Saturday, December 31, 2005

One size does NOT fit all

Okay. Let's just get this out there.
One size does NOT fit all. I'm not talking simply about clothes. I'm talking about life choices, occupations, clothes, everything!
What works for me may not necessarily work for you. And vice-versa.

But isn't this shoved down our collective throats? "I can do it! Why can't you?"
What a load of bullsh*t.

We are individuals. We have our own thoughts and opinions. We have our own wants and desires. And that is something to be proud of...not hide. And to conform? Not hardly.

One size is a term that needs to be stricken from our vocabulary. NOTHING is one size fits all.

We flex. We learn. We grow. And we change. We always change.

And the beginning of another year, I offer you this:
"One size" is a myth. Don't buy into it. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Begin your New Year with thoughts of your own and goals of your making. And when others roll their eyes and make disbelieving noises, ignore them.
Because it's all about YOUR fit and YOUR life. They can deal with their own size.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Pasta and mayo are from the debil

Don't you have a couple of foods that you just have to WORK at denying yourself?
I love pasta. LOVE IT. Grew up on it. And being semi-poor (okay, poor), we ate a LOT of pasta. With meat. By itself. Ya know.
And my father loved mayo. I, unfortunately, have inherited that trait. Is it greasy? Why, yes it is. But it is my condiment of choice.

I did tae-bo today! *grinning* Billy Blanks and I may come to terms yet. Stranger things have happened.

On the writing front, I'm almost to 40,000 words on my first book of my four book set! YAY! I am thrilled with that. I'm alternating between this book and my HQN submission. Lalalalalala
Right now I'm enjoying my WCP Torrid Author's Week stuff and laughing with my fellow authors about their lives. I'm always tickled when I can get any insight to another author. It's quite fascinating.

We're going over to a friend's house and having a late Christmas (will this holiday EVER end?) with them and celebrating New Year's Eve. We'll all junk out and have a good time. There is talk of poker and liquor. Hehehe

Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where are you?

Okay. I've admitted I have OCD especially with numbers. *sigh* It is what it is. And I've recently taken to checking out sitemeter again. (I had to take a little break from checking out the stats. Little thing called work. *laughing*)

And now they have the neatest little link on there. It's a location button. So I'm asking, dear readers, where are you from? I don't need the city. Just the state would be fine. But I'm rather curious as to what part of the world you're checking in from.

Me? Oklahoma.
Cowgirl up.

Update and a rant

Right now, I'm working on my first book in my four book set. Then I'll probably work on my HQN submission. Yesterday I wrote about 2500 words. Not as prolific as 4500, but I'll take it. *grins*

And I have a small food gripe. Why is it that food that is bad for you is cheap? I really want to know. Wouldn't you think that with all that preservative crap in there...that it would be expensive?
I can buy my kids 3 or 4 packages of cookies for the same amount as I could buy them 2 to 3 pounds of apples. This is driving me nuts! I'm once again looking at cutting out so many carbs in all our diets (re: cookies, crackers, etc.). And that's great. And really, the chickens are well with it. They don't do wheat bread, but that's about it.
They like fruits and veggies. Now, if I didn't have to mortgage the house to get them!
Sadistic food people.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"The Arrangement" Excerpt

This is the other short story that will be in the LOVE Anthology available January 1, 2006 from

“Help me,” the voice whispered.
Brendan Wardlow paused in his writing to look up. The park was nearly empty. The children had long since gone home. Dusk was approaching. He shook his head and wrote it off to his fertile imagination. His pen scratched the across the paper at a rapid rate.
“Help me.”
His head snapped up. The voice. Soft. Whisper thin. He stood up and walked a few steps.
“Help me.”
Stronger this time and with a definite direction. Brendan tucked his notebook under his arm and strode towards the bushes at the south end of the park. He walked around the backside of the shrub and stopped cold.
She was a vision. Ethereal. She lay, lifeless, on the hard dirt. Her cerulean, gossamer gown was torn and filthy. Her complexion was waxen. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing shallow.
Brendan bent down to her and lightly stroked her cheek. Her eyes flickered open and regarded him solemnly. His head snapped back. My God! Who was she? How did she get here? He was afraid to move her. She might be seriously hurt.
“Can you hear me?” he asked quietly.
Her eyes, the same color as her gown, watched his face. She nodded slightly.
“Did you ask for my help?” Again, a slight nod.
Brendan stood up and whipped out his cell phone. He was going to call an ambulance first. Then he would contact her next of kin. Her silvery voice stopped him.
“I do not need a hospital, Brendan Wardlow.”
The phone dropped from his fingers.
He bent down low and studied her. “How do you know who I am?”
“I am sent for you.”
copyright 2005 Crystal Inman

"Meant To Be" Excerpt

This is an excerpt of one of my short stories in the LOVE Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press due out January 2006. The title is "Meant to Be."

“Go away.” The voice drifted over to Max in the dark. He stopped in the doorway and softly sighed.
“I can’t Lynn. You need someone here.”
“I don’t need anyone anymore.”
“If you don’t take your medicine…” he began.
“Spare me.” The words came out dripping with anger and sarcasm. “Peddle your caring crap to someone else. Just because you feel guilt doesn’t mean I have to care.”
Max heard her move in the darkness. She skirted the window to avoid the moonlight.
“It’s done.” He reminded her as he walked farther into the room. “Please, Lynn. Let it go.”
“Don’t worry, Max. I’m not going to harm myself. You don’t need to baby-sit. I can take care of myself.”
“Can you?” he asked softly. “Jerry wasn’t the one for you. I only want to help.”
“Help?” she echoed in disbelief. “How can you help? Can you give me my face back? My life back? What can you give me, Max?”
“I can help.” He moved closer to her and smelled the soft scent of her skin. His stomach clenched. How could he make her understand? “Lynn, please. Come here.” He stretched his hand out and touched her arm gently.
He heard the cry before she buried her face into his white, cotton shirt. Her body shook with the force of her sobs. His arms came around her and cradled her soft body next to his. Max wanted to gather her to him. So close she wouldn’t ever hurt again, but he couldn’t. His brother had seen to that. The selfish bastard.
Max’s jaws clenched as he thought of his brother with Tammy on the honeymoon that should have been Lynn’s.
copyright 2005 Crystal Inman

Literary insomnia

You know those floodgates? They tend to remain open for a bit. Giving my mind free reign is really a chancy project. When I'm running dialogue at 1:00 am in the morning, it tends to interrupt my sleep cycle. *laughing*

So I'm a bit tired today. No big surprise there. It's a little after noon, and I'm only now about to open a file or two and do some damage. The good news being: dishes are done, laundry is washing, and the chickens are behaving. Another good news item is that the chickens start back to school a week from today. *falling to knees and thanking the heavens*

I was going to post an excerpt from "Naughty and Nice" in the Winter Wishes Anthology from WCP Torrid on here but decided against it. There are a few references that I wouldn't be too fond of young people reading. And I think I may have a few kids from the chicken's school reading some of these posts. It's on my C'ann Inman website.
I will consider posting my two excerpts from the LOVE Anthology that will be availabe in a couple of days from
Both anthologies will be available January 1, 2006.
Have a good one!

Monday, December 26, 2005

When the words flow smoothly

When the words flow smoothly, I simply want to revel in it.
I wrote over 3000 words on my first book of the four book set. Then I wrote about a thousand words on my HQN submission.
I didn't think I was going to pull it off, but then the floodgates opened, and away we went.
Now if I can just keep it up for tomorrow...

Winter Wishes

Baby, it's cold outside! So cozy up to the fire and turn up the heat with Winter Wishes. From Erotic fantasy to Contemporary bondage to Historical erotica, it's all here. Settle in for great reading and spend time with some of your favorite authors, along with a few great, new ones. Make all your winter wishes come true!

Ten different authors. Ten distinct stories.

This is for the reader who likes the romance a little *ahem* spicier. Winter Wishes will be available January 1, 2006 from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. I have a story titled, "Naughty and Nice," under my pen name, C'ann Inman.
We'll also be giving away little prizes during the week at You must join to participate, but it's free. There will be two authors every day (mine is Thursday), and a free-for-all Friday.
Hope you can stop by and join the fun!


The day after the holiday before

*looking around*

I made it! WOO! *pumping fist in air*

The kids are all snuggled up in the living room playing one of their new PS2 games on their new big television. All the wrapping has been burnt. (Ya living) And I have survived.

Now it's the downhill slide until the New Year. And then I'll be whipping out the words again and trying to make a dent in my literary list. The kids will be home until the 3rd, I think. And then things will REALLY return to normal. I do admit, though, that they've been pretty good. The only annoying thing has been the cooties we've been passing around. I think everyone has had them twice. Puny for a day...then better. It doesn't help we're all holed up in the house, sucked up in the tv. The germs, they are equal-opportunity.

I hope everyone's holiday was lovely and memorable. Enjoy the rest of your year, and don't be too hard on yourself!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. Visit Ireland
2. Enjoy my grandchildren/great-grandchildren, et al
3. Meet Nora Roberts
4. Be on Oprah Winfrey
5. Make a living writing
6. Be comfortable without a doubt with my body
7. Be in a position to help others

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Eat beans
2. Pat my head and rub my tummy
3. Tolerate hatred
4. Quit
5. Deal with rude children (This is more a WON'T do)
6. Let an injustice slide
7. Change a tire

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse (or Significant Other, Best Friend, etc.):
1. Intellect
2. Humor
3. Ambition
4. Caring
5. Loyalty
6. Laugh
7. Strength

Seven Things I Say (or Write) Most Often:
1. F%*@ a bunch of that
2. Bite me
4. My kids’ names
5. You're killing me
6. This is NOT a democracy, you don't get a vote
7. Ya think?

