Friday, January 30, 2009

Guest blogging!!!

I'm over at Frightening Journeys today posting about my thoughts on the "Were" phenomenon.
Come check it out!

The Ice Storm Cometh

I came to work Monday morning with the thought that perhaps Oklahoma would receive a bit of much needed moisture in the form of icy precipitation.
How very right I was.
The roads became so slick early that I left work at 11:30 am just to get my butt home before I couldn't make it at all. One of my co-workers told me that four of them stayed until five (our early closing) and that EVERY one of them fell in the parking lot and had to crawl to their respective cars.
Yeah. It was like that.
I, however, in my limited wisdom contacted Mr. Propane and had him deliver to me Monday even though I had 20% left still. What a forward thinker I am.
Tuesday the roads were impassable. We were in a "State of Emergency." Travel was NOT advised unless you absolutely had to. I didn't have to. Work was closed for which I'm thankful. And, of course, no school.
I took vacation Wednesday because little white car was still buried, and I thought it unwise to kill myself getting the little thing out of its hidey hole when I would surely end up in the closest ditch.
And, of course, no school.
Thursday became the day of possibilities. I did NOT want to spend another precious 8 hrs of vacation sitting home watching OC play PS2, MC harrass her sisters, and BC complain about everything. So I sucked it up (this was industrial suckage, let me tell you) and decided to drive to work.
I call it white knuckle driving because by the time I arrived in my occupational parking lot, I had to pry my fingers from the wheel. Unpleasant, to say the least.
Where were the chickens?
No school. Of course. So they kept me company. And it was not a good time. First of all, slammed would be putting it mildly. It was balls to the walls here, my friends. The phone rang off the hook. There was a small stampede when we opened the doors. You would think that we were the hottest ticket in town.
Well, I think we are. But I digress.
So now it's Friday. And I'm at work. Which really, looking at alternatives, isn't that bad. The chickens are STILL out of school. But there's a bit of separation between us right now so who am I to complain?
There are STILL large roadways that haven't seen hide nor hair of salt or a plow. And I'm rather glad the chicks aren't going to school. Their route is mostly dirt roads. And that translates to an icy ditch right about now. So they're kicked back at home. Probably torturing the hell out of each other. If pattern holds, and I'm sure it will.

I did write a bit. Pounded out about 6000 more words. And I love the story. It's wonderful.
So I'll wish everyone a happy weekend. Stay warm if you can.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The eye twitcheth

In no particular order:

There are NOT enough hours in the day. I don't care if you're Dr. Phil or Dr. Wayne's all a LIE!!!
Teenage girls will hit a period of time when the mirror is their friend. Which makes it extremely frustrating for the Mama to fix her hair.
I feel like I'm going to be stuck at 60,000 words FOREVER on WATS. ACK! Okay. *deep breath* Not really. Sheesh.
Is it Friday yet?
It's only important if someone else wants it.
When I want attention, I can't get any. However, when I want to lay low, that's when the middle button of a blouse is missing.
Oklahoma weather--Today 77. Tomorrow 60. Next week? Who knows. But leaving the house this morning when it's a balmy 32 with a sleeveless thin shirt on was not the best of ideas.
People invariably suck at one time or another. But it's the optimist in me that believes they'll get over it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beyond frustrating

How much do I absolutely LOVE getting a call from the principal of the girls' school?
It utterly pisses me off. First, I believe I've stated my utter loathing for receiving calls at work. It is almost never good. Except when the Mom or Sis calls.
But having a first-year principal proceed to tell me how unruly my child is in three different classes quite crawls up my ass. And I will concede that BC can be quite an opinionated overbearing pill.
I admit that. My God. I'm her MOTHER! I KNOW these things.
But I also can see where two of these classes also have different problem children and two teachers who have no concept on how to control a class.
In fact...and I don't know if I've shared this story before or not-but what the hell-it deserves a of these teachers sent MC and some of her friends to this office because they were calling her "stupid"
(wait for it....)
Okay. Can you grasp how frustrated I am? I think it's fairly obvious.
So instead of me being a somewhat happy camper this evening, I could've cheerfully strangled BC. And the principal ticks me off because he wants to blame the students for EVERYTHING!!!
My GOD! Do your fucking job! BE a damn principal!
And since I still feel the need to air it out, I brought up the teacher with the mental problems. Apparently she was sitting right there by Mr. Principal as he talked to me on the phone.
*eye roll*
So he asks...Do you want to talk to her?
My response...God, no! And then I proceed to explain that I personally think she is a horrible instructor, and I cannot WAIT for NONE of my girls to have her. HA!
And so he hems and haws about how wonderful she is.
Yeah. Bullshit.
This is a teacher who does some crap jobs so I'm sure they'll keep her just for that. Because let me tell you, the chickie has some major problems.
But this, in NO way, excuses BC and her mouth.
So BC's plans for this weekend?
Gone. So so very damn gone. And she's now grounded for two weeks. Because I think that's only right. And considering the mental agony I've had to endure by listening to the principal's prattle, I should add extra time for pain and suffering for the Mama.
So that's that.


