Monday, July 31, 2006

Mornings inhale

Mostly just Monday morning. I think it's the combination of not being to fall asleep until after midnight and the dreaded knowledge of waking up and starting another week. I woke up at five o'clock this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Quite irritating. Oh, and as I am typing this, the *&%$#@* enter key won't work. So this is going to be in ONE BIG BLOCK. Grrrrrrrr Damn. I do, however, have some good news. THIS is what I found when I did my OCD check at Fictionwise: Best Selling Authors: Recent 1. Anne McCaffrey2. Mandy M. Roth3. Michelle M. Pillow4. Kim Harrison5. Alan Dean Foster6. Julia Quinn7. James Rollins8. Kimberly Zant9. Marion Zimmer Bradley10. H. Beam Piper11. C'ann Inman12. Laura Anne Gilman13. Piers Anthony14. Robert Silverberg15. Lilith Saintcrow Isn't that one of the loveliest things you've ever seen? LMAO I'm hoping the numerical prettiness takes me through the rest of this day with minimal damage. *sigh* Gotta go. Hope your Monday flies by. Grins*

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lord, I was born a rambling blog...

I plan on being all over the map today with this blog. A little bit of this, that, and the other. no particular order...

I'M #1!!!
Yes. I have achieved that goal at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. What He Wants is officially the number one bestseller for the month of July. *big grin*
Okay, I give. THAT one was in a particular order. *snickering*

Upcoming chats:
August 1st @ Coffee Time Romance 9 pm EST. That translates into 8 pm CST. The theme is Paranormal Nights. Click the little link that says "Chat now." I'm with Merris Hawk, Jaden Sinclair, and Annmarie Ortega.

I'll be chatting again at Coffee Time Romance August 6th with my fellow Whiskey Creek Press Authors. This chat will be at 8pm EST...7 pm CST.

I will be hosting my very own Author Day August 8th for the Whiskey Creek Press Readers. You can join the group to participate. Note: I'm LOTS of fun. *laughing*

My horoscope for the day:
Finally, here's a day that has enough weirdness in it to make you feel quite sane. You've been looking for that lost edge, a bit of excitement to spice up your routine. Now it is within reach. The lightning is striking and you are awakening from a deep slumber. Don't close your eyes and go back to sleep. Take action while you are infused with enthusiasm and inspiration.
*pumping fist in the air*
It's the GREEN LIGHT!!!

I wrote 3000 words yesterday on PFP. Sent a Fantasy Romance off for submission. And I ran a little contest on the Torrid Reader Group that let readers have the opportunity to have a book dedicated to them. The Torrid Teaser that I want to submit either Monday or Tuesday.
So I have three lucky readers who will have their names out there for all the world to see.

I'm promoting my ass of today with announcements on all sorts of groups about What He Wants. Then I need to get back into writing the books. Going to be a very busy day.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Strictly business

Yes. Lots of folk in Atlanta. Having a good time. Acquiring agents and such. (Go MICHELLE!)
And I'm not.

So. I'm making the best with what I have to work with. Knuckling down on this damn Contemporary Erotica. About 30,000 words in. Shooting for around 45,000.
I'm giving myself two weeks. It needs to be done by August 15th. Finished the Teaser and will submit it July 31st.
Working on the second book of the Guardian series. And the Time Travel Romance.

I'm considering finishing the TT Romance and pitching it in Houston. That might work for me. But I'm not going to let my ebooks fall to the side. Write. Write. Write some more. I don't want a lapse on either my WCP or WCP Torrid side. Steady releases. Name in the public's eye. That's my goal.

I'm working on PFP (Contemporary Erotica). Let's all hope the Diet Pepsi holds out.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Yeah, yeah, I know what I said

So then.

The answer is no. No, I haven't started on my Time Travel Romance yet. Have I meant to?
Oh yeah. The past two days. Have I even made notes? Sure haven't.
After finishing the Torrid Teaser, I took a day or two to myself. Heard back from the agent who had OEE. She declined. Which is okay. *nodding* I expected as much. But I'm well with it.
If it's not a good fit, then let's all move on.

I've been obsessed (re: my OCD) on checking my stats. Yes. I'm special like that. *rolls eyes*
I've got the Whiskey Creek Press site. The WCP Torrid site. And Fictionwise.
What He Wants is just booking right along. It's #2 on the WCP Torrid site right now. I'm hoping for #1 this next month.
And what does this tell me?
1. Hot sells.
2. I need to get my ass in gear and finish my second full Contemporary Erotica.

I'm off to multi-task and generally make a difference. *snort*

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Purple Prose

A term of literary criticism, purple prose is used to describe passages, or sometimes entire literary works, written in prose so overly extravagant, ornate or flowery as to break the flow and draw attention to itself.

My weakness in writing is lack of description. I freely admit that. It's something I work on with every piece.
But I would rather description be a bit sparse than to choke my story with flowery words and overflowing pages that describe every inch of every scene in the book.
I can't read books like this. And I refuse to write one.

