Saturday, April 30, 2005


I'm working on the erotica right now. Of course, the kids are walking in and out of the room. Maximize screen. Minimize screen.
He was putting his hands...where? Wait! His mouth? She was doing what? Hold on. I had her sighing? Moaning? Groaning? Screaming?
Who can remember?
And then I'll go back and reread. All right.
Another chicken comes in. I play the "minimize, maximize" game again. Grrrrrrr
How are these people ever going to play when there are chickens in the house?
Good news: I've written over 2,000 words today. Yay me!
How? I'll never know.
Oh yes...she was writhing. hehehe

Mouse in the house

I wish I were kidding about this one. attack cat/psycho kitty/studmuffin caught a mouse in the house. I used the catch and release program. I am NOT scrubbing mousie stuffs off my carpet. You know to which I refer.

And now...she is insane. I don't say this with the blase, ha ha voice. I'm perfectly serious. She has blown OVER the kitty insanity door.
Pumpkin is racing around, tail fizzed up, CRAZY all over the house. This, I suppose, is entertainment in itself.

So. She's probably mad at me--a distinct possibility. She has an appointment to be fixed in a couple of weeks. She spent the last week torturing us with the meowls of "do me." NOT condusive to sleep. She probably thinks I'm a horrible mother. No sex. No mouse. How bad can it possibly get?
Right now she's avoiding eye contact. Skulking around. And she wonders why I put her in the second book as the anti-social kitty.

On another note...Romancing the Blog is down! I am in a small panic! I must comment. It's a GREAT subject. BLOGS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*breathing deeply*
It'll be okay. Really.

I'm going to play around with my erotica today. I feel the need to dwell in that world for awhile. Bet they don't have any mice.

Friday, April 29, 2005


I have the utmost respect for trade pubbed authors. I do. I know how hard it is. Don't think I don't. I would NEVER knock them. EVER.
Do NOT rain on my parade and call POD publishing "easy."
Right now, I'm trying very hard not to rip into another author before I calm down. Look ma! Restraint! I'm showing some.

While reading Alison Kent's blog, I found a link to Holly Lisle's. Apparently if her newest book does not take off a rapid rate of speed with high presales--she will not be given another contract. I feel bad for her. This is her life. She's a writer. It's who she is and what she does.
But then, while bloghopping (I don't know how many times), I found a blog which claimed POD was "easy." That was the "easy" way out.
"Hide the children, Martha! She's gonna blow!"
Oh yes.
She's gonna blow.
I received two contracts for e-books. I am tickled shitless. I opted for POD because I want to feel my book in my hand. I want to lift the book up to my nose and smell the pages. It's a sickness, but I digress.
Am I any less proud of these efforts than I will be when offered a contract? Hell no! Are you kidding?
They are my children! No matter who the publisher. In fact...when I do get a contract with another publisher, I will continue to submit to Whiskey Creek Press.

I don't give a tinker's damn how you publish your work. I only care that you're a writer. And that means something to me. A certain bond. A camaraderie. Snobbery amongst authors is misplaced. Use your energy for something else. Maybe reaching out instead of pushing down.

Hope for the best

I find myself doing this often. My publisher still has my paranormal. No word yet. Hoping for the best.

Took the baby chicken to the doctor today. She has a little eczema. Have to take her back Tuesday for blood sugar tests. Hoping for the best. Not thinking about the worst.

I have to admit I'm an optimist. And this just pisses some people off. I'm not really sure why. Yes, I see the glass half-full. See? No? Hmmmmmmmm

I have my cynical side, but I unleash it very seldom. I'm more than willing to give someone a chance. But if they take the chance and screw me over, then they must die. LMAO
Okay. Not really. But I will NOT trust or deal with them again. Ask my ex-husband. *snickering*
I find trust can be tenuous until proven one way or the other. And if you burn the bridge with me, then you best get to hiking. Because your ass won't be getting any help from this quarter.

So I hope for the best. I'm trying to bring that philosophy into my books. Even though things may have happened that left a character or two damaged, they must maintain hope. Nurture it. And look at the glass with new eyes.
See? I told you it was half-full.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gimme an "O" !!!

Too much sex? Mebbe.

I'm still working on the erotica. I think I'm going to cut out the last sex scene and put it in somewhere down the road. I feel like that's all my characters are doing. They're not complaining or anything, LOL, I simply think I'm going to slow down on the sex and rev up the conflict.
Since this is my first foray into this steamy territory, I don't want overkill.

On another writing note--I heard back from my editor. She tells me "Virtually Yours" should be edited by May 13th. FRIDAY May 13th. She thought that was rather humorous. *grinning* Evil. Just plain evil.

I'm going to go rework some of the erotica. Do a little research. And perhaps read some more of my book I won. On page 72 now. I'll weigh in after I'm done with it.

The business of writing

The sun is calling to me. I can hear it through the window. Therefore, I will go bake myself and think about my mss.
Plus...I have to finish before the kids get home or there will be conniptions. heh

I'll take my notebook and a pen. Oh yes. And some pink lemonade.

I love Kermit the Frog

No really. :)~~
This isn't a case of amphibian lust, I'm simply enamoured of Kermit.
What is it about this green guy?
Well...he's pleasant. He's intelligent. Who else could run "The Muppet Show?" Surely not Gonzo. Or Fozzie. Kermit is witty. He knows it's not easy being green, but he does it with panache. He has a lovely singing voice.
I grew up watching Kermit the Frog. Right now I have three Kermits on my desk. I have one in the van who rides shotgun. And I am in dire need of Kermit slippers!
Hear my SOS!
The first pair of Kermit slippers I had, I left one in a hotel room while on vacation. I almost turned around and went back. The second pair I have is worn through. And I have had a manic search going on for about four months. And no Kermit slippers in sight! I've tried websites, stores, etc. Nothing!
My baby assures me when she's older she's buying me a car and painting it Kermit green. I love that girl. LMAO
Okay...I digress. Now that I've shared my frog feelings with the world.
But seriously, if you see Kermit slippers...e-mail me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gimme a break!

