Monday, August 27, 2007

A wee bit short-sighted

I've come to expect a certain amount of difficulty from myself. I'm never disappointed.

I MUST finish Water Goddess by the end of September. I only have, oh...about 30,000 more words to type. (Chere, if you're reading this...I SWEAR to you...I WILL finish it) Sanity is expendable. *shrug*
But then...I also have a Torrid Title coming out in November, Programmed for Pleasure, that I will be editing ALONG with finishing and editing Water Goddess. With the same editor. (Can I get a "God Bless Chere" please?)

It's not like my life has been moving along swimmingly, and I've just been dragging my heels. *snort*
Puleeze! This is MY life we're talking about here. I think we all know better.
So between the ulcer and the ex drama and all that shit...a girl tends to get wore down a bit. So I've set new goals this month.

And in no particular order:
1. Finish Water Goddess
2. Edit Water Goddess
3. Edit Programmed for Pleasure
4. Put items on lay-a-way for the holidays
5. Sanity is expendable. Check and see if K-Mart has any in stock
6. Spend a little less time reading for pleasure and a bit more time writing
7. Realize the "S" on my chest is probably just a birthmark and not an indication of greatness
8. Watch football every Sunday
9. Tell my doctor that if he doesn't fix my ulcer pain, I will seriously harm him.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Undead & Uneasy and Sleeping with the Fishes

I'm a fan of MaryJanice Davidson. The woman has snark down to a fine art. So I recently picked up the above titles.
I love the Undead series. Good characters. I think Betsy is a little self-centered, but she's growing on me. Character interaction is good. There are always a few surprises in store for the reader. But here are my problems: Two characters die. (My lips are sealed). It's sudden, and it's over in about a page. I don't have a problem with her offing people. I just think it was really way too brief. That page was over...and so was the characters' storyline. Kaput. *shrug* I also didn't think the storyline was all that great. It was okay, but it was basically a story of Betsy. Not so much with the other characters. And they are SUCH rich comedic fodder. Just seems a shame. However...I really enjoyed a part at the end when all hell breaks loose.
Go. Figure.

Sleeping with the Fishes was forgettable. And you don't know how much it pains me to admit that. Fred, the main mer-character, is a bitch. And that's fine. I have NO problem with that. But she's annoying. The two characters vying for her attention are forgettable. My favorite characters were subcharacters. Her metrosexual best friend and then her boss. THEY were great. I would have read a story about them with HER as the subcharacter. I also thought her mother's name was rather cute: Moon Bim. *grins* A hippie of sorts.
I don't remember any other character's name. And that's a shame. Though I won't lie, I have a hard time remembering some of my own characters' names. But all in all, this book was a large disappointment.
No character arc. Fred became uncomfortable with all the male attention, but she didn't seem to change her fins, so to speak. And the mega problem that brought all these people together was solved in about a paragraph or so. *sigh* Major anti-climax.

So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that MaryJanice puts a little more something into her next literary fares.
Looking forward to: Dark Possession by Christine Feehan and Lover Unbound by J. R. Ward.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's wrong with me

