Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Morning sunshine

I awoke at the buttcrack of dawn today because there was a grocery store in town with hellacious sales going on. Six pack coke/diet coke/dr. peper/etc. for $1. Brisket for $1 a pound. And that place was HOPPING at six o'clock this morning. Everybody's gearing up for Memorial day, I suppose.
Bravejournal is doing some wonky stuff. I can't access Kara's or Olga's blog. And the "Writeminded" gals have moved. I must tweak my template.

Supposed to have a good chance it'll rain today. I have errands to run. LOTS of them. Kim and Sara, I'm sending it today! I haven't had my vehicle, so that was the delay. But I'm all over it. I'll email y'all after I've sent the stuff. *grins*
I don't see this being a particularly good writing day. I need to pick up another black ink cartridge (Why in the blazes do they cost so much? $30. For INK! Let's put this in perspective, shall we? ACK!) And I'll be sending out queries, sample chapters, and such.

I was bemoaning the state of my desk to my best friend yesterday. She looks over at me and says, "But you know where everything is, right?" That would be a negatory. I can vaguely make out the keyboard. The mouse is visible. And hey! What else do I need?
"Alex, the answer is: WHAT IS ORGANIZATION?"
Oh help me.

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username said...

I know where everything is on my desk, believe it or not.

What I hate is trying to improve how I have everything arranged and then not being able to find anything after cleaning/moving things around.