Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend from hell, and TMI!!!

I knew I was screwed at 9:03 Friday evening. I calmly put down my food and waited. Around and hour later, the onslaught began. I was in full virus force. A virus, to me, feels like barbed wire in my stomach. There's no other way to describe it. Therefore, when it strikes, I know what I'm in for. Hell.
I am throwing up. I have diahrrea. I am spent. Done.
Or so I thought.
The food is all gone. There is NOTHING in my stomach, people. NOTHING. And yet I continue to vomit. It's an anomaly that pisses me the fuck off, quite frankly. So up comes the stomach acid. Yeah. For hours.
Which, by the way, felt lovely brushing up against my stomach ulcer.
I don't think I slept fifteen minutes Friday night into Saturday. The first time I got any rest at all was about five o'clock Saturday.
I was weak and exhausted. I'm quite sure I smelled lovely. I was scared to drink water, people. Water. Yeah.
And when I did, I took little sips in case that tipped over the vomiting scale one more time. Because seriously, I just couldn't take another go-round.
I missed a wedding Saturday. I missed church Sunday. I was still weak this morning but took Middle Chicken to the oral surgeon to get four more teeth pulled so she can get braces.
You could tip me over with a feather right now. I'm not playing.
I only get this type of virus once every two years or so. Thank God. One time it sent me to the E.R.
I was headed that way again, before I located some phenagren and prayer.
Now that I've purged the hideous weekend onto my blog, I feel better.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hand me a rifle, and don't argue with me, son.

There is talk of a militia in Oklahoma.
This is enough to turn my stomach. Bad enough that this state supported McCain and carried him. Bad enough that I knew people waiting in line for HOURS for the Sarah Palin book.
A fucking militia??? Excuse me?
This brain fart from leaders of the Tea Party and Conservative members of the Oklahoma Congress.
So we're giving small-minded people firearms now?
We're going to listen to pathetic extremists who "draw inspiration from the white supremacist thriller The Turner Diaries"?
When is enough enough???
Oklahoma is still a part of the United States of America though at times I feel like there are some in power here that would gladly secede and make women wear burqas and walk behind men. Who would harm anyone whose skin isn't white or sexual orientation isn't hetero. Who would annhilate those that have a voice and an opinion.
So...those extremists in the Oklahoma Congress that have their own agenda need to be STOPPED! NOW!
They don't represent the people. They can't because the people are all different races, religions, backgrounds, financial statuses, and sexual orientations.
We will not be silent. We will not be stepped on. We will fight for our freedoms as well.
A volunteer militia in Oklahoma is unacceptable.
But I'm full of ideas of where you can put your guns.

Friday, April 09, 2010

And then they go and do something like THIS!

It's no secret. I love my children and want to strangle them. All at the same time. I'm eternally tired. Still getting over the death of my dad. Struggling to keep the house clean, my ass to work, and my sanity.
And then what happens?
Middle Chicken writes an Ode. To me. *grins*
I needed kleenex.
Without further ado:
An Ode to Mom

When I was little,
I thought I was indestructible;
like nothing could hurt me,
break through my skin.

But as I got older,
I wanted to explore more;
I would climb up on things,
and fall down hard.

You would always be there,
with a band-aid and a hug;
no matter what happened to me,
I counted on you to protect me.

When everything went wrong,
or when my dad was never there;
you stayed with me always,
you were always there.

*sniff* *sniff*
I'll put off the strangling for another day.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Um, seriously???

Today I've dealt with:
Phone Calls
Books by the hundreds
A large German Shepard
The incapacity to understand English
Repetitive instructions for those that just don't understand
PMS pills in mass quantities
Ambition-challenged people around me
Sore feet
Massive exhaustion
Juggling multiple people
People who are incapable of helping others
Indecisive children
Screaming ovaries
Headache on the back burner edging toward the front
Is it Friday at six o'clock yet???

Monday, April 05, 2010

Clash of the Titans 3D

I'm SURE I will have spoilers in here so just a warning!!!

