed up. I wouldn't have seen a soul. Go figure.

I'm working on my Erotic Romance today. But it's rather stop and go. I have a lot of things on my mind. And I'm sorting while I'm writing. Maybe I'll do some reading tomorrow. Right now, I'm rather antsy. Maybe that'll settle in the next couple of days.
Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2006


I don't have major plans or anything. But I'm simply glad it's Friday. I don't do mornings, and I RELISH the days that I can sleep in past six something.

Baby chicken is doing fine with the homeschool stuff so far. *grinning* It is, after all, only the first day. But she has done three math worksheets, six English worksheets, and written three paragraphs on two different television shows. Next week, I'll have a lesson plan made up. I think I'll do that Sunday.

I'm working on my short story submission for WCP Torrid Fall Fires. It's coming along, but I think I may zip over and work some more on my Erotic Romance. And I believe I'll take some time for myself this weekend and just read.

OH! Almost forgot! I can't remember if I blogged about this or not. But I read Cell, by Stephen King the other day. It reminded in parts of Dreamcatcher. But I found myself, for the first time, studying his words and not just reading them. Fascinating. Utterly fascinating. I feel as if I can pull out the pieces of Stephen King in his dialogue. There's something about the lilt of certain words and how they're used.
In the back of the book, there's a handwritten first chapter of his next book to be released 10-06. The title is Lisey's Story.
And I'm going to sound like a goober, but oh well. There is something about reading his work written in his own hand. He makes his a's different. The a's that make me think of penguins. Does that make sense? LOL They look just like I typed them on here. And his asides. And his underlines. It's as close as I'll ever be to seeing his work in progress, I'm sure. But what insight.

I don't handwrite my work often. Just usually notes and whatnot. I tend to type from thought to fingers. How do you do it?

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Now that I've vented, I feel loads better.

I'm working on my Erotic Romance and starting my submission for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid's Fall Anthology, Fall Fires. The story is in my head, and I should be able to bang it out in probably four or five days, depending on what else I work on.
I tried to cut the rest of my script for Virtually Yours. Oh geez! It's hard. I don't know if I cut everything I should, but I know the script guy will let me know.

And I read something which I absolutely loved! Lora Leigh's Nauti Buoy was picked up by um...Berkley, I think? They bought out her contract and contracted the sequels. Isn't that awesome? I don't even know the woman, but I'm happy for her. Just goes to show that the good stuff, no matter the publisher, stands a chance. I love that.

Well, I'm off. Must work on the anthology piece.

Unprincipled Principal

Yep. Big warning. This is a VENT. A RANT. And generally, a bitch session.

I'm sure some of you know how fed up I am with the school situation. Well, after the principal took my child in and verbally attacked her, I decided to homeschool baby chicken.
Went and talked, and I use the term "talked" lightly, to the principal. And do you know what the unethical liar did? Tried to tell me that it was all my baby's fault. She's been "empowered."

Okay. First. So what? Aren't children supposed to be empowered? And second...the witch of a woman who speaks out of both sides of her mouth proceeds to tell me that Cara's problems are all of her own making. Nevermind the piss poor decisions this individual made. No. Nevermind that. And nevermind the fact that I have REPEATEDLY talked to this principal about what a clusterf*ck the schedule is and how it affects the children.

So I proceeded to let the principal know that the problem stemmed from her. Period. And no matter how hard she wanted to put the blame on someone else, it rested solely on her. And then I yanked my baby out. And I feel 100% better.
This stupid individual has lost a gifted and talented child. Because she is a poor decision maker and a liar. Period. I hope this realization slaps her in the face fairly soon. And I'd love to be a damn fly on the wall when it does.
But you know people like this...denial. And lots of it.
But nevermind. Baby chicken is home with me. And let the learning commence.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Feeling good

I'm still writing, mind you, but as for now I've typed 6500 words today. Isn't that awesome? I knew I wanted to work on my Erotic Romance. And it has simply seemed to flow through me today. I can't believe it. I'm usually happy with half that. But the words kept coming and coming. And who am I to deny them?
My emails seemed to be slower today than usual, so I wasn't constantly checking to see what was happening there.

