Friday, March 28, 2008

Mascara is the devil's tool

I don't wear make-up. My idea of wearing make-up is to pop on powder (to take off the shine) and lipstick (because I like color.)
But today...I'm being interviewed by the local paper. WOO! How exciting is that? So, I decide, in my infinite wisdom, that if there are pictures, mebbe I need to put forth a little more effort.
This translates to--mascara.
I hate mascara.
And ironically, the make-up maven (i.e. Middle Chicken) is the only one in the house with mascara. So I ask if I can borrow some.
Can I tell you how many flipping times I poked myself in the eye? Or how many pieces of toilet paper gave their lives so that I didn't look like Cruella DeVille? Um...several.
But the kicker? The evil heifer (once again, said Middle Chicken) doesn't give me the $6 mascara I bought her. Oh hell no. She gives me the cheap little mascara that came in a make-up kit.
I'm the Mama. Surely to God that should mean I get the good stuff.
So we'll be discussing that after school today. *grins*
On the writing front...same rules still apply. Finishing Wind Goddess. Hell in a handbasket. It's the hardest book I've had to write. I'm not sure if it's because I've been sick so much off and on or just because all the rest of the characters in my head won't let up.
Either sucks.
Saturday I'll be going to a breakfast for Gear-Up for Oldest Chicken. There will be talk of colleges and info passed out to give us all an idea of possible ways to finance such an endeavor. Plus, I'm hoping my appearance will help Oldest Chicken get into the Upward Bound program this Summer. *fingers crossed*
And speaking of Oldest Chicken...she has Eighth Grade Promotion in May. She'll be going into High School.
*eye twitch*
My God! I remember being in high school. Sure it was almost two decades ago. But hey! I've got a long memory. VERY long. LOL
My twenty year reunion is next year. How time flies.
So that's about it from here.
Hope your weekend is a good one!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The voices in my head...a literary odyssey

The voices in my head are really beginning to drive me slightly mad.
I MUST finish Wind Goddess in the next couple of weeks. But Earth Goddess keeps intruding. Nice little dialogue. Scenes that keep popping up in my head. Sheesh
Then there's WATS. Now that one's lovely. And I have this training scene that I need to work on. AFTER Wind Goddess. *eye roll*
Then there's this fantastic idea for SWTWC. Oh sure. It's fabulous. Seriously. Imaginative. Fun. And Paranormal, of course.
And I've even jotted down a lovely paragraph dialogue for TW. Because the damn story will NOT get out of my head!!!
I'm telling you. I need to charge rent or something. Everything's just crowding in and driving me crazy.
But wait...there's more.
I have a short story I planned on submitting to Amazon Shorts that's halfway done. I stopped in the middle of a sex scene. Sorry, Mac.
And I have the first chapter of another Paranormal.
For the love of God.
So that's what's boucing around above the shoulders. Carry on a normal conversation? I couldn't possibly. I'm too busy refereeing the voices in my head.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Glass half-full

This is the way I usually see the world. I don't don the rose-colored glasses, but I prefer to be optimistic.
Sometimes that's rather hard.

I find that I cannot be around those who are constantly pessimistic (or in the case of a co-worker), constantly complaining.
It irritates me.
It also taints my mood. And I don't like it. Don't darken my day with trivial matters. And if it's that bad, I'll lend an ear or a hand. Whichever is suitable.

So life occasionally sucks. So damn what? It's not on a downward spiral constantly. You have to make the choice to realize that some things are out of your control. But the ones IN your control can be changed.
So quit griping.
For the love of God.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bitch, gripe, moan

I want to go on a tear. A madcap meltdown. Someone just needs to hand me a sledgehammer and goggles. And then clear the room.
I'm frustrated.
Both personally and professionally.
And guess what? There is talk of us having business hours on Sunday.
SUNDAY for the love of God!!!
Are you shitting me?
There is the idea bouncing around about being open noon or one to five or some such bullshit.
So. I would be totally wasting a day of my weekend. WASTING it. I would rather work four ten hour days than to have my whole fucking week tore up with scattershot hours.
Screw a large bunch of that.
It's rather pissing me off.
But who am I?

Personally...doing a little self-evaluation. Sometimes painful. But I'm very honest with myself and what I'm capable of doing and not doing.
I need better time management. I need to work on at least three books this year. I want one to send off to an agent by the end of summer.
The End.
I typeth be it.

I'm also trying to wrap my head around the fact that my chickens only have about two months of school left.
holy shit
where in the world has the time gone?
Oldest chicken will be in high school!!!

Okay. I've let a bit of the pressure out. I'm off to make lists and organize my lovely life and all its facets.
Wish me luck.
And send me some coconut rum and coke.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Beowulf sucks, and Nora Roberts does Stephen King

Rent Beowulf. *shudder*
I rather loathed it. The cartoonish visuals didn't bother me. It simply jumped around too much. And the story was rather lackluster on the big screen. The only redeeming factor was the ending and Beowulf's friendship with his number one man. That's about it.
And as for Nora Roberts doing Stephen King...I don't mean in the biblical sense. lmao
I simply noticed that when I read Book 1 of her Blood Brothers trilogy, I was reminded of IT by Stephen King. A LOT. Anyone else get that?
We'll see how the next two books in the trilogy pan out.

