Friday, July 24, 2009

For tomorrow

Saturday, Jul 25th, 2009 -- You feel the sweetness of your life increasing and it makes you smile, but you have to face an important issue before you can enjoy yourself. You may have fears about love or about someone criticizing you and playing these old tapes could get in the way of an opportunity to deepen a current relationship. Don't be concerned now with something that happened in the past, for it need not cast its shadow in the present.
Lovely advice.
I believe I'll take it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tales from the couchside

TV? Hell, who needs TV?

We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last weekend. Excellent movie. Go see it! So we're all laying about the other evening in the living room. I'm sprawled on the couch. Two girls are in single chairs. One sitting on the floor. And I'm tired. Please keep this in mind.
OC and MC were talking to each other (i.e. giving each other shit about everything under the sun), and I would pop in my opinion from the couch. Then I would pull my invisibility cloak *snickering* over me and pretend I hadn't said anything.
Yes. The answer to your question is: Crystal is simple when she doesn't sleep. K?
OC finds it amusing. MC rolls her eyes. (She's rather good at that.) So OC was encouraging me, and we were laughing and whatnot. And MC pops off with the suggestion that I need professional help, and she doesn't see what's so funny, anyway. This is followed by another eye roll. Then she proceeds to announce that she doesn't "speak" Star Trek or Star Wars. She leans forward into OC's personal space, and OC says, "Back off, Princess Leia."
And that was it.
The couch and I almost parted ways. lmao
It went rapidly downhill from there.
Good times at the house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Egocentric much?

I'm surrounded by people who are so fucking selfish, I'd like to give them a complete personality overhaul. Or perhaps a frontal lobotomy. I'm SO not picky at this juncture.
What's it like to have the world revolve around you? Please tell me. Or be so damn lazy that you foist your duties on someone else because you just don't feel like it? Or direct someone else's traffic when you can't fucking handle your own?
What's that like? Because I haven't a clue.
Get a damn grip. Grow the hell up.
And let me tell you this: You're miserable. I choose not to be.
So get over yourself. Because guess what? I already have.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Two minutes is an eternity

I'm going to finish a half marathon next year.

Take that in for a minute. I currently don't own a pair of tennis shoes and haven't since the house fire. I had to buy boots for work since it was winter. Then I bought sandals in the spring. And flip flops because they are my shoe apparel of choice.
I don't OWN tennis shoes. So that's on my to-do list.
So. What prompted this? Part is because I've recently begun talking to a friend who runs. And it sparked me. I've DREAMED of running.
But I'm not a small girl. I've got boobs and hips. I'm researching what bra to buy so that the girls don't knock me out. Ya know. And I'm reading books about training and diet and all sorts of things that I never dreamed of researching.
I am freakin' excited.
My girls are incredulous, and dare I say, non-believers.
But they should know better than to bet against the Mama.
I'm checking everything out right now. Mapping it out in my head before I lace up my nonexistent tennies. Getting a feel for it. But I'm going to do it.
Progress as it warrants.
I'm still in the planning stages.
And by the way...2 minutes is one of the first things you do when alternating between the running and walking. LOL
I used my stopwatch on my cell and almost stroked out. Who knew 120 seconds could be so long? lmao

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Late To Apologize

Not only is this a kickin' song, it's a type of mantra for writers. Once your lovely book is released unto the masses, watch out. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Some won't bother to give a shit and will post your literary baby on eBay as quickly as possible.
I read "If There Be Dragons" by Kay Hooper this last weekend. It sucked. Verily.
I've read some of Kay Hooper's other work. Her psychic/detective works. And I liked them for the most part though some are bland. But this book? A waste of my time and the pages it was printed on.
There was no conflict. I would have more conflict if I opened the medicine cabinet, eyeballed my nail polish, and couldn't decide between red and blue. (By the way, RED always wins)
But I digress.
Writers will not always make readers happy. Period. And readers will not always stroke the writer's ego and exclaim at what a beautiful piece of work was written.
Just doesn't happen.
But when you come across something truly atrocious, should the writer bow his/her head and mea culpa you to death?
Hell no.
A work by any author stands when it's published. Whether it remains standing or falls all to hell is, unfortunately, up to general populace.
I have auto buys, though admittedly very few. And when I get a book that makes me throw up a bit in my mouth, I put it down and move on. Or I post a snarky blog such as this. Then I'm good.
If, however, heaven forbid, I stumble across a rant by a reader about one of my books, will I stop and apologize?
You're kidding, right?
If a book is horrifically put together, I wouldn't let it be published. Not going to happen. The only reason I could even fathom someone having an issue with it would be content. And isn't that too damn bad for those who don't have the honor of debating with me what will or will not reside in my work of fiction?
Take a number. Form a line. Get comfortable.
So even though I have come across some truly horrid pieces of fiction and non-fiction, that's okay by me.
Writing is subjective. Reading is subjective.
Thank God.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Raising Romantics

I came across the 50th Anniversary Edition of An Affair to Remember. My God. I LOVE this movie. Watched it when I was much smaller with my Mom. Watched it last night with two of the chickens. (Oldest is in San Antonio with Upward Bound)
Before we even popped it in, MC looked at me and asked if it had a "happy ending." I smiled and said yes.
In it went.
Just in case you've NEVER seen this movie. And if you haven't...shame on you!!! *laughing*

When our two lovers returned to "normal life" and then made a pact to meet at the Empire State Building, one doesn't make it. In fact, she is looking up, and a car hits her.
My BC looks at me in horror and says, "What kind of movie IS this???"
Or when Cary Grant's sweet elderly grandmother passes. Once again....shock and dismay. But it's pivotal to the story.
In the end, though, that's the beauty of it. Two people meant to be together overcoming all odds.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chicken Wing damaged

Went to pick up Oldest from Upward Bound. It was the last day Tuesday. And what should I find but OC with a jacked-up wing. *sigh*
Apparently a friend went to shut her dorm door (with a good swift kick) and didn't note my Oldest Chicken's wing in the way.
Alas, not a good thing.
So we spent yesterday morning in Urgent Care. Nothing broke, thank goodness. But she's on some pain pills and resting. Deep muscle bruise, and it looks like hell.
On a related note, they have camo wrap at the Dollar Store. It's pimptastic. *grins*
Makes even a sore arm look stylish.

We're closed Saturday which is fine. *shrugs* I have that day off, anyway. But the upside being that I can take my 8 hour comp some other time. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I can't freakin' wait.

Life is just bipping along. Reading some books when I have time. Watching my grass die a slow painful death. And wishing for Summer Reading Programs to get the hell over with.
How's about you?