I think I'm about to wind it down for the day. My wee, little brain is tired. And I'm at a good stopping point.
Hope your Monday was a good one. The chickens were home today because our roads were so damn hazardous. Hopefully their heinies will be schoolbound tomorrow.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Mr. Chance seems to be working out. He hasn't messed with the cats at all. But birds? OH MY! He goes crazy. There must be no winged individuals on the property. Go figure. I think it's the Black Lab in him. He's a pretty boy. May have to take a picture and post it.
I tested him earlier. He knows how to sit. *blinking* I'm in shock. And he will gently take food from our hands. Isn't that something? But...God forbid...do NOT turn your back on him because he will tackle you from behind. And he's a big boy.

I tried to get into cutting the rest of the words out of my script for Virtually Yours. Good grief! It's rather hard. I'm hoping to tackle it again tomorrow. ACK! Who knew?

I've got an interview up at Romance Junkies. Here's the url: http://www.romancejunkies.com/artman/publish/article_5511.shtml
Yeah, I should have changed that to a tiny url. *grinning* Sorry 'bout that. If you've got the inclination...check it out.

I think I'm going to work on the script for Virtually Yours again tomorrow and hopefully finish the cuts. And I WANT to work on my next erotic romance. So I think I'll make that a priority tomorrow. I'm antsy to see if my publisher will want the book I just sent to her. Patient, I'm not. *laughing* But working on something else will help me.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ayuh, I'm 34

Well. It's here. I'm officially a year older. Thirty-four to be exact.
I didn't do much today.
But I did go out last night. Drank VERY tall drinks with lots of alcohol, and shook my groove thang at a rate that would have driven my children to therapy. In other words...lots of fun.

Today we drove to pick up the kids from my Mom's. And, of course, last night all Winter broke loose here. I kid you not. Mother Nature obviously saw me heading for a good time and decided to call in the reserves.
Oklahoma was hit hard. And it's still being hit. It's a balmy 14 degrees here right now. And on and off with the sleet and snow. UGH. Keep in mind I was wearing shorts about four days ago.
So...drove to pick up the kids...and lo and behold...there's a dog that someone dropped off there. He's a black lab/pit mix that's under a year old. Mom already has a dog, but she didn't know what to do with the boy.
Our dog, Star, wandered off. I say wandered off because we didn't find her in a ditch, and she wouldn't leave us for the blazing hell of it. Either coyotes got her, or she got lost. But she never came back. So we were sans dog.
And the kids were heartbroken.
In short order, we've decided to give black lab boy-Chance-just that. A chance. If he behaves, then he can stay. If he messes up our feline utopia, he goes.
The kids are ecstatic. And this dog is BIG and still a pup. So we've settled him here at the house, and I'm hoping it works out.

And something that I wasn't going to blog about, but I can't seem to get it off my mind.
On the way to the club, there were at LEAST a dozen accidents. We hit a particularly bad one on the I-40 and I-35 split. We were in the line for at least half an hour. And it was only about a mile.
And when we got up closer, there were lots of police, firefighters, and ambulances. And then we passed a little car. A compact. It was a light color. Maybe white. Or silver. It was pushed up against the side of the barrier, facing the wrong direction.
I wasn't driving, but I looked over and thought I could see a head slumped over the steering wheel. I was puzzled why there wasn't a police or fire person helping out. And I mentioned that to my friend. I thought the airbag has simply deployed, and the person was unconscious.
She turned to me and said, "There was a towel over the person's head."
And then it hit me. Somebody lost their life that night. And this overwhelming sadness gripped me.
It was a reminder. Just a reminder. That life is precious. And I was thankful for my thirty-four years, even as I was praying for this person's family.
Nothing is guaranteed. Not tomorrow. Not your next birthday. Not the next hour.
Don't live for your regrets. Don't tell yourself that you'll do it tomorrow.
Just live.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The nut doesn't fall far from the tree

Today I spent the day with my Mother. We always do lunch near my birthday. We decide to go down to Sulphur and check it out.
Sulphur has these huge parks, spring fed lakes, and massive hiking trails. Bear that in mind.