Seven Books (or Series) I love:
1. "In Death" Series by J. D. Robb
2. Anything by Maggie Shayne
3. Insomnia by Stephen King
4. Anything by Erma Bombeck
5. Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts
6. "Twin" Series by Jude Devereaux
7. Oh...and MINE! LMAO

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1. The Fugitive
2. Breakfast Club
3. The Mirror has Two Faces
4. Harry Potter movies
5. An Affair to Remember (Kerr and Grant)
6. Mulan
7. Grease

Seven People I Want To Join In (Be Tagged):
I'm leaving this up to anyone who wants to join in who hasn't been tagged. I've been rather lax in doing this, so more than likely, y'all are already all over it.


Hello all!
I'm blogging now so I can take the next two days off, guilt-free. *grins*
And guess what? *giggle* We've all already opened a present today. BWAHAHAHA
And we're opening the others at 7:30 am tomorrow. The kids have all the clocks and watches synchronized. Spooky, that. It's the only time I'll ever see a coordinated effort. Hmmm...wonder why?

I rented a PS2 game, and the kids are involved in that right now. They're behaving. *shock*
And I couldn't be more pleased. We make it through tonight, and we've got it licked.

I wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a Joyous New Year.

May our blessings be abundant
May our lives be full of love
May we always be thankful

Hugs and grins*

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Light at the end of the tunnel

Tomorrow...I will actually FINISH my Christmas shopping. For reals. WOO!
I've made my list. Checked it a dozen times. Evened out the flipping presents for the chickens. And I think I'm going to get it all done tomorrow. *bowing head in thanks*
But this means I've got to go to the city. *gasp* *wheeze* I just hate that. I don't like driving in the city. Period.
I think I can take a major highway to another major highway and find a pretty big mall. I'm not using MapQuest, because HECK! How much fun would that be? *laughing*
So I'll be MIA tomorrow while doing my Christmas shopping. Send a good thought. Mebbe two.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Amy Knupp,, tagged me to list ten reading secrets. I’ll see if I can think of ten. By the way...check out this blog!

1. I love words. I devour them. They fascinate me. The look. The feel. It borders on word fetish. Hmmm. Maybe I should have listed this under my weird habits. *grins*
2. I read the Reader's Digest front to back. Every word.
3. If I'm in the bathroom, I will resort to reading the back of the aerosal can if there's no other literature.
4. I've read every one of the "Wizard of Oz" books in the series.
5. I don't ever read the ending first to any book.
6. I once read a collection of Edgar Allan Poe in sixth grade and couldn't sleep for two days.
7. The book is ALWAYS better than the movie. (I'm not retracting this one.)
8. There are times I mute the TV just so I have to read it.
9. I took a fourth grade SRA (reading assessment) in the first grade and missed one. I skipped second grade.
10. I still like reading my own stories. (But NOT after editing for a week or more straight. Then it becomes a wee bit tiresome. The interest renews itself after I have a small break.)

Thanks, Amy!

Monday, December 19, 2005

One of my "I Promise" lists

I promise to not educate my children with colorful words when some idiot pulls out in front of me, doesn't use his blinker, and tailgates.
I promise to have more patience with myself, my family, and everyone in general.
I promise to embrace what I have and to let go of the feelings of inadequacy when I don't.
I promise to do my best with my career and not be afraid to let myself be in the spotlight.
I promise to clean the house more. (When you start with where I'm starting...this is a safe bet.)
I promise to keep in touch with friends more.
I promise to take care of myself so I can better take care of others.
I promise to put the food down when I'm full.
I promise to not threaten my cat's life when he/she acts like a normal cat and drives me crazy.
I promise to let go of the envy. (To every space there is someone who needs to be there at that exact time.)
I promise to meditate. (I'm not promising the lotus position, but I'm giving it a try.)
I promise to blame others less and take responsibility more.
I promise to not bottle the anger, but to express it healthily. (Hmmmm. I'm thinking of taking up boxing or some other martial art. LMAO)
I promise to remind myself that we are equals in some ways and not in others. (Not everyone understands at the same rate or was raised the same way. Allowances can be made.)
I promise to not be so quick to judge. (Especially about the goober who is going 40 mph in a 65 mph zone.)

Christmas Break

I used to love Christmas Break. *sigh*
Out of school. Days filled with laughing and playing. No studying. No homework. At home all day.
And now I think it's rather long. *grins* For exactly every reason I listed above. Because the chickens are HOME.
But that's really not that bad.
I am, however, having a small problem coming to grips with the fact that Sunday is Christmas. It truly seems unbelievable at this point in time.
Sure, the stores are piping in Christmas Carols. The kids have the wonderful countdown going on. Hell, it's even snowing here. But it just seems...improbable.
New Years will be here in two weeks. Then Valentine's. Then Spring Break. Easter. Memorial Day. I mean SHEESH!!!
I can remember on one hand the times I really slowed down to enjoy my days this last year. So that's something else I plan on working on.
A little more organization. A little more relaxation. And a vacation this year. I think we skipped it last year. I'm already scoping out a couple of areas.
And have I mentioned that I haven't even finished Christmas shopping yet? Oh yeah, *grins*, there's that.

The rest of the evening is spoken for. There will be a Christmas program. Singing and instrument playing. Kids and laughter. And I will love every minute of it.
Then I'll be making deals with God between now and Christmas Eve so I don't lose what's left of my sanity.

Have a good night.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sharing the weirdness

"List five of your weirdest habits. You pick. I didn't list my weirdest, weirdest cos those'd freak ME out. heh"

I've been tagged by Nancy Bond. Oh woman, you are SO in trouble!!! Check out her blog to see her weirdness (I don't want to be the ONLY one!)
And in no particular order:

1. I cannot let my microwave timer end on an even number. It bothers me. *grins*
2. I like to put my make-up (powder and lipstick) on while using the mirror on my visor in my auto.
3. When I ate hamburgers with buns, I would pick off the bun down to the part touching the meat. Somehow it tasted better. *laughing*
4. I have to eat my food separately. No mixing and mashing.
5. I cannot STAND trying to listen to the radio and hearing advertisements. I am one channel-surfing fool.
I have lots more...but this is ALL you people need to know for now.

Emotional Investment

It's a nice buzz word. You know, the kind you hear in business meetings and such. It's usually used in a pitch.
But it's appropriate.

I DVR'd Nip/Tuck and finally watched it last night. Oh. My. God.
I lust after "Christian" (Julian McMahon). I have ever since he played "Cole" on Charmed. So no big surprise. But I am sucked up in this show. Immersed. And even when the characters are a$$holes...which is often, I still truly love the show.
I don't particularly care for how weepy Julia is. How moody Matt is. But the whole show is riveting. RIVETING, I tell ya.
If you're a viewer, you know that the big storyline this season is "The Carver." He's the maniac that goes around slashing people up and raping them. But his storyline is always interspersed with stories like Matt realizing his gf is a racist with DEEP issues. Christian dealing with his attack. A morbidly obese woman who was too embarrassed to get off the couch and who dies on it. A boy with Down's syndrome who just wants to look like his family.
This show is at times touching and infuriating. But never boring. NEVER.

Emotional investment.
There are shows I could give a rat's ass about. Those are everywhere. But the rare gem will hold my attention every time.
And that's what I want.
To capture the reader. To suck them in. To make them love the characters and care what happens to them. To touch them.

Emotional investment.
If my books never land on the bestseller's list. If my books are never on Oprah's Book Club. I want readers to say, "I enjoyed every word."
That's all I can ask.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Have you been here?

The only support you get is from your bra. And even that is not what it used to be.
You realize that some people suck. There's been no scientific evidence, but you KNOW it's a fact.
It's about everyone...but you.
Self-sacrifice is highly overrated.
Just when you want to get up and go...that motivation has left the building.

But it's getting better. Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I may not have to be so indignant after all. *laughing*
Some days are good. Some days are not so good. But the realization of options is enough to keep me going.
Options. The word rolls off my tongue with great promise. I thought I only had one option. To work my ass into the ground with this writing for my career and sanity. But my sanity also needs to get out of this house. The writing always calls to me, but I need to put it aside a few hours a day to embrace the other areas of my life.
Damn it! I need to start tanning again! *laughing* I LOVE tanning. It's just one thing that I pretty much forgot while I was sucked up in writing. Yeah, it's awful for the skin. But I love to bake myself. *grins*
So, here's a little thought for the New Year.
Yes, children and spouses are important. They enrich our lives and fill our hearts. But we are also important. Us. The Mamas. The Wives. We need time, too.
Ponder that one.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Yesterday was a good day

Today's still in progress...but yesterday? WOO!
I woke up at 5:30 am and decided to stay up. This is so out of character. (I don't do mornings. Hardly ever.)
And then I proceeded to write. And write. And write.
I wrote 3000 words on book one of the four book set. Then I wrote 2000 words on a story I just started. Fuelled by my trusty Diet Pepsi...I rather kicked ass.
I caught up on some of my bloghopping. *waving* I sent off my Artist Info for my first WCP Torrid book. And I have come up with some goal ideas for 2006.
I think this was the frenzy before the storm. I know the kids have 2 more days of school. Today and Monday. Then I get the little treasures *snort* until January 3rd.
If I can make it from the 20th until the 24th...I have it licked. Because we open presents then, and I know the chickens will thereby forget I exist. I'm well with it. *grins*
And then it's a New Year!
I don't know if I'm necessarily getting wiser, but I believe that I am becoming more adept at embracing my strengths and weaknesses. So I've decided to gather my short-term goals (for the year), and go for it!
Quite honestly...I've neglected myself socially this year. And I've decided to change that drastically.
Since I quit my tech job, I've stayed at home. And stayed at home. And I was beginning to think the computer cord didn't stretch very far.
But I need BALANCE!!!
And I'm looking for some this next year.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Down home humor

I realize there are so many cross sections of people. From one end to the other. But I have a couple anecdotes from my best friend when she and four others went to South Carolina for some training.
We live in Oklahoma. And yes, I literally live in a hayfield. Those that went with my bf are also "down home." Eddie, God bless him, is a cute little redneck.

