Sunday, December 18, 2005

Emotional Investment

It's a nice buzz word. You know, the kind you hear in business meetings and such. It's usually used in a pitch.
But it's appropriate.

I DVR'd Nip/Tuck and finally watched it last night. Oh. My. God.
I lust after "Christian" (Julian McMahon). I have ever since he played "Cole" on Charmed. So no big surprise. But I am sucked up in this show. Immersed. And even when the characters are a$$holes...which is often, I still truly love the show.
I don't particularly care for how weepy Julia is. How moody Matt is. But the whole show is riveting. RIVETING, I tell ya.
If you're a viewer, you know that the big storyline this season is "The Carver." He's the maniac that goes around slashing people up and raping them. But his storyline is always interspersed with stories like Matt realizing his gf is a racist with DEEP issues. Christian dealing with his attack. A morbidly obese woman who was too embarrassed to get off the couch and who dies on it. A boy with Down's syndrome who just wants to look like his family.
This show is at times touching and infuriating. But never boring. NEVER.

Emotional investment.
There are shows I could give a rat's ass about. Those are everywhere. But the rare gem will hold my attention every time.
And that's what I want.
To capture the reader. To suck them in. To make them love the characters and care what happens to them. To touch them.

Emotional investment.
If my books never land on the bestseller's list. If my books are never on Oprah's Book Club. I want readers to say, "I enjoyed every word."
That's all I can ask.


B said...

That is precisely what makes a fabulous writer. Your passion for your craft is obvious and inspiring. My hope is that your audience gets as much joy from reading your books as you get from writing them. Emotional investment; can't get much better than that.


Dorothy said...

How about it. I double that motion!!! Merry Christmas!

chryscat said...

Beverly: Thanks so much!!
Dorothy: I LOVE your avatar! Love her! Have a Merry Christmas!

username said...

It's such a wonderful show.