So we bip down there. It's a bit of a drive. Then we go to the Nature Conservation Center. You take that and start down the trail. We do.
Mom is wearing sandals. I have flip-flops. Off we go.
We come to a fork. Two options. To the right and on the concrete. To the left and up a rock trail.
Mom and I are invincible. Up the rock trail.
And up.
And up.
And oh God help me...up some more.
We are literally standing in a cluster of cedar trees where I don't think even the deer roam. And we continue to walk.
Mom: I don't see anything familiar.
Me: We can keep going. I'm sure we'll end up somewhere. *Being a tad bit of a smartass*
Mom: Okay. Let's go.
And so we walk on.
We come around another bend, going uphill, when Mom spots the top of a hill about thirty feet away. There's a line of trees. And now I'm informed that maybe that's the top of the hill with a panoramic view, and we can check that out. Suuuuuuuuuuuuure.
Between us and the top of the trees are brambles, thorns, and cactus. Not to mention low-lying branches.
Did I mention the thorn bushes?
Mom looks at me: Think we can make it?
Me: No problem.
Mom: You going first?
Me: Oh yeah. Just follow me. *my IQ has dropped lower than my shoe size when my pride is involved.*
And so I begin cutting left, right, forward. Right, duck, left.
It takes us fifteen minutes to walk thirty feet. But we made it. And what do we see?
More trees.
We somehow make it back to trail without being too jacked up. And off we go again. Eventually, we end up back where we started.
We're out of breath. And we're laughing. Oh yes. We're a brilliant duo. If one of us doesn't think of it, the other will. My girls don't stand a chance.
We did about five miles. One of which I'm certain was trying to get to the top of that damn tree line.
But it was a great day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good news!

I've been hit and miss with my emails lately. I've tried to answer what I can and then file the rest. But I finally opened one that talked about the CAPA and PSYCHE awards at The Romance Studio.
So I decided to go and check it all out. And what should I find? ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm nominated under Paranormal Romance for Perfect Timing. OMG!
What a rush.
So please send good thoughts. And if you're nominated in the same category...best of luck to you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My chat last night went well though there weren't many people there. I think the whole time issue had a lot to do with it. I have the damndest time trying to remember whether I'm adding or subtracting an hour or two. *sigh*
I have another one at the end of the month. I'll see if I can get it together a little better.

I've just signed a contract for an erotic short story due out July 2006. It's called "School's Out", and it will be in the Summer Sizzlers Anthology for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. I need to get my rear in gear and write a short for the Fall Fires Anthology. I'm leaning towards paranormal this time.
I've also signed a contract for another short story. This one will go in the HATE Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press. The title is "What Goes Around." And it's a rather delicious turn of events. *grins*

I had this idea...*laughing*
It's an Erotic Contemporary Romance. And the title came to me last night. No pun intended. *laughing* Now I'm torn about which direction to go now. Maybe something to sleep on.

And my addiction? Spyro: A Dragon's Tale. OMG. I'm not much for playing video games. Translation: I avoid them like the plague. In fact, I don't remember playing any since Pac-Man. Yeah. You heard me. Pac-Man. Anyway...picked this up for the chickens...and I'm hooked. And now I'm stuck in this one part that I can't get out of. And so I'll be looking for "guides" this evening. Um...ya know. Cheats. hehehe
Wish me luck!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ain't too proud to beg

Yep. That's me.

I'm chatting tonight at The Romance Studio http://theromancestudio.com/ at 9:00 pm EST. This translates into 8:00 pm my time. I think it's about 6:00 pm for the West Coast.
If you're not doing anything and have the inclination, I would LOVE to have the company. It's my first solo chat, and I'm a tad bit freaked out. Just a tad. *snorting*

I'll be giving away dowloads of Virtually Yours and Perfect Timing. Depending on the turnout, I'll probably give away downloads of LOVE An Anthology and Winter Wishes. That last one is NAUGHTY. *grins*

And even if you don't drop by, enjoy the rest of your evening.


I borrowed this from Tess http://tshjourney.blogspot.com/
And now you're up-to-date.