But the balance? Yes. I can try that.
Description comes easily to some. Just the perfect color. Or the perfect accessories. Any number of extras that convey more information.
And I get flashes of this. Isn't that odd?
I remember working on Fire Goddess when the scene first flowed...description and all.
My hero and heroine are at her farm in Oklahoma, drawn to each other. And I wrote a scene that gave me goosebumps.
That is what I strive toward.

So first edit? Bare bones. Basic dialogue. Getting the story out. And when I get REAL lucky, pieces of descriptions that I don't have to work quite so hard for.
This is what I'm up against right now with my Time Travel Romance. How much description to feed in?
So I believe I'll make notes. Jot down some important stuff. And probably begin tomorrow.

Couldn't sleep last night for thinking about 2007 and what I could take for promo materials.
*grins* I love my job.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Looking ahead

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead

April 2007 to be more specific. Romantic Times Convention in Houston.
Who will be there?
Me, dammit.
If I have to save my pennies from now until be it. It can be a late birthday present. Or an early Christmas present. Or whatever the hell it takes to make it happen. Hmph.

EPIC has been invited to come and participate. THIS is exciting beyond all belief. Because that means that electronically published books will be well-represented. Love that.
Not that I've quit holding out hope on my lovely agents. Because I haven't. But I like to have my fingers on several pulse points at once.

So while there are those who are heading out to Atlanta to whoop it up and whatnot...I'll be obsessing over Houston. Yeah. I know. Eight months ahead of time. But, well, it's me. *grins*

While I ponder what to start next and what to work on, I'll keep an eye on the future and possible editor appointments. Something to think about when all else fails to give me that oomph I so desperately need.
I believe I'll work on three at once. I really do need to finish the Contemporary Erotica. More than halfway done. And I've finally worked out a couple of scenes that were missing.
And I think that I'll target either the Time Travel Romance or the MIRA story for the conference.
Let the mania begin.

Monday, July 24, 2006

It's about damn time

Holy hell.
It took me long enough.
Finally finished the Torrid Teaser stories.
And so commences the "I finished the damn thing happy dance."

And they're good stories. But criminey! The first one fairly spilled onto my keyboard. The second? Not. So. Damn. Much.
First story around 5500 words. The second? Almost 7000. Ack.
I had my flippin' "deadline" away message on my AOL for about five days. People were beginning to roll their eyes. lmao

And then I'm slapped in the head with the realization that lots of writers will be heading to Atlanta. And I, unfortunately, am not one of them.
But I'm hoping those that go come back with lots of stories and pictures. Living vicariously, you know.

I've got to work tomorrow and the next day. Back to writing on my Time Travel Romance probably Thursday.
No rest for the wicked. Yeah, yeah. *snickering* Bite me.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

All wrong

No matter what I's all wrong.

Funny how I can come up with the words for others but struggle in my personal life.

Ah, well.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Garden Party

I've been inundated with this term lately.

Is it Applebee's that is butchering the Ricky Nelson song for their advertisements? Probably. They like to do that to a lot of classics.
Rene used it to title her posts the other day.
As I was channel-surfing my radio, I caught the end of it on the oldies station.

I LOVE the song.
For those of you unacquainted with's a song by Ricky Nelson that recalls the time he was invited to perform at a Garden Party. Everyone was there. Time to take a walk down memory lane and play all the old songs. But no one recognized him. He didn't look the same.
It's the chorus that strikes with me every time:
But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself

Can you imagine? An icon of the fifties and sixties not fitting in? Someone whose parents embodied all that was good during that time?

You can't please everyone. You shouldn't try. It will only end in pain and disappointment for all those involved.
Writing to the market is a discussion had by everyone at one point in time. But you shouldn't. Because the market changes. It's a wily beast. Prone to fits and starts. Flooding. And it cares not who it helps or hurts. Because it doesn't feel. It just is.
As for those of us who write something a little different, *ahem*, I'm quite sure we're not appealing to our conservative friends and family. *shrug*

I learned long ago that I can't please everyone. Hell, I'd be fortunate enough to please half a dozen at one time. But I'll well with it.
Don't question your call to write what you write. Simply make your work the best you can make it.
A good book will find a home.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More reviews and writing

Got two more reviews in the inbox for What He Wants. Hot diggity! Very nice. But I'll spare y'all this afternoon. *grins*

I wrote around 2500 words yesterday. So now I only need about 2000 more today. Have to go to work this afternoon, but I'll tuck in this evening and check it out.

It's amazing. Seems like certain things go in cycles. Bad news. Good reviews. Contracts. Feeling a bit "off." All that.
I've been a bit scattered the past week or so, but now I feel as though I'm back on track and focused. I absolutely love that.
Finish up the Teaser. Work on the other Erotic Romance and my second Guardian book. Wow. It's always something, huh?

