Monday, May 02, 2005

Square peg...round hole

Fitting in.

Professionally. Do I fit in? Mebbe. Mebbe not. Is it that much of a concern? No, not really. Do I study the market? No. Probably should peek at it every once in awhile. Do my books fit into a certain mold? No. Do I want them too? No again. If I were given the opportunity to write a book I would absolutely loathe, in order to be published by New York(the mecca of writers), would I? I would rather brain myself with my own keyboard.
Geez. What a non-conformist.

How about personally? Will I change who I am to make someone else happy? Nope. I refuse. Will I be a doormat so that someone else feels better about themselves? Do the words "hell no" mean anything? Will I make sacrifices for someone who doesn't appreciate them? Negatory. Will I back down when I know I'm right? *snickering* Not a chance in hell.

Emotionally. Do I know how to analyze my feelings? Yes. Do I blame any emotional duress on outside forces? No. I look a little closer to home. Do I let people with emotional baggage share their luggage? I'll listen, but I won't take on your problems.

Am I a cold bitch? No. I'm not. There are times I care too much. I tend to mother people. I want to better people's lives. I want to "buy the world a coke." *grinning* You get my drift.

But am I the square peg? Are you kidding?!?! Of course I am. But I love it. I truly do. I don't want to spend my life making other people happy at the expense of my own happiness.
The cost is too high, and the reward too small. all the square pegs out there...Rejoice! Sure that's a round hole. And no, you won't fit it. But carve out your own niche. Maybe a hexagon. Octagon. Anything you want. Because that's the beauty of being the square peg. The possibilities are endless.



username said...

It's great being us, isn't it? *g*

Jill said...

Great post!

Eva Gale said...

I love being square! You made it even better!

Desperate Writer said...


Olga said...

I like your non-conformirst attitude!

chryscat said...

You guys are great. *grinning*
And I must say...sometimes the mold just doesn't fit or apply.


Tink said...

Dibs for the spot of "dodecahedron."

Love the post - still grappling with some of this stuff myself.