Saturday, February 26, 2005

Writing Personality

You're a MYSTIC! A mystic needs basic information
to interpret the story or plot. You carry
characteristics of both plotters and pantsers,
and therefore you may have been unsure about
your writing personality. You may write a
chapter or two to get the story going, and then
write a very basic synopsis or outline of major
plot events. Nothing is set in stone. You
allow your intuition and inspiration to guide
you. You may stick to a steady schedule, or
you may write in bursts. Most mystics write
with a fair amount of regularity--not every
day, but maybe the same days of the week seem
to work best for you. You may revise the
previous days writing before continuing on with
new prose. Mystics carry the best
characteristics of both plotting and pantsing.
You are committed, but flexible. You are
creative, but organized. You have both a good
voice, and the grammatical skill to pull off a
great novel.

Find Your Writing Personality!!
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Working on it

I'm working on "The Portrait" this afternoon. I tapped out over 2,000 words,and I'm still not quite where I want to be in order to wrap it up.
I'm also looking into setting up several webpages and such. There is so much to assimilate! I'm constantly amazed how fast everything is shifting and changing. I've actually found a "html" tutorial I can understand! Praise to the Internet Gods! I'm so excited!
Little nippy here today. Rather mild weather for this time of year, I suppose. I was spoiled for Fall. Seemed like the mild weather stretched for months. I would like a little more Spring this year than a week and a half. I swear we went from Winter to Summer last year.
"The Portrait" is one of several manuscripts I am working on right now. I am approximately a third of the way through, and I am thrilled! There's also a tug to work on the book my kids can actually read. I think the book fair bug bit me! Being surrounded by all those wonderful words the kids enjoy sparked my imagination again. More to come.

If I told you to jump off a bridge...

There are leaders and followers in the world. There must be both to have balance. Some people are just born to do one or the other. That's great. Find your niche.
I am not, however, impressed with the manipulation and hypocrisy of one person which spreads like poison to others. It's toxic. Period. I do not giggle and make snide remarks behind a person's back. It's childish and pathetic. And to tear someone down just to get the instant gratification of others trying to build you back up? It's nauseating. Ludicrous, actually.
If that's the pathetic, little world you live in...fine. It's too bad you've brought others down to your level. Better to wallow with others, isn't it? Little company for the pity party.
Not everyone has been taken in by the simpering, "woe is me" crap. Good for them. I'm glad some people can judge for themselves who is destructive, manipulating, et al. It gives one hope.
And on a related subject. Writing.
Writing is not like lawn-mowing. I mow the lawn because I must. I mow the lawn because there are times I would like to see my children when they play outside.
I write because I love it. I write because I'm good at it. I write because I was MEANT to write. Take that all away and you have lawn-mowing.
Bridge-jumping? Oh yes. Here are some reasons they will give you:
1. It's fun! (??????)
2. Nothing to it. I've done it before. Follow me. (If you don't have enough common sense of your own-you can borrow some of mine.)
3. It's not that far.
4. It'll only hurt a little bit. (Think full body cast, if not instant death.)
5. I told you to. (This is called the "God" complex. We only have one, folks. And he's not here on this Earth.)
You can call this "learning experience" whatever you want to. Put some snow on the mountain and call it "Switzerland."
I hope that some will begin to think on their own and not take up the flag when they haven't the faintest what was said. How it was said. I have e-mails which will stay in the filing cabinet because I have enough respect for myself not to share them with others. Show a little restraint. If you can't carry your own flag, put it down. This needed to be said. And now I'm done with the whole sorry affair.
And a little advice about the bridge...DON'T JUMP!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Book Fair all day

I am one exhausted puppy. But on the flip side, those kids are so CUTE! I love seeing their faces when they find THAT book. It's absolutely wonderful!
Back to exhaustion...and bed.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

As if we had any doubt...

