Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's still not Friday, is it?

Saw a friend of mine today that I haven't seen for YEARS! And I've known her since third grade. Yeah. You just hush. I'm aware of how many decades ago that was. *grins*

So we caught up a bit. And I saw her daughter. And she saw two of my three chickens. Wow. Time really DOES fly. And just for a refresher...ALL my chickens will be in middle school next year.
*sinking into chair*
Heaven help me.

In other news...the kittens are now getting about in the yard by sitting in the girls' shoes and rowing with a popsicle stick.
I. Am sick. Of this blasted rain.

Hope to go swimming Saturday. We'll see how that pans out. And I'll be writing Sunday. Yes. ALL DAY. Come hell, high water, or um...whatever else. It must be done. Also sending off money for my next Romantic Times Ad. I think it's going to be out in November. Yeah. Pretty sure that's the month.

We're closed the Fourth of July next week. And we close early on the third. Yay! So we'll have to see what mischief and mayhem the chickens and I can stir up. *rubbing hands together*
Woe to the unsuspecting is all I'm saying.

addendum: And when I check my sitemeter and it says people are finding their way here by googling or searching "anbesol addict"...I worry. I really do. *snickering*

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The scenic route

Got off at 5:30 pm yesterday and didn't get home until a little before 7:00 pm. A twenty-five minute trip took a little bit longer than expected. I usually head down a backroads highway (it's a straight shot from work to home). No such luck.
The road flooded.

Of course...I didn't know it until I was RIGHT ON TOP OF IT. And then two men blocking the road gave me the "turn around" signal. I wanted to give them a signal, too. But I was afraid I'd see them in town somewhere.
I ended up going about thirty-five miles out of my way just to get home. And with the price of gas the way it is...I was none too happy. In fact, I'm sure I ground my molars back a bit more. While clenching the steering wheel with white knuckles.

This rain is a complete 180 from last year. You know...112 degrees outside. Sweltering heat.
I would surely love a medium ground here. You know...somewhere between "hell on earth" and "build an ark."

Onwards and upwards.
Is it Friday yet? *laughing*

This has been the longest week, I swear. And although I appreciate the necessity of slowing down and enjoying life...the enjoyment of this week is pretty much over. Let's all move it along now.

I thought I had writing news. But I guess...not. *snickering*
I do have a short story in Summer Solstice Scorchers available now. And so I'll leave you with a bit of a blurb and excerpt.

"Conjuring Cade" by C'ann Inman
Witchcraft in the wrong hands can be…exciting as hell.
Bliss Monroe hates her sister’s reading material. She considers it trashy and ridiculous. Until the quiz about finding the perfect man catches her eye. But Bliss doesn’t realize that her sister hexed her magazines. And every answer that Bliss marks down will change her life. In a most delightful, erotic way.

