Monday, May 30, 2005

I thought Aquaman was hot

Ahhhhhh, the days of the Justice League. The Halls of Justice sparkled on my television set back in the days of my youth. I would sit in front of the television every Saturday morning and absorb the episode. Batman was okay. Superman had that cool lock of hair over his forehead. But Aquaman? Oh my. *grins*
I wanted to BE Wonder Woman. Those boots. That hair. That lasso.
I tolerated those blue twins. Zan and Nan? Jan? Something of the sort.
And then you had the diametrical team. Bad, evil villains intent on ruling the world.

It was its own little microcosm. I wasn't old enough to wonder what was going on with Superman and Wonder Woman. They did pair up a LOT though. Aquaman worked with his sea creatures. Batman did his thing.

What brought this up? Dish TV. I was scrolling for something to watch last evening when it popped across Cartoon Network, I believe. And I felt that rush. That exhilirating feeling of being young again. For just a moment, I was excited about the cartoon prospects. Worries of bills, books, and life in general faded away. I could see the Halls of Justice. I could see Aquaman using those neat, little circles coming from his head to talk to the sea animals. And I loved it.

Super heroes have made a major comeback of late. I believe we, as a society, are searching for heroes in our world. Hollywood is trying to fill the need with celluloid ones. The Fantastic Four is going to be on the big screen soon. I had a "thing" for Thing. I think it was the heart of gold behind the brick wall. He could be normal for so long, and then he would lapse back into his former shape. I liked Wolverine long before Hugh Jackman filled out those claws so well.

It's nice to see heroes up on the big screen fighting for our rights. It's excellent when they have super powers which fascinate the masses. But on this Memorial Day, I'll be remembering our people who have fought for this country and who are fighting still. They are our heroes. With nothing more than combat gear, a gun, and their wits, they are shielding us all from the villains out there. And they're protecting our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
They may not have the invisible jet, millions of gadgets, or have super powers. But they are the real heroes. And they have my gratitude and prayers.


Jill said...

Hey, I can post again!

chryscat said...

It's all good.

Michelle said...

I wanted Wonder Woman underoos so badly as a child. Oh, to be able to dodge bullets with those groovy bracelets. Man...

chryscat said...

Um...Amber (my sister) I love you. You see, Amber had Wonder Woman underoos and went trick-or-treating as Wonder Woman. She's now the Manager of a major restaurant. *grinning and blowing kisses*
I have pictures.

Tori said...

Justice League Unlimited is one of my guilty pleasures. :) And Aquaman is still pretty darn hot!

Eva Gale said...

I LOVE the Justice League. Love it Love it Love it.

chryscat said...

I'm so glad to know I'm in good company.