Physically...I mean. *grins*

Here's my yesterday.
I was tired. Didn't fall asleep until almost two o'clock Friday morning because I'm a big wuss when it comes to any type of pain. I'm thinking Same Day Surgery applies here. Woke up at seven o'clock. Got the chickadees ready for school. Took a shower. Slid on some comfy pants and t-shirt. Could NOT get my belly button ring out. OMG! I jacked with the thing for about half an hour. Didn't know if I was turning it the right way. Geez. Probably loosened it and tightened it back about a dozen times. *eye roll*
Someone picked me up at eight. Drove to the hospital. There by eight-thirty. So I get a pager and wait in the waiting room. For approximately an hour and a half. I did good for the first hour. Then I started to become fidgety. Read almost a whole book sitting there. Finally paged me around ten. So I take a deep breath and make my way back to SDS. I hand my pager to nurse chickie and another one tells me that my bed will be over there by the door.
I explain that using the restroom RIGHT BEFORE I change would be a good idea. She looks at my kind of strange and points me in the right direction. (I went with a friend once to SDS, and she was there forever in her bed waiting. And I was NOT dragging a flipping IV to the bathroom with me. Nay.)
So I come back. She tells me to slip out of my clothes and into the uber attractive gown they have for me. I can leave my panties on. No bra. I explain that even with the supreme effort I put into it...the belly piercing wouldn't budge. She just kind of shrugs and says that's fine.
I take off my clothes and start to put on the lovely gown they left. And let me just say...dressing room lights and mirrors have NOTHING on hospital lights and mirrors. Pfffftttt
So she comes back in, and I can't tie the top strings, so she does. And she has her little kit at the foot of my bed.
You know what I'm talking about. It's like a tacklebox for nurses. And I immediately start to sweat. I ask just where she'll be poking me. Because I don't want it in my hand. She says ok and begins to poke on my right arm (I'll be lying on my right side during the procedure.) Then she says I have some lovely veins. (Go me!)
I ask her when she's going to give me a shot. You know the one. The one that actually NUMBS the area? Apparently they don't do that anymore. I demand an explanation, and she says that they use some type of freeze spray to numb the area. I take a deep breath. OK, I agree. Rock on. It's cold, she warns. Even better, I mumble.
She first tries an area about four inches up from my wrist. OK. She sprays the cold shit, and let me tell you...there was NO numbing. NONE!!! I felt every freaking jab. My toes have a death grip on the foot of the bed, and I'm sweating like I've run ten miles. I'm doing Lamaze breathing, and I've never taken classes. It was bad.
After about a dozen jabs or so with no success...she removes the needle. I sigh. I ask if it's in. No, she says, your vein rolled. I'm like WHAT? Why would it do such a thing? She just kind of laughs and then tells Sid (who has by now joined us) that she needs a 20 gauge.
A 20 gauge? My nerves hit an all-time high. Apparently the large-size needle we were previously working with just wasn't doing the trick. I have to kick my feet out of the covers because I'm in Spazz Zone.
Sid comes back with said needle. I don't make eye contact. How can these people do this to me? I don't know where the poke will be. Hell, I don't WANT to know. Are you kidding? I was poked so many times in the previous area that it was numb.
And then she slides the big ol' SOB into my vein on the other side of my elbow. At least twice. I have two good size bruises.
"Mercy," I mutter. I think I was pleading for this little bastard to have actually gone where it was supposed to. I life my arm off my eyes. You in, I ask. Yes, she says.
Thank God.

Then Sid (rolling hospital bed master), takes me from my little haven and starts wheeling me into the surgery room. OK. Two things. One: I have NEVER seen the inside of one of these rooms. I was always nice and doped up before that happened. Two: I'm slightly freaking out. By God...where are the DRUGS around here?
So we cruise down several hallways and into THE ROOM. Keep in mind...I don't have my glasses on so everybody is pretty much a blur anyway. And then Sid tells me that he has to spray anesthetic on my throat. Smells like bananas but tastes vile. I'm thinking...gee Sid...thanks for your blatant honesty.
He leans closer, and I explain I have a major gag reflex, and I don't want to embarrass myself. The nurse explains that they've seen it all, and I have nothing to worry about. Just swallow the nastiness as soon as it's sprayed.
Out came the tongue dispenser. Then he sprayed.
Holy shit. The boy didn't lie. It tasted vile. But after gagging for a second, I quickly swallowed. Then came another spritz. (By this time, wasn't so bad.) Then a minute later...the last spritz. They pat my shoulder and told me I did good. *smile* It's always best to make nice with those that control the drug dosage.
So Dr. M strolls in. Changes the music. Asks me how I am. And then I hear Eileen (an angel, I'm telling you) explain that she's going to start the sleepy medicine (demerol). I say something about them being good people, and I'm out.
Next thing...I remember waking up. Everything fuzzy (still didn't have the glasses on). My sister is there. I think we talked. Um...probably. Then Dr. M comes in. I ask what the problem is. Apparently I have a LARGE ulcer. Not ulcer muy pequena. Nope. Not me. I have the grande sucker.
So he puts me on Nexium and says he wants to see my in two weeks. Amber helps me find my clothes and my eyes, and I dress.
I don't really remember a lot of what happens next. I was still in my happy place. I wasn't supposed to drink anything until 12:15, but Amber (wonderful sister that she is) took me to Sonic where I was blessed with a Rt. 44 Diet Coke...easy on the ice. The doctor warned her that I may have problems keeping stuff down, but I took a long swallow anyway.
I remember Amber glancing over worriedly (I AM in her car) and asks if I'm all right.
"Goooooooooooooood," I remember saying. Yeah. Just like that. With a big ol' goofy grin on my face.
Then she takes me home. Most of this is just a blur, too. Got home about twelve-thirty and passed out. Woke up at six that evening.
So there ya have it.
Me=duodenal ulcer. A granddaddy by all accounts.
Go. Figure.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bit of a medical update

