Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blah blah blah

I'm feeling rather blah case you hadn't noticed. I'd like to crawl back in bed, pull the covers over my head, and wait until tomorrow. Not a great plan, by any means. But definitely one that is appealing.
We moved middle chicken's stuff into the spare bedroom so she now has a room of her own. (Maybe the cluster that follows her will be ALSO be restrained to that room. Somehow I doubt it.)

So. I'm supposed to be writing. But I'm having some seriously financial issues due to the worthless shit I was with for quite some time. Nothing like running up a massive phone bill...getting your own phone...and refusing to pay the massive bill you ran up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'm rather foul right now. Which, as you all know, absolutely murders the creativity. Quicker than staking a vampire. *tapping fingers*
Does Red Bull work? 'Cause I need some wings.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

Yes! It is! *kissing my desk calendar*
Best news I've had all day.

This week has been interminable. But baby chicken assures me hers as flown by. Hmph. Go figure.
Oldest chicken went to a band festival yesterday. Got in a wee bit of a go-kart accident. *eye twitch* The band director suggested a bubble for her. I would have to concur. The child seems to bump/bruise/injure something about every other day.

April is winding down rapidly, and I find myself wondering...Where in the blue hell did a quarter of my year go???

Had a twinge last night. I missed my house. My stuff. My old life. The normalcy of it all. It kind of lingered like the remnants of a strong headache. I'm moving on, but I didn't expect to be blindsided by the nostalgia. Guess it takes quite a bit of time to iron it all out subconsciously.

I'm writing this weekend. And Lord does THAT need to be done. But I woke this morning, cranky-mind you, but with a sense of purpose that has long been missing in my life of late. I feel strong. I feel capable. Damn it...hear me roar! *grins*

That's about all the randomness for now. I work until five. Then it's off to check in with the chickens and enjoy the fact that I don't have to work this weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scared to death

I received my daily "We just got home from school and are checking in" call. And what did oldest chicken tell me?

That the school was put on a Code Red lockdown. If you ever want to strike fear into a mother's will utter the words CODE RED LOCKDOWN.

So after I squash my panic attack...I ask exactly what went on. Apparently there was a girl in Oldest chicken's class that had a "hit list" with names on it. A few of the girls saw it and went to the principal. Handcuffs, three sherrifs, and one dog later...everything was supposed to be okay.
But it's not.

I appreciate the fact the school was locked down even though it scared the shit out of the girls. But I didn't get ONE piece of paper with any type of explanation (even a little one). And this all happened BEFORE NOON.
Needless to say, I will be at the school bright and early tomorrow morning with questions and opinions.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that it happened. And it upsets the hell out of me. The girls go to a LITTLE school. The graduating class is usually between 12 and 20.
And the fact that something so heinous could happen here scares me to death.

What the hell is the world coming to?
Violence will solve your problems? Parents not knowing that there are some SERIOUS anger issues going on? A principal that keeps parents in the dark?
Screw that.

Give extra hugs and kisses this evening. I know I will.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hot dreams about...Robbie Benson?

Okay. I admit it. I had some pretty *ahem* hot dreams about Robbie Benson last night. Is that weird? Um...yeah.

First...I have vague memories of the dude. I think he was in "My Bodyguard" and some movie about ice skating. Dunno. Like I said...vague. But this dream he was HAWT! Holy cow and then some.
Young, lithsome, tan, etc. etc. etc. *wiping drool off keyboard*

What prompted this impromptu appearance of Robbie Benson in my rich fantasy life? Not sure about that either. I think he symbolizes someone in my world right now that I find sincere, attractive, and very beta. Therefore, voila, my wee little head conjured him up.

Interesting. Odd as hell. But highly interesting.

Wonder who's going to make an appearance in my subconscious this evening? Wonder if I can campaign for Hugh Jackman? *drool*


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toxic People

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. And I tend to want to see the best in everyone. But I'm seriously plagued right now by Toxic People.
You know...the assholes that seem to want to cling to you and pull you down into their collective depths of hell? Yeah. Those.

I'm trying to rock right along with my own life. Get my stuff straightened out. Live right. Be happy. All that good stuff.
But I keep getting the Toxic People roadblock. Irritating, that.

