Friday, May 20, 2005

Season Finales

WARNING! This blog will talk about some season finales. If you've skipped some in order to watch them later, I warned ya. *grinning*

Let's kill people.
That seemed to be the running theme in the few season finales I've watched. And they always have that damn cliffhanger which leaves me cursing and kicking the nearest piece of furniture.
"Without a Trace" let Viv do ok with her surgery, only to have Danny and Martin being shot at (repeatedly with machine guns) in the last two minutes of the show. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

"CSI" ended with a girl in jail smiling. I don't know if she's smiling because of what Nick (who had been tortured for two straight hours) said, or because when she gets out, she's going to finish her father's dirty work. This episode had Quentin Tarantino ALL over it. He was the guest director.

I watched the preview to "NCIS". Now, I don't watch this very often. Gibbs is smug. My favorites would be Ducky and the freaky, smart chick with black hair. Abby, I think. She rocks. *grinning*
And apparently, ONE of their team will DIE. The viewers have been warned.

Now, I don't mind what television shows do within reason. But I get oh-so-pissed when they start killing off the people I love to see. "CSI:Miami" killed of Speed. You know, the unkempt cutie that took a lot of pictures? I haven't watched it since. Screw that. Whoever said that I shouldn't hold a grudge can kiss my ass. heh You make me cry, forget you.

And I understand that some people may want off the show. That's fine. But do what "Law & Order: SVU" did with ADA Alexandra Cabot. Keep her alive. But give her a plausible explanation to leave. This woman was shot like five times. She's injured, but she's OKAY. Of course, the viewing audience didn't find that out until the very end. Damn, I had to expend some tissues on that one.

I think there's going to be another death on "CSI: Miami" because I vaguely remember a preview saying one of the CSI's will be gone. Let him/her retire! Not that I care. I don't watch anymore. Put THAT in your microscope and examine it.


Silma said...

Ohmigosh! Season finales. That's all I hear on E! News. *lol* I'm trying to stay away from them...

Jill said...

I was glued to CSI. Now I'm waiting for Lost's ...

chryscat said...

Silma: I should have known better.

Jill: Looks good. I caught part 1 last week.

'Bout time for rerun city.

Lyvvie said...

We're about 2 years behind you folks who get live and in color. (Okay my TV is in colour but I like to exaggerate and make people think I'm in a 3rd world country. It feels like it sometimes.)

By the time your current series hits the UK, I'll have forgotten. Or, I'll pretent to be all psychic or something. "I *knew* that was going to happen! Aren't I like, soooo clever! I should write this stuff on TV."

But, what happened on Charmed? I'm still waiting for season 6 to start...