One evening when they were down there, the "big wigs" decided to take them to a restaurant for dinner. Let me set the scene:
No prices on the menu
The menu was in English, but none of the Okie's could read it
The management of the plant they were visiting were eating octopus and the like
Get the picture?

First scene: Waitress (yeah, I know. It's probably a fancier term, but this will work) goes to put a dinner napkin in my bf's lap. She grabs her arm and asks her what exactly she is doing. The BW's are laughing their asses off. The waitress replies, "I'm setting your napkin in your lap." My friend's reply? "We're not even on a first-name basis." *laughing*

When they brought in the wine, the waitress asked Eddie if he wanted any. His reply? "Is it homemade?" (sidenote: I've had homemade wine AND moonshine. I've also had moonshine milkshakes. But there ya go.) She tried to keep a straight face and assured him it wasn't. Eddie just shook his head. "Homemade has a kick to it."

The waitress brought beers for those who asked. She popped the top on all the bottles and brought glasses. Eddie immediately picked a bottle up and took a drink. The waitress says, "Sir, what are you doing?"
Eddie: "Drinking my beer."
Waitress: "I can pour it in a glass for you. That is usually the preference. But it's up to you."
Eddie: *taking another drink* "I'm just saving you a dish to wash."

I still laugh thinking about these scenes. This is a little insight to my simple world. Basic. Simple. Drinking out of the bottle. My friends were out of their element, but I look at it like this: If those BW's were to come here, they would be out of their element. And we might laugh at them, but we'd probably wait until they left. That's where we have the class they were lacking.


Forgive me bloghoppers, it's been four days since my last post. *grins*

Well, I'm feeling better about life in general. You know, when things become SO hectic, I really do need to just inhale and exhale. *making a note*
The chicken elves and I put up the tree. That really fired up the ol' Christmas spirit with them. I'm now hearing the countdown to Christmas a dozen times a day instead of a mere six.
And I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I find it a little stressful when I can't buy my children the EXPENSIVE toys they want. Mama guilt. Man, if they could bottle this crap, someone would make a fortune. Because guilt is one hell of a motivator.
Anyway...Oldest chicken wants some huge monster truck, remote control, yada yada yada. Middle chicken wants the flippin' Bratz tour bus. Nevermind she already has the cadillac or whatever the blazes they were driving last year. *rolling eyes* My van isn't even paid off yet. *laughing*
In the writing world, I decided to light a fire under my own ass. I've got first degree burns, but at least I'm actually doing something now. I just finished editing my Summer Sizzler submission and sent it off. I need to do my artist info for my full, What He Wants. Somehow that has slipped my mind.
I've thought about what I want to do with my career this next year. And here's what I've come up with so far. This isn't locked in until the end of the year, but since I'm feeling so ambitious this morning...I thought I would post it.
1. Finish writing short story submissions for all WCP and WCP Torrid anthologies.
2. Finish my first book in four book set and complete second one. Maybe even get started on third. Have to check out time constraints.
3. Finish my erotic romance and submit to Ellora's Cave.
4. Finish my Sil. Desire targeted novel and submit it to them.
5. Write the sequel to my first novel.
I really need to get on the ball with this one. Hmmmm, I suppose this means I need to be more organized! *hitting self in forehead* It's all so clear now. *laughing*

On the eating front...I'm still doing pretty good. Had breakfast for dinner last night. Ate some turkey bacon. Man, that stuff is good. And not greasy at all. Even the kids like it. I'm thinking about joining a gym at the beginning of the year. It's hard to get into town from the hayfield. (Damn the gas prices!) But I'd rather pay the pump than put on the pounds. Just a little something I'm mulling over.
Have a GREAT WEEK!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

In a funk

Almost like a country song:
Creativity--zilch. My Muse is screaming: Forget a bunch of you! I'm on strike!
Personal motivation--I'm getting a busy signal.
Seasonal cheer--Is it January yet?
Children--Manic and mischievous. I'm contacting Santa about some coal importment.
Stress--all time high. What IS it about this time of year? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I have things to do! Place to go! Rooms to clean!
I'm beginning to think that bears really have it going on. Hole up and sleep. Or make like the squirrels and start storing nuts. Find a big tree. Ya know. *laughing*

And I have to go through the presents I've bought and figure out what is what. With all the's always a good time. (heavy sarcasm) I have to pick up little stuff and boxes tomorrow. Wrapping paper. Bows. Haven't put the tree up yet! OMG. Just shoot me.
I swear, right now, this will not be the case next year. *raising hand*
Then would help if the chickens had a steady list and not the revolving door list. ACK!

*breathing deeply*
*and again*
Even in the midst of this chaos...I'm thankful.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


From motivation to escalation.
It seems nowadays that things just seem to be getting more and more bold. I'm sure someone raised in the fifties thinks the eighties were sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. But I'm really astounded that at thirty-three, bold has been taken to new heights.
Music is just one very good example. I don't know what everyone listens to. I can listen to anything from Classical to Oldies to Country to Rap to ANYTHING. But there is a song that my oldest chicken (age 12) seems to really like. I think it's called "My Humps", and it's by the Black-eyed Peas. And yes. There are several breast and ass references in it. I really don't care for it much. Nice beat. The words...not so much. Destiny's Child has a new song out that talks about "giving it up," or something of the like. It's really suggestive.
Now, things DO change. Hell, I listened to "I Want Your Sex" by George Michaels and "Touch Me" by Samantha Fox. I jammed to "Dr. Feelgood" by Motley Crue. Yes, it was the eighties. And yes--sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll were rampant.
But now I have chickens of my own. And there is only so much I can take. There are a lot of tv programs that we have locked, and they can't access. When the oldest chicken (I'm just picking on her today) went to a friend's house and watched Rated "R" movies (Nightmare on Elm Street) I hit the freaking roof. And when she went to another friend's house afterwards, she declined to watch the Rated "R" movies with her friends. By the way, the mother at the house was highly impressed. And yes, I was very proud.
My job is to protect. Try to protect the sanctity of some portions of the chicken's lives. I don't want to shelter them (smother them) so badly they can't function in everyday society.
But damn it! I am the Mama filter. It's my job to screen the crap that gets thrown into their lives everyday.

The chickens and I have an "open door" policy. They want to know something...they come and ask. But I try and keep outside exposure to a minimum. They are still children. Okay, almost teenagers. Everything seems to be going faster and faster. Kids learn things they shouldn't, younger and younger.
And yes, when "My Humps" comes on...I change the station. It's the least I can do.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The white stuff

Yeah. The white stuff. It's about to become REAL white here tomorrow. 4-6 inches, I believe. High of 24 degrees. Low of 9. *double sigh*
I don't mind the freeze so much. I just don't like the monotony of it. It needs to freeze, kill the bugs, and then get on. Really. And then some teacher at the chicken's school really did it. She said something about "NO SCHOOL." *rubbing temple* Yeah. That was freakin' brilliant.

And I have a question for all of you who have kids. Back in the day, when we were young and such, didn't you pretty much self-motivate yourself? You had did it. When you had a studied. Things such as that.
Apparently some of that has gone away. Or at least, it has here. I just made up a fifty question study guide for two of the chickens' social studies. It's rather irritating. I just want to yell, "My Lord! You have a freakin' book! You have study guides! Use them!!!" Sheesh

On the writing front...I'm working on editing a submission for the Summer Sizzlers on the WCP Torrid line. It's finished, I simply need to edit. I really wanted to complete book one of my four-book set, but I don't know if that will happen or not. I also have a contemporary that I really need to work on. Unfortunately, that requires time. *looking at the clock* *snickering*
Um, yeah. Right.

Good news on the health front. My blood pressure is down a bit! WooWoo! Go me. Yep. I'm eating better, too. No fast food at all this last week. (I would hit the drive-thru's at least once). I'm rather proud. So wish me luck.
Enjoy your sunshine if you've been blessed with it. Mebbe email me some.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Interview and contest

Hello everyone!
I have a new interview at Coffee Time Romance. I'm going to put the link up here and run a contest that coincides with it.
I'll have three questions that you must answer. Sign my guestbook, leave your answers, and I will have one of the chickens pick a winner. Contest ends Midnight, December 11th, CST. The prize is an autographed copy of Virtually Yours.
Here's the link:

And here's the questions:
1. Name at least two authors that have influenced my writing.
2. What two names do I write under?
3. If you could go "virtually" anywhere with these lovely glasses...where? and why?

Sign my guestbook at and leave your answers. The winner will be notified December 12th. Best of luck!

Back in the saddle

Hello all!
A HUGE thank you for everyone's well wishes. We still have a burn ban here statewide because of the fires that keep popping up. Our area only lost hay and grass. People lost their homes in the city.

I have been remiss of late as far as blogging. Isn't that awful? I used to look forward to getting on the computer and sharing my day, thoughts, self with everyone. So to recap: tired, working, seasonal insanity, cats are insane, working, barely sleeping, kids are counting down to Christmas, basketball games, and working. There you go. *grins* Now we're at the same place.

I told myself I would begin to eat better because let's face it...I wasn't. Not even close. Went back to the doctor Thursday and guess what? My blood pressure is down! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yay me! So then. Instead of waiting for the New Year (my usual), I'm taking the bull by the horns. (And yes, in case you were wondering, I'm going to fit as many western sayings as I can into this post.) 'Cause that's just how I do it. *laughing*

We're cleaning today. I'll have to get out the bullwhip and get after the kids. Tomorrow is a day of rest, and we're all going to take it. But we WORK!