Supposed to be 110 here today. *sigh* What point to wear make-up? Um, none. So I won't. Heaven help my co-workers.
And my good news, besides all the literary stuff, today? I am now the official owner of House's first season. Oh man. Hugh Laurie. *fanning self* Let the snarkiness begin.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ms. 4000

Naughty C'ann needs to write 4000 words today. Minimum. *grins*
Therefore, she would like to post a couple of reviews that will (hopefully) inspire her.

This is from Euro-Reviews for "School's Out" in the Summer Sizzlers Anthology:

School’s Out by C’ann Inman, 4.5 Flags
Julie had been vacationing at a nude resort for the past five years. It was a way for her to unwind and relax. If she happened to make a connection, well, so be it. When she literally stumbles upon a handsome younger man, she invites him to dinner. At dinner, she discovers that he was a former student of hers…and that she met him on the beach…while sunbathing…in the nude.
Derek’s adolescent fantasies were filled with Julie. A couple of years after he graduated, he tried to locate her but work took him away. Now that he’s found her, he wants to teach her a couple of lessons…School’s Out is another exciting and sexy story. Derek is hot…hot-like-a-coal-out-of-blazing-furnace-why-is-there-never-enough-ice-in-the-freezer kind of hot.
C’ann Inman generated so much heat with this story that it’s a miracle the pages weren’t smoking…
Reviewer: Kerin

And for What He Wants from Romance Reviews Today:
WHAT HE WANTS is a charming and engrossing romance that will capture the reader’s attention from the get-go. Diana and Sheridan are perfectly matched in every way. Sheridan knows his duty to his race is very important and he will follow the rules to the letter. But as we all know, things don't always go according to plan. Diana turns out to be a stubborn woman with a temper to match when she's pushed too far. In other words, Diana has a backbone and Sheridan doesn't know how to handle it. The poor man! He thinks life will be easy, no troubles, and that Diana will obey his wishes. Not! The relationship between Sheridan and Diana is volatile and heated. Their sexual encounters are fiery and emotional.
C'ann Inman’s WHAT HE WANTS is a bewitching story that readers will surely enjoy.
Sinclair Reid

Off to create more heat for a certain character who thinks she has everything in hand. Silly, silly woman. Ian has a mind of his own.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Here it is. A list of everything I have out through December of this year. I waited because I literally JUST GOT the email with the contract attached for my Christmas Candy submission for WCP Torrid. WOO! *dancing*

Virtually Yours Contemporary Romance Oct 2005 WCP
"Naughty and Nice" Winter Wishes Anthology Jan 2006 WCP Torrid
"Meant To Be" and "The Arrangement" LOVE An Anthology Jan/Feb 2006 WCP
Perfect Timing Time Travel Romance Feb 2006 WCP
"Intervention" Spring Flings Anthology April 2006 WCP Torrid
What He Wants Erotic Romance June 2006 WCP Torrid
The Portrait Paranormal Romance July 2006 WCP
"School's Out" Summer Sizzlers Anthology July 2006 WCP Torrid
"What Goes Around" HATE An Anthology August 2006 WCP
"A Warmer Than Usual Autumn" Fall Fires Anthology Oct 2006 WCP Torrid
"Elf Mistress" Christmas Candy Anthology Dec 2006 WCP Torrid

*dancing some more*

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My writing process

This post triggered by Nancy's response and questions to a previous post.

She writes:
This begs a question: can/do you push yourself to write when you're *not* in the mood (assuming no deadlines loom over your head), or do you wait until the mood strikes you again? If you push yourself at those times, are you as happy with the finished product as you'd be if you waited for your Muse to visit?

Usually, when I write about my "process", I feel like the biggest goober on the planet.
"Call me Goober."

I always have the intrinsic need to write. And inspiration will hit at the oddest times. A phrase. A song. Anything can and will trigger an idea. The ones I deem worthy of actually writing (not just a literary flash in the pan) I jot down in a notebook.
I will dog-ear the page that I wrote down the title and a brief premise. I will often refer to this notebook when I feel the need to start something different.
Current count is twelve.
This doesn't include:
My Paranormal Series--Nancy, you know which one I'm talking about.
My Guardian Series
The Time Travel Romance
Two Erotic Romance-One Paranormal, One Contemporary
My Torrid Teaser
My sequel to the book that lives with an agent right now.
My Detective Series-partial requested by an agent

Can you feel the ideas pinging in the air? Yeah, me too.