I'm a tad bit tore up. Spent Saturday in bed. Didn't come to work yesterday. Still have that damn pain in my side. So I'm getting a lovely scope down my throat Friday so the doc can have a looksee.
How happy does that make me?
Not damn very.

Girls start school tomorrow. I think that'll be great for them. Back to the ol' routine. And there is something I dearly love about this time of year. Fall around the corner (Please God, enough of the 104 degree days). Leaves changing. Pumpkins for slaughter. Oh yeah. Good stuff. And even though the chickens are hemming and hawing, I know they are ready.
I'm ready. Hell! What else matters? *grins*

Hopefully I'll have more answers after Friday about the health debacle. More later.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fourth of July???

My sis and her hubby came by last night to shoot off some fireworks. *grins* Yeah, it's a month or so late...but so what?
The sis and I discussed family matters whilst the brother-in-law tackled my children and made them eat dirt under the pretense of playing "touch football." *snickering*
It was a fun evening of loud fireworks and hilarity. And no...for those of you wondering...I didn't catch anything on fire or shoot any fireworks AT my kids. hehehe

And other news...Fire Goddess is on the front page of Fictionwise. So it's now available. Hie thee in that direction and pick it up. Good stuff. I'm telling ya. I have a sample chapter on my website.
And speaking of can click on my C'ann Inman link on my homepage and check out a sample of Torrid Teasers Vol. 33 Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess AND a new release coming out in November. Both of these books are Erotic Romance. *GRINS*
I need to figure out how in the hell to get my book covers in my sidebar. I HATE screwing with the template. Makes me break out in hives. *shuddering*

Still on meds. Waiting to find out more about that situation. Other than's pretty damn good.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Medical issues


Broke down and went to the doctor the other day. Came back with three prescriptions and two promises of appointments in the future. One appointment for some sort of ultrasound. The other appointment so a lovely doc can shove a scope down my throat and see if I have an ulcer.
Thankfully, I will be out for that. But the thought of a doc sticking ANYTHING ANYWHERE is enough to give me nightmares.

After I explained my symptoms...the doc said it sounded like gallbladder issues. Well, yeah. I agreed. Except for the fact that I had it removed two years ago. That would be a slight problem with the hypothesis. pfffttttttt

So we're playing hide-n-seek with the problems going on in my body. Two of the three prescriptions knock me on my ass. One painkiller and one for nausea. So I'm rather walking around in a fog. Trying to screw my head on tight. The operative word be "trying" here. *grins*

Hello. My name is Crystal, and I have cooties of unknown origin.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Inane arguments pulled from my real life

Betwixt the chickens:

An argument about who put two pieces of toilet paper over the missing part of the mini-blind. And then an argument as to how long it has been there.

An argument over a baby doll that realistically uses the "little people" potty it came with. Argument substance: How much can one person feed this baby? When? Who is emptying the potty?

An argument over who touches whose kitten. (Because By God! We don't have enough of the little buggers floating around. *eye roll*)

An argument about who rides shotgun in the van.

An argument about playing a PS2 game.

An argument about who gets the last bit of cereal.

An argument about someone's elbow being two inches in the viewing area of another individual.

Yeah. Seriously.
And can I tell you how much I love to get these phone calls at work? How bright it makes my day to hear my chickens arguing about two pieces of toilet paper? *snort*

Less than two weeks. *rubbing hands together* And I'm shipping the chickens back to school. Back to where the knowledge is paramount (in an educational Utopia), and they are busy from bell to bell.
Find time to argue about some TP then, girls.