Cowgirl up!

Monday, November 28, 2005

My house almost burnt last night

Yesterday, about five o'clock, there was a frantic honking in my driveway. A man and wife in two different vehicles were warning everyone around here about a grassfire that was right down the road. And it was headed in our direction. I freaked out for about three minutes and then started directing traffic.
Told the kids to shove their clothes and favorite toys into bags and to start loading. I had my best friend take my computer apart and grab it. I grabbed all my backup discs and purse. The kids were frantic, and we had to keep calming them down. I called one of our other close friends (THANK YOU, BETSY!!!) and told her what was going on. She said supper was on the stove.
We had to run to the gas station for something and by the time we topped the hill by our house, we could see flames above the trees.
It's dry here. We're ten inches below normal rainfall, and when I say I live in the middle of a hayfield, I'm NOT lying.
We load up four cats (2 in a carrier together and 2 free) and 1 dog (THANK YOU, MATT!) and boogie over to Betsy's house.
There is a four way stop that is a 1/3 of a mile N of my house. Then it all slopes downhill until you get to a small highway. It's 2 1/4 miles from my house S to the highway. A mile and a half down my road is a propane place. I don't know if refinery is a right word, but it's got all the equipment and whatnot. The firefighters around here were working frantically to not let the fire get that far because if it did...BOOM! That would pretty much be all she wrote.
I live in a tiny town with a volunteer fire department. There were neighbors, firefighters from all around, and residents who pitched in to help. It was truly a group effort.
When they got that under control...or so they thought...a person up the highway had 70 haybales catch on fire.
There were probably around four or five fires just in my small little town. One was caused by a downed power line because of the wind. It reached up to 66 mph here.

I am very thankful that my children, my furry children, and my work survived this ordeal. You just never know when something like this may occur. Right now, I'm still wound up on nerves. But soon enough I'll tumble into bed and hope like hell it rains.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

For the future

I've given this a lot of thought. And here's what I have. Something triggered this in me the other day.

When I was young, I would run willy-nilly and not care where I ended up. I would laugh long and loud with my head thrown back and ear-splitting shrieks. Snorting was acceptable. I would say "Hi" to strangers and smile at everyone. My socks wouldn't match, and I wouldn't care. Chocolate was an acceptable meal at any given time. I wore the gaudiest dollar store jewelry with pride. Coloring a paper might take a whole day, and I loved the way it looked.

But somewhere around twelve, I changed. I no longer showed my emotions. For some reason, I started to hide them. My body changed. My feelings changed. I was confused. And I didn't like being uncomfortable in my own body. Some people became mean. Some people would make promises they didn't keep. I wanted to trust but was afraid. This lasted until I was thirty.

At around thirty, I changed again. The laughter came back. I painted my toenails each a different color. I got two tattoos. I would dye my hair to match my mood. I wore what I wanted to. I held open doors for strangers and thanked everyone for every small kindness. I began to appreciate my differentness instead of wearing it like an invisible stigma.

People still confuse me. But I'm well with myself. Those eighteen years between twelve and thirty are lost. And I just thank God that I came back to the child I thought I lost all those years ago. So that is my thought for the future.

Don't just embrace the inner child. Show them the sunlight. Let them pick out your clothes.
And for God's sake...let them laugh.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Three in a row

I remember a time, not so long ago, where I would actually blog twice in one day. *snort*
Them days are LONG gone.

Today wasn't half bad. I didn't leave the house. *cheering* So I actually wrote on one of my many manuscripts. Plus I moved several MS Works to MS Word. It works for me.
Tomorrow will be hectic. I have a doctor's appointment (I SO do not want to go. Anybody want to bet on whether I get water pills for my high blood pressure? grrrrrrrrrr) I also need to take my flat tire and have Wally World fix it. I need to zip into town and see if I can pick up Harry Potter tickets early or if I have to wait.
I could rant on and on and on right now. But I'm tired, and I flat don't feel like it.
I think everyone in this house has got the "blah's" quite frankly. Maybe a movie will help.

Here's a cyber throw to all of us that are gonna freeze our arses off tonight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Yep, that's me. And I'm singing. Lalalalalalalala

Just 'cause I feel like it. Here's the rundown of the good stuff.
I have MANY releases due out next year. WOOHOO!

Virtually Yours Available Now Whiskey Creek Press
LOVE Anthology January 2006 WCP
Winter Wishes Anthology January 2006 Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Line
Perfect Timing February 2006 WCP
Spring Flings Anthology April 2006 WCP Torrid Line
What He Wants June 2006 WCP Torrid Line
The Portrait July 2006 WCP

I might have a couple more short stories out at the end of the year, but I don't think I'll have any more novels. Of course, I'll have three full novels out anyway. So that should work itself out. I'm still in progress on one I wanted to be through with by the end of this year. But I don't know if that's happening or not. This year is FLYING!!!!!
I've run around like a crazy woman yesterday and today. Finally got the PE situation worked out with my youngest chicken. Apparently she's Gifted and Talented...which no one shared with me until today. *shaking head*
So she'll be doing work on the computer to broaden her cranial horizons. Doesn't bother me a bit.

Harry Potter will be out Friday! OMG...the chickens are beyond happy with that one. So we'll be going to check that out. Probably have to camp out to get tickets. Ought to be a GOOD one.
And I've actually blogged two days in a row. *thud* Wonders never cease.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Lost: Organizational brain cells

Okay. That does it. My memory has left the cranial building.
I don't know WHAT has happened. But my organizational skills are non-existent. And I'm wondering why.
I'm sure everyone around me is thinking...OMG! What a twit!
But really...I'm not. I'm just organizationally challenged right now.
Every little aspect in my life feels like a struggle right now. I think it may be related to my sinus infection that I have left over from my flu that my doctor chose not to give me antibiotics for. And I think this is related to my blood pressure issues. *sigh*
I'm just exhausted right now. And I absolutely hate feeling like this. And when in the blue hell did it become the middle of freakin' November? *glaring at calendar*
This year has been one whirlwind for sure.
So I'm just checking in...and asking for patience if I haven't visited in awhile or emailed you back. My synapses...they aren't what they used to be.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Me and Billy Blanks

You know...I have a love/hate affair with Billy Blanks. You might know him as the Tae-Bo guy. Rather attractive, muscular dude that is a world champion ass-kicker.
I used to do one of his tapes almost everyday. And I could SEE the difference. And I've gotten WAY out of practice. So I thought I would give it a go again. *sigh*
He's great. It's a great workout. But I find myself calling him everything but a fitness instructor. My favorite being "you twisted ass" when he expects me to double time some kicks that leave me looking highly unattractive with the mother of all wedgies.
But I've committed myself this time. *snort* Funny how I use the word "committed." I'm seriously thinking I need to be at times.
I worked out today. Did some free weights. Yada yada yada. Let's see if I can keep up this time.

Now for a rant. Ya know, I'm rather sick of people with attitude problems. Really. There is a teacher at school that thankfully has pared down her workload. She has an attitude problem. She likes to yell. Combine that with my baby chicken who ALSO has an attitude problem. Get the picture? It is NOT a pretty one.
It's like seriously refereeing two children. But the adult has the advantage. She has the principal in her corner. Here's a few problems that I've encountered JUST THIS YEAR with the teacher.
1. She yells. A lot.
2. There is no discipline in that class. I've witnessed that firsthand. And thus...the yelling.
3. For some unknown reason, she lets other children get away with not having notes for sitting out in PE. Never mind that my child isn't one of them. She needs a note for everything.
4. Some little girl kicked my chicken's PE shoes and stuff out of her locker. And the teacher yelled at MY CHILD for not finding her shoes. I believe that the other little girl needed to be talked to.
5. The teacher has the principal in her corner telling my child that she's rude and won't be allowed to go back into PE.
Over my dead, freaking body. The principal, I'm sure, doesn't care for me much either. I have SEVERAL issues with the school this year. It's simply falling apart under pathetic leadership in several areas.
So I'll be going up Monday and letting them know we need to conference. I can work on my child's attitude problem at home. And believe me, we talked at length this evening. But there is also another attitude problem that needs to be addressed. I don't care HOW old she is.
This is the same teacher that I sat in front of at a Christmas program who badmouthed every teacher at the school. I was appalled.
So Monday ought to be ALL kinds of fun.

On a professional note...I wrote about 1800 words on another erotic romance short story. I hope to finish it by a week from now, polish, and send off. The entries...they are piling up for these anthologies. The second one has already been closed due to all spots being filled.
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yep, it's that time again

Hello everyone!
It's that time of year again. BOOK FAIR! And yes, I'm working a couple days this week to cover SOME of the costs of my kids' books. Little heathens. *laughing*
I worked 8-3 yesterday, and I'm working the same hours Wednesday. I absolutely love it. Nothing like a bunch of children running around and getting excited about books.
Plus, I get to embarrass my children at will. It's a win-win situation. I think I'm 2 for 3 right now. But then again, I'll be back Wednesday.

I handwrote 13 pages yesterday in between spurts of children. So I'm pleased with that, also. Now I just need to transfer all my writing onto the computer file. I was going to go back to bed this morning, but I don't see that happening now.

It's lovely here. Around eighty today. Seventy-three tomorrow. I love this weather. I'm simply hoping that winter won't bite us in the butt in another month or so. One week of a hard freeze to kill the bugs, and then I'm ready for the leaves to start growing again.