Blogging is great. When. It. Works.
I've been getting the Apache/Tomcat error report all morning. Does this strike anybody else as odd? I mean really. Isn't Apache/Tomcat stuff military? Or did I dream that? Are my blog posts being examined for anti-establishment rhetoric?
*snickering* Yeah. Riiiiiiight.

So here's the progress: Erotica-reaching 10,000 words. Not bad at all. Toying with the idea of simultaneously doing FBS and the erotica. We'll see how that pans out.
Been giving reviews a lot of thought. Yes, I will submit my work to reviewers. But that is not the be all and end all. Once my books are accessible to readers, I will ask them what they think. Ought to be an eye-opener. *grinning* Or an eye-poker.

Went to a chat last night and won a free book! OMG! First time ever. I really suck at the trivia stuff, but this was just guessing. So... ta da! I'll be receiving a book download. Considering I don't have a huge TBR (to be read) pile amassing in my house, this will probably be the only way I can afford to read new books. Okay. I don't have a TBR pile at all. I have a TBW pile. To. Be. Written. That sucker is out of hand.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Drinking pink lemonade naked

This is my idea of sheer spring/summer paradise.
I love my Diet Pepsi, don't get me wrong. But there is something about pink lemonade during these two seasons. I've been buying pink lemonade snowcones for about seven years now. They know me. I amble up to the window, and Robbie (yes, we're on a first-name basis) will nod to me and proceed to whip up some icy pleasure.
Extra juice. Even my ice is floating. *grinning*
I drink crystal light pink lemonade with lots of ice cubes while I write. The stuff is so sour my jaws pucker, but DAMN, I love it.
And naked?
Well...I don't care for clothes much. Just ask my mortified children. :)~~
And during the spring/summer I will lay out on my lounge chair and soak up the sun. I know it's BAD for my skin, but I love it. The sun warming up my bones-utter bliss. I'll bip out there in my undies and a bikini top. The children will shake their heads and do their best to ignore the half-naked mama. *snickering*
Works every time.

Monday, April 25, 2005


I've written approximately 2,600 words on the erotica. Not bad.
My show "Wire in the Blood" is on tonight, so I must finish beforehand.
I am having a good time writing outside my normal constraints. They are self-imposed, mind you, but they are there.
My heroine is strong. The hero is alpha, but he is also under the woman's spell. She holds something very dear to him that she doesn't even realize yet. *rubbing hands together* Ought to make for some fun copy.
I think I'll follow this as far as it will take me right now. But I realize I have others waiting in the wings. Several Contemporary. One children's book. Another Suspense.
I would lament the lack of hours in the day, but it doesn't seem to do me any good. Damn. *grinning*
Mayhap that is a GOOD thing.

Hope springs eternal

I love Mondays. It's as if a whole new world stretches out in front of me. I don't really remember when my mindset changed from "hate" Monday to "like" Monday.
Oh wait! *snapping fingers* Yes, I do! It's when I quit my lab tech job, and the kids started school. hehehe
There is absolutely nothing like having a quiet house to ponder the intricacies of my writing world. Okay, except for my psychotic cat who will NOT stop meowing. She must stay in because she likes to procreate. Her appointment to be less friendly is scheduled in another two weeks.

I like the work I've done on my erotica. That is entirely a new arena for me to explore. But I like the story line and think that weaving playtime in there will be loads of fun.
The FBS is coming along. I have settings sketched out and characters added. In a couple of weeks, I'll be sending out more queries for my Suspense. My editor is still looking at "Virtually Yours." And whenever I take my butt down to Wal-Mart again, I need pictures developed. My psychotic cat will be on the cover of my second book. She's so ungrateful. :)~~

Happy writing. Happy Monday. Happy Happy Joy Joy. (couldn't help myself)

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Another personality trait bites me on the butt. *grinning*
Moderation? What's that?
So...we're digging trenches in the ground to pour concrete and such. And I'm a hands-on individual anyway. Set the scene:
The WHOLE north side of the house (just east of the wellhouse) is sectioned off. Then we need to dig the trenches. I'm feeling froggy. I'll just lend a hand.
I have dug until my back aches and all but two trenches are done. I tore it up.
Now my hands have blisters on them, and my back is in need of naproxen. But I can see the progress. I think we're having a concrete truck come in and do the pouring. Then we'll build forms. Then we'll have walls and such. It should take less than a month! Can you believe that? I am in AWE.
It may even be done before the chickens are out of school.
Now I must divide my precious time between the writing and the building. BUT... once my new room is's ON!
Thanks for all the congratulations! It'll be nice to not have exactly 5 x 3 feet to work in.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Adding on

I didn't write today. This is odd in itself. But somehow I simply didn't have the want. Usually I am utterly consumed with it. Today was a day to supervise the children as they dug their hole to China.
Let me explain.
We are adding on three rooms. Two bedrooms and a room for me. YAY!!!
So the chickens are digging the hole the concrete will be poured in. heh
There is mud galore. Chickens having a party in the dirt. It's utterly hilarious. So. Probably no vacation this year, but Man! Consider the pay-off: All the chickens will have their own rooms. I will have MY own room. Sidenote-I'm putting a lock on the door, and I'm considering a tazer LMAO!
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Okay. I'm excited as all hell. Let's hope the party continues as we all work our butts into the ground over the renovations. More to come as progress is made.