You are a freeform writer. Individualistic with a
sense for the different and challenging, Walt
Whitman and his poetry lacking meter and rhyme
is just what the doctor ordered. You're quick
to write something that the rest of the world
doesn't accept as poetry, quick to separate
yourself from the average joe. An author with a
true sense of self, you have confidence in your
abilities and aren't afraid to show it. :) GO

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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From the mind of my 11 year-old Chicken


Magnificent as they swing
Odd and cuddly as they sing
Noisy in many ways
Kind and cute in odd ways
Extraordinary animals
Yelling mammals
Sweet and caring

This be the same child who likes to use the word "prodigous" at every opportunity. She rocks!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Exhausted but tickled

I'm back. And I'm exhausted! I absolutely LOVE working the Book Fair, but it wears me out. However, *grinning broadly*, there were some perks. I get to talk to all the kids. Embarrass mine. *laughing* And so on and so forth. But there was something that totally took me by surprise. I sent my Book Cover Flat to school with my baby so she could show her teacher. Apparently she showed the rest of the class, too. (This is a "G" cover. No things hanging out where they shouldn't be. But I digress.)
When her class was filling out their "wish list", I had several children come up to me and have me sign a piece of paper. I was utterly at a loss. They wanted my autograph! OMIGOD! I was so flattered and flustered, I don't think I quit blushing for fifteen minutes. Their teacher said they are so excited that I'm an author. It was one of the sweetest moments I've encountered. So, thanks kids! You made my day! I won't ever forget it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Book Fair

It's that time again! Book fair at the kid's school. I'm going this evening to help set it up. Then I'll work Wednesday, Friday, and next Monday at it. It's a great opportunity to help out the school, promote literacy, and catch-up on my Young Adult reading material. My middle daughter brought home some YA Mysteries over the extended weekend. They were really good. Kept my attention. I think I'm going to peruse the stacks for the book fair and find some more gems. I'll end up reading probably six a day. Then I use that information to show the kids which books they might be interested in. "Captain Underpants" is fine. LMAO But NOT for a book report. *grinning*
The next book fair will be in October, which will coincide with my first book's release. I think I'll talk to the coordinator about giving away an autographed copy of my book. The book fair after that...February 2006, I have my second book coming out. Sometimes it seems so far away. And sometimes, it's right around the corner. I'm still window-shopping for webpages and hosts. I think I've narrowed it down, but I want it done right. And I want something I can handle. I'm picking my friend's brains and asking for assistance. Thank you!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I have to add this to my blog from yesterday. Last year at this time, I hadn't sold either one of my books. I hadn't finished my Suspense/Thriller. I didn't have this lovely, shiny, NEW computer. LMAO
What a difference a year makes. A GOOD difference. I've learned to let the important things stick, and the cheap, meaningless, worthless things and people slide to the wayside. Taken awhile for that one.
I'm chalking several of those up to "learning experience" and moving on. I'm absolutely thrilled to be living my life as it is and doing what I love.
I've brought three of my WIP's up to speed to about 20,000 words each. Two are Paranormal and one is Contemporary. One is a series. I'll probably top out between 60,000 and 70,000 words. That's about right for the market I've targeted.
I've found a publisher I would like to query for "A Life Unraveled", but I'm giving a few agents a little time to reply back to me.
I've scheduled two more chats for this year and the release of "Virtually Yours" in October.
I am so excited! BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!

Friday, February 18, 2005

33 Years on this Earth

Yep. Today's my birthday. Breakfast is being delivered. Lunch with Mom. Dinner is going to be prepared by someone other than myself. No dishes. *grinning*
Just a day of movies and fun. Sounds pretty ideal. Everything else can just step to the wayside today. I'm taking this day. And I am going to savor every last minute of it. Hehehe
Thirty-three years. I plan on living a LONG time, so I figure that's about a third of my life *grins*.
I'm writing books. I'm publishing books. I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to do with my life. Everybody here is healthy. And happy. It don't get much better than this.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blogger Sucketh

I've tried FIVE freaking times to fix my blog. I've gone in, fixed the problem, previewed it, saved it, republished it, and it still looks like a bunch of empty space followed by my thoughts. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And the server has been done on and off all day. Double Grrrrrrrrrrr
Okay. LMAO
I'll live. It was just one glitch in the day. Rest of it wasn't bad at all. Got a lovely birthday card from my Mother. It was lovely. The sentiment was more lovely, though. Her and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, or even on the same planet sometimes, but I love her. And I know she loves me. It was a lovely little reaffirmation to my day. *grins*
We're having lunch Friday (My REAL birthday...hehehe) in town. Time to chit-chat, catch-up, and gossip. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Chickens are Rabid