Hie ye to the front page of Fictionwise.
Earth Goddess has made its debut, and I'm excited!!!
Here's the blurb:
May Fairchild was a child actor until a tragic accident cut her dreams, and almost her life, short. She limped away from acting and began a new life for herself. Childish dreams were tucked away, and a new foundation was built. May is set in her ways and believes herself to be in the twilight of her years with no time for romantic nonsense. When Chandler Hughes moves in next door, May’s world alters. Her young neighbor sees May in a new light. Chandler won’t back down. May won’t give in. Eden is the Earth Goddess who has already helped May come out of the dark once when all was lost. Can she show her the light again?
This is the final book of the Elemental Guardian series. And I love it.
Check it out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I. Am. Bored.

It's my late night to work. And the evening stretches out in front of me like a desolate highway.
I'm on dinner break now. Surfed around to the local news sites to see what was up. Not a whole lot, as a matter of fact. Checked my MySpace. All my emails.
*drumming fingers on desk*
Yeah. Five more hours of this, and I'm golden.

The good news being that if I make it through tomorrow (let's all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?) then I have FOUR days off in a row. I took Friday off. The weekend is mine anyway. We're closed Martin Luther King Day.
The bad news is that I expected my W-2's in tomorrow. And it isn't happening.
Damn it.

Brought WATS on my flash drive and may work on that a bit this evening in the lull. If there is a lull. I could be lullless. Who knows? I do, however, know that I shall be here until nine o'clock this fine evening.
It's fantastic, I tell ya. Flippin' fantastic.
And by the time the evening ends, I'll be freezing my ass off because that lovely arctic air that is jacking up several other parts of the U.S. is headed my way. Possible flurries tomorrow. We shall see.

And totally off the subject...I have a new favorite song. Look up Pink on YouTube and check out "Sober." It's listed as "Unsuitable for Minors" because some asswipe doesn't know his/her ass from his/her elbow.
But here are the lyrics:
I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest
Or the girl who never wants to be alone
I don't wanna be that call at 4 o'clock in the morning
'Cos I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home

Aahh the sun is blinding
I stayed up again
Oohh, I am finding
That's not the way I want my story to end

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like protection
But how do I feel this good sober?

I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence
The quiet scares me cause it screams the truth
Please don't tell me that we had that conversation
I won't remember, save your breath, 'cos what's the use?

Aahh, the night is calling?
And it whispers to me softly come and play
But I, I am falling
And If I let myself go I'm the only one to blame

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
But how do I feel this good sober?

I'm coming down, coming down, coming down
Spinning 'round, spinning 'round, spinning 'round
Looking for myself - SOBER (x2)

When it's good, then it's good, it's so good till it goes bad
Till you're trying to find the you that you once had
I have heard myself cry, never again
Broken down in agony just tryna find a fit

Ooo Oooo

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
But how do I feel this good sober

OOooo OOoo

No Pain
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
How do I feel this good sober?

Will I ever feel this good sober?
Tell me, No no no no no pain
How do I feel this good sober?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

That sucker flew by kind of quick, didn't it?

Friday evening was nothing much. The girls and I stayed home. We went to the local junior college and watched two basketball games Saturday. MC brought along T. OC and MC are in a program called Gear Up. It's a federally funded program that tracks the kids to see if all the extra activities and help for the kids makes a difference in their lives. It's fantastic!!!
The kids go on field trips. Have access to tutors. There are all sorts of perks.
Another perk being that the two oldest chickens, BC, and I all got in free to the games. And the rest of the seasons home games will be the same.
*channeling Wayne and Garth*
We plan on being at quite a few future games.