And Christmas? OH. MY. GOD. Um...first of all, the kids don't even really know what they want. Of course, the middle chicken has a BRATZ list. Because that's just how she is. The baby chicken wants one thing that she can think of. So I have to laugh. I think it's a twenty dollar toy from KMart. That one's in the bag. The oldest chicken probably wants more PS2 games.
I think we're going to go for a couple of bigger gifts they can all share this year. Electronics perhaps or something of the like. But where has the time gone? It's NOVEMBER!!!
*checking calendar and trying not to faint*
It's one month and seventeen days until Christmas. I know. I know. But I just had to share that. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's not a good thing...

...when your blood pressure is higher than your IQ. *laughing*

Went to the doctor today. Apparently the blood pressure is high again. What a pain in the arse. I mean, really. I've got bigger fish to fry. Hell. It's just so bloody inconvenient.

I haven't written in about two weeks. *gasp* *wheeze* I HATE that. I need to get my butt in gear and finish at least another contemporary before the end of this year. I'm about 25,000 in on one of them. I want to finish it soon. That would require the "butt in chair" method. Ya know. Being horizontal just doesn't seem to help.

Going over to a friend's tomorrow to visit and to contribute to her yard sale. This weekend is still kind of in the air. Don't know what's cooking yet. But I can't believe it's already November, and I haven't bought ANY Christmas presents yet. *choke* *clutching chest*
Wish me luck.
And have a GREAT weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Things that suck

Okay people. Just because I'm in a mood right now.

Things that suck:
Children who are ungrateful that I've taken time away from my several hundred emails (most business-related) to help them with their math for the twelfth time.
My sinuses. (Oh they ever. I'm finally breaking down and calling the doctor tomorrow.)
My damn female cat that's in heat. (Now I have to keep the boy out in the cold because she's turned into slut kitty. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr)
All the beepity beep clothes on my damn bed that need to be folded. (Screw a big bunch of them.)
President Bush. (Don't get me started. That man, and I use that term loosely, is a pox on society.)
My Packers. (Ya know. I love Brett Favre. But his team inhales.)
All the dirty dishes in my kitchen. (See note about my clothes. Same goes.)
The headache I've had since last Monday. (Yes! Yes! I'm calling the doctor tomorrow.)
My school's superintendent. (He is the debil. I'm convinced of it.)

And now things that I'm eternally grateful for:
Puffs Plus. (God bless those tissue makers.)
My friends. All y'all. My rotten children. My author friends. My editors and co-workers.
My doctor. (Who, yes, I'm calling tomorrow.)
Over-the-counter medicine. (I need stock in it.)
Chocolate. (By God, I can't taste it. But I know it's there on my tongue.)

And now that I've rambled on incessantly, I'm going back to bed.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

*cough* *cough*

I hate the fact that I've been blogging sporadically. This week has been brutal. I started feeling bad Monday and then everything went downhill. I spent Monday and Tuesday in bed. It's called sinus infections/fever/sore throat/all kinds of cooties.
I can kind of breathe today, but my voice is not a pretty thing. I actually lost it Wednesday. I didn't mind the kids dancing and grinning. I didn't have the energy to beat them. *grins*
I think I'm on the mend. *crossing fingers* Because I really hate being sick. I have this preference for being able to breathe. Mebbe that's just me.
I have to pry my booty out of bed for parent/teacher conferences tomorrow. Oh, and it's the oldest chicken's birthday. And the last for this month. THANK GOD! Then there's a fall carnival. Have to get stuff for the kid's treasure hunt. Then there's basketball games Saturday, and I'm supposed to help with the concession.
Oh geez. Give me some meds. I'm going back to bed.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Oh my goodness. *blinking*
I see Winter has arrived in my fair state. It's probably a balmy thirty degrees outside right now with strong winds gusting from the north. *shivering*
I have about an hour before I start making a difference around here, *grinning*, and cooking or something.
I like to cook on Sundays. Today we're doing fried chicken, potatoes, corn, and toast. Mmmmm
Good eatin', my friend.

My Author's Week at WCP Reader's Group has been great! I've had quite a bit of participation, and I absolutely LOVE to talk to fellow authors and readers. LOVE IT.
Now I'm working on my first book in my four-book set. And another naughty novel. I really do like writing both. All kinds of fun.
Hope everyone stays warm and safe.

Oh...almost forgot. *laughing*
We had a sheriff on our porch this morning at about eight o'clock. Seems some idiot stole a car and torched it in the pasture right across the street from ours. Can you believe that? We are VERY lucky that stuff didn't catch and spread.
And for this...I'm thankful.

Friday, October 21, 2005

In hiding...


I'm hiding from the children. It's Fall Break. *sigh* Does anyone ever remember being out so much when they were going to school? Not me.
Yesterday was middle chicken's birthday. Shopping. For hours. But she had a great time. I have one more this month. (Thank you, Lord) Then I can focus on Christmas. *snort*

And now some GOOD NEWS!
I've been contracted by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid for a FULL NOVEL! WOO! WOO!
I already have two short stories. One is Naughty and Nice due out January 2006 in the Winter Wishes Anthology. Then there is Intervention which will be in the Spring Flings Anthology due out in April 2006.
The title of the full is What He Wants. It's a Paranormal Romance.
I am so excited!
And now...back to work. I have a Contemporary that I need to work on. Oh...and another spicy story.
It's good being me.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Author's Week

Hello everyone!
I wanted to invite you to my Author's Week I'll be having at Whiskey Creek Press Reader's Group. You can join the group at or you can simply go to the website and scroll to the bottom where it says "click to join."
I'll be posting excerpts of several of my works and giving away gifts such as downloads of my book, gift certificates, and an autographed paperback of my first release.
I would love to see you there! I will post throughout the day and respond to posts as they come in. There's no set time. You come and go as you please. It's just a great way to interact with readers and have a lot of fun.
I'll be there all week answering questions and talking about my books and writing.
See you there!

Definition of a weekend *snort*

Main Entry: 1week·end
Pronunciation: 'wek-"end
Function: noun
: the end of the week; specifically : the period between the close of one working or business or school week and the beginning of the next
See? That's what I thought.
And then I read my horoscope. And really...this time it's quite accurate.
When others require that you do something in particular, you often rebel. You'd prefer to do things your own way. Today, however, you may not have a choice. Sure, you can get yourself totally frustrated by fighting against your obligations, but it will be easier to just do what you must and then be free to later do what you wish.

And now...a little to-do list for today and tomorrow:
Whip up another website for my steamier works. (I'm technologically challenged)
Gather excerpts from my released and soon-to-be released works for my Author's week next week. (Haven't started)
Gather the gifts and list them for my Author's week. (Have three. Need five.)
Write a spotlight for our Authors Unlimited newsletter. (Hate to repeat myself...but haven't started)
And three smaller things:
Hammer out a fifty word or less blurb for my story in the Winter Wishes Anthology coming out in January from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.
Make another signature line and somehow fit all my good stuff on there. *smacking head repeatedly*
Send out announcements detailing my Author's Week and plead for people to come. *grins*
Wish me well. I stocked up on Diet Pepsi yesterday and have already threatened the children's lives. So all should be well with that.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Making a change

Since I've decided to pursue both traditional and erotic romance, I've elected to use a pen name for the erotic romance. It's not a HUGE change from my name. It's more of a derivative. So...without further ado...My erotic romance pen name is C'ann Inman.

And being the short-sighted heifer I sometimes can be...this now opens up a whole new can of worms. Another website linked to my first. Another signature line. More business cards. (I am going for RED.)

This was prompted by the fact that I'm having fun writing both. I've just had another short story accepted to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. It's going to be in the Spring Flings Anthology due out April 2006. That makes two short stories with this genre. I also have a full that the editor is graciously eyeballing right now. I have at least two more fulls and two more shorts I want to pursue in this genre. For now.
I also have at least six ideas for traditional stories. Two have more than 25,000 words right now.

Has anybody looked into cloning?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Ought to make for an interesting day

Get ready for an adventure into the unknown where you meet interesting and unconventional people who are very different than you. Some basic assumptions about what and who is "normal" may be tested and you could find yourself far from home. There are few better equipped than you to appreciate the extraordinary diversity of the human species. It's a fun excursion to another world and beyond.

I love the interesting and unconventional. I often visit there myself.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's about damn time

I love the Packers. Anyone who knows anything at all about me knows this. And it has been a WOEFULLY pitiful season thus far. Until today.
My man, Brett Favre, led his team to a 52-3 victory over the Saints. He was the first one on the field today, period. He was at Lambeau hours before the game throwing that ball. He is my sports hero. I also lust after him, but that's another post. *grinning*
Fifty-two to three. I'm going to be hugging that one to my chest for many days to come.
The only major gripe I have is that there is regional coverage. Um...I'm quite a ways from Wisconsin, so I can only watch highlights. But that's okay. I'll take what I can get.

I've got another review. Woohoo! Woohoo! I love these reviewers. They're taking time out of their day to read stories and give feedback to the author and other readers. I appreciate ALL OF YOU!
Here's the link for my latest review
from Romance Junkies.
Have a wonderful weekend all!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is it the weekend yet?

It's one cold sonofagun here. Have the woodstove burning. Lovely.
I've finally made the choice on my school issues. When I've let them know, I'll pass it on to y'all. Satisfied? Mebbe not. But it's workable.