Bliss picked up the magazine on the kitchen table and frowned. Her younger sister was reading that trash again. All the bullshit advice on how to find a man or how to orgasm or where to touch herself/her man/or anyone else.
Yeah, right. She snorted and started toward the trash when Harmony came rushing through the door.
“Drop it!”
Bliss narrowed her blue eyes. “Drop what?”
“My magazine.” Harmony scowled. “You know I like reading those.” She marched over and snatched the magazine from her sister’s hand. She uncrumpled it with a low growl. “Just because you don’t like reading it doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve a purpose.”
“Yeah.” Bliss walked over and picked up her cup of coffee. “Its purpose is to rope you into spending money on shit you don’t need and buying into that whole shallow world.”
Harmony rolled her dark green eyes. “And here I thought they were just trying to make some money. I didn’t realize they had such a sinister purpose.”
Bliss held out her hand, and the magazine flew over to her and landed neatly in her upturned palm. “Hmm. Let’s see.” The pages rippled for a second before they stilled. Bliss nodded. “How to Make Magic with Mortals.” She rolled her eyes. “What kind of bullshit is this?” She flipped another couple of pages. “What To Do When His Wand Won’t Work.” Bliss snickered. “And they’re not talking about the one he holds in his hands.” She chuckled. “Or maybe they are.” She started to move a couple more pages when Harmony stood with fists clenched.
“Just because you’re a total failure in the male department doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to suffer.” Harmony held out her hand, and Bliss let her will the magazine back to her. She held up her head. “I’ll look for an article about witches who turn their men gay. Okay?”
“Hey!” Bliss growled. “There were only two of them. And I had nothing to do with that!” She shrugged. “Besides. Steve and John are going to help redecorate my bedroom. Could be worse.”
Harmony stared at her. “Are you hearing yourself?”
“Yes.” Bliss studied her younger sister for a moment. “How did you know I was about to trash that, anyway?”
Harmony’s cheeks flamed, and she looked everywhere but at her older sister. “I put a little spell on it,” she muttered.
“You’re hexing your reading material now?” Bliss narrowed her eyes. “You were careful, weren’t you? We both know you’re not quite ready for your witch’s license yet.”
“Of course I was careful! I cast the spell because we both know you don’t like what I read! You think I should have my nose buried in a textbook like you did.” Harmony sighed. “But that’s not me.”
“I’ve seen your grades, sister. I know that isn’t you. That’s why when you head off to camp tomorrow, this little piece of joy will stay here with me.” The magazine floated in the air over to Bliss, and she closed her hand around it.
“You’re so unfair!” Harmony stomped her foot and glared at her older sister. Her green eyes shot sparks. “Do you even remember what it was like to be nineteen?”
“It was only a decade ago, Harmony. Not a millennia. Of course I remember.” Bliss looked at the clock. “Time for you to go to school.” She made shooing motions. “Off you go.”
Harmony scowled. “I really don’t like you.”
“I know.”
She slid her shoes on and grabbed her backpack. “Really, really don’t like you.”
“I’m aware of it.”
Harmony’s mouth flattened into a tight line. “Tyrant.”
“Have a good day at school.” Bliss opened the door, and Harmony stomped out loudly and down the street. Bliss closed the door with a sigh. Was I that strong-willed when I was nineteen? She’d have to ask her parents next time they were in town. But somehow, she doubted it.
Bliss brought her hand up and studied the offending piece of material in it. What did Harmony find so interesting in here? She walked back into the kitchen and sat down at the butcher-block table. She turned to the Table of Contents and studied the articles. Fashions for the forward-thinking witch? How to brew up an evening he wouldn’t forget?
Bliss took a sip of coffee and then promptly covered her mouth before she spit the liquid back out. Conjuring the Perfect Man. She blinked twice and studied the title again. Surely, they weren’t suggesting actually conjuring one, were they? And what did her nineteen year old sister need with a man? Bliss scowled. Not a damn thing.
© C'ann Inman 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evan had the right idea

It's raining here. Again. Flood warnings. Rivers pushing over their banks. Quite a precipatory cluster.
I just finished writing an article (about myself *snicker*) for the WCP July Newsletter. And now I need to get back to the business of writing.
I know what I SHOULD be writing. But I'm being torn in two different directions. OK, possibly three. We all know what a literary schizophrenic I am. So I have Water Goddess. And a short story. And I was going to abbreviate the last title, but you would probably be shocked and offended. Apparently the letters spell out an um...not-so-nice word.
Hell, I was shocked. LOL

Finally firmed up plans to take a vacation in August with the chickens! Yay! I'm so excited. Going with a friend. And we are going to have such a great time. The girls and I haven't been on a vacation in I don't know when. So this'll be really nice for them. I've already got the days off. And now...the countdown commences. And don't think I haven't been fielding THAT question six times a day. *eye roll*

And you know all those vampire romances and whatnot I've been reading? Well...apparently I've O.D.'d

Had a dream about three nights ago that I was bitten by some bad vampire individual. So I'm woozy and must go appeal to the higher echelon of vampire society. And I remember in the dream that it was Mikhail from the Carpathian series. Wrath from the Brotherhood series. And the demon king (can't get a grip on his name right this second) from the Jacquelyn Frank series.
Oh yeah. *nodding*
Then I woke up.

Perhaps I should ease back from the vampiric reading a bit.

addendum: I had this revelation at 10:35 last night. The demon king's name is NOAH. Sheesh!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Book Binge

Where have I been? You've been pondering that, haven't you? Besides being busier than nine kinds of hell...I've read.
That's right.
I have pushed cleaning to the side and actually read.
Ah...bliss. I've probably read a dozen books in the last week. If not more. I've read all but three of the Carpathian books by Feehan. I read all of the J.R. Ward "Brothers of the Black Dagger" books. And all I have to say in reference to the Black Dagger books is...GO BUY THESE BOOKS! Now.
I've read P.C. Cast's Parthelon series. I LOVED the first two...Goddess by Mistake and Goddess by Choice. Don't miss these. But the second two just didn't have the spark the first two did.
I reread Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank. And I'm really going to be excited when I get my hands on Gideon (the second book in the series). Um...figuratively speaking. *grins*
I also read a couple of non-fiction.

