Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speak it

Middle Chicken complained about a week and a half ago that she craved pizza. You know how teenagers are. My God, you would've thought it held the elixir of life or something. Anyway, not two days later she had pizza. Then I forgot she had a field trip so I picked up pizza. Then that weekend we made homemade pizza.
I laughed.
Because I'm a firm believer in speaking it. Once it's out there (whatever it is) there will be a response. I don't care what it is you've popped out into the Universe---there will be a reaction. Isn't it amazing how you think of somebody you haven't spoken to in ages, and they call? Or you ponder about something that bothers you, and the solution arrives? Or something makes a reference to your thoughts?
Thoughts are powerful, yes. But speaking the words aloud solidifies them. Gives strength to them.
So says a future NYT bestselling author.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I have a knack for pissing myself off

I should have known better.
Emphasis on "should have."
But no. Not me.
I have this big ol' "S" on my chest.
*eye roll*

So I pop ye old evil workout DVD in yesterday morning. I'm warming up. Actually, I'm sweating my ass off when suddenly I feel (and...God help me...HEAR) something pop on my lower left side. Think lower back-upper butt cheek. And then I straighten up. And right away, I'm know that I've done something extremely bad. Because it hurts like a mother.
I am highly displeased.
But I finished exercising. (Yes. At this point in time I would've slapped me, too.) Then I immediately find my heating pad and apply it to sore ass. If I could've found two belts, I would've wrapped that son of a bitch around me like an adult diaper. Alas, no.
I found it rather hard to sit on said sore ass and write. So I only popped off a couple of thousand words on WATS. Oh, and I limped all day yesterday.
I think I popped whatever the hell I displaced back where it lives this morning. Can I just share that it was a highly unpleasant experience, also? But I'm sore. And sitting really isn't a picnic right now.
And what am I gonna do when I get home?
Work out.
But easily. Web MD assures me that just lying there doesn't help matters. That gentle exercising and easing back into it will help. So I'll pop the evil one back in and try not to overdo today.
In a perfect world.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wrapped around chocolate...mmmmmmm

Part of the Author Panel goody bag from yesterday's OLA talk. How cool is that?
And for Lyvvie: We talked about the Sequoyah Masterlist, Graphic Novels, and Authors. Those are the discussions I went to. I had a great time. But the chocolate bar with my name on it? Are you freakin' kidding me???

Monday, April 20, 2009

Both sides

I gotta admit it. I sometimes miss the days where I could sit at home and write at leisure. That was a luxury. Now I cram the writing in after work or on weekends.
But on the flip side, if I didn't work at the library then I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the compliment I received today so much.
A customer came up, and told me she really enjoyed the first two books of the Elemental Guardian series--but particularly Water Goddess.
It tickled me.

Speaking of both sides, the next two days I'll be at OLA (Oklahoma Library Association) Conference. I'm going to listen Tuesday and speak Wednesday. I'm on the Author's panel with Jordan Dane, Mel Odom, and Charles Strasser. On the other side of the table are my other set of peers.
Chocolate pretzel anyone???
Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh. My. Freakin'. God.

Let me just say that I've already given thanks that there is an X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie coming out.

For the love of God. How gorgeous IS he in this movie??? And if you haven't seen the cover of Entertainment Weekly for the last week of April--get your ass somewhere and check it out. He graces the cover. That was my bit of eye candy this morning. lmao

Someone who exudes confidence is just hot. Don't care what they look like. And I'm not talking conceited. I'm saying "confident." They are well aware what they can do and don't show boat it. That is one of the most incredibly sexy traits I've ever seen.

*fanning self*


Crystal's hormones

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost in Ada

I had to take Middle Chicken to the dermatologist in Ada yesterday. I've been to Ada before. Hell, I went two years at ECU there. I freakin' had a printed out page with directions on it.
Did it matter?
Not so much.

So we head down Main Street which ends up right in front of ECU. I can't go straight. But I can go left or right. I hang a left. I'm currently headed in the right direction. Then I go all the way down to 4th. Which, once again, is correct. Then I, in my infinite wisdom, make a left.
And I continue to head down 4th which turns into Arlington but is still 4th and God knows what else.
Not much luck.
So there is an intersection there on 4th/Arlington and Mississippi. I hit every direction those flippin' stop signs are on. North. South. East. West. Still haven't made it to the clinic.
I'm not irritated. I'm amused. Because this is a given. If I have a choice, I will pick the wrong direction EVERY time.
So I drive back toward the evil stop sign and pull into a gas station. Ask directions. (I'm very good at this, by the way.)
And yes, I should have made a RIGHT on 4th. Because the street I need is three stop lights down. lmao
So. After giving myself and hour and forty five minutes leeway, we make it to MC's appointment with half an hour to spare.
Then, on our many travels about town, we saw a Salvation Army store. MC is excited because that means I may actually let her buy something. We head in. She doesn't want anything. I bought the CUTEST ladybug straw purse for a dollar.
The trip out of town was not nearly as eventful. We cranked the tunes. MC eyeballed the farmers in their trucks. And we both sucked down caffeine to beat the band.

