Saturday, October 01, 2005

My first release is available!

Hi y'all!
This is it. Virtually Yours is now available through
I'll also be chatting October 4th at at 9:00 pm EST. I'll be giving away a free download of my book. Come and join me!
Thanks to all of you for your support! I appreciate it so much!


username said...

Congrats to you!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Congratulations, Crystal! I just read your sample chapter and it sounds like a very engaging read! Good luck!

Olga said...

Major congrats!!! And I'll definitely try to make it to the chat!

Tori said...

Congrats, Crystal!!!! How exciting!!!

Silma said...

That's totally awesome! Congrats Crystal! *wg* Wish you many happy sales!

Lyvvie said...

Super duper Congratulations!!!

Wait...9pm EST...That's like 3am for me! Darned it all. I guess I'll be setting up the espresso IV again.

Have fun fun fun!!