Okay. For those who don't know...the chickens are the children. And they are ATE-UP today.
Bicker. Bicker. Weep. Weep. Geometry homework. GAG. UGH. Book report. GRIPE. GRIPE. They are all rather foul today. Hence, the name "chicken." LMAO
Get it? Foul (fowl) as a chicken. Mebbe that's an Okieism. *shrug*
Either which way, they are making me nuts. I have issues of my own. Really. Hard to believe, huh? My blog seems so well-adjusted. *snickering* Yeah, right.
I exercised today. Looked up a few more agents. Did necessity shopping. Supposed to be nasty here again the rest of the week. My birthday is Friday, and I'm still up in the air about my plans. Hmmm. Must ponder.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Professionalism. You know, I believe in it. That's what made this all the funnier. I checked the mail today and received a letter from the first publisher I sent my first manuscript to. Keep in mind, I sent this off about two years ago. I had honestly thought they lost it, and I didn't much care because I had decided to keep my first story for myself and my family.
The letter was nice. They said it was too short. And they were sorry they couldn't use it. I didn't have a problem with that. As I said, it needs some MAJOR reformatting and editing. But the story is good.
I digress. The problem with the whole thing was the paper it was printed on. You know how all publishers, agents, et al would like for you to use new cartridges and such? To show professionalism? To show you give a damn about your product? This paper was AWFUL! Half was faded out. It was off-center. My ten year-old could have put something together that looked better. I opened it and just laughed and laughed. I'm keeping it. This is such a good example of what not to do that I just can't help myself. By the's a major publisher. LMAO!
On the writing front, I'm hot and heavy on the trail of finding an agent for my Suspense/Thriller. I'm still waiting to hear from a publisher about a fiction work I sent them at the end of last year. I'm working on two Contemporary Romances and loving it.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Computer Glitch

Just a small one. Only all my files and programs having to be reinstalled. ARGH! I tell you what...if I didn't have a back-up of everything, I would be seeking mental health assistance RIGHT THIS MINUTE!
Can you believe that crap? Over 400 songs...POOF! All my files I installed and moved over to the new computer...POOF! Grrrrrrrrrr
But all is well now. THANK GOD! Everything is back where it should be. Well, almost. I haven't ripped or burned any music yet because I'm hard at work with the manuscripts and queries.
Funny thing is...when I transferred everything over again, I just found two more manuscripts which I didn't transfer before. So my plate is full again. Writing tomorrow. Catching up tonight. One of the manuscripts reminds me of "Forever" by Jude Devereaux. The tone, actually. It resonates with me.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Timing is Everything

Wow! Time flies. And how. I need to print out some of my queries to "A Life Unraveled" tomorrow. Then a quick run to the post office, and it will be done. WHEW! Still working on a couple of manuscripts.
The vehicle has had a breakdown. It will be fixed tomorrow! YAY!!! That is foremost on my mind right now. I need my VAN! I have panic attacks when the poor thing is under the weather.
I'm ready for Spring. Yesterday. It's a cold SOB here. We had snow, ice, rain, and hail here yesterday. I mean, GOOD GRIEF! Oh wait, it's still February right? OYE
I'm doing better. There is actual oxygen flowing through BOTH nostrils. My sense of taste is still recuperating, but I'm really on the mend.

Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm Alive

I'm Alive! WOOHOO! Okay. For a few days, I had my doubts. Seriously. I was getting my affairs in order :)~~
It was a rough weekend. I remember breathing through one of my nostrils for three minutes. It's the little things. I still sound ill, but I feel a hell of a lot better. Now to batten down the literary hatches and get to it.
I'm going to ease back into it this week. I expect total immersion by this weekend *grinning*
My sleep pattern is screwed. Between the OTC meds and prescription stuffs, I would say I'm still on a narcotic high. Low? Something. Four hours sleep does NOT cut it in my little world. So, it's six-thirty on a Monday morning. I've been awake since five. I expect a crash and burn at approximately nine o'clock this evening. Synchronize your watches.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Under the Weather

I am SICK! ARGH! I don't have time for this. I have STUFF to do. Words to write. Programs to download. SIGH
I'm taking a nap.
Tired Grins*