Saturday, October 15, 2005

Definition of a weekend *snort*

Main Entry: 1week·end
Pronunciation: 'wek-"end
Function: noun
: the end of the week; specifically : the period between the close of one working or business or school week and the beginning of the next
See? That's what I thought.
And then I read my horoscope. And really...this time it's quite accurate.
When others require that you do something in particular, you often rebel. You'd prefer to do things your own way. Today, however, you may not have a choice. Sure, you can get yourself totally frustrated by fighting against your obligations, but it will be easier to just do what you must and then be free to later do what you wish.

And now...a little to-do list for today and tomorrow:
Whip up another website for my steamier works. (I'm technologically challenged)
Gather excerpts from my released and soon-to-be released works for my Author's week next week. (Haven't started)
Gather the gifts and list them for my Author's week. (Have three. Need five.)
Write a spotlight for our Authors Unlimited newsletter. (Hate to repeat myself...but haven't started)
And three smaller things:
Hammer out a fifty word or less blurb for my story in the Winter Wishes Anthology coming out in January from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.
Make another signature line and somehow fit all my good stuff on there. *smacking head repeatedly*
Send out announcements detailing my Author's Week and plead for people to come. *grins*
Wish me well. I stocked up on Diet Pepsi yesterday and have already threatened the children's lives. So all should be well with that.

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Tori said...

Ye gods! I'm exhausted just reading all that. :)