Friday, May 06, 2005

Xerox--WTF? Addendum

Check out my April archives.
April 17th, I believe, is my "Xerox--WTF?" blog. Check it out. I guess I DID know what I was talking about.
I was reading POD-dy Mouth's blog today and came across this:

Check it out. Really. There is a contest and such. LULU and XEROX are teaming up to publish books. I TOLD YOU SO. And no, I don't feel better about it.
I may be epubbed, but I have editors and cover artists. I sincerely hope these people know what they're doing.
But wait...there's MORE!
These self-pubbed people can have their books in Barnes & Noble. And various other brick and mortar stores. Am I green with envy? Mebbe a little. I'm human. It happens.
But it all still boils down to CONTENT. And if your content sucketh, the consumers will not buyeth. That simple. So, I guess I'll sit back and check this whole phenomenon out.
I don't want to self-publish. Hell, I don't want to deal with people now. If I could find an agent who would be the ideal go-between, Christmas would come early.
I have learned from other's mistakes (God bless all those authors who have posted horror stories about the industry on their sites and blogs), so I know I would have to keep an eye on things. But I also know it would be a hell of a lot easier to focus on writing instead of "the business of writing." the by...wrote over 2,000 words today on the erotica. *grinning*
Life is good.

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Gina said...

2000 words is excellent! Your moving right along.

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