But here's the surprise...and my internal editor was doing cartwheels...each and every book had at least one mistake in it. *holding hand up* I swear.
I know one of the non-fiction books referred to "sheer power" as "shear power." I'm quite sure that scissors or other cutting utensils had no bearing on the phrase.
In one of the Black Dagger books...the sentence in quotes had "heard" spelled as "herd." And I believe it was Goddess by Mistake that had an error in it that only an Oklahoman would have caught. The heroine refers to an Oklahoma restaurant as "Bram's." And as we all in the's "Braum's." I, myself, put the ice cream and burger place in Perfect Timing.
And just to make sure that's what she meant...I emailed P.C. (Wonderful, gracious the way.) She assured me that-yes. It was supposed to be Braum's.

Mistakes happen, my lovelies. No matter how many hands your precious book passes through...mistakes happen. I could pick my first release to shreds, but I won't. Because it's part of me. It's part of the process. And I think it deserves to stand on its own merits.

Another reason I decided to give myself a reading frenzy was to increase my vocabulary. My phrasing. My sense of perfectly proportioned writing.
Reading someone else's work is a great teacher. A tool to use. As long as you don't take the other author's words as your own. That's a hanging offense around here. And I'll bring the noose. Just so ya know.

On a completely unrelated chickens rock. Oh yes. *grins* Yes, they do. We have a rather large lawn to mow. And oldest and baby chicken pitched right in. Middle chicken took care of the house stuffs.
We went swimming this last weekend. Watched movies. It was great. And I absolutely refuse to think about the fact that school starts in two months.
Well, okay. Except for the days when I want to strangle them. Then I clutch the fact tightly to my chest while whispering the Lord's prayer.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Monday didn't happen

I didn't stand on my feet seven hours out of eight yesterday. We weren't bombarded with customers. My hip didn't throb (and it still isn't) from the constant going and doing. We weren't shorthanded. I didn't take *ahem* several ibuprofen. Nope. Uh uh. Refuse to even go there.
Monday didn't happen.

Today? Much better. I'm still keeping my mental block up so I don't harm someone, but other than that...SO MUCH BETTER!!!

And for the reading/writing part of my program...picked up Christine Feehan's "Dark" (Carpathian) series. And I've enjoyed most of them. There's a recurring theme (okay, several). But my romantic little heart just goes pitter-pat for the whole "lifemate" business.
That's what keeps those romantic little books flying off shelves. *nodding*

What have you read lately that struck a chord?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Here and now

I STILL haven't gotten my July Romantic Times magazine in the mail. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
So I will wait and post the dang review when I finally receive that.

Work has been hell on wheels with people out sick and vacations and whatnot. I'm mentally shredded right now. And I just finished the Errata for Fire Goddess. Due out July 1, 2007. Damn time flies.
Also...Summer Solstice Scorchers is out NOW!!! Hie thee to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and getcha some. Romance Junkies gave us 4.5 ribbons. *grins* Not bad at all.

The girls and I have been piddling around together. Nothing helps mend wounds like togetherness. So, believe me, we're together.
Watching movies, Finding Waldo (I kid you not), foraging through I Spy books (yes. My children ARE adolescents...and your point is?), doing tricks in the front yard, and playing charades.
The charades were flippin' hilarious. I'm trying to explain the concept. Middle chicken wanted to spell out (in sign) who or what she was. *snickering* Too damn funny. And then she proceeded to bring imaginary trays out and set them on the ground. Oldest chicken pretended to grab them, so Middle chicken took out her imaginary tape (picturing me rolling on my bed laughing) and taped them down. They are too much fun. Seriously.

We're going swimming Friday. Going to put some sun on this pale body and (hopefully) be energized by the rays. Not burnt, mind you. Energized. There is SUCH a difference there.

Thanks for all the congrats on my review. *ahem* That I STILL haven't read. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr