Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Revolving Door Relationships

I don't get it.
But I guess my girls' generation is a hell of a lot different than ours. It seems to be the "Revolving Door Relationship" Mode.
I found out Oldest Chicken "loved" someone via her MySpace. (She's at Upward Bound, folks. Living in a dorm. All week. Don't judge. lmao) I'm like...who the HELL are you talking about? Then she told me. And approximately two minutes ago, I received a text that said they broke up.

Then there is a teenage girl I know who can give new meaning to the term "hit it and quit it."
And that's sad. Ya know?

What is WRONG with having a serious and stable relationship? Nothing, I would think. And I realize the chickies are relatively young. But if you can't find the value in one of these relationships, then how the hell will you find it when it really means something? HMMM???

I think it's tragic. I think it's quite fucked up, actually. Love yourself. Then open yourself up to someone else. Not another someone else. Then someone after that. And his/her friend. So on and so forth.

And if you DON'T click...then by GOD--don't get with them in the first place. You've devalued yourself, them, and the whole shebang.

A revolving door just spins around and goes nowhere. You have to learn when to get off. And if it's not going where you want it to go, then don't get on the damn thing to begin with.


SEND PRECIP! And some hot cabana boys with fans!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whip Me

With something soft, please. LOL
Haven't blogged in it feels like forever. Bad, bad me.
But summertime is hell on earth at work. I don't have time to think much less jot down something witty (if I'm lucky).
But I've wanted to blog about two movies I watched last weekend. Yeah, it's been awhile. I know.
*scuffing toe*
And holy crap. I just realized I can't remember what the other one was. Geez. Having a moment here. Maybe it'll come back to me.
Maybe not.
Anyway...."He's Just Not That Into You."
Didn't think I'd like it. But I loved the hell out of it. Some important lessons from the movie:
1. Don't stalk people
2. Don't invite a third into a relationship. Especially if you get horizontal with the third.
3. Don't screw your wife while your mistress waits half-dressed in the closet.
4. Denial sucks ass.
5. Waiting for the right one, no matter the roadblocks and bullshit, is key.
6. When you least expect it, you'll find someone.
7. Women lie to other women to make them feel good.
8. And sometimes, baby, he or she is just not that into you.

I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. Great ensemble cast. Good storylines.
And totally off the subject: John Cusack rocks. I'm just saying. He deserves two thumbs up for his portrayal of romantic leads. I just love him. Finally watched "Must Love Dogs" and laughed. It was witty and clever and had John Cusack. I don't need much else.
OH! And "Serendipity". It's rather dated, I suppose. But still good. Once again, John Cusack.
Don't know what's on the movie list for this weekend.
Could it be.............John Cusack?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Why yes. I have been neglectful. LOL

Sorry!!! LOL
This week has been hell as I previously predicted. My God! Our numbers are about twice what they usually are. So I've been dragging my ass to work and home again. And time for blogging? Are you freakin' kidding me??? Unfortunately...not so much.
But I thought I'd give it a go since I'll be gone all weekend.

Pick up the Oldest Chicken today at four. I can't WAIT!!! I missed her so. And the little chickenlips will probably sleep all damn weekend. That's how she rolls. lmao
My other two have been pretty good, I gotta admit. But when the Mama picks up the Green Apple Smirnovs on Monday-I think they know what that means. LMAO
It's such a rarity. And it was all I could do to plod home, I swear to you.

Today's a bit better, thank goodness. And the extra perk is that it's Friday. Picked up a couple of movies for the weekend since it's going to be hotter than hell here. Mid-nineties they're saying. pft
Hello air conditioner and couch. Though I will lay out probably both days. Grab me a book and sun myself.
Can't wait.

And this summer finds us reading. A lot. Three out of four days this week has been all three of us sitting in the living room reading something or other. MC reads magazines and Teen stuffs. BC reads the Sequoyah Masterlist. And me? I read whatever I can get my hands on. It's nice. Can't even remember the last time I turned the television on. I think that's good. *grins*

Going to kick back tomorrow. Possibly go to a new friend's birthday party. Exercise. Tan. And Sunday will find me doing a big bunch of nothing, I'm pretty sure. I need to clean the house, but I'm not quite feeling it. Ya know?
Have a great one!!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

First Monday of Summer

It's going to be a long one. It's Summer Reading Program sign-up here at ye olde library. And the kids? They are many. LOL
Therefore, the workload shall be extreme.
In conclusion, I will have the rare sour apple smirnov after work (possibly two) and try to cleanse this day from my psyche.
It is the ONLY plan.

Ordered the latest Fablehaven book and got it in Saturday. Probably going to put my feet up this evening and give it a go.
I found myself gravitating back toward the teen books. This ought to be a good one. I've enjoyed the rest so far.
Read maybe half a dozen books over the weekend.
Dropped Oldest Chicken off at her dorm. Haven't turned the TV on in maybe three months or so. Evenings find me and the chickens at different spots in the living room with reading material.
Maybe I'll survive summer after all.