So. Seriously. Go back and dredge along with your pathetic life and stay out of mine. Quit texting. Quit calling. Quit being a large size pain in my ass. I don't want you. You don't belong in my world anymore. Get a clue and leave me alone.


Onto sunnier posts tomorrow.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

I blog; therefore, I am

Well. If that was true, I may as well cease to exist, huh? LMAO

How's it been in your neck of the woods? It's been crazy hectic here. The kids have about one more month of school. *sigh*
Is it REALLY hateful to wish for fall already?
Work is busy, and I have NOT been writing as I should.
And, of course, I had two more GREAT ideas for books. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Wouldn't you know it?

I toy with the idea of an agent every now and again. And I'm seriously considering branching out into different publishers. But we shall see.

Received a fan letter the other day asking if I was thinking about a sequel to What He Wants.

Cloning is still illegal, right?
Too damn bad.

Some good news? I'm off tomorrow, which is so incredibly lovely. But I have to work Saturday. So that will limit my weekendness to Sunday. And I need to write!!!

Thanks for visiting. Musings from My Mercurial Mind will probably resurface sometime this weekend for bitching, whining, and generally moaning.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

And now...for my next trick...

We had pea-sized hail yesterday. Twice. Once in the morning...once in the evening.
And it's one cold son of a gun here. I've got the heater cranked and don't plan on leaving my domicile until Monday. When I have to.

I'm ready for Spring. Not this half-assed...hahaha...fooled ya kind of weather. When it's 75 one day and 23 the next. NO. I want the real honest-to-goodness start of Spring.

I love Spring. Times of new beginnings. Flowers bloom. The air is sweet. I can drive down my country road and watch the cows get busy. And hope blooms in my heart.

Winter has been a bitch. And I'm ready to shake that off and proceed with whatever is next down the road. So I'm going to kickstart it.
I have a pdf of Spring Flings for someone Sunday. I have a short story in there. And it's all seasonal love. *grins*
Leave a comment. Tell us what you like about Spring. I'll draw Sunday evening around 6 pm CST.
And yes...this is Erotic Romance...just so ya know.
Best of luck!


Oooo la la

Nothing like the first stirrings of romance in the air. Whether it be a mutual spark or just strong feelings whenever that other person is in your vicinity. And when you fight those's the verbal repartee that ensues. Oftentimes brutally honest and entertaining.

I love character dialogue. When the hero and heroine engage in verbal foreplay. Because that's where chemistry starts. Sparks. And ignites.
The two may be oh-so-hot in the bedroom, but if they can't hold a conversation that holds my attention...I don't really care.

Chemistry is the glue that binds the hero and heroine. So it's incredibly important to give them traits that spark off one another. Interests that may be diverse and polar opposites.

You can't have Jack and Jill walking the same path, holding hands, and whistling a tune. How boring is that? Too boring to even contemplate, quite honestly.

Don't be afraid to shake up the status quo. Throw in some conflict. Make your characters as human as possible. Make them fallible. They don't have to be perfect.
But, by God, they HAVE to have chemistry.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You can't go wrong with naked

Here it is, my lovelies! The cover to Summer Solstice Scorchers available June 2007 from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. My story is "Conjuring Cade."
When Bliss Monroe takes a quiz in a magazine about what she likes in the bedroom...she has no idea that her answers will conjure the perfect man to fulfill her every carnal desire.
Until Cade knocks on her door and magically binds her to her bed. With magazine in hand, he's more than willing to make sure Bliss gets what she wants. Over and over again.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Come one...come all

I left work early today because, frankly, I feel like hammered dog shit. I don't believe that's a medical term. But it really does sum it up nicely. Came home, crawled into bed, and slept like the dead (probably looked like it, too) for four hours.

Before I departed, I got a bit of good news. I will be on a panel with Christine Rimmer and Merline Lovelace at the Red Dirt Book Festival slated for November 1-3, 2007 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
How exciting is that???