My first chat was the other night. And it was so exciting! OMG! I absolutely loved it. There is nothing like connecting with other authors and readers. Woo! And I love to read about other authors. Simply fascinating.
I have an interview at Fallen Angel Reviews
Give it a gander if you'd like. I'm bursting with stories and can't wait to actually work on them tomorrow. This week has simply been crazy.
I ran into a girl I knew from school that I haven't seen in about fifteen years. She asked what I was doing, and she smiled. "I knew you'd do something smart."
Thanks, Twana. I appreciate that.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Y'all are the best

Okay. I have to vent. I'm sorry. But here it is.
The superintendent at the kid's school has a God complex. Apparently he told the Board when he hired in that he would do things his way. Period.
We had a nice two-hour chat yesterday (I'm mentally exhausted), and here's the sum of it.
Even though there are six children (sharp children) who have dropped a letter grade or two in at least one class...there are twenty-seven other children who are doing well. This one year won't do "irreparable damage" to them. If it were special education children who were having problems, he would hire an aide. But since it's not...oh well.
He went so far as to accuse the children of being lazy. Me of favoring my youngest child (She's so low-maintenance it's not even funny). And this just in...
the teacher who had the wall-eyed fit to keep all the fifth graders to herself popped off with, "It's not *my baby chicken* who has the problem. It's her mother." Nice, huh? Here and I will be having a little chat in the future. I can promise you that.
I have been officially villified by the four teachers involved, the principal, and the superintendent. Am I bothered? Not particularly.
The baby chicken's (ALL the chickens) academics have always been very important to me. The superintendent went so far as to say that grades don't matter. But if the schoolwide report cards drop...there will be consequences. I'm sure he'll think he can deal with that when it happens.
He doesn't think parents should be involved in any way, shape, or form with any scheduling or fund allotment for the children. We're all supposed to sit back, shut up, and deal with it.
I gave him a list of thirty-four questions that had to do with the school, teachers, and this schedule.
For the first thirty minutes of our meeting, he was the most insulting individual he could be without cursing me. I had an agenda. He wouldn't be a part of any school where the decisions were based on parents. Those questions were condescending and low. No one had ever talked to him that way before. I think that was the problem.
There is a massive hole on campus where I've heard rumors of a pond being there named after him. It turns my stomach, quite frankly. When I asked about it...who funded it...he said that they were hoping for a grant from the Wildlife Conservation. Interesting. I bet he still makes sure it bears his name. What an egotist.
I'm making another effort at the next school board meeting, but I don't see anything changing. Like I said, I'm the villain.
I'm not done fighting, but I don't hold out much hope I'll be taken seriously. There's a large dose of small-town politics attached to all this. And my roots don't run as deep as some others.
Wish me luck. And I adore all of you that left encouraging remarks. That's exactly what I need right now.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Yes. I'm yelling. And that other strange sound you hear? It's me. Hyperventilating. *grinning*
Thanks to everyone for their collective congratulations. I'm beaming over here.
I love hearing from all of you.

I'm still bickering with the superintendent of the kid's school. He flat out told me today that he wasn't changing the schedule. And just because "six children are struggling. It's an acceptable casualty because twenty-seven children are doing fine." The six children are advanced students. He also stated that "one year will not do irreparable damage." Nice, huh?
Still not done. I have one more school board meeting to attend. Then I'm making my decision about what to do.
And the superintendent? He accused me of having an agenda. Me. An agenda. I almost fell out of my chair. And he was defensive to the point of being derisive and pissy with me. Rather ridiculous. It was because I was questioning him. Imagine that. The balls I must have. To question the current curriculum schedule as it affects my child. Someone get the whip.

But I digress.
Tonight is my chat at Coffee Time Romance. The link is in the post below this one. Come see me if you've got the time. Once again, I've neglected my writing and my bloghopping (pity that) because of this school debacle. I'm straightening that out tomorrow.
Can't wait to see what everyone is up to.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

My first release is available!

Hi y'all!
This is it. Virtually Yours is now available through
I'll also be chatting October 4th at at 9:00 pm EST. I'll be giving away a free download of my book. Come and join me!
Thanks to all of you for your support! I appreciate it so much!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time off

I took this weekend off from blogging. I think I'm going to start doing that from now on. It was a nice little break for myself.
I've been on the computer for hours on end strengthening my case for the School Board again. Let me just ask you this:
Would you like it if you're fourth grader had eight different classes with six different teachers? If you were totally ignored and not asked at all about any of it?
I'm pissed.

Onto better news. I received my ARC for Perfect Timing back today. I'm now sending it out for reviews and such. Busy. Busy. Busy. That one is due out in February.
I really need to focus on finishing the stories I have before me right now. I was going to go back to the school superintendent's tomorrow, but I think I'll go back Monday when I head to town for my doctor's checkup.

It's a windy sonofagun here. The wind has shifted to the north. It was 95 degrees today. Tomorrow it's going to be 73. WOO! I'm so excited! No air conditioner! Just nice, cool, fall weather. *sigh* I'm so ready.

I have three girls' birthdays in October. Pray for me.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday night plans

THANK YOU ALL for the lovely, positive thoughts. I appreciate all of them. And Lyvvie, I adore you. Just couldn't let that pass. *grins*
I'm horrible about being wound up. I want to overachieve on everything. And one more thing to the mix? Oh SUUUUUUUUURE. No problem. Ack. Ack.
But I'm going to try and slow that down a bit for the remainder of the year. Me=trying to do better.
We're going to a hometown football game this evening. My alma mater. Ahem. Why do they all look so damn young? *laughing* I stopped by the office today to get a schedule, and I was taken aback by all that youth manning the phones and desks. Maybe I'll run into a couple of old friends and chit-chat. If nothing else, it's an evening away from the house where we can watch a little football.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just breathe

Chrys,It's a tough phase for you emotionally as you struggle to find balance between your obligations and your need for freedom. Perhaps something has happened that makes it difficult for you to move on -- although you know you must. Someone else's positive outlook can now offer just the inspiration you need to take the next step.

Anyone out there with a positive outlook? Bueller? Bueller?
I'm feeling swamped. I think I'm pushing myself too hard mentally because I feel guilty for being off for my gallbladder thing. Next week I'll be at the school at least 3 days. I have to finish editing my second book. I have several stories waiting for me to jump right back in, and I want to.
Then what's my hold up? I honestly don't know. I love writing. And as I sit here pondering my quandry ( I don't use this word nearly enough), I think I've come up with something.
My first book is out next month. That both excites and scares the bejeezus out of me. I have three children's birthdays next month. Then it will be Christmas. And where in the hell has this year gone?
Okay. I'm signing off now. I need to breathe calmly and tell myself that it's nothing I can't overcome. there's any positive outlook out there, please share.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Uneasy dreams

Law enforcement authorities were searching a one-square-mile area from XXXX and XXX late Monday night for a suspect wanted for an alleged shooting incident in XXXXXXX County.
Authorities were looking for a white male who is 5 feet, 11 inches, tall, weighing 165 pounds with tattoos all over, according to scanner reports.

This is approximately three miles from my house. And I didn't hear about it until about 11:00 p.m. last night. We were watching the Dallas game and I DVR'd Medium and UFC Ultimate Fighter 2.
I've tried to find out what happened, but I can't find it anywhere today. Grrrrrrrrrrr
Needless to say, I didn't sleep with the ear plugs in last night. Hopefully this idiot has been caught.
On a lighter note, Medium was EXCELLENT last night. It sucks to have to wait three months to see a Part 2, but it was really good.
Tonight is Open House at the chickens' school. I'm not sure how many dirty looks I'll receive, but I'll let y'all know. I plan on telling the principal that I'll be back this next Monday for another chat with her. And then I'm going to spend two days next week going to class with my two younger chickens.
And this is what kills me: I have talked to teachers from the elementary up. I have heard from other parents. I can't find ONE person besides perhaps the principal and superintendent who think this system is working. But no one else will speak up. So I persevere.
I've literally pushed my editing up and worked my heiney off this week to just have the time to swing this next week. Will it change anything? From my experience last time, I doubt it.
But I hope. And I continue. And my kids know that I care enough to put everything aside for them. Even this battle has its perks.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Even the dog is sneezing

I don't know about any of y'all, but my allergies are kicking my arse. I'm shoving little, red pills down my throat at the rate of 3 every 3 hours. Even our shepard/coyote mix is sneezing.
Our youngest feline decided to catch a mouse last night. But first he decided to play with it. For over half an hour. He was batting it around like he was somebody. And then he would glance up at me to see if I was paying attention. He's a nut.

I need to work on my writing this morning because this evening is booked. And last night, the Whiskey Creek Press authors had a chat at
It's the first time I've ever attended. It was enjoyable, and I really liked interacting with the readers. One of the women happened to give a review to my first book, Virtually Yours, coming out next month. You ever have one of those moments? Those warm, fuzzy ones? It was lovely when she told me that. And then followed it up with, "I love that book." *beaming*
There's football tonight so I need to hop on the wagon and tap it out. I would like to have half my next short story finished and possibly continue editing my second book. We'll see how that pans out.
Have a good Monday. *wondering if that's an oxymoron*

Even the dog is sneezing

I don't know about any of y'all, but my allergies are kicking my arse. I'm shoving little, red pills down my throat at the rate of 3 every 3 hours. Even our shepard/coyote mix is sneezing.
Our youngest feline decided to catch a mouse last night. But first he decided to play with it. For over half an hour. He was batting it around like he was somebody. And then he would glance up at me to see if I was paying attention. He's a nut.

I need to work on my writing this morning because this evening is booked. And last night, the Whiskey Creek Press authors had a chat at
It's the first time I've ever attended. It was enjoyable, and I really liked interacting with the readers. One of the women happened to give a review to my first book, Virtually Yours, coming out next month. You ever have one of those moments? Those warm, fuzzy ones? It was lovely when she told me that. And then followed it up with, "I love that book." *beaming*
There's football tonight so I need to hop on the wagon and tap it out. I would like to have half my next short story finished and possibly continue editing my second book. We'll see how that pans out.
Have a good Monday. *wondering if that's an oxymoron*

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sports, short stories, and Sunday

Right now, I'm watching the Eagles stomp the snot out of the Forty-Niners. I mean BAD. Then I get to watch Denver and San Diego. The bad part being...most games that are televised are regional. So my beloved Packers? Not so much. And on a vaguely related subject, I bought a $7 Packers coat yesterday. One of those big, bad boys that cheeseheads booger up in when the tundra is frozen and Brett Favre is tearing it up at Lambeau Field. I love football. *grins* Mebbe it's the hot guys in tight pants. Who knows? I've learned not to question such things.

