Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Okay everyone! Here it is.
You must send me at least fifteen correct answers from the twenty questions.
1st prize: $20 gift certificate from Wal-Mart. I'm still looking for the color-changing candle. If all else fails, I will send another candle as part of this prize.
2nd prize: $15 gift certificat from Wal-Mart.

Send all answers to I will acknowledge all answers submitted. No addresses will be saved/harvested.

And let the fun begin.

1. Name four columnists from Romancing the Blog. Name one guest columnist.
2. What's the topic of Olga Grun's May 11th, 2005 post from her blog?
3. Who are the four ladies that post on the Writeminded blog?
4. Where is Gina, of Gina's Ramblings, located?
5. Who are the contributors on A Giggle of Gals?
6. What is the name of my first release? And with what publisher?
7. What did the "Smart Bitches" dub Jaci Burton?
8. What is the title of Jill Shalvis' 12/05 release?
9. Which Suzanne McMinn book hits bookstores July 1st?
10. What is the name of the book by Kara Lennox that is on her blog? It's available now.
11. Where was Lyvvie born, and where does she live now?
12. Name 2 of Desperate Writer's Writing Links.
13. Name 3 authors from Authors Unlimited.
14. What type of romance novels does Ellen Fisher write?
15. Name 3 contributors to the Sirens' Blog.
16. What state do I live in?
17. What's the name of Mrs. Giggles' blog?
18. What are the three things Demented Michelle writes about?
19. If you write, tell me what you write. If you're a reader, tell me your favorite genre.
20. Who is your favorite author? And why?

Best of luck! And have fun!


username said...

Cool! I'm a question! Thanks!

Olga said...

Crys,* thank you for mentioning my blog! So nice of you! I hope I'm not to late to answer the questions, but I'll definitely participate.

chryscat said...

Hi ladies!

Yep, I included you both since I enjoy your blogs so much!