Now. When I sit down to write, I usually have an idea what I'm working on. Some books are a struggle. These are the ones where I started out at ninety miles an hour and then hit the sagging middle. Btw, the absolute most horrific part for me to write. Ack.
OEE-at the agent's-I wrote in one month. From April 4 to May 4. That was as smooth as honey. Flowed right from the fingertips. And the whole story was like that. *bowing to the literary gods*
I'm making myself finish the Teaser because I cannot stand to have something so close to being finished without just damn doing it. This is humorous because I have an Erotic Romance that is approximately 30,000 words finished. But the story is writing itself in my head right now. Not ready for fingertips, believe me.
Which brings me to my subconscious. Others may call it a Muse. To me, a Muse is: any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences 2 : a source of inspiration ; especially : a guiding genius

My Muse is a collection of my synapses that party hearty. And every once in awhile, if I'm very good, I get an invite to the party. That's when the real fun begins. Could be an all-day invite. Could be a weeklong writingfest. It just differs. But if they're not feeling it, neither am I. On the days that they feel like being exclusive, and I NEED to write, I bang on the door until they let me in.

If I self-impose a deadline, I will make it. Come hell, high water, or natural disaster. I will not miss a deadline. Barring that, I write what most appeals to me at the time.
Back to my subconsciousness. Stories brew in my wee cranium non-stop. And until the right combination is found, I let them brew. When I get the "click", the RIGHTNESS, of the plot and premise, then I write.
I like to have all my elements lined up. What's the black moment? Conflict? Villain? Turning point?
When all the literary elements converge, I do the happy dance. It's as if someone lifted the blinders, and I have the "go ahead" I was waiting for. I've written 70,000 word stories IN MY HEAD. I do not use character sheets. Or plotting devices. Or anything else. The characters exist for me. I can describe their houses. The clothes. The pets. They are as real to me as the people I work with. I jot. Names of characters. Basic plot. And that's it.
Since there are so many different stories to write, I am never at a loss for something to work on.
As far as deadlines go, my Guardian series is contracted. But I'm working out my heroine and guardian in my head right now. I wake up to the thought of their interactions. Plot. And black moment. I'm building the hero's family in my head. I'm plotting. I'm pondering the setting. I let these elements knit themselves until I have what I need.

Do I force myself to write? If I have a deadline, then yes. I will sit in the chair and stare into space until I feel I have the words I need. If I feel the words suck swampwater...I'll wait until something better comes along. And yes. There will always be something better. Something that fits what I want. It just takes a bit of music and staring to find it. (For me)
I absolutely loathe having to rip up what I've just laid down. Case in point...I was going to call this post "A fork in the road" because my second Teaser story is not headed in the direction I want. Therefore I'll have to cut the last couple hundred words and take it in a new direction. This, to me, is the height of irritation. I want it right the first time. And if not right, then damn close.
Now I'll have to run the characters in reverse, rather like rewinding film, until I reach the point where I feel I veered off into undesirable territory. Lights, camera, action. I begin again.

I've never really laid this bare for anyone. (I'm feeling rather occupationally naked)
I usually sum it up quickly with a "I write what tickles my fancy at the time."
But an honest question deserves an honest answer. And this is mine.
Hope it helps.
I'm off to rip a bit of the Teaser and make it right.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hotter than hell

The great state of Oklahoma is under a heat advisory. It's supposed to be 104 today with that trend continuing ad nauseum. *sigh*
It was 88 last night at ten o'clock. That's why I'm sitting here, wrapped in a towel, thinking "By God. This is as good as it's going to get pretty much all day." Hmph. Too bad I actually have to get dressed.

I had the best of intentions of whipping out the rest of the second short story for the Teaser. But that didn't quite happen.
I had a tickle in my nose when I woke yesterday morning. That is my sure sign that there is an impending cold.
So I take two benadryl. An hour later...STILL a tickle. And I really just wasn't in the mood. So I take two more benadryl. Suffice it to say...I was awake a grand total of five hours yesterday.
So I'll play catch-up today and work on it.

The Time Travel Romance keeps flitting through my mind while I subconsciously work out the pieces. Plus I'm gearing up for my second Guardian book. I just have to be in the mood.
I was going to be rather naughty and start the TTR...but I couldn't even string a thought together. Not to mention, I had this whole literary guilt thing going on. Apparently, the Teaser shall be finished first. Period.
Damn, I'm a taskmaster.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Multiple mutterings

I've got a good grip on my second Teaser story.
You see, it's two short stories usually bound by a theme. They can be written by two different authors, but I'm keeping mine in the family. Hope to finish and edit it no later than Wednesday. Probably means I need to get my butt off this blog and get to it. *grins*

I've been thinking about quite a few things lately.
1. Results. How to lure people to my site or publisher and convince them to buy a book or three.
2. Commonality. How much we, as people, have in common.
3. Do chats really work?
4. How being #2 is nice. But I really want to be #1. (I'm one of those people who will perform those stupid "clicky" tasks on page headers like yahoo and myspace because I like to win. Who cares about a ringtone?) I was the #2 bestseller for WCP Torrid last month. I'm #2 in the Erotica category at Fictionwise right now. Damn Mandy Roth! LMAO
5. Why some epublishers succeed while others close their doors.
6. I need to upgrade my cell phone.
7. School starts WHEN?
8. Woke up this morning with the sniffles. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I don't have time for this crap.
9. Music soothes my savage nerves.