I left a voice message on a friend's cell phone, and she let me listen to it. Okay, forced me. And let me tell you...I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe.
I absolutely HATE the sound of my own voice. Think of a hick on a bender, and there you have it. I want to sound sophisticated. Or something. Anything but what I sound like now.
But on the other hand...there is no one I can think of that sounds like me. That's good. Isn't it?
Every one has their own distinctive voice. Their own style. And it's a wonderful gift. I like being unique. (I'm doing a little self-affirmation. If you listened to the message, you'd be doing the same.)

So I'll get over it. I have to. I simply hope my voice will not lend people to judge me ahead of time and wonder why I'm not plowing a field instead of writing books.

Grins, y'all*

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I am spoiled. Self-admittedly so. I don't write Historicals, though I love to read them, because it requires oodles of research. I'm one of those people that would slip present day idioms, speech, or whatnot in there and ruin the whole thing. So I stay away from writing them.
Everything else is free reign. I've found myself researching more for my FBS than any other book I've written. This both excites and scares the hell out of me. I'm picking Lindy's brain. (See link at left-Lindy Hudis)
She is great! I give her questions, and she e-mails me the answers. I wish I could find a person like this with EVERY book. Two of the four books for my set will need more research than the others.
I'm also leery of asking the people I need to ask to pick their brain. People I don't know, but whose profession I'm using in a manuscript. I feel like I have to prove myself before I approach these people and ask for their time. Lindy is a writing friend, so that all worked out. Oh yes, and we're both with Whiskey Creek Press. hehehe
Do you feel the same? If you need firsthand perspective, do you just go up to someone and say, "Hey! I write books. You fix cars. Let's say we get together and make literary magic." *snickering* I wish!
Do the authors who HAVE their name out there find it easier to do this? Is it just me? (Like THAT would be the first time) What do you think? I'm curious.
And, if someone approached you and told you they were writing a book, what would you need from them to assure yourself they're not a headcase?
This inquiring mind needs to know!

Title of my blog

I know that some people think I'm daffy or punctuationally challenged. When I put "Chrys' World" on the top of my blog, it was for several reasons. But why the apostrophe after the "s"? Quite simple. Because I use "Chrys" for everything. I have Chryscat. I am Chryswriter. A lot of my friends have called me Chrys since high school. So, to me, the Chrys is already plural. I've noticed that if someone links to this blog, they will add the "'s" or use "chryscat's" which is great. You can call me "OCD Chick" if you'll link back to my site. *grinning*
But the real fun begins when I use my given first name to sign something I've commented on. Crystal. No "h". Let me tell you how confusing that is. Very, apparently.
I've been called "Chrys" forever, but I didn't want to just put "Crys." Looked rather sad in my opinion. So I added the "h" from my maiden name, and voila! There I was. Or so I thought.
Not only have I confused everyone I talk to on the internet, I've passed on the legacy to my middle chicken. Her name starts with Chrys. The legacy lives on.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

All in a day's work

I've left my heroine soaking in the garden tub after a long day's work. By the time I get back to her, she'll be one big pink prune. Does that look as dirty as I think it does? hehehe
I think I'm going to break out the notebook and write down some notes. Plot twists, possible subplots and such. This is going to be a little bigger than I originally planned. I can already see where I will need a couple of subplots and a few quirky characters thrown into the mix. Man, I love creating characters.
So, this won't be a trial by any means. I'm simply using the pen instead of the keyboard. And I love both. Ought to be a good time. Not too mention I can get horizontal while I write in the notebook. My back will be so happy.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Of course, I wouldn't know that since I'm sitting here strapped to the writing chair. *grinning*
Just kidding.

My van WILL BE HOME by five this evening. Oh YAY! There will be celebrations and eating of chocolate because I'll actually be able to leave the house. Not that I do anyway, but it's the thought.

ACK!! Apparently AOL is bouncing mail again. What IS it with these people? I mean, really. It's not like you have to write a hot check to have this fixed. C'mon! Get with it!

I suppose I'll tackle my FBS a little more today. I've committed myself to working on it at least five days a week. I've e-mailed a friend and asked if I can pick her brain. It would be SO great if she let me. I promised to use the chocolate-flavored anesthetic.

Hope your day is lovely.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005


FBS-Four Book Set
I've found the names I'm looking for, and they are in place. I'd actually started this book about three months ago. There was a different mindset to it. And about a month ago, it clicked. And I saw the FBS. I had only written about five pages, but this morning I added the prologue. The word count stands a little over 2,000 words. And now it seems REAL. If this goes well, and I'm really thinking it might, I would like to peddle this one to an agent. It's high concept and different.
I'll probably rotate this out with a couple of Contemporaries I'm working on so I don't lose my mind.
Next project up. More to come as things shape up.
My first book, "Virtually Yours", is with my editor right now. I'm kind of dreading the edit process. I KNOW! I shouldn't. But some little part of me is freaking out. Slightly. hehehe Can't help meself.
Happy writing!

Wire in the blood

This is a BBC show that comes on Monday evenings at 8:00 pm central time. I absolutely love it. First, I have to remind myself that Brits have an entirely different sense of humor. It's wry. Very dry humor. And I love that. But it takes a moment to go from "Friends" to "Monty Python."
Second, I enjoy the different way they say the same words. They accent their syllables different than us Staters. It actually took me a couple of minutes to figure out they were saying "garage" in one episode. They accent the first syllable.
But onto the show...the show is about a profiler/professor/psychologist. He assists the police in finding the killer. And he is awesome. Not particularly handsome. Extremely socially inept. He's perfect. The show has no problem showing his flaws for all the viewing audience to see. In last night's episode, he figured out who the killer was, but kept it to himself. Just long enough so that another killer would die. He's human. And I can get into that.
The show is anything but glossy. It's raw. Edgy. Captivating. I must admit that this type of show interests me. I love Psychology. I was double majoring in English and Psychology before I dropped out to become the wife and the Mama.
In a day where TV sometimes is fluffy and dull, this is outstanding. And maybe I can write this off as research for my Suspense series. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mixed bag