Did some writing this weekend. Thank God. I'm so far behind on that, it's making my eye twitch.
The weekend flew by entirely too fast. Now I'm sitting back at my desk at waiting for the next one. Pitiful, huh? LOL

There will be egg dipping and dying this weekend. And I'm sure my chickens are praying for chocolate. Good thing the Easter Bunny doesn't give on merit. There could be some sparse baskets. *snickering* Okay. I'm just teasing. The girls have been really good of late. (Hope I didn't just jinx that.)

Rainy here today. Some severe this evening and early tomorrow.
Hello Spring in Oklahoma!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seven more?

Apparently the Pope has decided to add seven more sins to the "deadly" list.
I'm thinking the first seven kind of covered it, but I suppose he thought he needed to be a little more 2008 with it.
And so, I decided I must add to this "deadly" list. For the sake of us all, my friends.
In no particular order:
1. Thou shall NOT wear a mullet. (I don't care if you've got flowers sprouting out of a toilet on your porch. Cease and desist.)
2. Thou shall NOT have dark roots with blond (lighter) hair. (It's called Clairol. I don't care if you're worth it or not. Try the stuff.)
3. Thou shall use proper hygiene products. (You don't have to smell like a walking perfume ad, but for the love of God, don't smell like roadkill.)
4. Thou shall not tailgate, cut someone off in traffic and then turn, or drive 40 in a 75 mph zone. (This causes me to break some of the first deadly sins.)
5. Thou shall kiss your chickens even when they drive you completely batshit. (OK. This is kinda personal. And I don't know if you even HAVE chickens, but the same rule applies for significant others and parents.)
6. Thou shall NOT employ a comb over. (Bald is better. Sexy even. Check out Bruce Willis. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
7. Thou shall accept thyself as imperfect. (Do it. Accept it. Rock on.)

OK. That covers it for me right now. I'm sure more will come to me later.
And just in case you forgot the first seven:

Friday, March 07, 2008

40,000 words? No problem

Yes, my lovelies. I've done it again.
How is it that I can paint myself into a literary corner and then write like my ass is on fire? I think it's a sickness, personally. Kind of like waiting until the last minute in high school Science to boil a chicken bone. Draw a diagram. Glue said chicken bone on the diagram in the right place. Then write a report about it.

So that's how the weekend will unfold. Gotta go get some food today after work to keep the chickens occupied. Have a buttload of movies for them to peruse at their leisure. And me? I'll be writing Wind Goddess and smiling/cursing. *grins*

Had lunch with the Mama today. Burgers down the street. I love my mom. She's good stuff. And funny as hell without meaning to be. Case in point: We discuss all three chickens and their academics and personality. Oldest and baby chicken are having no academic problems in school. Middle chicken is making my eye twitch over her Science grade. (Yes. It's that horrid.) And Mom says, "Does she have ADT?" Meaning, in Momspeak, ADD.
I rolled.
No, I explain. She's got l-a-z-y. *eye roll*

And now...the picture of the perfect man:


Of course...he's completely fictional.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The good, the bad, and the "Holy shit! Are you kidding me?"

I'm back!!!

And so is my Muse/Talent/Energy. Yay! Had a bit of an epiphany last night. Seems like my discipline needed a good, swift kick in the ass. I gave it one. So. I'm back on track! That be the good news.

The bad news...*sigh*...Brett Favre has decided to retire from the Green Bay Packers. This wounds me deeply. :)~~

He's the reason I began to watch football in the first place. And I'm going to miss him terribly! No other quarterback measures up. Guess we'll wait for the next season to see who I want to watch now.

And as far as the "Holy shit!" news...I'm beginning to wonder if my children are going to put me in an early grave. It seems that no matter what I do, there is always MORE that they want/need/decide to torture me with. I finally had a little meltdown last night and put my foot down. I know that went over SOOOOOOOOOOO well. *grins* Ah, well. That's why I'M the Mama!!!


Monday, March 03, 2008

Today's horoscope

It's one of those days that demands strict discipline -- if you can't keep yourself on task, you'll just end up spinning your wheels and that will get frustrating pretty quickly. One more cup of coffee won't hurt.


Stark Raving Mad

'round the bed (Thanks to Tori and her sharp eyes. lmao But I'm leaving "bed" on there just because. rofl Yeah. I know. I meant "bend" See what I'm saying now???)
looney tunes

Yeah. I can see that. Seems like lately I can't focus. Didn't help being sick for a couple of weeks and my vacation royally inhaling.
I find myself reaching for a part of me that is either hibernating or pissed off at me. I can't decide which.
But the words won't come. To ANYTHING!!! And my frustration level is pretty much topped out. And my focus is shot to shit.
Is it the weather?
Is it my illness?

Just what in the fuck exactly is the problem here???
I would really like to know.

Have two great ideas for two more books. Longer novels. Applicable to sending off to agent-type folks. But I still have two more books to write (already contracted) for WCP.

So there it is. Well on the way to Stark Raving Mad. No detours. Just straightaway.
Good to know I'm on my way somewhere.