Monday, May 30, 2005


My publisher, Whiskey Creek Press, has offered me a contract for my third book, a Paranormal Romance, titled "The Portrait." I am so excited! I'm on that adrenaline high that will last for quite awhile. So sleep tonight? Heh. Not bloodly likely.
I want to WRITE. Lots. More. Now. LMAO
After I share my news with all the people in my little world. Then I will get back to the business of finishing my anthology piece.

We went over to a friend's house and BBQ'd. Good stuff. Thanks M and B! It's been a lovely holiday. I was having a "good" writing day and brought a little notebook with me. I sequestered myself in her computer room and wrote the ending to my piece. Now, I must transcribe-probably tomorrow.
Hope you're Memorial Day has been a good one.
Sorry about the previous post. Blogger was having a day, itself. I didn't even notice it totally left off my last sentence or two. I think I've fixed it.


kacey said...

Congrats of the sale! And the good writing day. What more could you ask for??

Dorothy said...

Congratulations, girl!!!

chryscat said...

Kacey: Um...I'm not asking for anything else today. *grins* My heart couldn't take it.
Dorothy: Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

Michelle said...

Now isn't that the best way to celebrate a holiday? You go, girl!!

chryscat said...

Michelle: Oh YES! And if I really put my butt in gear, maybe I could have another one by the Fourth of July.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Congrats, Crystal! :)

chryscat said...

Thank you, Nancy! It's good to see you.

mumbaiwallah said...

Hi there!
Got to your blog thru a link on Writers World. My name is Chryselle and I have a blog which, ahem, looks exactly like yours! Perhaps people with similar first names have similar tastes :) Just kidding! Congratulations on your contract and good luck with the writing!

username said...

Congrats! Before long, you'll be too busy to gab with little old deviant me. *g*

Katie said...

That is great news!! Congratulations to you!!!! Enjoy your selling high!

Tori said...

Congrats on the sale, Chrys!

chryscat said...

Chryselle: Amazing, isn't it? There are times Blogger gives me fits. THAT'S when I think of another template. Or server. Or something! Thanks so much for the congratulations!
Kel: !!! Hey! I am NEVER going to be too busy to talk to another deviant. heh
Katie: Thank you! I am enjoying it. Okay, wallowing in it. *shrug and grins*
Tori: Thank you so much!
I appreciate everyone's comments and congrats! Y'all are great!

username said...

Glad to hear that.

Congrats again!

Amy said...

Yikes, I'm late to the party! Congrats, Crystal! Woohooo! :)

chryscat said...

Amy: Grab a party hat and a beverage (alcoholic or no). We're gonna boogie!