And I wrote!!! Yep. Back in the ol' swing of things. Wrote almost 6000 words Sunday. Zipped right along. And I loved it. Popped ye old headphones on and went to town.
Finally took down the Christmas tree.
Then I watched The Tudors on DVD.
Can I just say...yummy? It's certainly nothing that I'd let the chickens watch, but I loved it. Keep in mind it's a Showtime production. K?
And really, it fired my interest in the time period so I spent this morning on Wikipedia delving into the history of Henry VIII, and his many trials and tribulations as King.
The man had problems. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and the couldn't keep it in his pants.
There. I'll say that, too.
This morning rolled around entirely too quickly, and I'm still rubbing sleep out of my eyes.
How about y'all?
Anything new and different?

Friday, January 09, 2009


This was my fallback novel. The one I worked on while tapping through Earth Goddess and Wind Goddess. A rather steady stream of words centered around a story that can make me smile by rereading it.
With all other contracted works finished (Thank you, God!), then I can fully concentrate on this little gem.
I like it.
It's already around 51,000 words. I'm targeting 90,000. And for those that have read me for awhile, you know that for's a lengthy piece. And you're probably also aware that I must multi-write.
So there's this story...*grins*
And I'm considering targeting a Teen audience. Let me simply say this has NEVER crossed my mind before. EVER. But when this story idea came to me, I knew it wasn't Erotic Romance. That was certain. Now I simply have to feel it out and see where it fits.
You'll be the second to know.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Crystal. Party of one.

I fit in.
I don't fit in.
Either works, depending on my mood.

But I find that as I age, gracefully (heh), that I want to be around my friends and people my age. I want that connection I had back in high school with people. The inner circle who know who I am and can appreciate that. Who listen and don't judge. Who will commiserate and not give advice I don't really want. And then give advice when I really damn need it.
It's something for me to work on this year.
My birthday is next month.
I want to go out.

Let me just say that it doesn't bother me to go out by myself. Bar or no. And yes, it's usually a bar. *grins*
But I feel reticent this time for some unknown reason. Will I still go out?
Yeah, probably.
I didn't go last year. Wish I had.
But I think I'll work on reconnecting with those I've lost touch with.

It's been my kids as a priority for so long that I've lost track of the social side of myself. So there are changes in the air.
On a related topic, when I broached the subject of my impending bar trip, MC popped off with...Who's going to watch us?
OC raised her hand. "Me."
Pandemomium broke loose.
I'm like...Hey!!! You're teenagers. I'm not going to be gone all night. You'll be okay. *snort*
Now. The fun begins when they see what I plan on wearing.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I feel pretty! Oh so, pretty!

Isn't that GORGEOUS???
The entire Elemental Guardian Series available in ebook format May 2009.


Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

As I live and breathe.
And yes, I do still live and breathe. It was touch and go there for awhile, but I've weathered the damn end-of-the-year storm.

This year ought to be a busy one.
I have the OLA Conference in April. My 20 year reunion in June or July. Red Dirt in November. Plus all the other goodies sandwiched in-between.
The holidays were nice, but I really was glad to say...GOOD BYE!!! I am so done with you!!!
Note the exclamation points.
So yeah. I was pretty damn serious.
Went shopping Friday after work and Saturday. Watched Twilight Saturday with the chickens. It was okay. I'm not a teen girl anymore (Thank you, God!) so I probably didn't relate to it on that level. I did, however, enjoy the romance.
I also took the loaner car in for an oil change and wipers.
Tell me something. When a mechanic parks your car and leaves it in reverse, causes you to majorly freak out and call AAA, shouldn't there be some sort of perk for the traumatized soul?
I would think...yeah.
But after my minor meltdown, I went back to the car, noted it was in reverse (for Pete's sake!!! Seriously???) and popped it in park. Started right up. Of course, the AAA guy just pulled up, and I had to explain the automotive clusterfuck that seems to be my gift. He was very understanding. It was highly appreciated.
The girls went back to school today. But not even an hour after I arrived at work, I received the dreaded call. Let me explain. I LOATHE getting calls at work. It's never any good news. There has been news of illness, swats, and misbehavior. Do I like a co-worker telling me I have a call on Line 3?
Not so much.
So I retrieve OC and shuffle her ass off to the house where she can feel better. But this always costs me at least an hour of work. Ugh
And it's been one hell of a long day, anyway, quite frankly.
Here's a summation over the break:
I discovered J.A. Konrath. (Go forth and read his books. You shall enjoy.)
I cleaned.
I listed my newest year and things that I want/need/desire.
I worked. (Of course. pft)
That's really about it. I'm sure I'm glossing over quite a few facts, but I need to pace myself. It's been three weeks, ya know.