This movie was mediocre. There. I said it. I was so hyped on the trailer that I downloaded the main theme song they use in the trailer from iTunes. Let's just say I could have watched the trailer and saved myself $50 for my family to go see the thing. In 3D, no less.
The pros?
Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as the opposing mythological Gods and brothers Zeus and Hades. Poseidon didn't get any face time. I suppose he was out hanging ten or something. Anyway, these two talented actors did a hell of a job with a weak script and corny lines. And you have no idea how much it pains me to say that. Seriously.
Love me some Liam Neeson.
And it was cool when Hades would throw out his arms and do this little "whoosh" thing and this black smoky stuff would envelope him. Yeah, good stuff.
Sam Worthington is credible as Perseus. Give the guy his due.
The Kracken is some good digital monsterizing, but he has very little screen time before he's turned to stone.
I like my daughter's God of War game better as far as mythological baddies.
This movie had unexpected bits of humor in it which I enjoyed immensely. But those don't happen until later when Perseus decides he going to kill Hades who killed his family. Hades, being a God and all, lives, by the way. *snickers*
The cons?
This movie did not have as many mythological creatures as I would have liked to enjoyed. Hell, Pegasus pretty much had a cameo.
I KNEW everybody but Perseus would die. Criminey!!!
Dialogue is stilted.
Movie is choppy.
It's like someone divided the movie up into six parts. Put them into bags. Then tied them up and told the producers to put them back together again. And they didn't do a bang-up job.
Andromeda? Forgettable.
The talent was there. The money for special effects was there. Good cast. Someone, somewhere, failed along the way. And shame on them.

There was a very small but extremely cute part where Perseus finds this odd little machinelike owl before he starts his quest. *grins* The head of the army tells him to put it down, and he does. I think the movie may have been better if he'd taken the owl.
But there it was. A little nod to the first Clash of the Titans with the odd little golden owl that was a gift from a goddess.
Too bad she didn't gift the directors/producers with a little help. Or in this case, some magical thread and a needle to stitch a good premise together to please the masses.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Clash of the Titans

OMG! I remember seeing the previews to this movie, and my jaw just dropping. Yeah, I loved the Harry Hamlin (old, children...the OLD version) as Perseus movie. But with the special effects and digital mastery of today's age, I was uber excited. And then when it was thrown out there in commercials that it could be (dum dum DUM) 3D!!! I'm not too proud to admit that I became a bit more than a bit excited.
That lessened considerably while reading an interview with James Cameron about the movie. He explained that it wasn't shot in 3D. That only 1/3 of the time usually spent was put into MAKING it 3D. And so it was pretty much "Clash of the Titans 2.8". Color me highly displeased.
Can I just pay 80% of the damn movie price? How would THAT do for ya??? In fact, I still have my 3D glasses from another movie. How's about I just take those little suckers in with me so I don't have to buy another $3 pair? Well?
*crickets chirping*
Yeah. I thought so.
So after church tomorrow, we're headed out to see Clash of the Titans 2.8. More to come on if it was worth it, or if 2D should suffice.
Have a Happy Easter!
Oh, by the way, two blogs in one day. Just saying.

AND...I looked up earlier how a rabbit is synonymous with Easter and whatnot. It's interesting. Google it.

Crystal Update

Hello all!

I need to try and blog a bit more often. That's something I'm going to work on. That and the cursed treadmill. LOL
Since we last connected, in no particular order: My Dad died. My oldest child has gone through about four significant others. I submitted a complete manuscript to Pocket Juno. My middle child is getting braces. My baby child has been getting some fierce migraines (doc appt Wed). Watched "Lightning Thief" at the theater (the books are so much better). And any one of numerous other trivial things have occurred.
I hope to focus more on: 1. the damn gym 2. the marvelous writing 3. keeping my sanity while doing all that, mothering three teenage daughters, and working a full-time job.
Quit laughing.
I've read the time management books, and I say...bullshit. For one, I'm not a morning person so even though I CONSIDERED getting up and going to the gym at the buttcrack of dawn--that has no relevance in the real world in which I live.
Most days I work until five-thirty. Hit the gym for two hours. That makes it about eight when I get home. Sometimes cooking dinner. Cleaning up. Laundry. Paperwork/homework with the girls. Catching up with the girls.
I'm managing the hell out of my time. I just need about six more hours. Really.
Professionally, I want to finish another full-length novel (80,000-100,000) before the girls go back to school. This will be nine kinds of fun as summer at the library is akin to a sleep-deprived individual herding cats.
Pass the bottle.

So that's it in a nutshell, my lovely blogger friends. Have a Happy Easter!!! I'm working today but am going to church tomorrow followed by "Clash of the Titans." Can't wait.