That's about it. A post that covers a lot, yet covers nothing. It's a gift, I tell ya.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Foiled again!

Damn the stars! Damn them, I say!
Here's what the horoscope for today says:

A series of low-key activities may bring you satisfaction today. Anything that requires a high level of focus for a short period of time is what will work best now, so it's best not to start any major projects until tomorrow. Tie up loose ends at work or around the house instead of jumping into what's next.

How well does low-key and highstrung go along together? Not very, I'm thinking.
*throwing hands up* There goes all the plans for only halfway finishing my Torrid Teaser and jumping right into either the Time Travel Romance or the Mira submission. *growl*
So. Hmph. Now I suppose I'll just HAVE to finish the Torrid Teaser.
Yeah, yeah. I know. I should anyway. It's just that this morning...I was thinking about the Time Travel and the Mira. You know...dialogue and everything.

And I'll tell you what I really need to do, but won't. *grin* I need to go no-mail on my loops and push my little nose to the grindstone. Will I? No. And I'll tell you why.
That's how I break up my writing spurts. I'll type a couple thousand and check my emails. Give myself a bit of a break. Then I'll go back to typing. It breaks it up a bit and makes it bearable without me completely losing my mind. Um...more.
So there you have it. I'll work on the damn Teaser until I'm satisfied with what I've done today. And if I've got time...then I'm off to work on the Time Travel Romance. *rubbing hands together*

Friday, July 14, 2006

This post powered by milk duds

*chomp* *chomp*

Yep. Having me some milk duds. Had to work this morning, and I'm just now going through the emails and blogging.

I was at the library the other day, checking out some books, when I started to notice the bookcovers. Well, not exactly. I was more fascinated by the pictures of the authors on the back.
First of all, I didn't know P.D. James was a woman. That was new and different. And I also saw that there were a bunch of mysteries, written by women, who used initials as their author names.
I know JK Rowling did that because she didn't think she would be taken seriously as a female author. Interesting.
I like Stephen King's picture. And James Patterson. It gives me another little piece of the story. Nora's old pictures on her books where not exactly flattering. But her new ones are sleek. Both for Robb and Roberts.
Not to be hateful (y'all know I'm low-maintenance), but I have to snort at Danielle Steele's pictures. Have you SEEN them? She is dressed to the nines, sometimes with furs, make-up galore. *blinking*
I know Allison Brennan actually posted about four pictures and wanted us to vote on them. And I think she made a good choice.
But it's just another piece of the publishing puzzle to think about.

I actually have someone I used to work with who will take my picture for free. All he wants is credit for the photo. *grinning* I can do that.
Now I just need to get that agent to contract me.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Permission slip

My horoscope for today:
Dig in your heels and take a stand for what you need today, especially if there has already been too much compromise on your part within the realm of relationships. However, this isn't about delivering an ultimatum. It's about the relatively smooth and impassioned discussions that can happen between two people who really want to work out a path toward a more successful relationship. Don't mince your words or restrain your actions. Just do it.

*blinking* Weeeeeeeell then.
Dig my heels in, eh? Take a stand, eh? Too much compromise on my part, eh?
I want this damn thing framed.

But that whole not mincing my words or restraining my actions bit? That doesn't really bode well for the other person.
I'm just saying.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Butt in gear

Seems like life is pulling me in all sorts of directions lately. I'm half finished with my Torrid Teaser. That's lovely news.
Went and talked to the mortgage guy today. And one of the phrases he used has stuck with me. I absolutely love it.
"Stronger than six acres of garlic."
Isn't that hilarious? And so descriptive. The phrase is simply too delicious to pass up.
The meeting went well. He was a knowledgeable, down-to-earth guy. Thank God.

I've felt fairly puny the last four or so days. Don't know exactly what's up with that. Hope to feel better soon. Just rather lagging and such. Hopefully I can pull some energy out of something and finish or nearly finish my Torrid Teaser.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Watching VH1 "I Love the 70's" Volume II. I love this stuff. Talk about taking you back.
Have a good one!

Maximize, minimize

What is it that cues my children into the fact that I'm either editing or writing something extremely naughty that they are NEVER allowed to read?
Because here they come...
So I play the maximize/minimize game. And actually, today I was being creatively naughty AND editing naughty. Red letter day, my friends.
Sh*t! What did they see? *click* *click*
I just finished editing my story for the Fall Fires Anthology at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. And, of course, it was bedtime. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And I wanted to get it done tonight. Also, half my Torrid Teaser is done. Yay!
So I had characters acting out wild outrageous acts of sexual deviancy. And yes, I really DO love my job. *grins* Such as it is.
So I tried to make sure I didn't prematurely educate the chickens. hehehe

And talking about being dirty...
Does anyone watch "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel? OMG! I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long. One of his dirty jobs was on an alligator farm. *snickering* It was so damn hilarious that I would buy the entire season on DVD just for this episode. Oh hell. LMAO
You've got to check this show out. It's well worth it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


For some unknown reason, my personal and professional life are lopsided.
I've already claimed to snap heads off animal crackers to keep my sanity. My personal life seems to be in a sea or turbulence. And the dramamine is wearing off.