Today I've taken the bad with the good. The van is still in the shop. SIGH
My yard looks nekkid. I can't stand it.
But...the lovely FedEx man came to see me today. And he brought me CELL PHONES! WOO! I am such a dweeb. But it is so neat! Had to call Mom and put my contact information in. I can talk to Mom for free. Won't that be fun? *grinning*
And...I sent off my query to my publisher, and she wanted the full! This is my Paranormal Romance, "The Portrait." I am walking on air. :)
That has totally made my day! That would make book #3. I spent the rest of the day doing research for names for my FBS (Four Book Set). These are important. Usually I can pretty much think of a name, and it clicks. These have meanings, ergo, research is required. Having quite a fun time perusing them.
So, it's been a good day. All in all. Tomorrow I think I'll do some more research and perhaps work on another ms. Can't wait. And mebbe the auto gods will smile upon me. I'm having withdrawals.


My name is Crystal, and I'm a snarkaholic. Whenever I'm down, tired, or overworked, I turn to snark. It's easy, and it makes me smile. Viciously. But hey! Sometimes I'll simply take what I can get.
Being snarky helps release the pressure in my wee, little brain when I've had a really hellacious time of it. I'm in full snark mode now. I've secluded myself for the emotional safety of others. Snark comes easy to me. I usually have to hide my snark under a bushel when around groups of people. And sometimes I find myself being a closet snark.
When on a snark bender, I try to give plenty of warning. A snark alert sounds, and all innocent bystanders flee in terror.
What is it that makes one turn to snark? I don't know. And I really don't care.
Give me another round and make it a double.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Xerox WTF?

I happened to catch a commercial last night. This was set in a college class about writing. The professor was explaining how a very SMALL percentage of writers would be published. So much money needed to be put out for promotion, publicity, et al.
And this young man stands up and says not true. Xerox will help them publish their books. Xerox? WTF? Are you kidding me?
Okay. Several problems. I am doubting there is ANY type of an editor involved. This will give those of us who have POD a bad name. Okay, a worse name. You know, Staples will copy and collate for me. But I NEVER considered doing that. I mean, really. I can understand wanting to have a book published SO BAD. But Xerox? Come again? I'm simply stunned by this whole revelation.
And on a related note: The new PSP will read e-books. How awesome is that? Of course, being technologically behind as I am, I probably won't get one of those until one of my grandchildren feels sorry enough to give me their hand me downs.

Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down

Okay. I'm back. And since a couple of my synapses are firing now, I'm assured all will be well.

Plans for the day include, writing my query for "The Portrait", doing research on my four book set, and writing on my children's book (perhaps). I'll be working on them in that order.
And mebbe, if all goes well, I'll go bake myself in the sun later. Need a little downtime.
The van will be worked on Monday and hopefully that will be that for awhile.

The past two days have been horrific, but I'll bounce back. There are words to write and people to harass. Blogs to read and comments to post.
What more could I ask for?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bad to worse

Well then. Addendum from hell.

Took the van to a local mechanic, and he assures us it's not the alternator. But guess what it IS?
The water pump and fuel injector. Wait! Wait! It gets better! The fuel filter we put on about a month ago is screwed. And I just bought a new battery even though the other one was only a year and a half old.
So, here's the grand total--New battery $50. Water pump, fuel injector, fuel filter, and some other accessories $140. Checking out what was wrong with van $20. Labor cost for Monday, which is the soonest it can be done $120. That sum total is more than my van payment.


Okay, a little bit of good news. I'm going to send off "The Portrait" as soon as I fine-tune the blurb and query. The bad news being, I can't string a thought together right now to save my life. Perhaps that will be tomorrow. Perhaps not. The way things are going, I'm not sure I want to get out of bed.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Recipe for disaster

I guess I was due.
First, make sure it's payday, and you have just enough money to cover the essential bills. Then run to town and do all your running around. Take the middle and the baby chicken. Make your 1:00 pm appointment. And at the local Taco Bell, make sure your van dies, and the battery light goes on. Panic for five minutes while trying to restart it, and use your hazard lights. Van starts. Then run to Sonic because you KNOW your poor van will be fine. Die again. More battery lights.
Drive like a crazy woman to Autozone and tell them of your auto woes. Autozone tells you it's the alternator. Price-$129. You think back and are SURE you had a new alternator put on about a year and a half ago. Take a deep breath and tell them you'll buy a new one. Kind associate will go and take the battery off of the van to charge it so you can at least freakin' make it home. Oh...and make sure baby chicken doesn't feel well. Her head should be hot, and she should have trouble staying awake. Autozone people tell you it will take 45 minutes for your battery to charge. You wander across the street to the laundromat to use the pay phone to let everyone know you're okay. Get busy signal. Five times in a row. Baby chicken will be semi-comatose on the bench outside the laundromat. You shell out $7 for middle chicken to entertain herself with those pick'n'grab machines.
50 minutes later (you don't want to go back to soon) you head back across the street to Autozone. Lo and behold! Your battery won't take a charge. You've just spent 45 minutes of your day studying cracks in the sidewalk for nothing.
Buy new battery. $55 bucks beats the hell out of $129. Autozone person puts battery back in. You dance. Go back through the Taco Bell drive-in feeling sassy. Oh yes, and you're low fuel light MUST be on. This is imperative. Of course, between the battery light and the low fuel light, I know which I consider more important.
After Taco Bell, head to bait store, because BY GOD, you are torturing some damn minnows when you get home. Leave car running, and let middle chicken go get minnows. Baby chicken is now REALLY unconscious in back of car. You're serenaded with snores. And guess what? Off goes the van, on comes the battery light.
Panic sets in. Not the little creeping kind, either. It's the full-blown, everybody take cover kind. Restart the van and head BACK towards town. Put gas in van and call the house. Be assured that somehow you will obtain an alternator the next day. Be very, very numb.
After arriving at your house, baby chicken heads straight to bed. You contact place that put alternator on in May 2003. They bought it under their name. Warranty? Um...they don't know. They don't keep the damn records. Call O'Reilly's. Get the runaround there, too. Look up Better Business Bureau because someone will be missing part of their ass once you have your wits about you. Be prepared to eat the expense for a new alternator after buying one a year and a half ago.
Your eyes begin to cross. You vaguely remember sitting on the couch staring dazedly into space. Lay down at 8:00 pm with intentions of sleeping the rest of this jacked-up day away. Wake up at 9:30 pm and can't go back to sleep.
Log on the Internet at 11:00 pm and share your woes with the world.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Many thanks to Amy at This post stems from her post. It's all about writing.