I finished my Torrid short story and am about to start on my other one. I'm enjoying myself immensely. First time I've ever used food to play with in a story. hehehe
Now I have to switch gears and clean it up a bit. This story is a totally different take on love/lust and all those goodies.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Back on track

Well then.
I think I'm back. I've tried to hit my blogbar and go bloghopping today. I missed it!
And so I did. A lot of you have new looks for your blogs. Very nice.
I know I'm better when the insomniac comes back. And guess what? I'm arse deep in short stories and three fulls. Ayuh. Looks like I AM back.
I need to do the final edit for the second book. I need to finish one short story and dive headfirst into another. I need to finish my spicy story and at least one contemporary in a month.
My personal challenges. *grinning*
And the flippin' school board meeting that I drug myself to and remember about half of? (The day after my surgery.)
Words CANNOT describe what a cluster that has turned out to be. Once again, I'm going to haul my cookies up to the school and raise blazes with several people. The principal. The superintendent. And I'll make a point to be at every school board meeting.
Why don't some people have common sense? If anyone ever figures this one me. Sometime at a later date, I'll vent. For now, I'm just happy to be here.

Friday, September 16, 2005

What the stars think

And I'm inclined to agree.

Chrys,There are irresolvable issues in your life, making you feel less stable than you wish. Even if you figure out some of the details, the overall picture may still remain messy. Perhaps you have an idea that could make it all work out, but then when you go to put your plan into motion, you bump into something that you didn't consider. At least temporarily, try to live with the chaos.

Can I get a pfffftttttt?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Romance Junkies Contest

Hello all!

I'm writing because I was just informed that my entry is up at Romance Junkies. There are 20 entries with excerpts. Everyone was informed to use a different name so as to not influence voting. Mine is in there somewhere, but I know any one of us would be more than happy to receive a vote. If you've got time and the inclination, it would be appreciated.
Here's the link: It's the last week, so I'll bother you no more. *grinning*

On an entirely different note, I think two of my staples are infected. *looking down at torso and grimacing* I guess the doc and I will have ALL kinds of fun tomorrow.
Be safe.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Stapled, sore, and sedated

Hell of a way to start the day. I typed in about three paragraphs and blogger ate it. Let me surmise.

10 staples. Loritab is my friend. Staples out Wednesday. Sore. Bed is friend. Better at end of week. Hugs to everyone.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Nervous energy

Right now I'm full of it. Um...nervous energy. I've just sent my Artist and Title info to my publisher for my third book. I need to update my website. There are three million things racing through my head right this minute. I've got Fox News on and am watching recovery efforts.

My nervousness stems from the fact that I think there is more wrong with me than the simple gallbladder. Mebbe I'm overthinking this. And mebbe not. I don't know. I DO know that I have pain in more places than just the usual spots. So, we'll see.

Then I have this whole school board issue coming up a day after my surgery. The kids' school is just all bent out of shape this year. There is complete and utter chaos. Children are being shuffled near and far. It's absolutely ridiculous. So I raised hell and contacted the school superintendent. I can state my case on Sept. 8th. Ayuh. The day after my surgery. I'll be stating my case from the sitting position, but I'm not waiting another month for another meeting. No way.
My fourth-grader has six different teachers. And her homeroom is the computer room. They don't even have DESKS. They are writing on their laps. Me=NOT happy. Apparently this school year is a cluster from Pre-K to high school. There are too many children on the buses. They sit three to a seat. And one bus has children sitting on other children's laps. This is just WRONG!
I need to put my thoughts together today and tomorrow so that I'm ready to fight the good fight for the children. Wish me luck.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Me again

Hello you lovely people!

It's Saturday, and I'm impatiently waiting for Wednesday. Thought I was going to have to run to the ER yesterday. Had a little dizzy spell at my Mom's birthday lunch. My blood pressure is a little high. I think it's all related to my gallbladder, personally. But, um...I don't have a MD after my name. More's the pity.
I appreciate all of your comments and your visits. I know I'm a sporadic poster now, and I'm so sorry. And I miss surfing y'all's blogs so much. Grrrrrrrrrrr
My goal is to be at least able to sit at the computer for extended periods of time a week from today. *fingers crossed* Then I can see how everyone is doing.
I've received another review, but I'm not dealing with it until a little later in the month. It's at Fallen Angels Review if you want to check it out. I'll post it later.
I miss all of you!!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hi all! Thought I'd drop a line and type an update. I went to the doctor yesterday. I'm FINALLY having the gallbladder removed next Wednesday morning. YAY!!! And normally I'd hit return and start another paragraph. Apparently Blogger is in revolt. It won't let me. Sorry. This will all be strewn together. Two of the kids are in band. And let the music abound in the house. *laughing* I remember my band days well. Oh. My. I hope everyone is tapping away at those manuscripts and tearing it up. I'm working on and off on another Paranormal Romance. Um...this gallbladder thing has slown me down considerably. Pfffftttt. Oh. Forgot to mention that I have high blood pressure. Once again...I have to roll my eyes. This doesn't surprise me much. Me=wound tight. Not able to write. In pain. Go figure. And I can't multi-task right now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'll try to catch up with everyone later. Grins*

Monday, August 22, 2005

Such as it is

Hello all!

Um...not much new here. Same ol' sh*t. Therefore, this will probably be a brief post. I hate to use Blogger as a vent post. Because lately that's what the last few posts seem to be.
To wrap-up: Me-pained, pissed, disgruntled, irritable, and hateful.

Let's discuss some good news. *tapping foot and thinking*
The kids are healthy. The Packers won their last game. I have Diet Pepsi. I've bipped around to some of my regular blogs and commented. I have missed it SO badly. I'll need to see if I can do more tomorrow.

My writing oomph has been next to nil. Sitting too long hurt my side and my back. My entire right side is pretty much screwed. And the COMPAQ people sucketh. I need to call them tomorrow and inform them they need to send me a &%!*&%$#*& modem.Um...but I digress.
Sorry about that. *grinning*

I'll try and do better.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Postcards from purgatory

Not much has changed here. I won't be able to get in to see the Surgeon for a consultation for another 2 1/2 weeks. I'm highly displeased. I suppose I'll keep refilling my pain pill prescription (which really doesn't help-but I need SOMETHING) until then.
I think it's my computer modem that's utterly screwed. I had to dig out my old Windows 95-AOL 6.0 to get back online. This is the icing on my cake. Let me tell you. I have a short story and my second novel that I can't even touch until I get the other computer back online. This computer doesn't have the means, and it shuts down on a whim ALL THE TIME.
I haven't been writing much since sitting for long periods of time is unpleasant. All in all-Pffftttt.
I hope to have the computer fixed, or a new modem by this weekend.

And I'm out of Diet Pepsi. Shoot me now.

I hope everyone's writing is flowing and the personal lives are wonderful. I'll get around to catching up when my computer is fixed. And I bet I have LOTS to catch up on.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick note

Hi y'all!!!

It's me. It's Tuesday night. Here's how it is.

I was tortured, um...I mean tested, today. I have a nonfunctioning gallbladder and my bile (sorry to share so much) is not going to my small intestine. It's routed to my stomach. Isn't that great? Pffffttttt
This roughly translates into abdominal hell on earth. For those of you who don't know medical speak. heh computer died Friday, and it's still screwed up. It won't dial up to AOL at all. I'm at an understanding friend's right now. I had 600 emails, and I'm in a hurry!!!
I haven't been able to check all my comments and such. I didn't even get to see my RTB column. *almost had to cry Saturday* I'm headed there next.

Thanks to everyone who left comments and has been mildly worried about me. Between the gallbladder and the computer, I'm not in the best shape. Pfffffffftttttttt again
I don't know when the computer will be fixed. *crossing fingers* Hopefully soon. Oh please. Soon.

I miss everyone!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005


I just received an email from RTB which says my guest blog will be up Saturday evening. And I'm smiling. Isn't that great?
So. Check out my guest blog. The link is
Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.
Thanks to everyone at RTB who let us guest bloggers air our views on your blog. It's appreciated.
*still smiling*

Isn't it ironic?

Here I am. Don't have to work. Don't have to do anything but lay in bed and watch TV. And how does that make me feel? Pissed off.
I'm sure we've all heard the bonbon stories about women who stay at home and do nothing all day. It drives me up the wall.
When I sit, I hurt. When I lay down, I hurt. I have no appetite. And television SO does not interest me.
So. Here I am.
Restless, hurting, and annoyed. The joy of it all.
My doctor's appointment is this next Tuesday. I'm sort of hanging out until then. One more flippin' test before someone can decide to remove the *&#%#@^&#*@ gallbladder. I love managed care. Really. I do.

So instead of writing and being productive, I'm the proverbial potato. Happy? Not so much.

