Thursday, July 28, 2005


Not the show, LOL. That's how many words I've typed today!
WOOHOO! I'm feeling pretty spicy.


Rene said...

Can we start calling you the Hot Tamale?

Great job on the word count. Mine was far shorter than that. And it wasn't spicy.

Lyvvie said...

You must type 100 words a minute or something! how do you do that with kids running around? I can't believe they leave you alone for all that time.

Very inspired.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Great word count! Good for you. :) You found your ooomph again...must have been vacationing with my mojo. ;)

Tori said...

Dang! You are on a roll!!!! I managed a measly half page last night. *g*

Beth Ciotta said...

Woo-hoo Crystal! Go, girl, go!!

Eva Gale said...

You are on FIRE woman!!

With that work ethic I can see why you've published so much!

chryscat said...

Rene: Crystal=hot tamale. Hmmmm. I'll ponder that. LOL
Lyvvie: Ayuh. I type well over 100 wpm. And the kids only pestered me two or three times. I was so proud!
Nancy: Yes! I plot out the story at night and then type it during the day. No wonder I'm so tired!
Tori: I know where this is going, and I all I need is the time and energy to type it out. And a half page is progress!
Beth C.: I'm a going, woman. I'm a going. LOL
Briana: Thank you! That's so sweet!
I become extremely edgy when I'm NOT working on something. Told y'all I was addicted!