I wrote when I was younger because words fascinated me. I have the first book I ever read. A kind older woman gave it to me at the laundromat we used to frequent. I think the copyright is in the thirties or forties. And it was about animals. I devoured it. When I was in first grade, I took a fourth grade test. Actually, a SRA for those who remember them. I missed one. Thus the discussion became, what shall we do with her? The principal and teacher contacted my parents. The decision was ultimately mine. I had the opportunity to skip second grade. And so, I did.
This one moment in my early childhood utterly changed and shaped who I am today.
Words continued to call to me. I was a regular at the library. I wrote in middle school to escape. I wrote in high school to keep my sanity. My English classes were Heaven. I'm the geek who loved the tests and the essays. I tolerated Math and Science, but oh man, put me in an English class, and I'll be yours forever.
I went to college. This was a dark time for me. Things were not well. And I wrote dark poetry. One of these is in the college Anthology they did one year. I used a pseudonym. I vowed to never use another one. When I went to the reading, it wasn't the same. And I wouldn't ever use another name for the work of my heart.
I married a man who wasn't very good for me (euphemistically speaking). I wrote in journals because I didn't have any other voice at the time.
When he was gone, I thought back to a wonderful character I developed in college. Think Kate Hepburn. Feisty. Fun. And there began the first story I ever wrote.
How do you feel when you finally find yourself? Grateful. Happy. Blessed.
I felt all of these. But I had children to support and bills to pay. So I worked six years as a lab tech doing shift work. 12 hour days-3 in a row. Then three off. Then 12 hour days-3 nights in a row. There is nothing like having two hours of sleep, picking up your kids, and then working twelve hours from 7 pm to 7 am.
And finally, I could quit. I could pursue my writing with everything in me. And I have. The looks I received when I quit were quite interesting. The engineers thought I had lost my mind. I received looks of pity and outright disbelief. I was making $12 an hour. And I quit.
And now I'm happy. I'm 33 years old, and I have found what I want to do with the rest of my life. It's invaluable. Indescribable. Glorious.
Writing to me is the breath that my body needs to function. I've finally found my way, and I will pursue this to the end of my days.

Technology comes to the hayfield

I knew it would happen sooner or later. I called in my phone bill today and talked to a nice phone representative about cell phones. I asked if she would send me some information. She said I prequalified. *blinking* Reeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyy
Kewl. Hook me up.
I qualified for up to four cell phones. ACK! I decided against that. Two will suffice for now. But here's the thing. I'm getting a cell phone. I think I'm still in shock. I've never really wanted one before. Now, I worry about getting into the trusty van and something terribly wrong happening (re: over 100,000 miles). I worry about not being able to find a phone in the middle of nowhere in an emergency. And now...I won't have to. computer is dial-up. Can I get a group sigh? I mean, sheesh! So, I usually have it hooked up for about 8 hours of the day if not more. Now, if something important happens, a few select people will have the cell number, i.e. my mother, chicken's school, and that's about it. Oh yes. And my agent and publisher when I procure one. *grinning*
And speaking of school...yes. I had to go to school again today. Baby chicken decided to wear a pretty pair of shoes that were a size and a half too small. So I ran to school. And what did I bring back? Middle girl chicken. She doesn't feel well again. Funny...right now she's playing PS2.
So...6000 words? Not today lovely people. Not today.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Change of plans

You know that computer commercial where all those salespeople are globe-hopping, and they keep saying "change of plans"? I love that commercial. More than likely because it fits my life so well.
Change of plans.
6000 more words to go on "The Portrait." This roughly translates to two more days of writing. Can I get a "Hell Yeah"? Sure, I can. *grinning*
I will work on my children's book while sending out queries for the Suspense/Thriller. And now...for the BIG change of plans. I believe I'll start ironing out my four-book set. Am I excited? I'm ecstatic. And if...Heaven forbid...I need a little break, I have at least three Contemporaries waiting in the wings. I know some people take a little time after writing a book, but I'm not one of them. I may treat myself to either chocolate or ice-cream with nuts. A girl has to have SOME rewards.

Down the home stretch

Despite all time-wasters by me and efforts by others, I am finally on the home stretch of "The Portrait." I have approximately 8,000 words left, give or take. And I am PUMPED! WOO! I've read over the manuscript again the other day to fine-tune and retain the feel of the voice in the ending. And I actually like it. I like it the best, as far as form and tightness, right now. This, however, will change once I have another idea and start tapping away on it. *snickering* Then I'll be off to play with windmills again.
The ending is finished. I'm simply dropping two scenes in near the end. That's it. Finito.
I'll believe I'll query on my Suspense/Thriller, tap out a few items on my children's book, and start another Contemporary Romance this weekend. So I'm rather in a bubbly mood despite having to go to school to pick one of the chickens up. Her stomach hurt. AND--they don't attend school Friday AGAIN! I want to go back to school. Um. Okay. Not really. *grinning*
I'd rather be here, parked in front of my computer, losing my mind and typing my words.
Sometimes I only accomplish one of the three. And I'm not saying which.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Murphy's Law for Writers

We all know Murphy's Law. He's out to get us. And he usually does. Here's a couple of Murphy's Laws for writers.

