Saturday, April 30, 2005


I'm working on the erotica right now. Of course, the kids are walking in and out of the room. Maximize screen. Minimize screen.
He was putting his hands...where? Wait! His mouth? She was doing what? Hold on. I had her sighing? Moaning? Groaning? Screaming?
Who can remember?
And then I'll go back and reread. All right.
Another chicken comes in. I play the "minimize, maximize" game again. Grrrrrrr
How are these people ever going to play when there are chickens in the house?
Good news: I've written over 2,000 words today. Yay me!
How? I'll never know.
Oh yes...she was writhing. hehehe


Jill said...

This could have been my post for the day, LOL. Little people need to go play OUTSIDE!

Caro said...

I can definitely sympathize. There have been times I've been sneaking in some writing at work and it's definitely not easy working on the NC-17 stuff in an office environment!

Amy said...

ROFL! That's a lot of up and down...or in and out...or...something. *g* Congrats on the 2,000 words!

username said...

Go you on the writing! I leave something else open behind word and have both resized to where one edge is shown slightly on one side and the other window edge is slighly more at the top. (I always make sure I have a couple of harmless things in my Mozilla tabs, like yahell mail and yahell groups in the first two.)

That way, I can easily just slide the cursor over to the edge and click to hide whatever smut it is I may be working on and be looking at something as harmless as mail.

Please pardon any typos which may be in this post. The cat deemed me to need his supervision and actual keyboard assistance. *g*