Monday, October 10, 2005

Ought to make for an interesting day

Get ready for an adventure into the unknown where you meet interesting and unconventional people who are very different than you. Some basic assumptions about what and who is "normal" may be tested and you could find yourself far from home. There are few better equipped than you to appreciate the extraordinary diversity of the human species. It's a fun excursion to another world and beyond.

I love the interesting and unconventional. I often visit there myself.


Silma said...

My horoscope reads "it's gonna keep raining all day putting on hold the painting of your house for one more day." AGH!

username said...

Yeah, bless your heart. You did that earlier this evening putting up with me.

Thanks again. You're a fabulous person.

Lyvvie said...

These horoscope things, they can always be broken down into the most mundane things. Lets have a peek; Going to meet some interesting and unconventional people...that could mean a stanger at the grocery store or someone at the book signings. Challenging who is "normal", well you do have kids and I'll be willing to bet they do some things that make you think "Who are you and where did you come from because you are definately not mine!" the rest could just be reading a book about far away places. Ahhh.

I want mine to say "You win the lottery Hooray!" and be done with it.

Tori said...

I'm with Lyvvie on the lottery thing. *g* Of course, I'd have to buy a ticket first... I'd settle for winning one of the many contests I've entered for home makeovers or cash or any other prize they feel like giving me.

Tess Harrison said...

This sounds intriquing. My horoscope always lies to me so I stopped checking.