Professionally...break out the confetti! I have a partial at an agent's. I have another request for a partial from another agent. What He Wants is #1 on the Whiskey Creek Press page of Fictionwise and #2 on the Erotica page. The Portrait is #6 on the WCP bookstore page, and What He Wants is #6 on the WCP Torrid bookstore page.
I enjoy my other job. So that's all lovely.

One thing that chaps my ass is the fact that I have one payment due on my van. And according to the bank, it's a $2500 payment. Are you freakin' kidding me? I've paid over $18,000 on the van, and I still owe this much? Bullsh*t. I've asked for an explanation three times. None is forthcoming. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
(Wasn't going to add that on there but really. It's extremely frustrating.)

I need to work on my Torrid Teaser and my other Erotic Romance. Then I'll need to tone it down a bit to work on my second Goddess book.

And if you're in the mood...I'll be chatting all day tomorrow here:
Yes. You have to join the group. No pressure. I have another chat this month and one almost every Tuesday next month.
Have a good one!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Portrayal Betrayal

I'm asked many times who I base my characters on. Or who I would pick to portray them in a movie.
My responses? No one. I wouldn't pick. Because I can't.
When my characters arrive in my head, they are a voice and a personality. And as I unravel the story, I begin to see details of them. And it's not always in "actor frame." Okay. Hardly ever. All right, damn it! NEVER!

Some people do take an actor and try to mold their characters around that actor. I think it's restrictive. If it helps you, great. But I don't like it.

Descriptions of characters are also tricky. Several people LOATHE the mirror trick. You know, a character stands in front of a mirror studying his/her self while the reader takes it all in and forms a mental image. Bleh.
Or there's the "that guy" description. You know...he looks just like "that guy" in the movie about the bomb on the bus. (Keanu) I'm assuming slightly exotic with dark hair and eyes.
He looks just like "that guy" who played an elf and a pirate. (Orlando) Dark, curly hair. Dark eyes. Beautiful skin.
But you can overdo the hell out of "that guy."

I don't believe in my heart of hearts that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter with Daniel Radcliffe in mind. (Love Daniel, by the way) She had Harry Potter in mind. And Warner Brothers was left with the awesome task of finding the boy who lived through You-Know-Who's reign of terror.
Stephen King hated the fact that James Caan was cast as the lead in "Misery." He's made several references to it. NOT his choice. Not who he would have picked for the character that resides in his head.

But then there are the spot-ons. These are usually actors morphing their bodies to play a real person. They've seen the character on film or in person. And that is a hell of a lot easier.
Charlize in "Monster." Will Smith in "Ali."

In The Portrait, I specifically left out descriptions of my heroine, Sophie. She is everywoman. She could look like you. Or me. Or your neighbor. Or Julia Roberts. The reader has the option of deciding. I don't peddle any look in particular.
And sometimes, when I read, I substitute what I think the character looks like. And then I'm pushed out of the story when the author reminds me that NO. The character has green eyes...not brown.

It's hard for an author to take a voice and give it a face and body to match. To breathe life into an abstract and make in concrete for the reader. And sometimes it's even harder to translate that new look without irritating the reader with description overload.

I don't pick the characters. They pick me.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

UFC, plans, and blog winner

First, congrats to Bryan for winning his choice of a title from WCP or WCP Torrid! Way to go! And thanks to everyone else for entering.

Here is my romance horoscope for the week (because my inboxes are never full enough):
Love Horoscope for the Week of: Monday, July 10, 2006
Saying the first thing that comes to your mind could prove embarrassing this weekend (if this were so, I'd be in a CONSTANT state of embarrassment), but it could also charm the socks (and other garments) off someone you like. Cut the heady conversation and move in for a dance, a kiss and, if you're lucky, much more.

Oooooooooo. Much more? How promising is that?
Am I holding my breath?
You're kidding, right?

Watched UFC 61 last night. Mixed martial arts guys whaling on each other. The first battle was not for the faint-hearted. Oh geez. I had to watch through my fingers. But I was really hanging out for the heavyweight bout between Sylvia and Arlovski.
Tim Sylvia is my kind of guy. Six eight. Built like a bull. Yeah. *sigh* Wonder if I could charm him out of anything? *laughing*

Thinking about going to a movie today with the chickens. Perhaps finally coloring this hair. What should I be doing? Writing, of course. Because I'm a quarter way through my Torrid Teaser. But it'll be here when I get back.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My little girl's growing up

I realize that Oldest Chicken will be thirteen in a few months. But there are times when this realization just slaps me in the face.