current clothing: Blue, shiny flip-flops. Black tank top. Black pants.
current hair: Chestnut, shoulder length, straight ('cause I IRONED it)
current mood: PFFFTTTTTT
current refreshment: Diet Pepsi. Are you kidding? LOL
current annoyance: My tooth is killing me. My children are annoying me. And I can't get a grip on the very beginning of my latest work. I'm stressed about my first solo chat tonight. And I have to go BACK into town to pick up my friend from work at seven. ACK!
current avoidance: The current work in progress. Oh, and cooking. And making my bed. And doing dishes. And...pretty much everything.
current smell: Roses. I just bought a dozen red and a dozen white. Pretty. *grins*
current thing you ought to be doing: Working on my chat tonight. WRITING.
current thing or things on your wall: A whole lotta nothing.
current IM/person you're talking to: Gee. I don't much care for IMing. Every once in awhile. And I'm always talking to myself, if that helps.
current jewelry: Both my rings are sitting in the cleaning solution right now. I'm thinking of getting one of those earrings higher up in my ear. I've heard that rather smarts, though. Thoughts?
current book: I'm kind of reading Nora Robert's Flower Trilogy. But I'm waiting on my copy of Cell by Stephen King.
current worry: Not enough white space in here to take care of that. Let's just say financial and sanity. That about covers it.
current favorite celebrity: I really like Hugh Laurie. And I really dislike all these little flaky twits such as Jessica Simpson and Brittany Spears. Erk.
current obsession: How to make everything come together smoothly. Oh...and how the hell to get this latest manuscript started.
current love: That person has highly irritated me right now. Will rent this space out. LOL
current longing: More time, less children interruptus, and a finished manuscript or three.
current disappointment: SEE: Current LOVE
current lyric in your head: Okay. Either Pump It by the Black-eyed Peas, Dont'cha by the PussyCat Dolls, or Honty Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins.
current music: Usually I'll roll my media player with Reba. But it's silent right now.
current favorite book: Always my own. Even when I'm pulling out my hair.
current favorite movie: This is difficult. I can't think of anything that floats my boat right now. I rarely see movies anyway. But I AM looking forward to Pirates of the Carribean 2.
current wish: For a little sanity and a little "me" time
current happy thing: A day to myself in the near future.
current undergarments: White, satiny things.
current desktop picture: My AOL expressions is a mass of red hearts. My desktop is blue water with a tiny island and three palm trees.
current plans for tonight/weekend: I've booked my mother to babysit the heathens Friday night. At which point in time, I will put TOO much make-up on, drink too much, and generally tear it up. My birthday is Saturday, and by God, I'm going to bring it in right. LMAO
So what are you currently doing?

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Definition--strange and uncivilized

That would sum up my children to a "T".
Something is happening here that I don't quite care for. All the chickens think that misbehaving is the way to be.
I'm serious.
I got THREE pink slips for the kids Friday afternoon. Misbehaving on the bus. Granted, the bus driver IS a witch. But still. It's ridiculous. And now I have the pleasure of getting up at five o'clock tomorrow to take my friend to work. (I usually just let her use the van) Then I get to take the chickens because they're not allowed to ride tomorrow. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And my oldest chicken is STILL failing Health.
To say I've been in a sour mood this past weekend would be putting it mildly.
So no TV. NO dance. So on and so forth.
Normality. How I miss it.

Professionally...I've started another book. Of course. *laughing*
It's the insanity that keeps me sane around here. Trust me on this. I was picking out names yesterday. FUN! I absolutely love that. And I'm still toying with the hero/heroine names. Still cementing a couple of plot points. I have parts of the middle and ending down.
Now I just have to write the story.

Friday, February 10, 2006

They're getting younger all the time

Some brilliant individual from down the road (in the next city. The rest of the boonies are towns out here) decided to hold a Valentine's Dance. And ALL the little townships nearby are invited.
First: The two older children are grounded. Bad grades just aren't conducive to their rear ends going to an extracurricular function.

But my middle and youngest chicken? Oh yeah! They're all excited about it. They are in FOURTH and FIFTH grade. The dance is for grades 4-8. Now, let me tell you, there is one hell of a lot of difference between a fourth grader and an eighth grader. Am I the only one who sees this?
The fifth grader asked this little boy, but she doesn't know if he's going with someone else or not. And my baby...MY BABY...has a date.
When I looked over at her and said..."No kissy. No touchy. No nothing." She looked at me, grinned, and said..."Mom. It's not a (insert visual of girl chicken using fingers to make "quote" marks) CRUSH date."
Oh. My. God.

The dance is being put on by the Firefighters Association from the city. There will be chaperones. Concession. All that good stuff. But if I decide to let my children go...there will be one more thing. ME.
Oh yes. The Mama. And if that's not copacetic....too damn bad.
I'm still undecided. I really hadn't planned on spending my Saturday evening watching young people huddle up in groups beginning the adolescent ritual of flirting and whatnot.
A dance.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just a little nip/tuck

And no. For once I'm not talking about the show. *sigh* Julian McMahon.
What was I saying?

