Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Deep thoughts

Okay. Not so deep. But plenty of them.

I've sent out copies of my book to be reviewed. Now I'm not a thin-skinned person by any means, but this is nerve-wracking. Seriously. I'm not going to break into a Sally Fields speech if the reviews are good, but it would be nice. *grinning*
I'm working on the erotica. I WILL finish this one before I start another one. The other one is simply clawing to break free. It's all I can do sometimes to be strong and monogamous. Look for the post in the future: Writing Monogamously. Promises to be all kinds of fun.

I've also let my mainstream fiction (Suspense) slide to the wayside. I was reminded by a friend, thanks Kel!, and I'm going to be submitting it to agents. I love the story. But, as we all know, this stuff doesn't happen overnight. I put it on the backburner to focus on the romance I knew I could sell.
But it bothers me. I belive it to be a solid story. Humorous. Suspenseful. Heavy on the sarcasm. In other words...Snarky Suspense. Now who wouldn't want to buy that? *laughing*
So I will probably only tap out a thousand words or so on my erotica and put the rest of my efforts into querying agents and such.

The erotica is right around 20,000. I believe I'll top out somewhere around 50,000. Once again, it's not the story, it's the TIME. I need to FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.
Now what was I saying?


username said...

That story is way better than most out on the market. I hope you can do something with it.

Suzanne said...

Reviews are ALWAYS scary! Hugs!

Jill said...

I just wanted to say don't worry too much about the reviews. Remember, it's just one person's opinion ...

Amy said...

Good luck pounding out the erotica...no pun intended. ;)

Lyvvie said...

Wow! It all sounds so exciting!!!

Don't they have summer camp down there in OK??

I'd be farming the kids off to camp for the Summer so fast their sneakers would blow off.

Michelle said...

Good luck on the writing and fingers crossed on the reviews!

chryscat said...

Kel: Thanks. I'm working on it.
Suzanne: Hugs are always appreciated. I'm hoping for the best here.
Jill: I know. But I still want good ones. Does that make me shallow? LMAO
Amy: Heh. Thanks. *snickering*
Lyvvie: I'm sure they do. But I am reluctant to let the chickens be watched by people I don't know. It's a bad world out there.
Michelle: Thank you. Thank you.