For some unknown reason, she's developed this fixation with motorcycles. Yeah, I don't have enough to stress over. She wants a death machine to ride around on. And don't get me wrong. I LOVE to ride on motorcycles. But my thirteen year-old? Not so much.
We saw a Kermit green one the other day when we stopped to get some gas. OC became all excited. THIS is how the conversation went:
OC: Look at that bike! I love those colors.
ME: Here. Let me just slide that bad boy in the back of the van, and we can take it home.
OC: Okay.
ME: And then feel free to stop by and see me at the Police Station while they charge me with theft.
OC: Okay. And I'll be riding my new motorcycle.

See what I have to deal with?
We won't even get into the fact my Middle Chicken wants a VW Bug. I could take my hands and squish one of these like an aluminum can. But she wants one so she can put a coordinating flower in the car to match her outfits. Yeah. See my eye twitching?

And top it ALL off...OC did something that I didn't see coming. Didn't have a clue.
*sigh* She picked up a teen magazine.
I all of a sudden flashed back to my days of doing that and felt incredibly old. Before you know it the heifer will be picking out husbands and honeymoons. I'm not ready for that! Oh geez. *rubbing throbbing temple*

I'm off to write on some of my stories. You know, the ones where even though the characters aren't biddable, I can look at them and say..."I typed it. Therefore it is. Deal." It's nice to have some semblance of control.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Idea Factory

I don't know what the big deal is. Ideas? You can just go get them at The Idea Factory. Sure. Corner of "Yeah, I wish" and "What are YOU smoking?"

I'm often asked where I get my ideas from. As I'm sure many of you are. Bottom line: I'm a creative individual with an aptitude for writing. But isn't that just damn boring?

How about:
I'm a shareholder of The Idea Factory. I have a buy three get one free certificate.
I leave a couple of bucks under my pillow, and the Idea Fairy takes the dough and leaves me a thought or two.
I've had the creative part of my brain lobotomized. It sits on a jar on my desk. When I need an idea...I simply put a piece in my ear. Thus, a story is born. (I actually used this in a chat the other day. You could actually FEEL the silence through the screen. *snickering*)
I flip through my trusty dictionary and pick out an article, an adjective, and a noun. Pop them all together. And Presto!
I put every letter in the alphabet in the hat and start drawing them out until I make words.
I channel the spirit of Webster. Handy dude that he is.
The voices in my head guide me. They say it's better that I do what they want.

What are some of YOUR responses?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More More More!!!

We writers believe that we must produce words on a daily basis. LOTS of words. We'll take anything, but dammit, we want mass quantity!

I chatted the other evening with a couple of fellow authors. Our review coordinator (you're GREAT, Regan!) mentioned the fact that I have a release out about every month this year. (I'll list these at a later date when I need to stroke my ego. I don't have time right now. *grins*) And I told everyone that even then...I felt as if I could do more.
And I wasn't the only one.

We're not machines. And even if I cranked out 6000 words a day, I'd probably still feel this way. My brain would be leaking out my ear, but what the hell? There would be precious words.
On days where I do write at least 4000 words, it's rather like turning on a faucet at full speed. Then as the day and words wear slows to a trickle. When the water's are the words.
But what is the frustration level when the well is dry that day? Pretty damn high.

We are all aware that our books won't be out in the public's eye forever. But the more we ARE in the public eye, the better our name recognition and sales will be. I've said before that I'm slightly freaking out about not having another full release until July of next year.
Is that too long?
For someone who has so many out this sure feels like it.

How far is TOO far between releases?
And do you feel the same way? How many times do you feel satisfied that you've done all you could do that day?

By the way, I didn't write ANYTHING yesterday. It was "clean the house" day.
Overdue. Believe me. *ahem* House is happy. Can't say I thrilled the chickens any.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yeah. Yeah. It's not Sunday, but what can I say?
I'm flexible. *snort* Uh huh. That's it.

First...remember Amy Knupp's Unexpected Complication? If you love Harlequin...and you love will LOVE this book. I enjoyed the premise and especially liked the heroine. Shades of Amy herself. Too much fun.

Second...if you haven't already, check out Gena Showalter. Another Oklahoma Author. I wasn't going to read any of hers, but I was sucked in. Good stuff.
The one large problem I had was one of the bookcovers. Chickie had a belly ring. And NO belly button. That bothered me a bit. *scratching head*
I also don't care for the fact that most of her heroines I've read so far are virgins. BUT...this fits. Because the males are so damn alpha that they OOZE testosterone.
If you enjoy character-driven stories with unusual plots...BUY HER BOOKS!
No kickbacks were involved in the making of this blog. Damn it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Famous Last Words

The first lines of a book are crucial. They are supposed to take the reader by the heart, hand, or throat and begin the journey into another world.
The last lines of the book simply pat the reader on the hand, hug them, or point down another trail. And they are JUST as important if not more so.