I did a panel with Christine Rimmer in February and absolutely loved it. Great lady. And I recently saw Merline speak at a conference. So I'm very excited about the opportunity. Plus, I can showcase my works to readers and writers from all over Oklahoma.
*blissful sigh*

And on another professional note...ALL of my books, and I do mean ALL, are in the top fifty for Fictionwise right now. My publisher has around 400 books listed, so I'm loving that. Not to mention that I have a book that's a year and a half old that suddenly made a spring forward. And another that's over a year old. I think it has to do with my two books being reviewed in Romantic Times Magazine.
We'll see. *fingers crossed*

And for more professional good news (as my personal life sucks right now, and we all know it)...What He Wants is STILL in the Top Ten Bestsellers at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. That's TEN months on the list. And it's NUMBER TWO!!!
Wow. I am very professionally humbled by this. Flattered. Honored. All of the above.

It's such a great feeling. Knowing my words are being read. That one of my stories may, right now, be in someone's hands. And that they have entered a world I created with only my mind.
And all I have to say is this...don't get lost in there. Stay OUT of the closets on the second floor. Stick with the travel guide. *grins* And don't forget the map at the doorway. This mind has lots of twists and turns. Maybe better leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Or articles of clothing. lmao

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

I opened one eye blearily at eight something this morning to have oldest chicken's chocolate breath blowing on my face.
"I got chocolate."

Well. No kidding. Not only did the chickens get chocolate...they also received a stuff bunny, windmill pen, and assorted candies and chocolates.

The Easter Bunny was a busy little critter last night. He had to hide 48 eggs. Yes. That's no typo. Eighteen for each chicken. Poor Easter Bunny. Probably tired and frazzled this morning.
Yeah. I'd bet on it.

I was going to be a woman of leisure today and kick back and do nothing, but unfortunately, there are dishes and laundry to take care of. So that's what I'm doing right now.
I do believe I may try and take a nap later. Wonder of all wonders. I can't remember the last time I actually took one. Hmmmmm *pondering*
I'm making the ham and accessories early so that the short people may munch the rest of the evening and not be asking, "What's for dinner?"
Heathens. *grins*

It's cold here as it is over most of the country. I've got my red, fuzzy socks on and the heater turned up.
And even though we all are reaping the benefits of the Easter bunny...let's not forget what else we're thankful for.
He is risen.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Literary disappointments

I realize that most readers have stacks upon stacks of TBR (To Be Read) piles.
Quite frankly...I'm not one of them.

I will pick up a "hot" author. You know the ones of which I speak: Christina Dodd. Lisa Kleypas. Christine Feehan. LKH. Authors in the genre which I write.
And then I sit down and read. Once.
And the Christina Dodd I picked up...I didn't get to the second chapter. Does this mean she's not a great author? Not at all. But she's not suiting my reading right now.
And heaven knows...with my time at such a premium...I don't have time to jack with stuff I know I'll simply slog through.

There is nothing more disappointing than sitting down with great anticipation with a book and then closing it ten minutes later and knowing you will NEVER get those ten minutes back.
Rather inhales.

I used to be able to read anything and everything whenever I wanted. But it's just not possible any more. I've become pickier (MUCH) in my chosen selections. And when they don't measure up...the authors don't get another chance.

If you write...make your seventh book as fresh and exciting as your first. Make us love the characters. Enjoy the plot. And embrace the whole experience with every part of ourselves.
Don't become lazy. Don't tell yourself you'll do better next time.
Because if there are readers like me out there...there won't BE a next time.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Moon Goddess

