Monday, October 26, 2009

It's an honest mistake

I take it back. Every Middle Chicken story I've shared thus far pales in comparison to the one I'm about to share that happened last night. Hopefully I won't wet myself in the retelling.
*deep breath*
The girls came home yesterday evening in "picking on each other" mode. Giving each other hell. So on and so forth.
Oldest Chicken looked over at Middle Chicken and said, "A stupid says what?"
Well, of course, that's MC's turn to say "What?" Because you know OC said it so quick, that's the first thing out of your mouth when you don't quite hear something.
Well, I snicker and explain that it's been done before by Wayne off Wayne's World (Saturday Night Live skits, of course. And movie fame). You know...when Wayne and Garth would broadcast from the basement and worship Aerosmith? Yeah. Like that.
But Wayne would always say, "A sphincter says what?" At which point in time, Garth would come up with the "What?" *cue audience laughter*
So I pop off with the story of how Wayne would say, "A sphincter says what?"
And MC looks at me (we're all laying on my bed) and says, "What's a sphincter? Doesn't that have to do with Math?"
Needless to say...I laughed. I explained (after some loud laughter) that no, it most certainly had nothing to do with Math. Then I educated her.
She frowns and says, "No wonder my math teacher walked away when I asked him if I needed a sphincter to solve the problem."
I am totally incapacitated at this point. Tears are streaming from my eyes, and I've adopted the fetal position on my bed. I can't even imagine how the teacher held it together.
I can't even get the next question out. Luckily, OC does it for me.
She looks at her sister and asks, "What did you mean to say?"
MC says, "You know. Those little half circle things?" She makes motions with her hands.
I'm still sucking air like a fish out of water and trying hard not to pass out.
I finally gasp, "You mean a protractor?"
MC nods. And that's all she wrote. I totally lost it. I thought I was going to have to take a hit off OC's inhaler. I swear to God.
MC waits for the commotion to die down and says, "It's an honest mistake."
And that, I told her, was what I was going to title the blog.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Turning it around

First off, I want to tell the members of my BB (Tammy, Jill, and Deb)...I love you, guys! They offered to do bodily harm to someone who lied to me and/or set the liar's bike on fire. Sweet, huh? lmao
But I've moved past that.
Had a date last night. A good date. *smile* Dinner. Bookstore. DVDs. An all-around good time. With a lovely individual who makes me think AND laugh. Hell of a combination. Rare, too. *grins*
Work *shrug*
Wearing me down of late. The ulcer has been flaring. Gee, I wonder why. But hopefully that will also settle soon. *fingers crossed*
It's a beautiful Saturday where I've cleaned the house and am now settling in a for a bit for the evening. Making some supper. Popping in a DVD.
That's new and different, too.
So things change when you hang in there long enough to let them. And while I can be Miss Impatient, sometimes the really good things are those worth waiting for. *smile*

Church tomorrow. Red Dirt Festival November 5th. If you're in or around Shawnee, Oklahoma during that time, swing by and see me! More details later.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One fall away from a hip replacement OR How I spent my Saturday

Went rollerskating with the chickies Saturday. It was extremely nice because there were few people there. And I can honestly say I was the oldest on skates. *grins*
I remember learning to skate and then wearing myself out every weekend at the local rink here. It had a wooden floor. It was small. But my God, it was like coming home. My sister and I lived about four blocks from it, and Mom would loosen up the leash just enough so she would let us walk it.
We would skate until our feet would blister. The pure bliss. The freedom. The um, bruises. lmao

My concern in taking on this massive (pure concrete) roller rink was not breaking a hip (give me two more decades for that one). Oh no. It was falling in the bathroom on said concrete floor and bleeding out before anyone knew I was gone. LOL
(I'm only halfway kidding.)
Luckily, I didn't fall once. Which I am eternally grateful for. Because, as one of my children put it, I'm old and brittle. *shakes head* I believe I may have smacked her. It's all blurry, and I plead the fifth.
Bottom line?
It was a fantastic damn day. And I worked out muscles that haven't seen that type of workout in far too long. *smile*
Now. If I can just bring myself to pop the gigantic blister on my right foot. Because there's a return trip in our future.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hello, my lovelies!!!

I'm back.
My God! A MONTH since my last blog???
Well. Things have been crazy here. The emotional rollercoaster continues. But now I feel as though I'm finding some even ground to step upon. Unlike the jacked-up road of previous blogs.
It's Friday.
Let's start there. I couldn't be happier with that, quite frankly. Of course, I still work with those that find work optional here. That remains irritating and uber old. But it won't change now, will it?
Highly doubtful.
So I persevere.
I'm going out tonight after work. Meeting some new friends. Giving that a go this evening. That may be the only thing that gets me through this day.
Found out some hard truths about myself.
It's that damn "all or nothing" personality. *grins*
I will go above and beyond in a relationship. And now I see that the person I'm trying to relationship with...sees that. And usually (God help me) uses it. So I'm done bending over backwards, forwards, and sideways for those I may be interested in.
Man up. Move on.
Those are your two options. Treat me right or beat feet. *shrug*
Who needs someone who sees you as an option, anyway?
Not I.
Let's see...what else?
All the girls' birthdays are this month. One down. Two to go. And they will be (drumroll, please)...Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen.
And yes...I AM old. lmao
Deal with it.
How am I feeling about it and life in general?
Much better, thanks for asking.
I'll try to do better with the blogging.
Have a great weekend!
I will.