Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tore up from the floor up

I'm referring to myself.
And my bathroom floor.
Renovations are kicking my butt. If I'm not spending too much money, I'm tearing something up so I can do it ALL over again. Somehow, this just doesn't seem right.

Good news: I found a beautiful dresser that was over 50% off when searching for barstools.
Bad news: That was only 20% of my total purchase. ACK!
Good news: I'm strong enough to tear the ceramic tiles up out of the bathroom floor.
Bad news: I'm strong enough to tear the ceramic tiles up out of the bathroom floor.
Good news: I've bought all the vinyl/linoleum for the bathroom.
Bad news: It's living in my front room. ALL over my front room.
Good news: I have a new medicine cabinet.
Bad news: I suppose this means I have to tear the old one out of the wall.
Good news: My house REALLY needs this.
Bad news: Time spent renovating is NOT spent writing.

I spent this afternoon watching the chickens' award program. I'm a very proud Mama. All kinds of trophies, medals, and certificates. Those kids aren't the only ones strutting. ;)


Michelle said...

Isn't it fun watching the little chicklits win stuff? It's like you're winning it yourself. :)

Good luck with the renovations, you brave woman!

Olga said...

I second Michelle. And renovations, um, scare me. The biggest thing I can, I guess, is hold a paint brush. I did painted a door in my life once!

username said...

Congrats to your darlings and to you!

This place is just as messy, just in a different way, though, because of this whole week.

Amy said...

Ouch. You're making me hurt just thinking about it! Good luck with the renovations.

chryscat said...

One more day of school. Pray for me. heh

Renovations? I am SO in over-my-head. Earlier this year I ran a screwdriver up underneath my thumbnail while replacing hinges. OMG
I'm skeery with tools.

Jill said...

As someone going through her own revisions, I can cringe/sympathize!