Monday, April 13, 2009


There is a quiet sadistic maternal pleasure in watching my girls hunt for their Easter eggs. The morning always begins with a rapid inhalation of sugar. This can be in the form of chocolate or something really sour. Then the hunt is on.
Baby Chicken relishes finding the eggs not hers and then counting down to how many her sisters have left to find and how many she knows where they are at. Oldest Chicken goofs off and puts on a production when she plucks an egg not hers. And Middle Chicken wants absolutely NO HELP in finding her oval treasures. She doesn't care if something starts to stink on Memorial Day. It's a point of pride, methinks. Or obstinance. *grins*
And apparently, as I type this, OC has one egg left to find. And BC has already informed me that it's beneath the cushion that I'm sitting on. LMAO
So. Well.
How much fun is that???

And for other Easter treasures...our calico cat, Christmas, had Easter babies. *smile* Five tiny furballs. Two black. One orange. One tabby. One calico. It's raining outside, and we have a shelter on the porch complete with several towels and an umbrella to shelter the new arrivals.

There's meat in the crock pot. With potatoes added when it's almost done. OC lifted the lid this morning and smiled. "That's heaven."

Yes, honey.
It is.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Same Genetic Pool

My children are smartasses. I just have to throw that out there. They're also intelligent, kind, and humorous. But lately, in their teenage kingdom and my parenting hell, I seem to get the smartass.

Yesterday was a windy sonofagun here. More than usual. And that's saying something. Well, the electric had sputtered at least twice earlier in the day. (I hate resetting all the clocks. It irks me.) Then once more when I got home. And then in the evening as I was about to cook something, once more.
I'm like...What the HELL?
Middle Chicken looks at me and says, "Mom. Observe. Then ask questions."
I arch my eyebrow and reply, "That is soooooo coming back to bite you on the ass. You realize that, right?"
Or when they pop off something really snarky. And I have to compose myself before speaking.
I ask: "Where in the world do you get things like that?"
Oldest Chicken rolls her eyes. Looks at me. And says, "I wonder."

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'd Look Twice

Apparently one woman's love of tofu has caused an uproar for her vanity tag. The Colorado woman's tag was to read "ILVTOFU."
*arches eyebrow*
But I can see where there may be a misinterpretation.

So I decide to google some other vanity plates and see what's shaking. Here's what I found:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

James Bond and Baby Chicken

Can I just say that Quantum of Solace is a kickass movie? That Daniel Craig as James Bond completely does it for me? That I, who don't buy many movies, will purchase BOTH Bond movies with Daniel Craig in them.
He IS James Bond. Holy hell.
The movie started right away in a car chase sequence. And I was hooked. Period.
The girls refuse to watch the movie since I find it so *ahem* interesting. lmao

And speaking of the chickens. Let me post an excerpt of a note I found to me this morning penned by Baby Chicken:
"Dear Mom,
Hey! What's up? I hope you have a good night and nothing sicotic happens."

Yeah. That makes two of us.
And the p.s.?
"Don't return Quantum of Solace. I might watch it. (MAYBE)"

Hell. I might watch it again.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The good, the bad, and the weekend

I scoped out the seven day forecast for this last weekend because I seriously wanted to get out of the house. lmao
So Saturday, around noon, we rolled out and stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a cooler and munchies. Drove down to Sulphur for the day. It was beautiful!!!
But before the beauty came the aggravation. Would anyone care to guess which child almost made me seek out a nitro pill?
Yeah. That would be Middle Chicken.
I just bought a new SD disk for my camera. And a bunch of new batteries. I love spring and couldn't wait to take pictures and whatnot.
So I look for my camera Saturday morning. I ask Oldest Chicken where it's at. She looks at me and says, "Where do you think it's at?"
So I zip down the hallway and knock on MC's door. I ask where my camera's at. She hands it to me. And...I remind her...the case.
I receive both.
I turn the camera on and what do you know? Low battery. I promptly remove the disk and plug it into my laptop.
And the blood pressure rises. Not just a little bit.
I took 11 pictures. ELEVEN PICTURES. She took 179. Of her face.
I came unglued. Seriously unhinged. And after I explained how incredibly rude that was, she looked at me and can delete them.
(cue nitro pill)
And I tried to delete them. And I COULDN'T! So I tossed the disk at her and went and bought another one.
What a heifer.
Some pictures are on my MySpace. It was a glorious day!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

They're at that age

My cell phone and I are mere acquaintances. She is really, however, tight with the girls. Especially Oldest and Middle Chicken. In fact, I can no longer arrive home and ask how everyone's day is because I get "Can I have your cell phone?"
Ya. Like that.
After another day of working hard, I arrive home to the same greeting and just hand the little piece of technology over. Go exercise. Clean up. Go back to where the three of them are all huddled together.
And I observe.
There is some HEAVY DUTY flirting going on here. Multiple heavy duty flirting. Five or six different conversations (laden with hormones, I might add) that has me cracking up in my little chair.
And whispering.
LOTS of whispering.
I get up and start to make myself some eggs and casually glance behind me to see MC whisper in OC's ear. I smile and say, "You really don't think you're fooling anyone, do ya?"
Guilt. Stricken. Faces.
I hold in my laughter. BARELY.
And I continue. "Do you seriously think that you're pulling something over on me? That I wasn't a teenage girl once?" Pause. "Seriously?"
OC is laughing. She looks at MC and says, "I think Mom knows."
Hell yes, Mom knows. Are you kidding?
So I let the flirtfest continue.
The upside? My phone doesn't send pictures.