Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thought Process

I like to go off on tangents. I can be thinking about one thing, when WHAM! I'm somewhere else. I have to work to focus on what I need to be doing. Sad, but true.
But tangents hold promises of their own. Have you ever let yourself simply wander along with your thoughts? There are interesting subjects right around the corner. Hiding in the crevices of our mind. Waiting to be freed.

When I attempt to fall asleep, my mind wanders at will. And I find myself meandering down the road less traveled. Makes for some interesting moments. I can recall memories I'd forgotten. Have ideas that spark creativity. And learn.
I believe there's a reason for tangents. There is value in thoughts, especially ones that appear when we least expect it.

I believe this ties into intuition. I'm an intuitive person. I've been at a green light and stopped because something told me to. A car, obviously trying to squeeze through, ran the red light and would have hit my door.
I've called the daycare where my children were because I felt something was wrong. Turns out my oldest had been crying and was upset.

Have you ever felt the need to do or not do something? An inkling, perhaps?
You should wait. You should try this one first. Isn't it amazing what we're capable of?
Maybe you should take this highway or that back road? Only to find that there was an accident on the road you didn't take?
I believe we're all capable of using different streams of consciousness. We only need to tap into them.

Have you ever looked at a blank page and then started writing like crazy? A flow. In the zone. However you want to label it, isn't it great?

Learning to listen to ourselves is an accomplishment. We sometimes let the negative utterly smother the positive. But we shouldn't do that. All the little sparks within us will ignite to fire when given enough air.
Give them life. Nurture the spark. Feed the blaze. Enjoy the warmth.


Jill said...

I also love to pay attention to intuition. To pick up the phone just before it rings. Call a friend and then find out she needed me. Think I have nothing to write but open word anyway and have it flow out of me ... that last doesn't happen as often as I'd like though.

username said...

Has all of that happened to me?

More times than I can count. Many, many more times than I can count.

Those who do not have it do not understand it.

Tink said...

God, I've had that happen so many times, I can't even count.

To this day it still surprises me sometimes, but I've tried to nuture it and learn to follow it. And I love it.