Friday, May 06, 2005


Thought thread from Alison Kent's post about professionalism.

This is a rare and precious commodity.

Objectivity in writing is hard. Very hard.
If one is not objective enough, the slings and arrows of others will wound or maim.
If one is too objective, the slings and arrows will not make a dent, therefore lessening your chances of learning something from the experience.
It's a fine line to walk. And I doubt anyone is sitting on the fence here.

This is the case of saying it is easier than actually doing it. I don't want any of my books shredded. Who does? Isn't there such an item as constructive criticism? I believe there is. I believe that people will not intentionally take another person's hard work and tear it to hell for the blazing fun of it. Call me optimistic.
If I were handed a truly dreadful piece of work, I would still attempt to find at least three things I really liked about it. Three. And then I would try to show the person the items which need to be worked on.
We have to be responsible for our actions.
Are there some truly hateful people out there? Are you kidding? Sure there are. They travel in packs and have BIG TEETH. And this is when you need the objectivity. Not everyone will enjoy your work like you do. And you need thick skin to deal with it. For every person who tears it down, there is someone who will build you back up.
But learn from critcism. The constructive kind. Don't bite the person attempting to help. Literally or figuratively. heh
If it's a hatefest, then step back. Ignore it. Move on.
But if there is something viable in the words--Take it. Utilize it. And make it work for you.

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username said...

What a delightful post!

I'm not sure, but I think I may be too objective because I rip my own fic to shreds. *g*