1. Your "free" day is consumed with a trip to Wal-Mart for toilet paper, a trip to school because your child's clothes have developed a rip in a sensitive area, and a phone call from a relative who is desperate for advice.
2. You have no ink in your printer cartridge, and you'll be danged if you're going to Wal-Mart AGAIN.
3. Laundry, dishes, dusting, and food preparation.
4. There's a birthday party for a child's friend. Hello Wal-Mart.
5. Your Muse is taking the day off.
6. Your computer breaks down, acquires a virus, or is fried in general.
7. You must run all over God's creation for a friend. They are sick, disabled, or otherwise occupied. And apparently you owe them. The tit for tat trade.
8. Your e-mail is in overdrive. You're receiving mail every 2.3 seconds, and you never know. One may be important.
9. Your e-mail isn't going through. To anybody. At anytime. EVER.
10. Your blog is coming easier than your manuscript.
11. You're butt-deep in research. Manuscript? Huh?
12. You can't open your manuscript file. Error. Danger Will Robinson.
13. Words. Will. Not. Come.
14. Headache, ear ache, stomach ache, sinuses, allergies, and general afflictions.
15. You have a GREAT idea for a new book. And then another. So on and so forth.
16. People think you're simply keeping the chair warm in front of your computer.

Be strong! Resist! Persevere! And when all else fails, whine to another writer. We'll be the most sympathetic shoulder you'll ever find.


Which genre?

I've always been drawn to writing. I love words. Nothing would please me more than to be able to speak every dialect/language there is. Communicate with the masses. Understand everyone's words.

I've read romance since before I probably knew what the whole she-bang was about. *grinning* And that's the first book I wrote. But now I find myself branching out and giving other genres a go. I've written a Suspense/Thriller which I've developed into a series. I have a children's book I've started, but I'm dedicated to editing "Virtually Yours" and writing "The Portrait." Romance is definitely my core writing, but I'm not pigeonholing myself. There are other people to reach and other words to write. And there is nothing wrong with my wanting to write them. I know there is a stigma in music if you "cross over." Some people of the original genre are incensed. But readers are different, I believe. If I can write more than one genre, I should. And I am.
Romance is my first love and always will be. There's no denying that. I embrace it. But I hunger for more worlds and words. I want to have it all. :)~~

Monday, April 11, 2005

Point of View

Point of View is extremely important in any literary work. I know there is a MAJOR discussion on several lists about head-hopping. It drives some people up the wall. And I agree to a point. I don't want to know what my characters are thinking in reaction to every line. *shuddering* I wouldn't make it past the first page of that.
BUT...with that in mind...I must say I LIKE to know what the hero and heroine are thinking. I write from the heroine's POV. This is all well and good. But I have no problem with adding the hero's reaction at the end of the scene. Don't we all wonder what people are thinking? I believe that a sprinkling of changing POV's enriches the story. I love to read a book that gives me some indication of how the hero feels throughout the journey. I'm insatiably curious. :)~~
Everything in moderation. Including POV. Utterly doable. And you'll have that interesting piece of work you've always wanted.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Who I am

I've thought a lot about this. What I am defined by. What I represent. And this is what I've come up with:

I'm a woman. I'm a mother. I'm a writer.

Everything else is just an adjective.


Spike TV

I remember hearing about the first network for men. I believe there was a plethora of eye-rolling and snorting. A network for men? Please.
But then I thought about it. And it all made sense. Women have Lifetime and Women's Entertainment, to name a few. It only seemed right men should have their own.
But I avoided it all costs. I didn't need to watch golf, women's breasts, or beer commercials ad nauseum. Bad, bad me. I gender stereo-typed. I'll admit to it. And I'm sorry. Believe me.
I am a very well-rounded and tolerant person. But there are some things that push my buttons. My ex-husband has left me with enough baggage, so that every now and then a suitcase pops up. Spike TV was the suitcase.
But then they had a "CSI" Marathon. CSI! God, I LOVE that show. I watched "CSI: Miami" until they killed off Speed. Haven't watched it since. Pfffftttt.
But Grissom, Katherine, Warrick, Sarah, Greg, and Nick. WOOHOO! Let the fun times roll.
I can't stand 95% of the commercials on Spike. But that's about the same with any network. And I've seen enough Bowflex commercials to make one myself. *snickering*
And then I discovered MXC (Most eXtreme Challenge). For those of us who really love physical comedy, this stuff will make you laugh you ass off. It's a Tokyo show where contestants do the CRAZIEST stunts, while fashionable challenged. It's dubbed over with double entendres and plays on words. Watch this.
And last night...what did Spike TV have on? UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) marathon. Okay. There literally was NOTHING else on. So, I sit down and take a gander. I don't like boxing, so I couldn't really see this going anywhere. BUT... it's not just boxing, it's Mixed Martial Arts.
I grew up watching those movies where the actor's words don't match their lips, so I was rather excited. And it rocked.
So. What have I learned? I've learned that Spike TV airs great shows made from acronyms. And I've learned that even this redneck girl might give the guys network a break. Until another suitcase shows up.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spring has arrived

I know this because I cannot breathe. Much sympathy for those of you who are tortured during the season. I feel your pain. Really, I do.
Good news is the kids are OUTSIDE! Yay for me! I'm going to attempt to work on "The Portrait." Supposed to storm tomorrow. Major likelihood of tornadoes. That translates roughly into: The kids will be inside driving me crazy. The baby will be freaking out because of the weather, and the other chickens will be killing each other. *grinning*
So, I'm taking my relative peace and quiet and attempting to be productive. *insert derisive snort here*
Hope your weekend is happy and productive.

The OCD Strikes Back

OCD-Not to be confused with "The O.C.", that cheesy teen show on TV. *grinning* OCD-Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I got me some. I'm apparently more compulsive than obsessive. (I've been doing research.)
So. Here I am. Bookmarks galore, and they are NOT in order. That bothers me. A lot. I've tried to let it slide. But, alas, I cannot.
There must be come EASY way to arrange the little suckers in alphabetical order. Um...NO. I even asked AOL. Nope. You have to click and drag them to where you want them.
I have TWO problems with this. ONE: Why in the blue blazes could they not be filed alphabetically when you bookmark them? TWO: Why can't I press CTRL ABC or something?
And there I was yesterday. Clicking. Dragging. Cursing.
Finally I finished. YAY!
Then comes the second part of the funfest. Today I logged on and suddenly freaked out. My whole system is in shambles.
The "Writeminded" blog used to be below "Allison Brennan." Now, they are at different ends of the spectrum. "Jill Shalvis" is somewhere in the middle now. "A Giggle of Gals" used to be right above TOR FAQ. That was easy to find. I just scrolled until I saw all caps.
I must admit. The list looks tidy now. But I must reacquaint myself with sites I regularly visit. So. If I'm a usual visitor to your blog/site, and you don't see me for awhile, you know why. I'm not being a stranger. Or, at least, any stranger than usual.

Friday, April 08, 2005

You might be a writer if...

Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy. This came to me last night as I was desperately trying to sleep. Here goes:

You might be a writer if...

You hear voices in your head, and you're not under supervised medical care.

You have wallpapered a room with rejection slips.

You know what onomatopoeia is.

You have a running tab at the post office.

You have a love/hate relationship with words.

Your blog has the words "author, write(r), or read(er)" in it, interspersed with words like mad, crazy, rambling, and delusional.

You have the bestseller lists bookmarked.

You have highlighted your "Guide to Literary Agents" so much it looks like skittles lost their life on the pages.

And finally. You might be a writer if...when you put your manuscript to bed, it's with you.


Thursday, April 07, 2005


This harkens back to "Seinfeld." The show about literally nothing. Pure genius. Elaine is running out of sponges. Um...not the ones in the kitchen, nor the ones that play with Patrick in the sea. *grinning*
And she must screen her men to find out if they're "spongeworthy." You get the idea. Because she is NOT wasting her dwindling supply of sponges. By God.

I try, when possible, to add a little something to the blog. But mostly, I ramble. I ramble about writing. And the kids. And irritants. And whatever comes to me.
Some subjects may be better than others, but I'll continue to blog. I won't run out of words. I have billions to choose from. And as long as I continue to string them into cohesive, aesthetically pleasing phrases, it's all good.
So, here's to being blogworthy. The good, the bad, the indifferent. They all have a home.

Am I the only one?

If I am, then that's fine, too. *grinning*
I will be over the hump in my manuscript. I have the climactic finish in my cranium. Almost verbatim. And I'm ready to move on. What IS that?
I probably have 15,000 more words or so on my paranormal. But I am dying to start on my four-book set. This will call for some willpower. *groan*
Is anybody else like this? I love all my stories, but when I reach a certain spot in each of them, I want to start another. I've already started sketching in plot, characters, et cetera on the first book. But I haven't begun writing it yet. See? Willpower. ACK
I'm ready to put the paranormal to bed. I wrote 2500 words yesterday. The same or more scheduled today. So, in reality, I'll finish within my two-week timeline. But the voices in my head! I'll have to do my computer time, and then bring out the notebook and work on the set. Then there's the querying and such. Too bad I can't wave my hand over my manuscript, and the rest magically appear. By the way, tried it. Almost had carpal tunnel from trying one too many times. So I will persevere and tap out the ending to "The Portrait." It's the least I can do. :)~~
And then, *rubbing hands together*, I have the chance to play with some more lives. Man, I love my job.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Rut slut

I find myself in a rut quite often. I will wear basically the same clothes. I will eat basically the same foods. My routine doesn't differ much. The only thing I do which is not applicable here is write. Writing will break me out of the rut and into a whole, new realm of possibilities. It's my escape. My pleasure. My love. I do the same thing day after day. Not much changes. I don't work outside the home anymore. I LOATHE the phone. I'm a hermit with benefits. *grinning*
But the writing. How can you explain to someone who DOESN'T write about the joy? You can't. And lately I've encountered illiterate twits who ask me why I'm on the computer so much. Generally there is a baring of teeth, mine, and an answer forced through clenched teeth. This is my job. I write. I blog. I research. I read other people's blog. I check my e-mail. I have a productive day. By MY standards. When left alone, I can tap out 3,000 words a day. When bothered incessantly, my blood pressure rises and seeing red prohibits typing.
I don't do anything else for myself. Financially it's impossible right now.
So. If I want to move OUT of my rut with the help of my handy dandy computer, what's wrong with that?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Stephen King

I love Stephen King. Always have. I've never read one story by him that I've ended up putting down. Never. How rare is that? is the link for the 2003 Acceptance Speech by Stephen King for winning The National Book Award.

Stephen King is one of the most twisted writers I've ever read. This man's mind must be seriously disturbed. But he's pure genius. In his stories, he strives to tell the truth. The TRUTH. Dialogue is real. Emotions are real. His words create worlds we only chance to see through his eyes.
We didn't have much growing up, but I always received a Stephen King hardcover for Christmas. This was GOLD. There are years we didn't have trees, but I always had my book.
"IT" was my favorite book for a decade. It scared the blue hell out of me, but it touched me even more. The seven kids at the beginning, the "Loser's Club", were every kid. They were loyal to each other and stuck by each other through thick, thin, and psychotic killer clowns who floated. I don't know how many times I've read it, but it's never enough. Periodically, I'll pull it down and give it another go. I'm readily bored, so this is almost unheard of. I don't read a book more than twice unless it is EXCEPTIONAL and still keeps pace and quality.
"Insomnia" came out, and I was enthralled once again. This replaced "IT" as my favorite.
I've done speeches of my own in college about the genius of Mr. King. I will read his acknowledgements at the beginning of the book, and his notes at the end. I have a feeling I would pretty much give everything a go he writes.
My favorite short story, "The Jaunt", is written by Stephen King. My scariest moment in a book is in "The Shining" when the topiary is creeping up on the boy in the snow.
You know in "Friends" where Rachel is supposed to read "The Shining", and Joey is supposed to read "Little Women"? He actually keeps the book in the freezer so he's safe. I would keep my face down with another book on top of it. Such is the curse of a creative mind you can't shut down.
Stephen King gives me nightmares. But he also gives me hope. He never strayed from his craft. When it would have been easier to give up and say "screw it", he perservered and gave millions of people an author who is true. Freaky as all hell, but true.
His book "On Writing" is an excellent craft book for an author. His writing is matter-of-fact and pleasant. Humorous. Write what you love. Write what speaks to you. Be true to who you are. And write the truth.
What more instruction do we need?

The Market

I'm not discussing where you buy your meat and veggies. I'm talking media market. Books, music, media. The market can be the bane of a writer's existence. ACK! I write Historicals, and Historicals are soft right now. ACK! I write Gothic, and there's NO market. THIS is a royal pain in the butt.
That being said...I believe weathermen are a lot like the market. They don't have ANY idea until the storm is right on top of you. Neither does the Market. It can change on a dime. A writer will look to the current market for clues to what's hot right now. Keywords being RIGHT NOW. It can take anywhere from a year or two to publish a book. Your HOT book may be only lukewarm then. Aggravating, no?
But I studied! You wail, moan, and gnash teeth.
I sincerely believe the best writers MAKE THEIR OWN MARKET. See? Caps. Important. I will use music as an example.
I don't remember any teeny-bopper girl music until Britney Spears wafted onto the scene in her schoolgirl uniform. Then the deluge began.
I don't remember any smarta** white talented rappers until Eminem. Then, the explosion. And he is TALENTED. Hehehe In my opinion.
My point being...make your own market. What may be hot now, won't be somewhere down the road. The industry is fickle. Know that. Accept it. Now take the time to do the same for YOUR manuscript. Find it a home.

Monday, April 04, 2005


This bothers me on so many levels. I was doing research, aka screwing around and looking up info on my favorite authors, when I came across something quite disturbing in Author A's bio. Her work had been plagiarized. More disturbing yet, it had been plagiarized by Author B. I grew up reading Author B's work. Fervently. And LONG before I even found Author A in the stacks. There were PAGES of Author A's work, verbatim, copied into Author B's book. A mental disturbance, I believe, was blamed. Author B was having rough times.
I know you cannot copyright a CONCEPT. I also know that ideas will be regenerated and regurgitated ad nauseum until the market is flooded and bloated. Vampires? Yep. Loads of them. Witches? They'll have their turn. This is all fine and good.
But the thought of taking another author's words and inserting them into my own? *shuddering* It's like literary in vitro. And my mind is fertile enough as it is.
I was shocked by this. Both by the authors involved, and amazingly, by the concept. It has never crossed my mind. Thank God.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


"occurring occasionally, singly, or in scattered instances"

This, until recently, described my writing life. When I wrote, I would write until my little fingers cramped. But I would not write everyday, or thereabouts. I did at the beginning of this school year. I would type from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
I miss it.
Then the insomnia struck. And there were dozens of functions at the kids' school. I let the writing slide. And I hate doing that. I LOATHE doing that.

Right now, I have a Paranormal romance almost finished. I'll give myself two weeks to finish it and another two weeks to self-edit. There is also the second book in my Suspense/Thriller series. I have a idea for a Christmas romance. Oh. And let's not forget the four book series that won't let me go. I believe it was Nora Roberts who said, "Daylight hours are writing hours." She's right.

I'm thinking of blogging once a day. Unless something major happens. Then I'll be sure to share. But I'm rearranging my life to make the most of the time I have and to squeeze every minute I can to write. If I don't...who will?

I'm over the 2,000 word mark today for "The Portrait."

Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm addicted

I have several addictions. Chocolate ranks right up there. Not just any chocolate, though. I can't stand fudge or brownies. Go figure. Diet Pepsi. That's a given.

But a top five addiction is office supplies. Pick your jaw up off the floor. I'm not kidding. Office supplies.

What IS it with the boxes of pens and packages of pencils? The aroma of fresh pencil lead in the morning? Pretty pens with fresh ink? Post-it notes in a rainbow of colors and sizes? Folders. Staplers. Push pins. Highlighters. SIGH
Man, I LOVE this stuff. My ideal desk would be medium sized with cubbies and perfect spaces for paper, folders, and envelopes. There would be a place for erasers, pencils, and pens. Highlighters of every size and color would cuddle up side by side in their container. Office supplies without prejudice. *snickering* I'm slightly rum-dum. FULL day.
Today I spent all day with my friend, Sherry. Sherry is loads of fun. We've known each other almost ten years. We did the Chinese buffet. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
And then we ran all over town. Near the end, I had her swing by the Dollar Store so I could pick up some more composition books. I write my notes in them and work off them. These are like GOLD to me. I remember them from college. They're plain. Black and white. Rather generic. But these hold my hopes and dreams.
Maybe that's why I love office supplies so. I can type all day. But to feel the pen/pencil in my hand and see the words scrawled across the page. That's addicting.