Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sports, short stories, and Sunday

Right now, I'm watching the Eagles stomp the snot out of the Forty-Niners. I mean BAD. Then I get to watch Denver and San Diego. The bad part being...most games that are televised are regional. So my beloved Packers? Not so much. And on a vaguely related subject, I bought a $7 Packers coat yesterday. One of those big, bad boys that cheeseheads booger up in when the tundra is frozen and Brett Favre is tearing it up at Lambeau Field. I love football. *grins* Mebbe it's the hot guys in tight pants. Who knows? I've learned not to question such things.

I finished my Torrid short story and am about to start on my other one. I'm enjoying myself immensely. First time I've ever used food to play with in a story. hehehe
Now I have to switch gears and clean it up a bit. This story is a totally different take on love/lust and all those goodies.
Enjoy your Sunday.


username said...

I'll chalk it up to your pain meds when you posted on my blog. *g*

Theresa posted that about the football and going out and stuff.

I don't have any kind of a life. *g*

Amy said...

Food, huh? Have fun cleaning it up. *g*

Tori said...

I just can't get into football. Or basketball. I will watch baseball, though. I understand it. *g*