Thursday, July 28, 2005


Sometimes I don't realize how far I've come when I'm so wrapped up in the struggles of today. I'm so focused on what I have going on right this second that I forget what I've done up to this point.
And so I take a moment to reflect and remind myself that I have good news. That I can still inspire myself. And that there has been progress even though some days it doesn't feel like it.

I received my first contract last September. I received my second contract last December. I received my third contract in July. I've also received three contracts for three different short stories to be placed in two anthologies. All in less than a year.

This blows me away. How quickly I forget. I hurry up and finish one and then start immediately on another one, two, or three manuscripts. I've already confessed to being the "rut slut" that y'all know so well. When I finish, I don't take a day off. I get up, get a drink, and sit right back down at the computer to open another document and work on it.
If I've had a productive week, I'm harder on myself than anybody else ever thought of being, then I will usually take off Sunday. If, however, I haven't met my word goal or storyline goal for the week, then I work straight through everyday until I'm satisfied.
Driven? Slightly.
And it works for me. But every once in awhile, I need to let myself sit back and remember. And then I'll open my document and get to work. *laughing* Hey! I took a moment!

And I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those lovely people I "talk" with everyday. I visit your blog or you visit mine. And I feel better for knowing all of you. It helps. I didn't know what I was missing in this arena until I found you wonderful people. And now I couldn't imagine a day without you.



Desperate Writer said...

Good for you! What a sense of satisfaction you must have! :) That's really neat that things have been going so well for you, and that the driving force of your journey is still running on a full tank!

Linda Winfree said...

I love that kind of drive! Way to go!

Lyvvie said...

I wanna be like you when my kids grow up!!

I think you're fab!

chryscat said...

D.W.: I think it's because I've finally found something that I'm never going to tire of. NEVER!
Linda: Thanks!!! I'm hoping to have two more contracts by the end of the year. It's a hell of a motivator. heh
Lyvvie: I just adore you! And you've changed your hair color!
Your comments are great to read. And you've got a wonderful sense of humor!
And be like me? *shuddering*
Heaven help us. LMAO