I'm going to lay off the computer so as not to vent to all you lovely people who grace my blog with your presence. I won't blog again until after my doctor's appointment. What is there to say? Not a whole lot.
I hug all the well wishes to my chest and thank everyone for their good thoughts. More later. After someone removes their head from their heiney and decides to remove my gallbladder. heh

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I'm feeling fairly crappy right now. Woke up and my side was hurting like a son of a gun. (I'm taking pain meds until my next text and final prognosis) Then when I was taking a bath, I started feeling nauseous. HAD to run to town, or I would have simply curled up in bed and moaned. Came back, and I am uncomfortable. Sweating. My side is hurting. And I'm still fairly nauseated. Not doing so hot.
Can't seem to sort my thoughts, so I doubt I type today. I'm going to keep my bed company.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tap, tap, tap

I'm hard at it again. Time to break open the files and get to it. I need to finish my romance erotica and immerse myself in my Sil. Desire story. I feel like I need a little more conflict for that one though. Premise is good. I just need a little more tension. I'm working that out in my head.
I'm aiming for the 3000 today. I'll drop a postnote in later to state whether that happened or not. *grinning* Let's hope I have good news.

addendum: Wrote 3000 words

Monday, August 01, 2005

Just the Mama

Today, I'm just the Mama.
This morning and early afternoon were filled with school activities and PTO stuff. We typed, xeroxed, and then stuffed envelopes. Had a meeting. Made plans. ALL the good stuff. So my wee, little brain is tired.
I won't be typing today because I just don't feel like it. But tomorrow...
Ah! That is another day. Already have plans to be tapping away. *grins*
Kids are watching TV under the air conditioner. It is HOT! I'm so ready for fall, it isn't even funny. This whole 95 degree everyday thing really isn't doing it for me. Even our shepard/coyote is in on the area rug in the front room. (She's a little spoiled)

And an update on our rescued kitty: Toby is great. Well, um, he's actually spoiled, too. And he's flippin' hilarious. That boy can do acrobatics like I've never seen. He's froggy ALL THE TIME! The kids love to let him play with their beanie babies and such. And he just tears it up. Plus we bought him this little wand thing with fur on it. (It actually looks like it could be something else. Ahem) And he loves to bat at it, too.

Look forward to reading everyone's accounts of RWA and how it went. Fill us in! And I LIKE pictures!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Slow Sunday

The chickens are out in the pool. We picked up pizza earlier, so I didn't have to cook. Yay!
And I'm sitting here at the trusty ol' desk typing away on my HOT story. I'd like to eke out 3000 words again, but I'm well with it if I don't. *shrugs*
I think I'm right around 33500 total. I don't want it any longer than 50000.

I can't decided what I want to work on next. Well, the MAIN work. I always have little pieces of things floating around that I tap on now and again. There is another extremely spicy story that I'm targeting Ellora's Cave. But then I have another contemporary that I'll submit to WCP. And then I have a contemporary that I'm targeting Sil. Desire. Hmmmmmm. The possibilities are endless. And there's also a "tween" children's book I'm working on. Oh. And another paranormal. I suppose I really won't get down to it until I finish this current one anyway. It's just more stuff to ponder.

And I can't wait until I can actually type from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm with NO interruptions! That is so incredibly wonderful. But then I'll probably doing homework again for two hours.
It's a trade-off I can live with!

Wrote 1500 words

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Another review and whatnot

Virtually Yours has received another review. This one is from The Romance Studio

I'll post a snippet:
The scenarios that Sarah gets involved with in the virtual world are truly fantastic situations that are very enjoyable to read about. The contrast between the virtual world of the study and Sarah's actual real life world provides for lots of funny, sad, and plain old memorable situations. Virtually Yours is a sweet gem of a story that will satisfy any romance fan. Get your hands on this book!
Overall rating: 4 hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual
Reviewer: Sarah W
June 22, 2005

You know. I have that whole perspective thing going on. I could have done this better. I could have done that better. *laughing* I suppose that will never change. But I'm proud of this book. My first three published are so diametrically opposed, the only common thread is love.
My former boss tells me that she never knew what was running around in my head. Now she's skeered. *snickering*

I've worked my ass off the past couple of days to get in a sufficient word count. I'll work on my manuscript today, but I won't be balls to the wall with it. And tomorrow I'll type at leisure, also. Monday will be busy. I'm helping out at the school, and I need to do some shopping.
Next week will be busy with school shopping and such. *rolling eyes*
Kids are EXCITED!

Friday, July 29, 2005


I believe I wrote so much yesterday because I was supposed to be booked today. Working at the school and such. But that fell through, so I'm back home. My goal today is 3000 words. My afternoon will be broken up a little bit since I have to leave the house, but I'm sure I can swing the alloted amount of words. I want to finish this HOT story and self-edit at least twice by the end of August.
And there are so many other projects I want to work on! I suppose I'll simply listen to myself and figure out which would be next manuscript to hammer out. And I suppose we all know that I'll be working on three projects at once. *grins* Some things just aren't going to change.

School starts in less than two weeks! That, in itself, brings a smile to my face. heh


addendum: finished the 3000 words

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Not the show, LOL. That's how many words I've typed today!
WOOHOO! I'm feeling pretty spicy.


Sometimes I don't realize how far I've come when I'm so wrapped up in the struggles of today. I'm so focused on what I have going on right this second that I forget what I've done up to this point.
And so I take a moment to reflect and remind myself that I have good news. That I can still inspire myself. And that there has been progress even though some days it doesn't feel like it.

I received my first contract last September. I received my second contract last December. I received my third contract in July. I've also received three contracts for three different short stories to be placed in two anthologies. All in less than a year.

This blows me away. How quickly I forget. I hurry up and finish one and then start immediately on another one, two, or three manuscripts. I've already confessed to being the "rut slut" that y'all know so well. When I finish, I don't take a day off. I get up, get a drink, and sit right back down at the computer to open another document and work on it.
If I've had a productive week, I'm harder on myself than anybody else ever thought of being, then I will usually take off Sunday. If, however, I haven't met my word goal or storyline goal for the week, then I work straight through everyday until I'm satisfied.
Driven? Slightly.
And it works for me. But every once in awhile, I need to let myself sit back and remember. And then I'll open my document and get to work. *laughing* Hey! I took a moment!

And I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those lovely people I "talk" with everyday. I visit your blog or you visit mine. And I feel better for knowing all of you. It helps. I didn't know what I was missing in this arena until I found you wonderful people. And now I couldn't imagine a day without you.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Medical woes and waiting

Still hurting. Going back to the doctor tomorrow. Update then.
Not looking forward to it.

Waiting. Tap. Tap. Tap.
Hmmmm. Two months or so until my first release. *checking calendar* *counting* *cursing*
Yes, I'm an impatient soul. It's a cross I have to bear.
The upside being that every little bit of good news I hear from fellow writers gives me an oomph. A boost. Makes me feel like tackling my monstrous manuscripts. And even though I'm not going to RWA Reno, I'm sure I'll love hearing the stories and looking at the pictures. Can't wait!
Until then, I'm asking to borrow just a wee bit of someone's oomph. Please.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Conference envy and writing

Yes. I admit it. I have conference envy. Never mind the fact that I'm socially inept and uncomfortable around my peers. Never mind that I literally don't have anything to wear. Never mind that the last time my hair was done, I think it was P.C. (pre-chickens). Never mind I can't afford it. Never mind ALL that.
I'm sure it will be a great time. ;)

And Suzanne brings up a good point on her Romancing the Blog post. (Click the RTB button on my sidebar. It'll take you right there.) Yes, she may be kicking up her heels and having a good time, but the rest of us will spend that time writing.

Writing. The lifeblood of the industry. The reason that all those people are flocking to Reno this year. We will, in essence, be doing our own little literary mambo here in our houses. Would I prefer margaritas and half-naked cover models? Well, hell. Who wouldn't? But I will be holding my own while tapping away at my loverly keyboard. Criminey! I don't even belong to RWA. And honestly, I don't want to. How's that for twisted?
It's the camaraderie. It's the meeting of minds. THAT'S what I envy most. We could be meeting here at my backwoods house over BBQ. The location doesn't matter. It's the people. Always the people.
Oh. And the margaritas.

writing addendum: 2000 words yesterday on the HOT story. Hoping to add another 2000 at least today. MUST quit surfing web. heh

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Pumpkin AKA Witch Kitty

Special thanks to Jinger Heaston. She doctored this picture since Pumpkin is gracing the cover of my second book. You can check Jinger's work out at
However, due to Kitty Privacy issues, this won't be the pose she strikes on the book. heh

Muses and short stories

My Muse is twisted. She seems to want to be productive at night while I'm attempting to sleep. For the last two nights, she's been extremely persistent. Bossy heifer.

I have good news, though. My short story has been accepted for the Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Anthology. YAY! My first contracted work into the HOT category. Makes me want to finish my longer hot story. heh
As if I need anymore incentive. *grinning*

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Policy

First, let me state again how happy I am to be working from my home. There are times like these when it's a godsend. I received word from one of my friends that still works where I used to, and there has been a change in policy. From now on...NO jewelry.

A little backstory. Yes, my old job was at a factory. A Fortune 500 company, I believe. And I worked in the lab. But there were several people who had to work around machines all day. And those little suckers can be tricky. Apparently they've pulled necklaces, rings, and such into the machines. Therefore, the jewelry is now a risk.

When I did work on the floor, I was fortunate enough to work with a man I'll call Tim. Tim was a family man. Everyday before we started, he'd take off his wedding ring and slide it onto the necklace he wore around his neck. Every evening, he'd slide it off and back onto his finger. Wise man, this Tim. And I took note of it.
However, there are several individuals (male and female) out at this plant who don't know the first thing about monogamy. It simply isn't in there vocabulary. Pity that. And I really think this "no jewelery" policy is going to be an open door for these "free thinkers." It's a regular Peyton Place out there, anyway. People who wear their wedding bands most often wear them for more than one reason. It means "I'M TAKEN." Peddle your wares elsewhere.
And now that this has been taken away, I'm sure that some individuals will see this as a buffet of people to check out. Think again.

I could understand it if the ring was immensely gaudy and stuck out. Or the necklace hung down to your navel. Or even if you liked those big hoop earrings. But making people take off a symbol of their love just so safety coordinators can say they're doing something...not so much.
The only items they can wear are stud earrings. That's it. And that's far too little considering the environment.