Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The white stuff

Yeah. The white stuff. It's about to become REAL white here tomorrow. 4-6 inches, I believe. High of 24 degrees. Low of 9. *double sigh*
I don't mind the freeze so much. I just don't like the monotony of it. It needs to freeze, kill the bugs, and then get on. Really. And then some teacher at the chicken's school really did it. She said something about "NO SCHOOL." *rubbing temple* Yeah. That was freakin' brilliant.

And I have a question for all of you who have kids. Back in the day, when we were young and such, didn't you pretty much self-motivate yourself? You had homework...you did it. When you had a test...you studied. Things such as that.
Apparently some of that has gone away. Or at least, it has here. I just made up a fifty question study guide for two of the chickens' social studies. It's rather irritating. I just want to yell, "My Lord! You have a freakin' book! You have study guides! Use them!!!" Sheesh

On the writing front...I'm working on editing a submission for the Summer Sizzlers on the WCP Torrid line. It's finished, I simply need to edit. I really wanted to complete book one of my four-book set, but I don't know if that will happen or not. I also have a contemporary that I really need to work on. Unfortunately, that requires time. *looking at the clock* *snickering*
Um, yeah. Right.

Good news on the health front. My blood pressure is down a bit! WooWoo! Go me. Yep. I'm eating better, too. No fast food at all this last week. (I would hit the drive-thru's at least once). I'm rather proud. So wish me luck.
Enjoy your sunshine if you've been blessed with it. Mebbe email me some.


Rene said...

I was totally unmotivated as a student. I did the bare minumum to get into the college of my choice. Once I got to college, I worked like a demon and spent most of my life studying with time off for parties. My son is motivated in the classroom but he doesn't like to do his homework. In fact, he has a project due in a couple of weeks that he is slacking on. Better go yell at him while I'm thinking about it.

Danica said...

We have icky white stuff here too. :(

Jill Monroe said...

Hey, another gal who likes to go the fast food route. The dh and I are trying to refrain. Last week we went once - this from a family that went many times a week (head hanging in shame).

Yea on the blood pressure.

Snow is in the forcast for Oklahoma, too - up to an inch. Which really is a big deal here. Right now it's 14 degrees and windy. Yuck.

B said...

Hey Chrys, we're expected to get some of your sloppy seconds of the white stuff here in AR tonight and tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing! ;D

I was completely unmotivated in school, but we'll just skip over that! ;D And now it seems as though my dd has no clue about taking responsibility for her own work and studying. It's like she expects someone else to tell her, hey you have a test tomorrow, read over the material! Oy vei!

Awesome on the BP, and great job staying outta the drive thoughts, I know that's a tough one! Good luck chicka, you can do it!!


username said...

*dies laughing* Motivated children? I homeschool. I don't have to motivate them. They motivate themselves. LOL

Send me the snow, chickadee!

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on the blood pressure!

Re the self-motivation, I must have been at least to some extent because I don't remember my parents pushing me to do my homework and such.