Oh yes. Nipping and tucking here. Since I've finished my first manuscript for the year, I'm concentrating on editing my script for Virtually Yours. I read through it once. Then I started going through and cutting out the superfluous stuff. This is so humorous.
I used to struggle with description and adding words. Now I'm sitting here and cutting approximately 70 pages. Superfluous indeed.
But it's fascinating.
Some scenes are pertinent to the story but don't move it along quite like others. And then having to go back through and snip, snip, snip is an eye-opener. I've cut a lot of introductory scenes. Scenes that ramble on with a little more background than needed. But seventy pages? WOW
Then again, once I started snipping, the rest came a little easier. Now hopefully I won't cut off a limb or something else that this story needs to keep. *fingers crossed*
Wish me well.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Horoscopal Truisms

I love making up words. *laughing*

Anyway...I was inspired by Tori.
My horoscope for the day:

Chrys, It's time for you highly-strung Aquarians to slow down in order to gain a deeper understanding of your own self-worth. Sometimes you are so caught up in the moment that you forget how much intelligence you can bring to a situation. Your thoughts are becoming more diffused, and this can stir up anxiety for you. Don't worry; the clarity will return soon enough. In the meantime, let your dreams be your guide.

Highly-strung? Who? Me? *blinking*
Have anxiety? Who? Me?

*looking around*
Sometimes these horoscope things are a tad bit spooky.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I breathe in, I breathe out

I did it.

I finished Fire Goddess and sent it off.

You know, I sometimes don't realize how much writing means to me. Nor how quickly I zip through some of it.
November 7, 2005, I had 30,000 words. I finished today at 67,900 words. And I hardly worked at all the first two weeks of December or January.
Makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I put my mind to it. LMAO

I was so stressed out about not having submitted anything this year. And then I began to think about what I've done. What I have coming out. And what I want to accomplish.
Heady stuff, that.

Two anthologies in January.
Time Travel Romance in February.
Anthology in April
Erotic Paranormal Romance in June.
Paranormal Romance in July.
Anthology in August.

Not bad for someone who was about to hyperventilate about a week and a half ago.
But I still want to finish three more novels this year, find an agent, and write at least four short stories.
I also got my script back and need to cut some pages out of it. I'm tackling that Thursday.
I'm not sure what I want to get into next. Probably my HQN submission. That and possibly the sequel to Virtually Yours.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

In my head

Here's what's rattling around right now:

If it was easy...everyone would do it.
I'm going to make it. (My self-imposed deadline)

Any other thoughts are promptly discarded for the two above.
Not sure when I'll blog again. I think I may have to wait a couple of days for my brain cells to regenerate. Then again, one never knows around here.
Also...received my script back and need to cut approximately 60-70 pages. That will, of course, wait. LMAO

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well then.

Something died this morning.
My damn monitor.

Let's talk for a minute on what the odds of that happening are. It's less than a year old. I have a book to edit and another to finish. Rather difficult when I don't have a damn monitor in which to see what the hell I'm doing.

So I pulled my old one over here. (A little note...I'm technologically inept.) And I switched the new monitor with the old one (Circa 1980).
Is everyone getting the pretty picture?
Two inches on the left side are utterly skewed and screwed. It has this whole hourglass thing going on.
And yet I persevere. Because I'm bound and determined to finish what I've started. Dammit.
I mean, really.
Sanity is a small price to pay. Right? Right?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Font Face

There are many times when we blog, that we hide what we're truly feeling so as to be witty or succinct or whatever. It's so easy to let our font roll around in all its prettiness while hiding our whiny, bitchy, hateful, crass (well...you get the picture) selves.
I refuse today.

I am damn dog tired. Tired, I said. I'd yell, but I don't want to put forth the effort. I'm so tired that I don't want to be in my own skin. I'm so tired my little eyeballs are red, hot pokers in my face. Yes. I'm that flippin' tired.

Do I still have to finish my book in *looking at calendar and wincing* 6 days? Well, hell yes. And I will.
But for now, I'm simply going to slide my arse back into bed and get some rest.


Insult of the day

One of my good friends bought me "An Insult A Day" calendar. It's a little cube that sits on my desk that entertains me every morning when I rip another day off.
And today is a gem, folks.

"They say that the new digitally animated star of Final Fantasy, Aki Ross, has eyes that give the eerie illusion of intelligence--not unlike those of George W. Bush." Joan Rivers

I'll be chuckling about this one all day long.