“You’ll grow old, fat, and die alone.” Celine tossed her ebony locks over her shoulder and gave her fair-haired sister her most-pitying stare. “So sad. But you, alas, cannot attract even the most simple of men.”
Kyra glared at Celine, sparks shooting from her amber-colored eyes. “Oh really? You would do well to attract the keeper of the dogs. I’ve heard he has fleas. You should be so lucky.”
Celine looked away, and her shoulders shook. When she turned back to her sister, she held up her hands. “You win. This time.” She snickered. “Fleas. Honestly.”
Kyra grinned. “I thought you would like that. Spur of the moment it was.” She pulled her flaxen locks back into a simple braid and wound it around her head like a sunlit crown. Her skin glowed, and her golden eyes gleamed. “Do you really think Mother and Father speak of us like that?”
Celine shrugged. “There really is no telling what our parents discuss when we are not about. And I, for one, don’t care.” She tucked her glorious black locks under a circlet and growled at the loose tendrils that always escaped. Her pale skin accented the deep blue eyes that now studied her sister.
“I have no wish to marry. Our parents know this.”
“Nor I.” Kyra tossed her head. “We are goddesses. Why do we need some man grasping after us and clinging to our clothes?”
“Why indeed?” Celine shot a glance to her younger sister. “Though you seem to like Kane trailing after you.”
“Jealous?” Kyra arched an eyebrow, and Celine snorted.
“Never. Simply an observation.” She glanced at the sky. “We only have a few hours before our parents call us in for the evening. Let us make the most of it.” Celine closed her hand and opened it slowly. Six metal discs with a crescent moon emblazoned on them shone brightly in her palm.
“We play for honor, sister. Do you accept?”
Kyra closed her hand and opened it to reveal six metal discs with a blazing sun on each one. “I do.”
The sisters disappeared.
* * * *
“They will be the death of me.” King Thane sighed and looked to his wife for sympathy. He found none.
“I suppose you want biddable daughters. Ones who do as you say and never question anything?” She arched a delicate eyebrow, and her golden eyes bore into him.
“And why would I want a biddable woman in my life?” The king snorted. “I would die of shock, my love.”
Queen Ara eyed her husband and fought the laughter. “What grieves you the most? The fact that our daughters are the two most precious beings in this universe or that they have bested every man who approaches them?”
Ara tilted her head to the side. “Maybe it’s not time for our daughters to find mates.”
“Oh, it’s time all right.” The king stood and paced in front of his dais. “It’s past time. Just because they are fairly immortal is no excuse for not marrying and giving me grandchildren. But they are more concerned with their games than finding a man. It pains me.” He threw up his hands. “I need grandchildren. Wee ones to bounce on my knee.”
Thane stroked his beard thoughtfully. “I realize the girls are still learning their roles in the kingdom. Assimilating their duties. Meeting all facets of people. But how are they to rule this land without a partner to lean on? Such as I have you, my love.”
Ara chuckled. “Flatterer. And as for children to bounce on your knee…do not look at me, husband. I’m past my time for childbearing. But maybe we can think of a way to show our children the light.” She looked at her husband slyly. “I believe that Celine will find a mate before Kyra.”
“Bah.” Thane rolled his eyes. “Just because Celine is your favorite does not mean Kyra is without talent.” The king stroked his dark beard again. “Yes. I believe Kyra will find a mate before Celine.”
“Do you now?” Ara’s voice was silky. “A wager then?”
“Aye.” Thane looked at his beautiful wife with a twinkle in his blue eyes. “We might be able to work something out.”
“There must be rules.” Ara plucked a parchment and quill out of thin air. “The wager begins tonight at midnight and ends when Celine marries.”
“Kyra,” the king growled.
“We shall see.”
She began writing.
"Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess"
Torrid Teasers Vol. 33
Available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
August 2007
© 2007 C'ann Inman

Monday, April 02, 2007

La. La. And then some.

You know it's been a bad day when I tell a lovelorn friend that "love is a bitch. A dominatrix with a cat o'nine tails ready and willing to whip your ass."
(THIS from a woman who writes romance. *snickering*)

I've been a bit cranky the last couple of days. Lack of sleep, methinks. And I worked Saturday which shortened my weekend considerably.
Damn it.

I need a Spring Break. A "Big People" Spring Break. I don't need to flash my breasts and change swimsuits with the opposite gender. I don't need to imbibe countless drinks and sleep with strangers. (I really want to say something off-color here but will refrain)
I don't need to do stupid shit and then wonder if I need to be tested for diseases when I get home.
I simply need a break.

A break from the dipshit that constantly haunts my life. And the friend who turned out to be a backstabbing bitch from hell. That's about it.

A time to recharge the batteries and sip something cool while sunning my buns on the deck. No watches. No place to be. And certainly no damn deadlines or cranky people.
No manipulation and people that change their minds on a whim and look at you like you're crazy.
No bullshit. (Seriously. I need a "no bullshit" policy because I have ZERO TOLERANCE)

Why, oh why, do only students get Spring Break? Don't the rest of us need that time?
Hell yes, we do!

Now excuse me while I lay butt-naked on the deck while sipping my Diet Pepsi and forgetting what assholes some people can be.