An unsatisfying conclusion can take all the good work done up until that point and utterly trash it.
One of my favorite movies "Pretty Woman" does this. I'm a sucker for the hooker with a heart of gold. Plus, it has a kicking soundtrack. of the last lines? The one where Richard Gere climbs all those stairs (after admitting he's scared of heights) and talks of rescuing her?
And she says..."She rescues him right back"? I LOATHE that line.
You spend I don't know how many million...and your writers couldn't come up with anything better? Ewww

Here are a list of some famous last lines. These stick. And I think they work.

1. “Oh, no! It wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.”
2. “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done. It’s a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known.”
3. “Merry Christmas, and may God bless us, every one.”
4. “...Tara!...Home. I'll go home, and I'll think of some way to get him back! After all, tomorrow is another day!”
5. “Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home! Home! And this is my room - and you're all here! And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again because I love you all! - And oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home.”
6. “Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” “That's right, that's right. Attaboy, Clarence.”
7. “Who's to say what magic is? Oh, Gill, don't you want to stop crying now?”“I don't think I can. I'm only human.”
8. “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
9. “This world is so full of crap, a man’s gonna get into it sooner or later whether he’s careful or not.”
10. “Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.”
11. "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?"
12. "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires."
13. “I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner. Bye.”
14. “I have to warn you. I’ve heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.” “Okay. We’ll have to base it on sex, then.” “Whatever you say, ma’am.”

After listing more than a dozen, I've decided to have a contest. I know. *grinning* I can't help myself.
Name at least EIGHT of the movies these came from. Email me at chryswriterATaolDOTcom. I will put you in a drawing for ANY release from WCP or WCP Torrid. An email download. Contest ends Saturday around noon central time.
BUT...You CANNOT look them up. We'll go by the honor system.
Best of luck. And have fun!
I'm off to write some last words of my own.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The long and short of it

The Honey Dust winner was Tracee. And since I had a pretty good turnout...Christine and Karen G. also received prizes.
Congrats to all of them!

I finished editing and sent that one in. Just a short story. And even though I'm more than halfway finished with an Erotic Contemporary, I find myself wanting to start work on a Torrid Teaser. Two erotic short stories put together. Never mind the fact that I should probably work on three other mind all that. *sigh*
Because I have the characters being rather impolite and hogging my concentration. *blinking* What was I saying? Oh yeah. Pushy characters.

And since I'm linking the stories...sisters. As different as night and day. *rubbing hands together*
So yes. That's where I'll be.
A little hindsight. Gee. Who knew that so many people google "panties" every day? Now. *laughing*
Blatant promo: The Portrait is OUT! Hie thee now and go purchase it. You're also eligible to win a Victoria's Secret gift certificate. What are you waiting for? Hie, I tell ye, hie.
Have a good one.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Undies undies undies.

As varied as people's individual personalities.

One of the ladies at Writeminded blogged about bra shopping. And here's my take on that. It inhales. I need one of those helper chickies who actually knows what she's doing. Sure, I can pick out my size. And I LIKE colors. Especially under a white button-down shirt. I don't like lace on top. It tends to irritate the breasties. (Looks like beasties, doesn't it? *snickering*)
And the straps have to fit just right. Because when they twist...irritating. Underwire doesn't work very well for me. It will for awhile...then it's those damn things poking out.
But a good bra? Priceless.

Panties? I like boy-leg cut. Or the snazzy silk ones. I've done the thong. And it has a time and place. *grins* But it's not an everyday occurence. Ya know.
I loathe granny panties. In fact, one of my splurges (besides books) is nice panties. Silky numbers in LOTS of colors. Or cute little cotton boy-cuts. One of my favorites is apple green with cherries all over them.
And sometimes the panties can make the woman. We, females, are like that. If they're a bit naughty, we might be, too. *wink*

And I have to admit...I like the idea of pondering male underwear. hehehe
NO on the bikinis. Sorry guys. It's just...uh...unappealing to me. Boxers are good for running around the house in. But I like the boxer brief. VERY nice. They fit snugly but don't let the goods flop about.

And now I have to know...ever know someone whose undies absolutely DO NOT fit with what you think they would wear?
Sometimes it's the quiet ones with the naughty skivvies.
And writers...which do your characters prefer? I've read quite a few stories where heroines save their "nice" underwear for a male to appreciate it. Sometimes it's the truth. But it's a shame. Break out the good stuff. You're worth it.

Danica did it!

I've been tagged! Ack!

At first I thought I was tagged for the underwear talk. See here. We'll talk panties at a later date. Promise.
But then I realized that I was tagged for a little Wiki action.

So here it is:
1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
5. One holiday or observance (if any).
6. Tag 5 more people - if ya feel like it.

1. 1885 - Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is published for the first time.
2. 1841 - The first ongoing filibuster in the United States Senate begins and lasts until March 11.
3. I was born. LMAO (I couldn't really find anything else that floated my boat.)

1. 1922 - Helen Gurley Brown, American editor and publisher. (Cosmo Queen)
2. 1954 - John Travolta, American actor. (LOVE HIM!)

1. 1973 - Frank Costello, Italian-born gangster (b. 1891)

Enjoy your evening!